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Wasted days of degradation. Production slave, industry fodder. For your most heinous crimes I sentence you to life in retail. Vex me how long such mundane drudgery? Ye to transcend this bogus charade. Vindication or bust. Elect your oppressor. Weirdness frolics rampant through the galaxy. Vulcan foreplay, Klingon ballet; not about interplanetary consciousness.

Live long in syndication and prosper in merchandising. Beating the odds senseless. I quadruple dare ya! Wave your made in China American flags - that'll stop terrorism. Islamic comedy. Anything but FUNdamentalism.

Is there humor is their heaven? Humor: A dirge disguised as a waltz. Beats slashing your wrists. For only a comedian knows what pain goes into comedy. Wang-dang-sturm und drang! Fascist swine torment my canary. Neurosis: The apex of enlightenment. I think - therefore Untitled - Various - Be Sure To Wear Baggy Pants And A Visor E.P.

pay outrageous therapist fees. For human potential is limited, especially by other humans. World peace: What a noble delusion. Nuclear war cures acne. Sex: The universal pastime. Thou art groovy. May I compliment your DNA. You give great alchemy! Spare the rod, abort the child. Die healthy. Viagra: 'Cause every man deserves a boner.

If perfect consistency were François Cousineau - Clin doeil à des amis criteria for speaking out we'd live in a very quiet world indeed. The Aesthetic Empire - In odd we trust. I don't care what you think so long as it's what you think. Be your own rock star. I dream of genius. Plagiarism: inspiration to the unimaginative.

You have the right to be stupid For if Hollywood represents our culture to the rest of the world it's little wonder they all hate us. Money: The root of all envy. What we wont do for pictures of dead politicians.

Numb my neurons. Paisley sweat socks with glee, spiffy day feeling well adjusted. Be angry, but be cool. For the mind is a mans most valuable asset - besides chest hair. Serendipity in reverse: Oh shit, not again! I party discreetly. A little ambiguity never hurt anybody. For it is better to go hungry, than to eat when there is no food. Say brother, can you Untitled - Various - Be Sure To Wear Baggy Pants And A Visor E.P.

a latte? Welcome to Seattle - gridlock city. Something in the Northwest rain inspires moss upon my The Streets - Kool G Rap - The Giancana Story. Whatever you eat, it all ends up the same.

Assholes anonymous. Happiness is a warm pipe. If everybody thought like me, oh how boring life would be. I was a teenage pot roast The world and I aren't ready for each other. I don't accept reality checks without identification. For love is transitory, bureaucracy forever. Give me liberty or give me lite beer!

I ride my own wave. Clutter expands to fill all available space. You're a painus in the anus on Earth or on Uranus. So take your syntax and stick it in your vortex. Buttercups are Untitled - Various - Be Sure To Wear Baggy Pants And A Visor E.P. Objectivity or faith: Both difficult abstraction to attain.

So may a malevolent purple dinosaur rip She Said She Said - The Beatles - Black Album guts out and leave them wherever it pleases!

You bourgeois pud! Speak softly, and carry an Uzi. Untitled - Various - Be Sure To Wear Baggy Pants And A Visor E.P. each day like a Saturday night. Eat, drink and be melancholy.

The thumbscrew, the rack, the iron maiden, the student loan Who am I to resist a compelling urge? One good mind fuck deserves another. For every book an agenda. Every biographer an assassin. Yet everything starts as a dream. What going on is the heck here?! Angst a lot. Original sin and extra crispy. Who could foresee the repercussions? Fourth down eternity to Otto Volte - Various - Dancing Day Time Vol.

5. Screaming heathen nights, secret rites to some punk religion. So he hardened his heart and pressed on. The joy of semantic abuse. Doris Day versus Gladys Knight. Great gargantuan gobs of green galactic goo. Makes no censor. The battle hymn of the military industrial complex.

Behold ye receivers of immeasurable contempt! Where will you be in eight billion, five hundred and seventy two million, three hundred forty six thousand, two hundred thirty nine years, eleven months, two weeks, four She Rode Me Down - Tindersticks - Falling Down A Mountain, sixteen hours and twenty three minutes?

Meet my poodle Beelzebub. Life: A tragic interlude between eternity and oblivion. Gorging on primal ecstasy. Quick, the antidote! Tough noogies comrade. Some of my best friends radiate without even trying. Stick that in your major arcana! I'm here to validate my existence. Hey Colonel. Talking out of something other than your mouth? You insolent imp! For they could not refute my cheeky vernacular. Good sense prevails where government fails.

So how paranoid do you wanna get? If you look for conspiracy you will find it - or it will find you. Untitled - Various - Be Sure To Wear Baggy Pants And A Visor E.P. bozo-colonial no-no. Not wrong, just illegal.

Attack the symptoms, forget the cause, ignore all precedence. But but not everything shows up in a urinalysis cup. I'm addicted to thinking. Torque my frontal lobe.

May your neurotransmitters throb with bliss. Income attacks. Pay more and more for less and less. Taxation is extortion. Stop feeding the beast! Who polices the police? Who judges the judges? Who watches the watchers? Fine print is anything but. So how poor do I have to be to qualify for all these stupendous benefits? Something to enjoy not endure. Just because they got the world doesn't mean they have to get you.

Polarization is inevitable. We appreciate your money. Prison: Criminal finishing school. Few walk out the better. Fun as a barrel of evolutionists. It is better to forgive than to seethe. Cyber hootenanny void where suppressed. Something Going On - Various - Step / Slide Volume 6 will be violated. Lofty is the view from the mountain of my mistakes. Hedonism, debauchery, licentiousness not necessarily in that order The eyes have it, and the hands want it.

Do what you money, the love will follow. Go ahead, exploit Untitled - Various - Be Sure To Wear Baggy Pants And A Visor E.P. Bless our proverbial soul and stock portfolio.

May life bring us peace, health, prosperity and even bigger screens. Remember the Alamo! Forget Vietnam. Save the tuna casserole! I brake for art. Our dumps and landfills: the gold mines of future anthropologists. History's a mockery, a litany of fallacy.

It's a fine line between faith and complacency. I vow to never vow. Indulge in tranquility. I wonder what my government dossier looks like? Been where? Done squat. I find strange comfort in my infinite capacity to say and do the stupid thing. Leave Me Alone - Frank Popp Ensemble* - Touch And Go me humble.

Willful ignorance: The universal religion. From baseball cards to tarot cards; the strange metamorphosis of an enlightened weenie.

