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The first Wyncote albums were released in earlyand continued with more than albums issued by the time Cameo-Parkway stopped in The first Wyncote label, used for most ofOne Size Fits All - The Statlers* - Radio Gospel Favorites a copy of the early Parkway label, with the label name changed.

Like the Parkway label, it was orange with black print, with the label name in a "jumble" of block letters at the top. On either side of the album title, like the Parkway label, was a logo with a lyre and crossed horns in front of a music book. The second Wyncote label, introduced in November,and used for more than half the issues, was the same design as the first label, but the colors were changed to red with black print and there was a Oh Where rectangle around each letter in the label name.

Near the end of the label's existence ina third label was used, again red with black print, but using "wyncote" as four sides of a rectangle at the top of the label. Reissues of earlier albums may be found with the later Oh Where labels. The release dates given in the discography below are approximate near the changing of years.

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All rooms include a hairdryer and ironing facilities. From the Oh Where I walked up to the counter, Ashley was amazing. Made for a great stay. All rooms feature a Has My Little Doggie Gone - The Rhinelanders - German Favorites By The Rhinelanders with cable channels and a private bathroom. The accommodation offers an indoor pool, a hour front desk and free WiFi throughout the property.

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Nice, clean room with good location near center of town. And hearing Chad or any Japanese VA or actor speaking like a Spaniard could sound utterly ridiculous even for the Spaniards themselves.

Oh Where Alchemist : The dub of the final episode of Fullmetal Alchemist actually contains an aversion, where the very German Karl Haushofer was portrayed with a German accent. Then The Movie was dubbed, and we get another aversion: his accent was dropped hell, he was played by the same guyand they didn't bother giving it Has My Little Doggie Gone - The Rhinelanders - German Favorites By The Rhinelanders any of the other German characters.

One of the characters did speak German, though, so Most likely because of Translation Convention. We're hearing them speak English when they're really speaking German. His native language Amestristian resembles our English if you take the written documents and letters of the series into account.

Yet when he moves to Germany, he speaks perfectly unaccented German apparently. Edward learning the language quickly can be due to his Teen Genius aspects; however, losing an accent is a lot harder.

It's even worse with Alphonsewho has no issue speaking German despite also being from an English-speaking country. Edward and all the other characters live in a country that is a counterpart to Has My Little Doggie Gone - The Rhinelanders - German Favorites By The Rhinelanders however, everyone uses American and Canadian accents in both the anime and Brotherhood which reused most of the voice actors.

Pretty much every non-Japanese character in Love Hina. One shining example is Sarah MacDougall, an American girl. In one episode she's talking about dreams. She Has My Little Doggie Gone - The Rhinelanders - German Favorites By The Rhinelanders she doesn't know the Japanese word for it and says "dream" in English, but in a Japanese accent so thick you could spread it on bread.

In Hellsingmost of the characters have pretty believable English, German and Scottish accents except for the main characterAlucardwho has an ordinary albeit, eloquent American accent. Justified, seeing as Alucard is not originally British, and has been around for a long time.

He speaks in a very believable Romanian accent. Jan Valentine is supposed to speak like a typical English chavbut he and his brother both sound American. In Brazil, no one had a correct accent except one of the more important characters. One slight exception goes to the actress playing Minmay's aunt, who affects a soft general Asian accent to match Iijima's natural Japanese accent.

Yet Minmay's cousin, uncle, and parents have no such accent, so go figure. The reason behind this was because ADV Films wanted to avoid confusion among viewers unfamiliar with the language. The English dub Back In The USSR - Dead Kennedys - Live At The Deaf Club Strike Witches never bother giving the foreigners in the Multinational Team any accents which is a surprise from Funimation which they love to avert this trope with many of their anime.

This is most likely because National Stereotypes isn't the plot point of the series and the fact that the characters speaking here are cute teenage girls. The anime adaptation of Code:Realize also lacked any accents, which is odd because of Funimation's fondness of fake Brits. The characters concerned are English, yet they speak in American or neutral accents.

One of the best subversions Anime has to offer, Baccano! This is a serious mob story. But everyone has very convincing American accents and is surprisingly diverse: Ladd Russo, who's based in Oh Where, has a Chicago accent.

Firo Prochainezo and most of the others have New York accents. On the other hand, Jacuzzi Splot has a very, very faint New York accent.

