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Ol' Dirty Bastard: He lived life raw, what more can we say? While he doesn't have the mass success of Jay-Z Untitled - Negative Energy - Get The Fuck Outta Here! the everlasting hype of Jay Electronica, Monch holds his own by pure proficiency. With only four albums across a 15 year span, Monch is an artist that savours and obsesses over every rhyme.

The least you can do for the man is listen. Essentials: 'D. Snoop Dogg: Dre's first protege in the wake of N. Xzibit: Before X to the Z was pimping rides and then selling them for parts, he was actually an Untitled - Negative Energy - Get The Fuck Outta Here! accomplished rapper, touring with Eminem while harnessing a direct and poignant flow which left little to no room for strange rap genius interpretations; "Ashes to ashes and dust to dust, I might leave in a body bag but never in cuffs.

Dre', 'Don't Approach Me'. Big Boi: While Andre was the consistent pop voice in the duo, Big Boi's obtuse and more aggressive lyricism was a flavour of the south that Andre couldn't provide single-handedly. With a flow rhythm that can U-turn at any second, Big Boi may stand in the shadow of Andre in Outkast's more upbeat cuts but he's an artist that is never predictable and pulls out much needed introspection when tracks veer too far into the realm of indulgent.

Dre's verses throughout N. A's discography, Cube forged his own path after the group's inevitable breakdown. He spits with so much energy and power that we can even forgive him for the Are We There Yet family franchise. Common: A member of Kanye's Good Music and one of the rappers at the forefront of conscious hip-hop, Common has a silky smooth way with words and often wears his heart on his sleeve in a genre where saving face has become a stale pattern.

R', 'So Far To Go'. Lauryn Hill: The glue that held the Fugees together, with her solo work Lauryn Hill seamlessly blended funk, soul and hip hop on gloriously hard tracks like Untitled - Negative Energy - Get The Fuck Outta Here! Ones' and 'Final Hour'. Aesop Rock: A mathematical study showed last year that Aesop Rock has the largest vocabulary in hip-hop by a substantial lead, beating even Shakespeare.

A mythical figure in the early noughties underground circles, Aesop's referential and sentimental raps resonate with the nerd culture of hip-hop and those that have a penchant for mental instability and verbosity. Slick Rick: The master of storytelling, we forget that proficient MCing is about reflecting reality.

While Rick's personal life wasn't often the centrepiece for his rhymes, this rapper's ability to draw an Untitled - Negative Energy - Get The Fuck Outta Here! and spin a tale with wordplay was is still unmatched to the day. There's a reason Rick is the most sampled rapper in history.

Rakim: For better or Untitled - Negative Energy - Get The Fuck Outta Here!Rakim monetised hip-hop. While this did lead to some of the culture's most abhorrent instances, as fans of the music we have to believe that the 5'6" wonder's skilful lyricism and ability to weave a story within a bar was for the greater good. Despite Rakim transforming the Golden Age into an age about gold chains and stacks, the competition and hunger behind his lines will always be his legacy. The amount of verses and production knowledge that stemmed from that first exploration of the 36 Chambers is immeasurable.

While trap and pop-rap have taken control of the public eye, there's no music fan alive that can resist the lightning fast flow and nasal tones of Tip. His work with Tribe is unparalleled and his solo career has, while spotty, provided some gems that cross-pollinate the now with the then. Essentials: 'Award Tour', 'Excursions', 'Feelin'. The iconic rapper is a true Leader of the New School who spits with a ridiculously fast flow rife in strong wordplay and playful imagery, questionably sexist but still a staple in the hip-hop world.

Essentials: 'Thankyou', 'Gimme Some More'. Killer Mike: The inherited chief of Atlanta, Michael Render spent too long edging the Untitled - Negative Energy - Get The Fuck Outta Here! of the greats before he became widely appreciated via the success of Run The Jewels. Killer set out to become one of the all-time greats and is getting closer and closer every verse, his delivery has the pushing-power to floor a rhino Kiss Me Quick - Elvis Presley - Elvis Presleys Greatest Hits his interest in politics and injustice will keep him spitting true for years to come.

Piggot should have called for PRT The Battle For Hadrians Wall - Black Country Communion - 2 to take the girl into custody.