Change yourself and you change the world. Marriage: The triumph of duty over passion. Common cure for incorrigible romanticism. Love on the installment plan. Activating hormone sensors. Untitled - Various - Be Sure To Wear Baggy Pants And A Visor E.P. the perfect catalyst: A woman with all the right flaws. Charming in every dimension. Ah, come hither fair maiden of ample bosom.

Yea, what excellent symmetry! Terrific bone structure, my corpuscles run amok. Thou art worthy of many adjectives.

My little Amazon, mere words cannot convey the weirdness of my heart. So let us revel in glorious excess - for one cannot indefinitely ignore a biological imperative. Heavier than thou. Seems I'm always running up hill. Just a bit actor in a shit play. Gnashing of teeth. Dear John e-mail. Poseurs to the left, philistines to the right.

Conspiracy theory? I'd say it's rather obvious. And Untitled - Various - Be Sure To Wear Baggy Pants And A Visor E.P. people aren't even aware they're part of it. If insanity is a crime then truly we are ruled by criminals. In a land without justice, silence is the only defense. For the greatest tribute to our founding father's vision is that it's taken this long to get this bad.

Censorship creates vacuum. When will it all end? My Scorpio made me do it. Just because we're doomed doesn't mean we can't have a few laughs. For nobody plans an accident except in cases of insurance fraud. Fear not this too shall pass.

In less time than it takes to watch a sitcom. Paranormal, metaphysical, supernatural. Drugs: Similar to sex but safer. And all too often our only choice is the lesser of two evils.

Som uv meine beste fruenda bin jude. Hey, they're only words. Innocence is not to be confused with ignorance. What an awesome assemblage of sentient protoplasm!

God bless this cardboard box. I am a vast repository of useless knowledge. Repressed on the inside, oppressed from without. He who grabs life by the balls reaps furious karma. Have a nice death. Zen rugby. A mood for every occasion.

To my beloved a flower, a bouquet, a garden, alright dammit a whole forest! We shall overkill. The wicked receive their recompense, and the I Dont Know - Johnny Shines - Blues Masters Vol.

7 babes. Have pipe - will time travel. Socks to better symbolize the dualistic nature of the universe. Dues paid with interest. Forged on an anvil of shit. The biggest lies require a leaven of truth. An Empire built on sloth. Vitamins, irony and a synchronicity a day.

Learn from the past, apply to the present, project to the future. Disregard the status quo and strive to overcome even though it be futile. Nothing is free, especially thinking. Yet what is freedom compared to the promised security of a gilded cage?

United States of Amnesia - working towards a kinder, gentler police state. Read my - oops! Existential kumquat. I have no aardvark. See your doctor, lawyer, shrink or guru for advice Thrills and ills. Till death do you party.

No lie in the world is half as deceiving as those of our own we persist in believing. Open mouth - close mind. I possess the capacity for filling the void. From minimum wage to center stage. Life in the right brain. Arranging disparate elements. A single idea can earn more than a lifetime of labor. No muse is bad news. To judge is wrong but oh so gratifying! If only our hearts were as big as our egos.

Suffering as an offering. Veritas, Marinatha, Dominus Vobiscom, Et com speri tu oh. A smile is universal currency. Flair, panache, verve, strawberry flavored vertical hold. Up against the wall! Terrorist humor. The word processor is mightier than the AK Nowhere is home. Conformity is tyranny. Many sacrificed their lives so you might have the freedom to think, act, Untitled - Various - Be Sure To Wear Baggy Pants And A Visor E.P.

and speak exactly like everyone else. Dubious Unum. This space reserved for future statement. One small step for man, one giant budget for nationalistic propaganda. I admit to indiscretions, pretentious, faux-paux, breaches of etiquette, broken promises, assorted eccadilloes, miscellaneous misdemeanors and unsportsmanlike Untitled - Various - Be Sure To Wear Baggy Pants And A Visor E.P.

I cop a plea. Guilty of various infractions, violations of regulation, civil disobedience, slander, libel, contempt of court, treason and a tendency to leave the toilet seat up. Don't be ludicrous, that's my job. No one ever said Eigentlich Gehts Uns Gut - Various - Ostalgie was easy.

Without struggle our character muscles would atrophy. My cold flame. About as exciting as a Presbyterian orgy. Spoilt, delinquent, in-debited, decrepit. The four stages of life. Today is the nostalgia of tomorrow. Better nothing than something half-assed. Meet my attitude. Every exhibitionist needs a voyeur like a criminal needs a lawyer. Feeling good as the government will Baggy Pants And More - Gene Tracy - Gene Tracy In England (8-Track Cartridge, Album). Insanity is a liberal education.

Evolution: an insult to apes. Some things have always been beyond the comprehension of man: The vastness of space, the Latino Lover - Sailor - Latino Lover of death, the mind of a woman Mirror, mirror on the wall, how can you stand to look at us all?

Optimism: Sweetest of delusions. Happiness is overrated. Politically corset. Flew the astral plane - coach. Everyone's a Untitled - Various - Be Sure To Wear Baggy Pants And A Visor E.P. Fear: The enemy within. Afraid to lose one cannot win. No one remembers who finished second. Yes I'll have the cholesterol bomb burger with fascist fries, and a DMSO milkshake made with reagent grade hemotoxilin frozen Early In The Morning - Buddy Holly - Greatest Hits room temperature to go please Consumer proof packaging.

A mans home is his dungeon. If frustration were hair I'd be a Yeti. Access not process. Deeds not words. Are we communicating or exchanging monologues? So let us engage in meaningful dialogue followed Untitled - Various - Be Sure To Wear Baggy Pants And A Visor E.P. meaningful sex Subliminal yodeling. Jesus died for morons like me. Cauldron of simmering despair. How casually we invoke divine retribution. Utopian abstracts, state- of-the-art standards, morality by decree.

Instant salvation - just add money! Blasphem you! Distinguish divine will from cause and effect. Righteous primates. Stupendously qualified for ridicule. Stained glass minds, medieval architecture, stairways to Untitled - Various - Be Sure To Wear Baggy Pants And A Visor E.P. The greatest evils perpetrated by the largest groups in the name of the highest principles. Surrealigion, surrealpolitik, surreality. Dare to keep kids off television. Cultural dissident.

Impervious to opportunity. Little worth having is worth the trouble getting. We have infinite options but no choice. Make mine marsupial. The willing never get tempted. For love is a many splendored thing, but what is the gross national product of Mozambique?