But it's there. The dubbed version of Infinite Stratos gives the international characters accents from their nations of origin in some cases, Laura and Charlotte using Gratuitous German and Frenchrespectivelybut in the original sub, accents aren't Where at all. In Guardian Fairy MichelMahamina has a vaguely Middle Eastern accent, but her The Big One - Confederate Railroad - The Very Best Of Confederate Railroad has none at all, despite them being from the same tribe.

Despite being born in London in the comics, Blade in his various appearances in other media never had an English accent. This is Someone To Touch - Scorpions - MP3 Oh Where in the animewhich has flashbacks to his childhood in England, whereas the films moved his birthplace to the United States, and the cartoons and games never touched upon it, yet not even the actor voicing young Blade, nor the actresses playing Blade's mother and her friends, attempt English accents.

There are implications that the anime has one unified languageconsidering how Ash travels to various regions without issue, which can explain the issue. Johto is very Kansai based yet most Kansai accents are absent. This is most noticeable with Whitney, who has a thick dialect in the games. A few characters, such as Casey and Bill, are exceptions to the rule. Little Witch Academia is set at a Wizarding School well, witching school in the south of England, with characters from all over the world including Japan, Britain, Finland, America, and the Has My Little Doggie Gone - The Rhinelanders - German Favorites By The Rhinelanders.

The English dub has everyone sounding American regardless. The English dub of The Noozles doesn't bother with Australian accents. Sonya from Kill Me Baby is meant to be a foreigner, yet speaks perfect Japanese. In the Sound! Euphonium books, characters use the Kansai Regional Accent. The anime features almost none of it. The original arc was meant to Oh Where place in England, though the Misplaced Wildlife in future books calls that into question.

Cody, the young boy who gets kidnapped, has an American accent while his mother is one of the few with an Australian one prompting guesses that his Disappeared Dad was American. Winnie-the-Pooh : The original books were written by Englishman A. Could be justified since they are toys and it's never specified exactly where the Hundred Acre Wood is in the Disney adaptations.

Woody from the Toy Story films is based on a Oh Where, yet he doesn't speak in a Southern accent. Same goes Oh Where Jessie and Rock Around The Clock - Sandy Nelson - Let The Good Times Rock Pete.

FernGully: The Last Heaven For Everyone - Queen - Made In Heaven is supposedly set in Australia, but all Has My Little Doggie Gone - The Rhinelanders - German Favorites By The Rhinelanders the characters, including the humans, have American accents. In the British Halloween kids' movie Happy Familyall the characters have British accents, despite the majority of the characters being American.

The same goes for Count Dracula and Baba Yaga. They also use British terminology for everything, like saying "holiday" instead of "vacation. Jean-Claude Van Damme sports his natural Belgian accent even Has My Little Doggie Gone - The Rhinelanders - German Favorites By The Rhinelanders it's not particularly appropriate for the character and when it's passed off as another type of accent.

In Timecophe still has his accent, but it's noticeably thicker in his character's self than his self. It's a nice touch in an otherwise rather mediocre movie. In Universal Soldier his character was a Louisiana Cajunand his accent is even brought up at one point. In Sudden Deaththey pass his Belgian accent off as Quebecois. In Hard Targetthey also pass his Belgian accent off as a Cajun accent. In Double Impact he plays the orphaned twin sons of a British businessman. His accent s are explained by one twin being raised by his father's henchman while hiding out in France, with the other being raised Class War - Glory Dole / Wayward Ones - Glory Dole / Wayward Ones an orphanage run by by Belgian and French nuns in Hong Kong Particularly noticeable in Street Fighterin his role as the aggressively all-American soldier Guile.

Chris O'Dowd was prepared to use an American accent to play a Wisconsin state trooper in Bridesmaidsbut everyone on Has My Little Doggie Gone - The Rhinelanders - German Favorites By The Rhinelanders production loved his native Irish accent too much and told him to just go with it. Arnold Schwarzenegger 's thick Austrian accent is sometimes acknowledged in his character's backstory, but other times it's lampshaded for its inappropriateness: Most hilariously in a deleted scene in Terminator 3: Rise of the MachinesSchwarzenegger has a brief cameo as Master Sergeant William Candy, the decorated soldier upon which the T model is based.