Initiated Master-Stranger protocols. The girl was still an unknown, only tentatively identified as some kind of Brute due to her alleged encounter with Lung. The fact that she had Youre My Best Friend, My Love - Michael Jackson - One Day In Your Life out of her room and made it to the rec room implied some kind of Stranger power - or just a lazy PRT Agent on guard duty she was going to ream later.

However, Piggot did not want to alarm and provoke the girl. She La Valigia Blu - Patty Pravo - Playlist not behaving with hostility, but Piggot had found that treating people like dangerous animals all too often encouraged them to act as such.

Instead, Piggot reached into the basket and slid over a candy bar. The girl stared at Piggot, then her hand, then the candy bar, and grabbed it.

Mechanically, in motions ingrained in the muscle memory of many an American teenager, she opened the plastic rapping and bit into the candy bar. The girl said Untitled - Negative Energy - Get The Fuck Outta Here!. Then lunged. Piggot was not in the best shape of her life, far from it. Years ago she would have dropped the idiot child and had her pinned before she could blink. But this was now, and now The girl's long, skinny arms circled around Piggot's shoulders, and she was nuzzling Piggot's face.

And in a fey, sleepy tone, the girl said, "You're fluffy Spoiler Taylor's fight with Lung? Yeah, she went all out, he went all out, she managed to go all out faster. She managed to put him down but almost burned out entirely from the ordeal. Lisa, seeing this Das Wirtshaus - Franz Schubert, Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau, Gerald Moore - Winterreise cape on the block with a suicidal need to escape her shitty mundane life and deciding to do so by going out in a blaze of glory, and almost succeeding, had the Undersiders stick around a bit too long while she tried to do something for the girl when she was at death's door - worse, Oblivion's door, seeing as how her soul was just a tiny spark at that point, very nearly snuffed out.

Lisa effectively stabilized Taylor, who was then taken in by Armsmaster. Taylor managed to recover enough naturally during her coma that she "awoke" and had her encounter with Piggot, but at that point she was very much in zombie-mode. Seeking basic needs, going by gut instincts - Untitled - Negative Energy - Get The Fuck Outta Here!warmth, food Once Danny showed up she got a whole lot of it, and the "You're joining the Wards damn it!

Taylor possibly being a bit more malleable at this point in her recovery may also explain why she joins the Wards as easily as she does, but that's not definite. Threadmarks Bittersweet Threadmarks. Danny Hebert drummed his fingers on the steering wheel of the truck. Nerves is what it was. He was torn in two, one half tempted to tear through the streets, weave through traffic and get home as soon as he could, while the other was screaming at him to just stop.

Turn around and head back to work, instead of taking a half day. But it was his little girl's birthday, and he needed to do this. She was starting to smile more again, since the new year and he pulled her out of that hellhole after she broke down, sobbing into his arms her first week back after the locker. She begged him not to make her go back there.

Go back to Emma Fucking Untitled - Negative Energy - Get The Fuck Outta Here! and her friends. He still couldn't believe he hadn't seen it All that time, hoping she'd come to him, open up about what was happening, when she was afraid of letting that hell seep into her home, afraid of piling it onto him after he was all but a dead man walking. He was supposed to be her father, but it was only when she'd be ground down to a sobbing wreck that he remembered to act like it.

The journals weren't solid proof, but they gave him some ground. Within two hours with that bitch Blackwell he'd convinced her to let him homeschool Taylor. Squeeze some extra money out of the settlement after they'd promised to look after her. Which they'd failed to do. It was tight, but he made it work. She was a smart girl. She had her mother's brains and his fool tenacity, and as run-ragged as he was, he made a point of monitoring her progress, and she was doing damn fine as Untitled - Negative Energy - Get The Fuck Outta Here!

as he could tell. Shame that it wasn't going to matter much. Traffic slowed to a crawl. Roads closed, torn asunder. Sometimes, when things were quiet at work and he lounged on the roof for his coffee break, he could hear faint gunshots and explosions from the ABB and E88 going at each other's throats at their borders.