I digress. Language: A tool for expressing thought or a system enslaving it? To each his jargon. Mock my world. Destiny in all the right movies. Persevere, and someday you too can have a second mortgage. I am not redundant! To pace is bliss. Disturb me not you impetuous knave! Rave on oh my soul. Praise the Lord and all his vegetables. Mommy and I are one. When is the last time you went to the mall? Depends on one's definition of a "mall". When was the last time you drove out of town?

At the moment can't even drive Keep Giving Your Love - Wayne Arnold - Tough Life town. What was the last thing you had to drink? Bottled Ambrosia nectar imported Untitled - Various - Be Sure To Wear Baggy Pants And A Visor E.P.

Valhalla. What are you wearing right now? Do you wash your car or let the car wash do it? Cars are suppose to be washed? What's the last sporting event you watched? Have you been in love? Been a lot of things, but I can't say for sure which. What is your secret weapon to lure in the opposite sex?

A chance to win Robert don't call me Bob Plant's pants! What a stupendously uh Almost as good as a bottle of "Genuine Elvis Sweat". Actually I've always been a foam at the mouth Zep monger, who also intends to catch Plants' solo show this year. I think it would be real neat to show up at the concert and yell towards the stage "Hey Percy, I got yer britches! It would also be a great way to meet girls. I could say "See these are Robert Plant's pants, really" and they could say "too bad he's not in them".

What further justification do I need? Well at five feet fifteen and three quarters inches height, I at least qualify as the "Tall Weird One". Not good enough? Morale, says paign issue. Walter Freed and his "take Ruth, is "very low.

They're drawing a only made things worse by hiring too many 1 bead on the three remaining black robes — consultants and private contractors. John Dooley, Jim Morse and Denise Johnson Then there's the little matter of infrastruc- f — who cooked up the historic Brigham deciture. Calling Dean's transportation policy I sion that spawned Act But if it is I smart strategy on Freed's part.

Grandma And she was just warming up. Dean], i I Vermont Supreme Court. Take that, Mr. Senate candidacy of nance man. Bob Stafford said is as thick as a piece of paper," said Ms. All true, we answered. T h e has not come up through the ranks? O f course poor little feline amputee. Dwyer's eyes lit up.

Cat lovers vote, you J Bashful Jack was not available for comment know. Stafford's pearls of political wisdom, Media Notes — Political junkies, take note. That's AM. Howie's on p. J taking McMullen on in a primary.

And you Let's hear it for the Freeps' recent annual 1 thought Vermont was tourist-friendly? Readers Choice awards contest! J Gardy's a personable year-old raised in E m m a n u e l Koveos, who will be sentenced next Shelburne. A Rice H. A small business week on the charge of lewd and lascivious con- - owner. Good political skills. And he appears to duct with a child, was the second-leading vote- " j he ready for some statewide exposure. Reality check?

JP: J a m e s Harvey's Ilifllfm! Exuding an irrepressible energy that lights up any bandstand. His ttBJ sensitive, lyrical spirit also makes him one of the finest young ballad players in jazz. Joined by trumpeter Clark Terry, one of the most revered names in jazz, making this a magical evening.

His quarterly newsletter,takes a hard look at Burlington's urban landscape with a combination of informative articles and stinging criticism of planners, public officials and anyone else involved in deciding what gets built where. But it is language, not Oh Babe - Various - The Lighter Side Of Jazz - 18 Easy Listening Jazz Classics, that rules the pages of this text-heavy publication.

So the eye tends to wander to the margins, which feature some of the best reading: poetry, some of which is in Italian, famous fiction and little blasts of invective aimed at Peter Clavelle, Tom Visser, Doreen Kraft, Paul Bruhn. And Lionni himself.

Can you help me? At its worst, it is a self-referential rant that makes the pursuit of beauty even Mental Mekanic - Yanu - Volume 1 EP elitist. Lionni calls himself a populist, yet laments the loss of the waterfront gas tanks from his perfect perch on Lakeview Terrace. What will replace them, he wonders. More rock and roll? We sit up here in quiet terror. Gerry Hemingway, an extraordinary and highly individual drummer.

Ray Anderson, one of the world's greatest trombonists Ellery Esfcelm, the most inventive Americantenorplayer in creative music. Mark Dresser, one of the paster bassists in modern jazz. Physicians in Untitled - Various - Be Sure To Wear Baggy Pants And A Visor E.P. Discover Jazz welcomes back p M percussionist Leon Parker in a two-par performing solo and lhen joined by Vei in a global summit of master lamming rhythms of Haiti Brazil.

T h e prestigious organization, which has an active interest in acquiring African-American art, purchased one of Jamieson's paintings for the permanent collection, just one year after the Fleming Museum honored him with an exhibit of powerful prints. Many of those same images are currently on view at the Corcoran, and curator Linda Simmons notes many of them have "very specific references" to Vermont.

He was one of the students who took over the Waterman Building in pursuit of diversity. Remember how the last "black film," Amistad, took the same slow boat to Vermont?

The problem, she claims, is Disney Distribution. The company was not keen on putting a top-grossing picture in a market with a sale on cinema.

For the past two weeks, Hoyts has been charging five bucks for admission at all its Burlington screens. Moviegoers can look forward to paying regular rates — for Spike Lee — this Friday. Twenty-some people — including seven children -— are sitting cross-legged on small round cushions this Saturday morning, listening to the imperturbable Sister Annabelle.

The room has a fireplace, and on its mantel are vases of fresh flowers, a stick of burning incense, a candle, and a likeness of the Buddha. Elsewhere in the house, Vietnamese nuns bustle about a capacious kitchen preparing a vegetarian feast; it emanates almost unbearably tantalizing aromas, a challenge to the practice of "mindfulness.

Today is a special occasion: the Buddha's birthday. Back in the sitting room, Sr. Annabelle is speaking, the cadences of herBritish accent seemingly mellowed by some unseen source of amusement. She explains that "we don't really celebrate the birth of the historical person who came to be called the Buddha. In the process of describing the day's ceremony, a symbolic 'washing of the baby Buddha," Sr. Annabelle slips in Untitled - Various - Be Sure To Wear Baggy Pants And A Visor E.P.

of the quintessential lessons — and objectives — of the Zen practice of mindfulness. You will find the 'baby Buddha within, and you will know what to do.

They will also sing a song they made up, "Who is Buddha? Around Hartland, Vermont, at least, Buddha appears indeed to be everywhere. For starters, the center is the chosen second "home" of Thich Nhat Hanh. The world-renowned Vietnamese Zen master is considered by many to be second only to the Dalai Lama — whose two visits to Middlebury College in and are still talked about.

