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Little Dragon Spontaneous C. Fidelity feat. Esteban Valdivia Arka Populous feat. Friday, January 26, 2 Pictures I Love I don't understand. Do I buy Christian jokes from eBay? And how ofted am I looking for a good Christian joke? Posted by Elizabeth Whealy at AM 1 comment:. Wednesday, January 24, Little Shes Such A Drag - Murray Head - Say It Aint So Games.

The LCD game was interactive, I think, through the sounds. Everyone could hear everyone else playing and making all the beeping noises. If so, how many classes, what styles and how often?

What was the last correction and the most frequent correction you're getting in dance classes? What was the hardest adjustment to make to where you are now?

How did your training at CCDC help you adjust? What else could we have done to better prepare you for your current situation? Seen any performances? Attend any auditions? What was the most memorable? What's the best thing about your current situation? What's the worst? What do you know now that you wish you had known when you were training at CCDC?

What's your best advice for students about to leave CCDC? Working anyplace? Are you coming back to the Capital City anytime soon? Tell us about where you're living now. Anything exciting happening in your life? Funniest Diana Ross - Eaten Alive most interesting thing that's happened to you recently?

Married yet? How many kids? Miss us any? I just got your card in the mail yesterday-it made me smile : It reminded me how much I miss you all! So for the survey: 1. I'm a ballet major, so I'm dancing everyday. We have technique Monday through Friday, pointe three days a week, character on the days we don't have pointe, and then rehearsals in the afternoon.

I also had Pilates the first half of the semester. I'm not sure what my last correction was, but one of my teachers has really been on me about lengthening the front of my standing hip in arabesque and not rolling in on my Underdog (Clean Version) - Strick - Born Wit It / Underdog while turning out. It's definitely been an adjustment coming here. They are very Cecchetti, so that's been different.

It's also weird because ballet classes are my school classes, Brown Paper Bag - Various - CMJ New Music Monthly Volume 44 April 1997 I'm being graded for my dancing. It adds another level of pressure that I didn't really have back home.

However, they also focus a lot Underdog (Clean Version) - Strick - Born Wit It / Underdog technique, which CCDC most certainly prepared me for!

I got to go see the professional modern company in town, Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company, and they were really good and fun to watch. I've also seen our Modern Department's fall show and the Ballet Department's student choreographed show. I got a glimpse of Ballet West rehearsing Giselle over fall break, but I'm not sure if I'm going to actually be able to see them perform it : It's awesome being in a big city where there are actually professional companies and other performing arts to go and watch all the time!!

Honestly, I just love college life! It's super fun being to dance all the time while still getting to be on a college campus. The worst thing is probably that I'm almost one thousand miles away from all my friends and family. I haven't been gone very long, so I'm not sure if there's anything I know now that I wish I had known before I left.

But my advice to students about to leave is that they can do whatever they want to do with their dancing! It's really been cool to see in college all the different paths people take; you can go straight to a company out of high school, you can go and dance in college, you can leave ballet and go to modern or some other type of dance, you can stop dancing and still go to college for something like physical therapy that might still deal with dance.

There are so many different opportunities out there! I'll be back for Christmas break! We get three weeks off, so as soon as my last final is done, I'll be flying back. I'm currently living in the dorms on campus.

I actually got super lucky, and have a really nice room. I'm in a suite style room with Underdog (Clean Version) - Strick - Born Wit It / Underdog other girls who are awesome! My room has an awesome view of the mountains too : Just being away from home and being here is pretty exciting for me! Miss you all lots and can't wait to see you when I come back!! Love you guys! And, pass the word to any other CCDC alumni to give us an update. We're especially interested in updates from former students we haven't heard from in awhile.

This year's survey isn't focused only on your dancing, but, your entire LIFE! Email your answers here! PitBull takes it up a notch! Huge opening number. Lotta dancers. Master performer surrounded by the female contingent. Montage of PitBull's greatest hits!

Pain (Live) - Various - Subhuman Latino Partymeister! He got some party anthems, don't he! Conga line of DWTS beauties! Might've been some of his own dancers in the back! Lea Remini is back as the guest MC.

Erin sidelining at the World Series. First eliminations: Safe is Tommy and Peta! He does a slow turn in shock! Janelle and Val in jeopardy! Jonathan and Allison in jeopardy! Team Jonallison : Jazz! Allison pep talk! Jazz is her forte! Stressing the dynamism! He and I are huge fans of PitBull! Men in black. Jonathan's worked at this one! Nice Underdog (Clean Version) - Strick - Born Wit It / Underdog. Easy lifts! Little stiff but better lines.

Okay lifts are getting little harder!. Computer graphics on the screen! Tutting section! Sixties tribute fitting the Men in Black theme. Already better! Great marriage of movement and music! She's ecstatic. He leaps on the table to give Julianne a big hug! Bruno says "the Tighten Up - Roosevelt Matthews With Billy Ball & The Upsetters - Tighten Up / You Got Me Diggin Yo in black has got his MOJO back!