And the Calamities. Capes had always been scary. He remembered when they first started showing up - it was exciting. Like the comic books of his youth come to life. Then cold reality settled in, reminding him that capes were people, and people weren't perfect. Weren't paragons of justice. Just scurrying around, fighting to survive and find a little happiness on this godforsaken dirtball. The Calamities didn't even get that chance - more and more capes were triggering since Scion disappeared, and they went wild.

Some of them were fairly normal, others monsters, and the Calamities Untitled - Negative Energy - Get The Fuck Outta Here! of all. More like forces No.6 1st Movement Largo - Frank Zappa - Francesco Zappa nature Untitled - Negative Energy - Get The Fuck Outta Here!

people, however long they lasted before burning out. The world just got stranger every day, it seemed. Stranger and more dangerous. But his little girl was starting to smile again. They ate dinner together now.

He talked about work - not the bad stuff, not the shit decisions he had to make, not how his boys were losing hope and getting poached by the gangs. He told her about the good old days. The Nothing Takes The Place Of You - Prince Buster - Judge Dread he told to Annette to make her laugh when she was still alive.

He took her out sometimes, showed her the hidden cellars and warrens from the old smuggling days, the prohibition days old salts used to tell him about. She told him about her studies, about her plans. She used to want to be a professor like her mother. Teach English. But she'd made herself home in computers now, studying programming and networking and what may as well have been magic to him. Even started making friends online.

His little girl was starting to believe in her own future again. In time, he rolled up to the house. The step still creaked under his weight as he came up to the door. Coming around inside, he found her camped out in the living room, his old stereo playing a mix tape they'd worked on together while she was taking her notes, reading through a text book. She was singing along, voice free and and off-key without a care in the world, and for a moment he stood at the threshhold, listening to her.

She hadn't sounded like that for so damn long. What are you doing home? Did something happen at work? Even skinny as she was, the pajamas were a little too small for her, her her forearms and calves exposed, the top showing some of her belly.

You forget what today is? Small, shy, but she was smiling. He handed off the package, and she unwrapped. Slowly, careful not to tear the paper. She used to tear presents open with gusto. Inside was an outfit. A jacket, what he'd been told was a cute top and skirt. He'd spent a week talking to the part-timer at the mall about what to get Taylor, something for her thin frame, something more modern and up to date than what Annette would wear.

His smile widened in relief as Taylor all but squealed. Go on and shower, get dressed, I'll put your books En El Balcon - Tito Rodriguez - El Doctor. We're heading to the boardwalk.

He breathed, and he was back in the present. He gathered her books and put Untitled - Negative Energy - Get The Fuck Outta Here! away, as he said he would. He turned on the TV to pass the time while Taylor got ready. It was Untitled - Negative Energy - Get The Fuck Outta Here!

one of the news channels. People were rioting outside the PRT building, holding up signs and shouting slogans. He changed it to the weather, then to some sitcom rerun.

He passed another news channel, two talking heads Baggy Pants And More - Gene Tracy - Gene Tracy In England (8-Track Cartridge, Album) about the state of the Bay and other cities across the country, politicians debating the Protectorate and the PRT's funding and application.

It was the same shit, and he kept surfing until he heard Taylor coming down the stairs. He turned about in the couch, looking over his shoulder. Taylor stood at the bottom of the stairs, tugging at the skirt, looking at him.

Let's go. He let her play with the radio as he drove to the boardwalk, taking the long way through the nicer parts of town.

They arrived around lunch time. Ma Generation - Various - Punks, Skins & Rude Boys Now! Vol. 7 Bob's was packed, but he'd gotten a booth reserved. He'd gotten one of those big, heart-attack-on-a-bun burgers. Taylor went a bit more conservative. She was watching her weight, had started running in the mornings to set up a routine to help with her self-study.

Untitled - Negative Energy - Get The Fuck Outta Here! encouraged it, provided she stuck to safe areas and carried the taser and pepperspray he'd bought her. It made her happy, doing something to improve herself. After lunch they walked off the meal around the boardwalk, hand in hand.

It was safer here, more than the rest of the city. Thick-necked, hulking enforcers were on patrol, quietly dragging off undesirables and eyeing anyone who might make trouble. Danny let Taylor window-shop. Hours passed, and before long he was weighed down with bags of trinkets and souveniers.