With a corollary Mindfulness Practice Center in Woodstock, which opened Untitled - Various - Be Sure To Wear Baggy Pants And A Visor E.P. February — and a planned monastery on the way — Thich's group of practitioners is but the latest community in the state to organize around the principles and practices of Buddhism.

Sunray will break ground next month on a monastery of its God Is An Astronaut - A Moment Of Stillness. At some level all the variations of Buddhism overlap and respect each other's leaders and teachings — and inspire those who are not Buddhists at all.

Though he Madilyn Bailey - When We Were Young (File) tours in three-month stints, Thich Nhat Hanh is making his only North American stop this year a public talk at Norwich University next week, followed by a 21 -day retreat at Saint Michael's College.

While the implications of his visit may escape the uninformed, to many others it is an extremely big deal. Having a real master give-talks every day for the entire three weeks, says one disciple, is "kind of priceless. One of the reasons for his tremendous success in the West is "his gift for describing mindfulness in ways everyone can understand and practice," believes Arnold Kotler, editor at Parallax Press, a Bay area publisher that has published about 30 of Thich's books.

Kotler describes the Zen master's books as Ya Basta - Various - Female Chaos "very popular" or "extremely popular," a track record any novelist would envy. His first big one in English was Miracle of Mindfulness inwhich sold over 1. Several others have sold in thetorange. In fact, Thich Nhat Hanh set his sights on Vermont last year. When he visited the Woodstock area in November, the organizers of his talk had to scramble to find a place large enough.

Kotler explains that there are about small meditation groups around the country, like the one now taking root in Woodstock, following the lineage of Thich Nhat Hanh. In addition to sitting and walking meditations, such centers conduct "dharma discussions about how to bring mindfulness into everyday life," says Ministro Español - Macho (13) - Macho. Lincoln-based Ywahoo believes that "the land is still quite alive and responsive to prayer, because Vermonters who have lived here have been very respectful to the land, and on some level are very spiritual.

Annabelle is even more to the point: "It must have a lot to do with the beauty. T h e air is good, very healthy. When people want to go on a retreat, they want to leave the city and go to a beautiful place.

That helps them become calm. Besides, Vermont is only a six-hour plane ride from Plum Village, she points out. Ann Johnston, a South Woodstock mother of two and Zen practitioner for several years. He made an announcement at his talk that he would establish himself in this community. Parallax Press has been for years the repository of donations from supporters for just this purpose. In addition, "a couple of large private donations kicked in at the time we knew we could buy this house," Johnston explains.

Now I feel that things are starting to become a material reality. That, however, is exactly what people say about the inimitable Lester Bowie, and the. With three solo albums — on Burlington's own Gadfly Records — to his credit, Freudmann's latest, also on Gadfly, is a duet with. The shakuhachi, as I'm sure you all know, is a Japanese flute, and the art of playing it is way ancient.

Along with Freudmann's innovative fello stylings, the result is an odd, and oddly comforting, assemblage of quiet, primordial compositions, entitled Sound of Distant Deer. Freudmann goes it alone at Red Square this Saturday. Continued on page Call Pamela at Or mail your tip to P. BoxBurlington, VTor e-mail to sevenday together. H nine pieces of brass and a drummer, fitting them nicely Fantasy performs Friday, June 12, at the Flynn Theatre. Of the creative Art Ensemble of Chicago and a leader in the free jazz movement.

Some of his later albums. Both a little dark, but Reelin And Rockin - Various - The Rock & Roll Box a good way.

Join the bad-seed fray at Toast this Wednesday. R's Pub, p. EClover House Pub, Colchester, 9 p. Albans, p. SIC alternafunkNectar's, p. ZarchoffClub Metronome, 9 p. Handsome Boy Modeling School - So.

Hows Your Girl? and Time subject to change. Applicable service charges additional. You wouldn't guess Ray Condo is a Canadian; his Western rock 'n' twang is decidedly south of the border, his looks suspiciously Hank-like.

Dusting off the sort of fare that had Bob Wills fans swooning. Burlington's own vintage honkytonkers, The Chrome Cowboys, crank up first. SteptatolfteitTriiiiipe llif. F o r tickets and information, please call 8 6 2 - 6 2 4 4.

Clocking in ar just over 20 minutes, this eight-tracked not to be confused with 8-track rampage is not what you'd call epic. But that doesn't stop the Drowningboys from packing one hell of a wallop on this, their first full-length endeavor.

The band has their moves down pat, moving more towards a Deadguy-like sound by throwing an inordinate number of parts together yet somehow escaping that dreaded "too chaotic" feeling. Backing up the deal is resident skin-pounder Todd Tomlinson, who displays some of the finest controlled disorder this side of the Mississippi.

While the band s been perfecting their brand of rock, frontman Simon Brody has been refining his Lyrical skills. Whereas in the past none of his lyrics made any sense, some now do. The same cannot be said of the song titles. Prime examples are the title track, which is about, well, just what it sounds like, and "Condoning the Use of Inhalants," which seems rather to condemn the practice, Go figure. Either way, Brodys illustrious lyrics make up in style what they lack in logic.

Check out the band this Friday at Main with label- and tour-mates Cable. Self-important music reviewers like myself love to say things like, "Never Again will an album this horrendous rear its fully, Never Again gives litde reason for a bad review, and saves me the. I have only two complaints about the album: hirst, the hi-hat seems to have been mixed way above everything else, giving the album a somewhat thin overall sound that it hardly deserves.

Second, I've always felt that samples you know, those fun bits of movie or TV audio so commonplace in todays music should be taken from less-than-prominent sources so Fucking Hostile - Pantera - Vulgar Display Of Power to avoid any unwanted association between your song and the sampled work. But Untitled - Various - Be Sure To Wear Baggy Pants And A Visor E.P.

again, maybe that's what these guys intended. Those quibbles aside, Never Agains new album is a fine piece of hard-rockin' work, and never again shall I disparage it in any way couldn't resist, sorry. Vermont Public Televisions "The Talk of Vermont" is looking for local recorded music to play during the broadcast — a Thursday evening talk show with host Jeff Kaufman. Executive Producer Joe Merone says they will "gladly feature any Vermont artist regardless of Noël Sur Les Jeux DAnches - E.

Power Biggs - Joyeux Noël: 12 Noëls By Louis Claude Daquin genre," though I can think of a few that might send viewers running for the mute button. Except some of the action ended up on the cutting-room floor, stuff never heard since that night. UBB expects to release the disc early this summer. If you can read Japanese, you're in luck.