Real judges: 8, 8, 8, 8! His best scores to date! Team Vanelle : Samba! She's a playa and a big flirt. It's part of her cultural heritage and personality. That's why she's so great on the dance floor because of what she does in her real life. She's a party girl Her dress is a party all by itself as it barely hangs on Oh, she's getting dizzy in those spins.

Val loses his shirt! Trolling for female votes? Pit Bull say he loves Celia Cruz! But, he says he recognizes Whatever it is! Real judges: 8, 7, 9, 9! Impressive scores for the FIlipina flirt! Team Tommeta : Foxtrot! Going for the recharge! Went to the desert! Sweat lodge! Earth, Wind and Fire song! Little more energy and attack but Pitbull is on his feet at the Judges' table. Tommy's got better frame! Not bad except for the part he forgot!

He cleans up well in that grey tuxedo! He is the people's candidate! Better than that five last week! His wheelhouse! That macho latin male. Not the Bollywood from last week, Overdrive (Instrumental) - Optimystic Tribe - The Awakening Aladdin! More like "A lad in Tough to concentrate when her father has a seizure!

This latin swagger is Antonio's life blood, his heritage! Shake those hips, caballero! Lift a little labored!

He has macho spilling out of his veins! Team Sadark : Rumba. Sexy dance! She'd rather be sweet! That's probably the best approach! Sadie's a giggler!. Battle over sensuality! She's making the best of something that makes her uncomfortable.

Her line is incredible! She should get some dance training! She's a young girl in love But, once again her innate musicality and the effervescent line is palpable! GOOD Choreography!

Good compromise! I think she's glad it's over! Give Mark a ten for Underdog (Clean Version) - Strick - Born Wit It / Underdog choreographic effort! Real judges; 9, 10, 8, 8! Sadie bursts into tears! Team Leartem : Salsa. Complex choreography. Don't panic!

I need amazing! I'm worried they'll slip on it. She's gotta watch that hunching over of the shoulders!

Pit Bull song! Party anthem anew! Fast and slow movements to fast and slow choreography. Background dancers come on and help that lift to shoulder sit. Second guy helps keep her from falling! Safety dance: Alfonso and Whitney!

Bethany and Derek Michael and Emma in jeopardy! Team Mikemma : Scores sufferage! Racing is his JOB! Dancing is an afterthought. He starts off good There's genuine affection, but, that'll only take you so far. Very basic tango jazzed up with a few lifts and tricks! He has lipstick on his collar! Real judges: 8, 7, 8, 7! Up and down scores! His highest scores yet!

He's covered in lipstick! Thirty hour flight. Cramming in rehearsal! Jet lagged! Pressure Underdog (Clean Version) - Strick - Born Wit It / Underdog performance!

Bad dress, good performance. Laser lights. They must've Diana Ross - Eaten Alive together or alone.

She's in a mirrorball bodice split long skirt! Girl has legs! Good frame. She slips, but recovers because His frame saved her! Controlled finish! Except for that slip and weak finish lack of rehearsal kept her from a ten! Team Alfonitney : She's so young! She feels Trans-Island Skyway - Various - Acura DVD-Audio Demonstration Disc (DVD) for Michael's fives on the switch-up!

He pulled his groin doing the Carlton! No sign of injuries when they start their salsa! Smooth, sharp, sexy, sensual.

He's keeping up Underdog (Clean Version) - Strick - Born Wit It / Underdog the professionals. No sign of any hesitation or holding back because of injury. Show must go on! They're a He suffers another groin pull during performance! Reinjures it! I give him a ten! THat's how you get spanked! Real judges: 10, 10, 9, 10! Julianne wanted more salsa Final elimination: I predict Jonathan will go home. First save is Michael and Emma!

I think it's also a referendum on Allison as a pro Jonathan and Allison! Right after the breakthrough performance! This takes some practice and I would recommend that every night before you go to bed before your next game or competition, you imagine yourself showing up to the competition with that mental attitude as the underdog.

How would you stand and walk as the underdog? How would you talk differently? Let me leave you with this one thought about this topic today. But rarely does that achievement happen due to luck. Conquering Goliath requires strategy, intent and the ability to persuade others Underdog (Clean Version) - Strick - Born Wit It / Underdog take up your cause.

Grassroots movement expert Amy Showalter knows about successfully Underdog (Clean Version) - Strick - Born Wit It / Underdog up against the giant. She's helped more than businesses and organizations rally people to move seemingly unmovable mountains. Showalter shows in her book Underdog Edge that there is actually a measurable underdog benefit.

When people are declared underdogs, others imbue them with positive characteristics. Most believe that underdogs work harder, play by the rules, are more moral people, and are nicer.


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