He has a Southern accent that sounds like it's dubbed in by Samuel L. Jackson or someone with a similar voice Kool & The Gang - Ladies Night, which one of the officers in charge of the program Oh Where like, prompting a computer geek with Arnold's real voice to note that "We can fix it.

Slater's response is, "Eggscent? Where eggscent? Mary Elizabeth Mastrantoniohowever, does an accent that is guaranteed to make viewers from Massachusetts cringe. Mark Wahlberga Boston, Massachusetts native, speaks with his natural accent. It should be noted that the main character is played by Ukrainian -born Milla Jovovich who uses her normal Ukrainian-American accent.

The producers tried Oh Where have all the actors speak the same accent in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragonbut considering that all four main actors spoke with different accents Cantonese, Malaysian, Taiwanese, and Beijing-dialectthey decided to give it up as a bad job. The Chinese audience was not impressed. Part of the reason the film was a success in America is because American audiences either didn't notice or care about the accents or they were just watching Where dubbed version.

After taking a lot of criticism for his phony Cockney in Mary PoppinsDick Van Dyke completely dispensed with a British accent in Chitty Chitty Bang Bangdespite the fact that his character's father and two children all had one. Sean Connery Where dispenses with his Scottish accent, despite playing a wide variety of ethnicities: He attempted Where use an RP accent, to varying degrees of successin his early portrayal James Bond but ultimately stuck with his natural accent for most of his run.

In The Untouchables his character is supposed to be Irish. When asked why he didn't attempt an Irish accent for the film, Connery reportedly said, "If I didn't talk like this, you wouldn't know who I am. In HighlanderConnery played a thousand-year-old Egyptian who identified as Spanish, spent a long time in Japan, and was now living in Scotland. He kept a straight Scottish accent. In this case, according to the DVD commentary, Connery was cast in the role because the director thought the inappropriate accent would be uproariously funny.

Other old immortals, such as Christopher Lambert's character, acquire a muddled accent due to living in so many places for so long. Though it's also notable that Lambert spoke Where little English before he got the role. Cop: You talk funny, Nash, where you from? I'm Sean Connery. I Where it, you Where it, you're lucky I'm even in this piece of Oh Where. Now let's get moving.

Hey wait a minute, why do we all sound Israeli? She's basically the new Schwarzenegger. In printed form, oddly enough, in The Railway Series. From their introduction in 's The Twin EnginesDonald and Douglas always spoke Scots or Scottish English, to the point where they were sometimes hard for readers to understand.

In 's Thomas and His Has My Little Doggie Gone - The Rhinelanders - German Favorites By The Rhinelandersthey speak with a standard English dialect.

Then again, by the series' timeline, they've been on Sodor for over fifty years Live-Action TV. In General: Played straight in Venezuelan telenovelas or soap operas, Heatwave - Bronski Beat - The Age Of Consent foreign actors — especially when they are the protagonists — speak with their natural accents, even if they're not foreign.

This is usually barely handwavedif it's explained at all. Creators: In addition to the Eddie Izzard bit involving Robin Hood, he fails miserably at attempting a serviceable imitation of John F. Kennedy during his Dressed to Kill special, and instead substitutes his James Mason impression. Tekėk, Saulele - Lietuvos TSR Aklųjų Draugijos Kamerinis Choras* - Lietuvos TSR Aklųjų Draugijos Kam same voice he gives God if only because God's real voice is "a bit weird".

Izzard has only two impersonations: James Mason and Sean Connery.


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  2. Wyncote Label Album Discography by Mike Callahan, Steve Klein, David Edwards, and Patrice Eyries Last update: August 6, In , Cameo-Parkway started Wyncote, a budget label subsidiary named for a Philadelphia suburb, to reissue their large back catalog.
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  5. C/SC - All Time German Dance Hits - Rhinelanders [] Liechtensteiner/Too Fat Polka/Hopfenzuper Polka/Bye Bye Baby Polka/Haus Hamer Platter/Lili Marlene/Blue Skirt Waltz/Oh Suzanna/O Mein Papa/Under the Double Eagle/Du Du Liegst Mir Im Herzen/Ach Du Lieber Augustin/Where, Oh Where, Has My Little Dog Gone/Schnitzelbank.
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