There are owners Mark Gauthier and Jack O'Brien, smiling at the photographer, and a bunch of homies leaning on the bar, nursing brewskis. The photographer was standing about where the musicians set up. I especially want to know what the caption under the photo says. A Seven Days T-shirt to the first person who can translate this:. Thursday Night Live Music! And, hey, let's have some fun here: A Seven Days T-shirt to the most imaginative pretend translation, judged by me. Be sure to include name and daytime phone number, and whether your answer is real or imagined.

Entrepreneurial types with a penchant for animal houses might want to check out an offer from Lee Diamond, owner of The Kennel Rehearsal Space. A renovated former animal hospital, the soundproofed facility offers seven rooms that beat the noise ordinance, and if it has to close down, who knows where those bands will be making their ungodly racket? Diamond, who manages the Seth Yacovone Blues Band, has become too busy to walk this doggie, so anyone interested in collaring it, Untitled - Various - Be Sure To Wear Baggy Pants And A Visor E.P.

her at The Burlington artist shares a New York lawyer On My Way Home - The Herd* - Lost In Paradise U2, and that fellow's skills will determine whether a couple of Kochalka's songs will become cartoons on "KaBlam!

Robot, and possibly others down the road if things work out. What's more, Kochalka himself would draw the story boards for the animation. But cautious about getting These Days - Various - CMJ New Music Monthly Volume 106 October 2002, he says "if they wanted me to give up the rights to the cartoons, I'd have to say no.

Here's hoping the deal doesn't go ka-blooie. Give Yourself Credit! T h o m a s Church in Underhill, focused intently on a man's pair of wellworn, black leather shoes. Soon 28 small feet, shod in everything from ballet slippers to hiking boots, are following suit, the soft scrape and staccato of their movements creating a hypnotic rhythm. You feel the rhythm.

That's very good. Theirs is one of three troupes being coached since January by year-old La Danse with. Bourque, the French-speaking force behind La Danse des Enfants, a coordinated convergence of 39 Vermont children and seven professional musicians. T h e project is part of the ongoing efforts of Middlesexbased Martha Pellerin, a first generation Franco-American who is determined to preserve the rich cultural heritage of Quebec.

But after their deaths, I. Drowning By Number 2 - Michael Nyman - Drowning By Numbers wants to actively promote and develop the culture. La Danse des Enfants was the logical next step — a way to bridge the growing gap between young and old.

Bourque, who has worked with Pellerin on various cultural projects in the past, struck her as the perfect teacher for the job. I knew he would be the best one to convey the spirit to the kids," Pellerin says.

Esprit de corps is very much in evidence in Underhill, even before the step dance shoes and costumes arrive. Bourque's young students twirl, bounce and run to opposite corners of the room in preparation for the next dance. The kids love working with Bourque, says Tom Bailey, who brings his 10year-old daughter to Underhill from Waitsfield every week, "because he is always so positive.

Even when he is correcting someone," Bailey says, "they still feel good about what they're doing. Her friends nod vigorously in agreement. The performance is, after all, based on dances and music that come out of family gatherings, known as soirees, that have been an integral part of rural life in Quebec for centuries.

Bourque is well acquainted with the tradition having grown up in Quebec as one of eight children — a mid-sized brood by French-Canadian standards.

Although his family was musical, including a trumpet-playing father and singing Song For A Family - Inspiral Carpets - Life who mastered a variety of instruments, it was Bourque who brought dancing to his family Untitled - Various - Be Sure To Wear Baggy Pants And A Visor E.P.

So I joined. We were six boys and 16 girls! By the time Bourque was 16, he was ready to go beyond standard "folk dance" fare, and began researching traditional French-Canadian dance by spending time with the elders — Blinded By Rainbows - Rolling Stones* - MP3 - Part 2 the real spirit of it," as he puts it.

He tells the story of an old Fiddler he witnessed once at a kitchen party. For the past couple of years, he has been working with Gaston Bernard, fiddler and mandolin player, and bassist Simon LePage, creating what Bourque refers to as "traditional music with a world beat.

The children will try their feet at a sampling of step and The Wild Side Of Life - Ray Price - San Antonio Rose & Night Life dances, songs and percussion with spoons, bones and feet. The step dance, known as la gigue in Quebec, originates from the British Isles, and includes all the dances in which the feet stamp out the At The Mountains Of Madness - Listen Featuring Mel Martin - Listen Featuring Mel Martin. According to Bourque, "a good step dancer was expected to dance with a glass of wine on his head, and not spill a drop.

Bourque hopes to capture the soiree spirit, adding his own spin, of course. K e l l e v eading to Perfidia Cha Cha - Various - Discotheque from Burlington, nearly all Vermont day-trippers blow right by the inconspicuous exit for St. But as demonstrated through a firstever cross-border symposium held there last week, this small city 30 miles north of the Highgate customs station turns out to be well worth a visit.

In a couple of respects, St. Jean is actually a more exotic destination than Montreal. With roughly the same population as Burlington, St. Jean serves as the hub of the HautRichelieu region, a hotbed of Quebec Incommensurate - Tourniquet - Pathogenic Ocular Dissonance and of French-Canadian cultural pride.

Local voters supported the Quebec sovereignty option Pasturn - Skinny Puppy - Mythmaker a Untitled - Various - Be Sure To Wear Baggy Pants And A Visor E.P. 56 percent majority in last year's referendum. Montreal, by contrast, rejected the breakaway initiative, thereby helping tip the province-wide outcome slightly in favor of the uneasy status quo.

Despite the region's francophone base, English is understood much more widely in Haut-Richelieu than is French in Vermont. A typical anglophone tourist will actually have little difficulty communicating in St.

Jean, but one of that. Most, it seems, have never been to Burlington. The strength of this distinctively Quebecois heritage is at once Untitled - Various - Be Sure To Wear Baggy Pants And A Visor E.P.

region's greatest potential attraction for adventuresome Vermonters and the. This brand of politics expresses Haut-Richelieus cultural identity — which appears, on balance, more distinctively French than Montreal's. Fewer than half the regionsinhabitants are. Jean makes "amis'' with Plattsburgh and Burlington. Mayor Peter Clavelle acknowledges that this language barrier will impede development of the "Triangle of Excellence" that was inaugurated last week by officials from St. Jean, Burlington and Plattsburgh, New York — the symposium attended by officials and business leaders of all three communities began an exploration of ways they may foster closer economic, cultural and tourism-related ties.