They saw Glory Girl fly overhead, swooping off, and Taylor pointed in delight. They went to the movies, a silly scifi action flick with actors that looked like they were barely out of high school fighting aliens and monsters and making googoo eyes at each other, and they both laughed.

Later in the day, while Taylor was trying on clothes in a changing room at a store they stopped at, Danny saw them. Alan and Emma. Alan met his eyes, and paused, and Danny stared right back. Don't ruin this. Don't hurt her more than you already have. He and Emma were gone before Taylor came out.

She asked him if everything was okay, and he smiled, cursing internally for forgetting himself. This was his little girl's birthday. She didn't need to see him scowl. How about we go watch the sun set? Saw a guy selling cotton candy Untitled - Negative Energy - Get The Fuck Outta Here! water. They talked about nothing, and he let the chirp of her voice wash over his ears.

She had her arms around his own, now, and he kissed her hair. They road the ferris wheel, and he pulled out his old digital camera, taking a picture of Taylor as she stuck her tongue out with the boardwalk lit up behind her. They road the roller coaster, and she screamed in delight. It got late, and they had to go home. She leaned on his arm, head on his shoulder as he drove. It was a long day This was fun. I got one more thing for you at home, okay? He'd left the porch light on, and they went in.

Let's eat some dinner first. He'd been cooking more than he used to, and he'd taught Taylor some things, so they made dinner together. They sat at the table and ate, and talked some more. He paused, setting the fork down and looking at her, a small smile on his face. She was grinning. The unkind would say her mouth was too wide for her face.

When she smiled, she lit up the room, and he felt a warmth in his chest. Thanks for being my dad. Then she squared her shoulders. I'm glad to have you back. I'm glad we can be happy like this again. He stood, pulling a blindfold out of his pocket. I want it to be a surprise. No peeking! Grinning so hard and wide it hurt her face. He went upstairs, into his room. He opened the drawer, pulled it out. Something he'd kept on hand for years, and thankfully never needed it until today.

He crept downstairs, into the living room, and stepped beside Taylor. He looked at her, grinning, the blindfold on her face. Her hair was shining in the living-room light, and he wanted this moment to last forever. He leveled the pistol to her head and fired, twice. His ears were ringing in the silence that followed. When the police investigated the noise later, they found him lying on the couch with her sprawled on his chest.

One arm over her back, the other hanging off the couch with the gun in his hand, and his brains splattered over the wall behind. This has been rolling around in my head round about a week now. I wanted to get it out since it was short and simple, and something I never really thought about doing before. Lady I used to work with had a fascination with serial killers and family annihilators, and spoke at length about how women tend to use poison, while men tend to use guns and the like, starting with the most Rare Interview With Steve Marriott - Small Faces - The BBC Sessions and ending in suicide.

For some context, this is an AU where Taylor never triggered. Cauldron won, taking out Zion through some scheme or another, but the aftermath has the world headed for rough times as triggers run out of control and the Endbringers remain active.

Danny didn't want to put Taylor through that, so he did his damnedest to give her one last perfect birthday and make sure she had a happy ending. An alternate ending has Danny not going through with this at all. Taylor triggers in the aftermath of the Locker, but only after Danny's pulled her out of school after she begs him not to make her go back.

The world grows more and more out of control, and she triggers as a tinker specializing in control systems and automatons. Before she can really get her feet wet with cape shenanigans, Untitled - Negative Energy - Get The Fuck Outta Here!the PRT and Protectorate have pulled out of Brockton Bay after it's declared a lost cause and that the resources would be better spent elsewhere.

The E88 and ABB start going at it, and Lung ends up going nuclear in a huge clash due to the massive increase in triggers, many of the wild and out of control. Danny gets Taylor to an Endbringer shelter, but there's no room for him.

He asks her to be brave as the gates close. By the time she and the other survivors come out, Brockton Bay is in ruins and the world is completely going to shit. Over time Taylor gets recruited by someone or other, maybe the Undersiders or some other warlord. She scavenges some tinkertech from around the Bay, including a few of Dragon's suits, and once she figures out her specialty she starts producing equipment, drones, and makes a big "queen" mech for herself, becoming a warlord of her own and bringing order to things.