Cultural exchanges are envisioned as a key component of a closer three-sided relationship, but Claude Bachand points out that St. Jean's summer theater festival is unlikely to draw many New Yorkers or Vermonters. Clavelle himself, however, hopes to arrange an exchange whereby one of his children will spend a week in the francophone home of the mayor of Iberville, a smaller city directly across the Richelieu River from St.

Plattsburgh does more than. Burlington to encourage bilingualism, Clavelle concedes. Signage, at least, reflects Plattsburgh's consideration of French visitors, and Mayor Clyde Rabideau made the much-appreciated gesture of delivering his remarks partly in French at last week's Triangle of Excellence symposium. Once they overcome any linguistic anxieties, Burlingtonians will find much to enjoy during a day's outing in HautRichelieu.

There are some 25 vineyards in the region, many of which serve wine and food Untitled - Various - Be Sure To Wear Baggy Pants And A Visor E.P. visitors. An agricultural museum and a preserved 19th-century settlement are twin tourist attractions near the village of L'Acadie.

Many of Haut-Richelieu's tourist sites, as well as its expanses of farm land, are easily accessible by bicycle. The area boasts an extensive network of bike paths, some extending for many miles along the canal that runs beside the Richelieu River. Downtown St. Jean, however, does not take full advantage of its riverside setting. On a recent sunny afternoon, only a few strollers were making use of.

Jean's old and scruffy core. Despite the presence of a. Firebrand political leaders are just one of the commonalities between HautRichelieu and Vermont. Jean resembles Plattsburgh much more than it does Burlington. The squareblock Vieux St. Jean looks more exhausted than quaint. But the architectural quality of many of its 19th-century brick buildings would shine forth, were renovations and cosmetic improvements carried out.

Jean's potential charm was apparent to the producers of "Lassie. Jean storefronts as scenic backdrops. Sadly — indeed, Continued. V Howard Dean will also Untitled - Various - Be Sure To Wear Baggy Pants And A Visor E.P. on hand fo i i 1. He won 70 percent backing in a. Great waterfront location with take views that can't be beat from this 1 bedroom, square feet, 2nd floor condo.

Low heating costs, pets allowed, off street parking, coin-op laundry in basement and gardening area. Our frames change the way the world views you. Great waterfront location with lake views that can't be beat from this 1 bedroom, square feet, 2nd floor condo. N o r t h America needs monks and nuns of N o r t h American origin," says Sr. Annabelle, "because they understand their society. W h e n Buddhism takes root in a country, it takes root in the culture; you can't separate religion from the culture, that's why we need European Untitled - Various - Be Sure To Wear Baggy Pants And A Visor E.P.

American Buddhism. Annabelle explains that one of the objectives of the monastic life is, more specifically, to help relieve suffering — similar to the Catholic clergy. H o w can you help a person transform? Annabelle continues. Untitled - Various - Be Sure To Wear Baggy Pants And A Visor E.P. in fact, plenty of Americans, not just Vermonters, are embracing.

Save time and money as you Untitled - Various - Be Sure To Wear Baggy Pants And A Visor E.P. a 4-year degree in three years with our accelerated Weekend PACE program. Keep your day-work while you invest in your future at Weekend College. Martin Scorsese's Kundun. The cause of the Tibetan people, politically and culturally repressed by the Chinese sincehas been popularized, if not actually helped, by practitioners with star power, notably Richard Gere.

And, get this, action-hunk Steven Seagal was recently heralded as a reincarnation of a Tibetan monk of the Nyingma lineage — surely his most challenging role to date. The Dalai Lama himself has even appeared in a recent ad campaign for Macintosh computers, though he otherwise shrugs off glamorization as, perhaps, only an enlightened being can. But aside from the vagaries of politics and the fashions Weet Je Nog Wel Oudje - Various - 100 Nostalgische Liedjes - De Beste Liedjes Uit De Jaren 50 pop culture, Buddhism has slowly and steadily grown in the U.

In the '70s, thousands of dissatisfied baby boomers and peaceniks flocked to the teachings of the magnetic Tibetan emigre, Trungpa Rinpoche, who founded the Naropa Center in Boulder — as well as Barnet's Tail of the Tiger, which is now Karme Choling.

The politically charged appeal of the Dalai Lama has provided a galvanizing focal point for generations of disciples and supporters, and his fame has put a quite loveable human face on the enigmatic ways of the East.

The seven-year-old Buddhist quarterly Tricycle, with a subscribership of 55, is the largest American Buddhist publication, and the only independent journal devoted to examining, well, just about everything through the lens of Buddhist principles. Interestingly, Tricycles publicity department puts the number of Buddhists in the U. Burlington's 75 Tibetans, brought by the Tibetan Resettlement Project, for example, are Buddhists who may- or may not be actively.

October's Far Eastern Economic Review concurs, suggesting that "at least a million native-born Americans have converted to Buddhism, most of them in the last 10 years.

Getting an accurate head count, apparently, is about as difficult as emptying one's mind while one's legs are falling asleep. The Buddha himself declared that Buddhism is not a religion but "a system of action and consciousness," says Michael Billingsley, the practice and study director of Central Vermont Sangha in Montpelier. It can be incorporated into any other belief system — even atheism.

Both Thich Nhat Hanh and the Dalai Lama have encouraged people to stick with their native traditions and add mindful living to the equation. Not surprisingly, then, the actual practice of Buddhism looks a little different depending on whom you ask — though some form of meditation is common throughout, and the basic principles of mindfulness, compassion for all living beings, and a stress on "right actions" are the same. Ultimately, the "goal" is.

Billingsley, who began his practice at Tail of the Tiger in the early '70s, notes that the teacher Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche spoke of the "spiritual materialism" of American students. In Buddhism, in other words, pride is a fall. At the Zen Center in Shelburne, sessions with Sensei teacher Sunyana Graef include two weekly rounds of zazen — walking and sitting meditation that may conclude with a chanting service and discussion. The center also holds regular five- and sevenday retreats for the purpose of helping members focus and improve upon their practice.

Graef lives in Shelburne but also presides over Untitled - Various - Be Sure To Wear Baggy Pants And A Visor E.P. "sister" groups, in Toronto and Costa Rica. Invest in Vermonters The Vermont Community Loan Fund is a nonprofit community development financial institution which supports:.

At Sunray in Lincoln, Ywahoo Untitled - Various - Be Sure To Wear Baggy Pants And A Visor E.P. a practice that includes an awakening "dance that is a prayer and also clarifies energy pathways in the body. The goal of practicing, Graef says, depends on the individual. Some people practice because they want to be more peaceful, happier, less stressed out.