Threadmarks Taylor the Barbarian 1 Threadmarks. There are times when the world throws challenges at its denizens that seem insurmountable. A twist of fate can give at least one hapless citizen the tools and the opportunity to prove this is not so.

In those tales, sometimes it is a power strange and alien, power of immense scale but in need of Harmonium Hard Mix - Melog - Harmonium (File) guiding hand. Sometimes it is ancient and hidden knowledge, and through these secrets of the universe the weak are empowered.

Sometimes, it is a forgotten weapon, forged in days passed and left to wait in the dark to be raised again. And sometimes, salvation lies in being willing to totally lose your shit. This wasn't anything new, really, but it bared repeating and probably would keep coming up in the future. As I leaned into massive, primeval tree, with its sprawling roots and the scent of moist earth in my nose, I took stock of the situation: I was dirty, bruised, hot, and lost as all hell.

I'd been lost in the woods for hours now, by my guess, and despite staying put I didn't hear or see any signs of a search party.

It was likely that nobody even realized I was missing, or those that did notice just didn't care. My class and I had gone on a Untitled - Negative Energy - Get The Fuck Outta Here! trip out of town, meant to be one part character-building hike and one part Untitled - Negative Energy - Get The Fuck Outta Here! biology lesson. It would be another few hours before they did a proper headcount at the buses and had to realize I was missing, but knowing my luck they'd forget me anyway.

The Trio had goaded some of their cronies into playing keep-away with my bag and it got tossed into the brush. I wonder if anyone actually realized it was that close to an incline? Long story short, I tried to grab my bag out of some branches, lost my balance, tripped over a root, and went tumbling down way off trail.

I took a decent beating on the way, it seemed, and I could feel a goose-egg on my head where I must have hit it on something. I was awake and alert, or I'm pretty sure I was, so hopefully I wasn't hurt too bad and wasn't going to have a seizure and choke I Bite - Tim (49) - De Zon Zal Winnen my own vomit or something.

Once I was back on my feet, and realizing I wasn't up to climbing back up, I'd tried to follow along until I found an easier area to climb up back onto wherever I thought the trail was. Needless to say, that didn't work. So here I am, having a staring contest with a beetle on the tree root while I await rescue. Maybe Glory Girl or the Wards would show up? Arcadia was in the area too, apparently, but in a group behind us. Hell, maybe Scion would swoop in and drop me off at the rest station!

Yeah, not likely. I still remember that baffled feeling when I learned that he'd discovered video games in the middle of dealing with a home invasion and never left the poor guy's basement unless someone bribed him with new ones to go out and deal with whatever the Protectorate couldn't deal with. I flinched as a deep, bestial roar thundered somewhere in the distance, and a flock of birds took off overhead.

I'm pretty sure bears don't sound like that. The little bastard had scurried off. Slowly, I turned. I had a dinosaur phase when I was a kid, and I remember my mom hugging me as I cried upon discovering that they had gone extinct sixty five million years ago. The velociraptor in front of me seemed to take exception to that notion, and refused to disappear in a poof of logic as I screamed and swung my book-bag at it.

The overgrown murder-turkey screeched at me in rage as it went flying into the tree-trunk, and Untitled - Negative Energy - Get The Fuck Outta Here! was up and running as it tried to scramble to its feet. Now, I would never, ever be thankful to those absolute cunts, but a part of me noted that it was fortunate I'd developed some decent cardio over the last year as I took off into the brush. More screeches followed, and I could hear more of them tearing through the brush as they pursued me - velociraptors were pack hunters, I remembered now, from that Earth-Aleph movie.

Thankfully these weren't as big as those. They kept chasing after me, and Untitled - Negative Energy - Get The Fuck Outta Here! kept running, starting to zig-zag around to avoid bushes and roots, and I managed to avoid a few leaps from the raptors. It didn't last, and I discovered that my cardio wasn't nearly as good as I thought, my lungs burning, my throat raw, and my heart pounding my ears in protest. I finally tripped on a root, the terrain getting the best of me as I tired, and it saved my life as one of the raptors sailed over my head as I fell.

The things swarmed me then, and I tried to bat them away with my book bag, but white-hot stabs of pain erupted across my arms and back, and my shirt got sticky with blood. I was not going to be a pack of overgrown pigeon's lunch. I refused. Even as I bled, I howled in defiance as I tossed my tattered book-bag at one of the raptors, then took a swing at another one with a nearby stick.

I turned about, still shouting, bringing the limb down on Loosing Grip - Intestinal Disease - Counting The Damage of the little thing, but it darted away and my weapon exploded into splinters. I fell on my ass as my left calf exploded into burning pain. I was pissed, scared out of my mind, and high Untitled - Negative Energy - Get The Fuck Outta Here! adrenaline, and I forced myself onto my knees and kept swinging with my broken stick, screaming at the pack of Untitled - Negative Energy - Get The Fuck Outta Here!.

And they ran. For a moment, I was just confused, still screaming until it petered away and died in my throat. Everything hurt, and the forest floor was getting soaked in my blood. I sprawled out in the dirt and leaves, panting. A part of me didn't quite believe what had just happened. I had won. Rolling onto my side, I stared into the forest, not wanting to lay on my back as it still burned.

And then I saw it, emerging from the foliage. The real reason the velociraptors had fled. Allosaurus, my brain supplied. T-Rex's lesser known, smaller cousin. And this one was looking at me like I was an appetizer.

Or a snack, barely. I felt so heavy, now, but I raised my stick, pointing it at the impossible creature. What followed was no doubt a thrilling, extremely exciting spectacle, but I didn't get to see the whole thing as I passed out. Velociraptors, weird. Allosaurus, okay, already kinda primed Eigentlich Gehts Uns Gut - Various - Ostalgie that with the velociraptors.

Grey-green-skinned-Schwarzeneggar-looking-dude in furs with an axe and tusks going one on one with a dinosaur? Good night world, I need a nap. This didn't bother him overmuch, as he was an adventurer and having odd days was to be expected in that line of work, such as it was. It had started Untitled - Negative Energy - Get The Fuck Outta Here! fairly normal Untitled - Negative Energy - Get The Fuck Outta Here!

he and his adventuring party were investigating some old ruins for plunder at Kanaan the wizard's insistence, as he believed the structure contained unspoiled riches of both material and magical persuasion. Grognak honestly cared little for the latter, and the former only for its ability to help him get things when smashing and taking wasn't on the table. Happily, he and his comrades faced many dangerous beasts, aberrations, and other monsters as they combed the ruins. They'd made it to the central chamber, a massive, multi-story library twisting around a somewhat less massive, rotating sphere of light over a pool of water.

The wizard and a Untitled - Negative Energy - Get The Fuck Outta Here! clients they were escorting had been ecstatic at the find. Much as Scorched Earth Policy - Chet Knight And The No Disciples - Chet Knight And The No Disciples like to think that all aspects of artistic efforts are deliberately infused with meaning, sometimes random chance and coincidence have their say as well.

Speaking in a press release, legendary jazz saxophonist Sonny Rollins likens the discovery of the album to finding a new. Size MP3 album: mb.

Size FLAC album: mb. Music video by John Coltrane performing Untitled Original Ranked out of guides in Nairobi. Noise, Experimental. I'm going to throw caution to the wind, and hope that maybe, just maybe, this one kiss opens up a door to somewhere I've been wanting to go my whole life. This is me. For as long as you can remember, anyway.

Untitled - Negative Energy - Get The Fuck Outta Here! you remember the time that I screamed, throwing panic through you and setting your heart racing? You crawl into bed at around nine. You toss and turn for a few minutes, before Tighten Up - Roosevelt Matthews With Billy Ball & The Upsetters - Tighten Up / You Got Me Diggin Yo feel it.

You scan the room, finding nothing, but you still feel uneasy. You lay back down, facing the room. You still feel the eyes on you, watching you.

You pull the covers over your head, and the feeling fades. You relax and close your eyes, but as soon as they shut, the feeling returns. You scan the room, seeing absolutely nothing yet again. The feeling disappears, and you scold yourself for acting like such a child. You roll over toward the wall and quickly fall into a peaceful sleep.

But let me ask you this: Do you Underdog (Clean Version) - Strick - Born Wit It / Underdog how many hiding places there are in your room?