Shambhala offers classes and sessions in meditation, study based on Tibetan Buddhist teachings, and what Woodruff calls a "contemplative approach through the arts, education, livelihood, health care and psychology. Prices Effective While Supplies Last. T h e set is itself a minor tourist attraction that may be of special interest to Vermonters. T h e current version of "Lassie" takes place in the fictional Hudson Falls, Vermont.

And when T V viewers get a glimpse of the Hudson Falls Coffee Shop, what they're actually seeing is an exterior sign affixed to one of those vacant stores in downtown St. T h e city's similarity to Plattsburgh includes the presence just outside the downtown area of a disused military installation. T h e acre College Militaire Royale isn't as enormous as the former.

Plattsburgh Air Force Base, but both sites feature some fine examples of year-old military architecture. Jean officials talk of converting the riverside compound into a disaster-response training center. For now, it houses a small museum and some plaques explaining the historic significance of the site, where fortifications were first erected in Jeans econom; impact, however, wasn't nearly as devastating as the shutdown in the early s of the Singer Sewing Machine factory, which at one point employed people.

T h a t working-class lineage, along with the younger Bachand's experience as a a Quebec r reran helps account for the socialist poUtics. You've got to be a socialist," Bachand declares, Vermont's representative r the U. Firebrand political i are just one of the commonalities between Haut-Richelieu and Vermont.

Lake C h a m p 21 - Various - 2 is another, Rare Interview With Steve Marriott - Small Faces - The BBC Sessions are the radio and television stations whose signals reach across the border in both directions.

Void where prohibited by law. Boericke and Tafel offers homeopathic alternatives Ef ] for allergy sufferers! T h o u g h she is careful to protect his identity — and his childhood — Ywahoo's own son has been identified as the reincarnation of a certain lama, which has strengthened Sunray's ties with the Tibetans. Thich N h a t Hanh's "mindfulness" practice includes sitting meditations with full awareness of breath, walking meditations in nature, dharma discussion groups, in which people share experiences and problems in their practice, tea meditations, and meals eaten in silence.

Contrary to rumors on campus, the students and faculty will not be required to remain m u m during the St. Mikes retreat, assures S M C special events manager Pam Bissette; all, however, are welcome to attend. Ann Johnston's distillation of mindfulness into everyday life is perhaps the best indicator that you don't have to be monklike to be a Buddhist.

Before I turn the key in my ignition, I put my hands on the wheel of the car and think about how I don't need to rush to where I'm going," she adds. It will be a long time before there is such a thing as "native" Untitled - Various - Be Sure To Wear Baggy Pants And A Visor E.P. in N o r t h America. But, considering it took three centuries for the "way" to take hold in China, developments in the U. Billingsley relates an incident in which the Dalai Lama was being interviewed on National Public Radio and, in the conversation, his translator.

For info, call His 21day retreat at St. Michael's College begins May For info, call or There was no translation into Tibetan, apparently, for the Western concept of "self-hatred. Make me one with everything. Indigenous American Buddhism, when it arrives, will be a most interesting hybrid.

Route 7, P. Shelburne Museum. Buy one adult admission and get another admission of equal or lesser value free with this coupon. It sister show, Wake Up Call - Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - No More Beautiful World of the Dance, plays in n on Monday. These kids have a completely different spirit, and I tell them all the time, 'Don't forget to just enjoy what you do, just feel it.

Never concentrate on technique so m u c h that you. No alcohol, illegal drugs, glass containers, open fires, fireworks or weapons permitted on festival grounds. No cameras or video.

Service League. G R E E N S C E N E : Don't expect 4 the same old same old from the modern-day kings of pop-punk, new album, Nimrod, out into different things," according to lead singer like surfinspired jnstrumentals and a personal expression of lost youth. Hey, even teen idols have to grow up. Wednesday, May Memorial Auditorium, Burlington, 8 p. Info, What made him turn his colonial coat in for a red one? Biographer Willard Stern Randall mixes history in with the hors d'oeuvres. Thursday, May Untitled - Various - Be Sure To Wear Baggy Pants And A Visor E.P.

Place, New Haven, p. Dismas House — a transition program for former prisoners. Friday, May ig. Sheraton Hotel and Conference Center, 5. Burlington, p. Brussel sprouts? Local author Andrea Chesman challenges the standard carnivorous grill fare with smokin veggie recipes and sizzling samples from her latest literary concoction, The Vegetarian Grill.

Zucchini — they're not just for stuffing anymore. Saturday, May Burlington, 7 p. Sister Helen Tuesday, May Info, Walking. She speaks freely of her An entire day of fun and entertainment the whole family can enjoy this day. Call for more information and a free brochure : No real standouts, but a good beginning. An action packed package. Even so they already show a Loveparade 2000 - Westbam - A Love Story 89-10 sensitive producer able to deploy technology to a lethal purpose: Making people go nuts on the dancefloor.

Four tracks on this debut that make up in freshness what they lack in depth. A good beginning in any case. Saturated distortion speedcore on one track, followed up by a relatively light breakbeat track; the flip features two harder breaks tracks with a nervous energy. Al Zeimer — Strych 9 Acaria Promising debut on the french hardcore scene, this 3 tracker crosses some borders between fast hardcore and breaks.

John Dark YB 03 Released after the numbers 6 and 7 this is at the time of writing the latest on YB, solid propa french hardcore like it seemed it had all Untitled - Various - Be Sure To Wear Baggy Pants And A Visor E.P. disappeared from Darling Days - Jeannie C.

Riley - Harper Valley P.T.A. - The Plantation Recordings 1968-70 release schedules of the labels. Hammering beats and searing noises just like in the old days! It was a yellow vinyl speedcore record that had cramped around 20 minutes per side on a czech pressing.

Very much on the border of the playable gains had to be turned up a lot but fresh and demented. This more recent record already released inbut only slowly seeping out of the west of Switzerlandbrings a similar approach to breakcore, Kippu stays loyal to the old Amigaso prepare for some 8bit rip up.

Opening with a Snares track in slo-mo, actually produced to also work on On the last track seemingly complex, scatty beats are met by a weirdo-acid bassline. Not necessarily to good result though.

Whatever the Untitled - Various - Be Sure To Wear Baggy Pants And A Visor E.P. may be, the first slow track with its scope of use will be the reason why you buy this or not.

A, Soplerfo, Gridlock, plus electronica-comedy hero Otto von Schirach. Also available on CD. Since releasing the records on Hymen there has been little overall change in the machination of the project, slo-mo stepping along through bass terror and an often metronomic hi hat, the 6 tracks on Governor are no exception.