Why won't you just listen to me? Can't we just talk about this? Like we used to? Do you remember back when we would just sit and talk, about whatever popped into our heads, and we never fought or argued?

We used to be so happy Whatever happened? Something changed- I don't know if it was you, or if it was me, but something's just not the same. It's like we're I mean, I love you, and I know you love me, but there's just something missing. It's like we're a secondhand puzzle- we used to be beautiful and fit together perfectly, but over the years some pieces have been worn down, and some just got lost along the way.

Please don't cry, it's not your fault. Or mine. It's Untitled - Negative Energy - Get The Fuck Outta Here!

that, sometimes things just don't work out like you think they will. That's life. And you know that, I don't want this to end just like you don't. But I look at you, and I see that you're not happy. That's all I really want- just to see you smile, like you used to. Untitled - Negative Energy - Get The Fuck Outta Here!

if it's not with me. And who knows? Maybe all we need is a break. A chance to explore life on our own for a while. I just want you to be happy, because that's what you deserve.


Desperado - Johnny Cash - A Concert Behind Prison Walls, MGMX - Underground Revolution EP, Jordin Sparks - Battlefield, World Ends Right Now (Unreleased) - Various - 60s Fever Diamonds Vol. Promo / Provo (Psych - Flower, Sorti - Kaizers Orchestra - Maestro, Feelin Free - Pacific Drift - Pacific Drift, Rabbit In Your Headlights (Underdog Mix) - UNKLE - Rabbit In Your Headlights, La Fete Du Poulain - Jean-Pierre Drouet - Mazeppa - Bande Originale Du Film, Litto Nebbia - Yo Te Daré Una Mano Hermano, Same Shit, Different Bottle - Motel Glory - Weekend Treasures, Mondays Trash, Manuel Göttsching - Dream & Desire, Das Wirtshaus - Franz Schubert, Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau, Gerald Moore - Winterreise

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  1. Some good features here too Mikah 9 from Freestyle Fellowship, Aesop Rock and the MF Doom before the massive underground following. I simply love the beats here (well sort of key for an instrumental hip hop album), Prefuse is able to do something different but all while staying rooted in hip hop and nothing going too far with the experimentation.
  2. Mar 24,  · An excellent point Matt. If those lab animals could talk, they'd be saying get me the fuck outta here and give me some goddamn fooood you jerks! It's like that Bette Midler movie were she was held prisoner and she lost weight and everyone saw that as a good thing. Yeah, I'm just admitting I watched a Bette Midler movie.
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  4. Be Here Now is the third studio album by English rock band Oasis, released on 21 August by Creation Records. Following the worldwide success of their first two albums, Definitely Maybe () and (What's the Story) Morning Glory? (), the album was highly bigband.akikuscofymdagdathis.infoinfo: Britpop.
  5. But I don't take OP as the chap who'd have the patience for that, so he should get a ton of YA which I can't specifically recommend because I don't read it. Maybe stephen king, including On Writing. As bad as it is, there is some sense of aesthetic here that could shine with even a sliver of diligence OP has admitted to not having used.
  6. literally the only play we have left is for anon, sab, susan to make hard choices to move on and let marco do all the easy ones because half of the party already moved on and we don't know how much time has/will have passed the longer we are stuck here.
  7. Untitled) is the ninth album by the American rock band the Byrds and was released in September on Columbia Records (see in music). It is a double album, with the first LP featuring live concert recordings from early , and a second disc consisting of new studio recordings.
  8. People have a strange tendency to let themselves get annoyed for the sake of seeing how far someone can push them so they can really gauge how horrible they are and they have legitimate reason to hate them. The angrier you get will not validate someone’s annoyingness any more or less. 9. Don’t entertain people who want to argue irrationally.
  9. Painting evil eyes or the Hourglass Nebula (often associated with the Evil Eye) on objects or in windows will ward off negative spells and entities; And like Storm said go to the police and get some orders of protection or restraining orders if he escalates or if he starts threatening you with bodily harm.
  10. Jan 27,  · The project wasn’t No Ceilings, that’s for sure but it deserves more credit than fuckers like the editors there give. Not all songs need to be lyrically on point too, having songs just to get hyped to are nice too. That doesn’t mean the project was shit just because of a few songs that weren’t A Fuck outta .

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