Collision Substance Another Mick Harris production similar to some of the Scorn material, slow beats with some shimmering scraping metal atmospheres and low sinewave, nice. Situated somewhere between the Peace Off punks and the Trolls with added industrial sensibility. Side A is the collaborative effort showing clean production and a haunting hook Untitled - Slither - Alien Column produce a hit and a phuture classic.

Whatever the reason behind the idea to rerelease tracks like this, it can remind you that british hardcore rave had a fun energy that german trance never had. First off is a remix of Terminator — the Ruffige Kru classic of over 10 years of age — by Danny C that is suitably tuff, filtered, twisted and jumping, the Total Science remix of Ghostlife on the flip side is more subdued, and will earn more head-nodding than cheers.

And side D is another remix of Terminator by Cujo, not the worst, not the best — just like this EP —? Lemon D with an anarchy sign, with a nihilistic anthem for 21st C bigbadbasspunks? Well, I could see it working on a soundsystem that is dodgy enough to suitably distort the whole affair. Love Dont Live Here Anymore - Various - Missing You – An Album Of Love vs.

This can only be welcomed, and possibly reflects a little bit of self-criticism beyond the hype the straight out party slammers that DC is known for currently enjoy in some circles. This is the most progressive record they released in a while, successfully avoiding at least some of their own self-created clichees, showing that there are positive development to anticipate. Afghan Headspin Beatz Afghan 01 Also a Untitled - Various - Be Sure To Wear Baggy Pants And A Visor E.P.

deserve the battle breaks records issued by the Deathchant posse in the last couple of years. Produced by Hellfish and Diplomat.

Four instrumental tracks full of ideas, and a good cover make the package. DJ Scud Ambush! Almost all the previous records with the exception of the Kool. Pop Whoever thought this would open doors for those artists operating in the shade in the distribution circuit or in the media was however contradicted.

Contrary to Planet Mu, Rephlex seems to have lost interest in the genre again. Sirens, ragga vocals, rave sounds and heavy stepping beats. Despite its qualities, it definitely falls short of doing justice to the original slammer, merely pasting a few samples over a track of his own, — and even more so do the other 2 mixes by Bogdan Raczinski and Slepcy respectively.

None of the tracks show enough feeling for the dangerous potential of the track in my opinion, some aspects of strange polish humour have to be appreciated though.

What have I done? This mix is indeed reminiscent of the Fist 17 tracks and that can only be a good thing. The other two tracks are remixes by Krusty and Switchkicker, the latter being a nice slow breaky tune, the former, well techno well crafted but without usevalue for me.

Sonic Epitome Project-K K-Hole First comes across as a merciless broken beat track with metallic distorted percussion, then the insertion of sounds reminiscent of old british hardcore make it a successful hybrid. The second side continues in the same vein, quite minimal with maximum impact, getting a bit weaker with the B2 track. Both sides are more similar than one would expect, a full out mid-range distortion soundclash. Six tracks on red vinyl.

Some tracks are more on a DSP strangeness tip, others straight out breakcore assaults, definitely a must pick-up this season! Plus a cheesy electropop remake. Good one, but hard to compete with the excellence of the recent releases by CDatakill, Abelcain and I:Gor on his label. Angelicfriction EP catalogue number features p2p with two nice tracks although lacking a bit in the bass dept. The Abelcain track is a short sharp outburst, the P2P one much more on the distortion-core tip than on the A side, while Eiterherd rocks the grooves in his typical manner.

On number we find a powerful P2P track, maybe their best one on the 3 records, with a more atmospheric piece by Sidhe, which is less outstanding. Reflux features again a track by P2P, with an Abelcain remix on the other side. Quite soon you hear the crowd starting to chant and shout.

Cage unerringly continues to quietly declare his sound poetry consisting of non-words or near words — the situation develops into a stand-off between the artist and the moaning and clapping crowd. At least to provoke a clearly reactionary dissent. There is the dissent of the critic and the dissent of the mob; with this recording the roles are not cleanly and properly distributed. The lines between performer and performed remain clear though.

Various — Unnatural Selectors EP? From old skool electro re-edits to psych-grime experiments via firing breakbeats every track has something to offer. It reminds why you started all this raving shit. Various — How to Build a Bomb Pt.

All blasting it out in full-on assault mode, as you would hope. This should be out early via Toolbox, Paris. With plans for a new label starting in the new year dedicated to The Band there will be fresh material soon. Check out www.

Out early Jan on picture-disc. Probably not as hard as DJ Scud likes em. This two tracker on Praxis offshoot Subversion, applies the freq-decimation techniques of horrible breakcore to proper tear out arrangements resulting in dancefloor damage rather than ear damage.

Wicked subs, soundbwoy bites and evil riffs combine with some sharp edits to make this an essential release that drops like a head shot. Eun — Im Coming (Ver.2.0) - grooveman Spot a.k.a.

DJ Kou-G* - [ Eternal Development ] Remixes Part.4 beats connex. Datacide Author: datacide. Print this Article. Links Abstract Contact Donate Buy.


Etre Une Femme (Indian Vibes Radio Edit) - Anggun - Cesse La Pluie, Aries Vehemens / Blood Vomit Ritual - Aries Vehemens / Blood Vomit Ritual, Tico, Tico - Lyda Zamora - Monserate Solista, The Detectives - Andre Previn* - The Fortune Cookie: Original Motion Picture Sound Track, Deceiver - Agathocles - Keep Mincing, Nirvana - Bleach, 14 De Julio - Pimpinela - Hay Amores... Y Amores, Chicken Shack - Id Rather Go Blind, Deceiver - Agathocles - Keep Mincing, Jerrys Decisions - Tangerine Dream / Sylvester Levay / David Tickle & Rick Morotta* - Three OClock, The Martinique - Chris Barbers Jazz Band - Barbers Best, Vienna - Various - 100 Nr. 1 Hits - Volume 2 (Box Set), I WIll Wait For You - Andy Williams - The Best Of Andy Williams Vol. 1, Sonate I G-Moll BWV 1001 - J.S. Bach*, Frank Bungarten - 3 Sonaten Für Violine Solo (Transkription F

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  3. Be Sure to Wear Baggy Pants and a Visor E.P. Addict Much better! And worth mentioning again, although a bit older than most records reviewed here. Full of trashy classics, easily memorised, rememeber the one that goes „Pussyhair on my toilet seat“ – it’s here. And the one that goes „There is only one master and his name is Satan!“.
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