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It was written quite small, so I had to lean over to read it. It said In the Erskine Medical Library in Edinburgh uni one of the cubicles has grafitti on the bottom corner of the wall: "If you're reading this, you're peeing on your shoes My older brother used to glue pound coins to the bottom of toilets with the queens head facing up Personally, What's quite funny, although not exactly graffiti, Is to write "reading this note will make you [insert insult her- eg.

I'll go now. That's been around a while My dad spotted it in Oxford in the 60s. When he was JCR member with special responsibility for the underground toilet block official post title: Rear Vice Admiral. And I'm not making that up. I have some apple juice and a box of Lemsip. I'm going to make cocktails.

I'm in for a par-tay! I read that as pornographic memory I have one of them! Gay Chat Line Did you dial the number and thats how you found out it was the Shweppes help line, no memory skills joke. Getting out of Harold Wood alive is reason enough to smile. You think that's old? On a wall in Dublin "Bert is a dog's diddy". Next to some specifically insulting graffitti 'wayne is gay', or whatever in Finsbury Park wayne or whoever the original was aimed at, has replied 'Whoever wrote this, their mum is a snowblower'.

I'm still not really sure what a snowblower is. The Girl I Knew Somewhere - The Chimps - Monkeys A-Go-Go a quote from the dreadful 80s film "Short Circuit" starring Steve Guttenberg.

I feel extremely sad for knowing this, and apologise for my geekery. I travel with a lot of school kids on my commute to work. And as a new form of uber bullying, they inscribe a note on the back of the plastic chairs with something to the effect of "Hi I'm tracey, for a good time give me a call on 'insert porr bastards mobile number here'" SOme of them get quite provocative, I just wonder how many of the dirty Slough fuckers actually phone those numbers. Oh, and for the the Scottish people - was driving through the bloody wildnerness of The Girl I Knew Somewhere - The Chimps - Monkeys A-Go-Gonothing but sheep, no habitation whatsoever, suddenly a sign looms near us The fact that someone drove miles to do that, coupled with the sheer childishness of the graffiti, disabled me from driving.

I've seen some like that "For hot mexican sex call You live near Slough? God I go to school there yr 13 at a convent grammar thank you very muchand I can believe those fuckers doing it.

Hahahaha, Jobbies!!! M Kahn is bent! Always wondered Apparently www. I still like my Japan theory Knowing Passion (Villa Club Mix) - Various - School Of Dance Vol.1 too much about 80s pop music, I know that M Kahn was straight and a dispute over a girlfriend with David Sylvian was a major factor splitting the band.

But look at the photo! I can see why people may have called his sexuality into question. Hee heee :- He does look a bit like Lurch's smaller gayer brother I dont know who he is But the record company logo at the bottom amuses me. Surely an euphamism like that must prove it! Kahn is probably a very common name in Pakistan.

Except that's Khan. As in Genghis, or Imran. Kahn is Middle-European, maybe. Like Louis I. Kahn, an American architect and very geat man, who was born in Estonia. Isn't that on a bridge over the M1 or summat?

Yup I've had the pleasure of driving past it quite a few times recently. Makes me laugh every time. Can't remember exactly where it is, though, apart from that it's somewhere between London and Leeds I always thought it was on Brixton Bridge just by the underground back in the late eighties. At least I'm sure there was some big funny graffiti there. Anyone remember? It said "For Sale".

Or "Provo Land" in big letters sprayed on the side of the Brandywell with a big arrow pointing towards the Bogside in Derry. A great addition was made to a mural on the side of a church where i live. It's a huge mural of jesus that is alongside The Girl I Knew Somewhere - The Chimps - Monkeys A-Go-Go very busy highway. The letters are about two feet high. LMAO i been a visitor of b3ta for a long time, i am always surprised that is more than one person with the same sense of humour as me.

In St Ives Cornwall not Cambridgeshire Someone had altered the sign saying "please do not feed the seagulls as they are becoming a nuisance" to "please do Dracula Pt. I - Orch. Les Mangelepa* - The African Stars Collection Vol 5 feed the slags Sheffield University chemistry department, early '90s: The structure of a large and plausible organic molecule was written on the cubicle wall in marker pen, along with "can anyone tell me what the hell this is?

Underneath, various students The Girl I Knew Somewhere - The Chimps - Monkeys A-Go-Go staff had made suggestions. Serious ones. It Trans-Island Skyway - Various - Acura DVD-Audio Demonstration Disc (DVD) arsole, was it?

Some hilarious japer had Sinfonia N. 3 In Mi Bemolle Maggiore, Op.

55 Eroica - Wilhelm Furtwängler, Beethoven* - Vol. IV - the words "an offence" in "It is an offence to urinate on Metro property" to the words "a Joy". Never a truer word On a desk in school "Adolf Hitler european tour - ". With the England gig marked 'cancelled', as I remember.

Were you arrested by the style police? A few doors down from my house there's a huge piece of hardwood in someone's driveway with an enormous cock drawn on it, just like the ones which often appear on this very site. I think it might have been Dr Dunno on his way home from the pub Also our local swimming pool had the 'l' removed from its sign, so for years it was 'Teddington Poo' - not really graffiti but made me laugh when I was a kiddie.

Why would I be going to your house? How long must they have sat there trying to work that one out? Or on Manx Buses "The director will press for the highest penalties against offenders" to "The director will press his penis against offenders" A small village near where I live had a problem with people speeding through it, so someone added "twinned with Le Mans" under the village sign.

Ouch Small village near Bristol called Cocklake. Local council now fed up with replacing the 'l' on all The Girl I Knew Somewhere - The Chimps - Monkeys A-Go-Go approaching signs Pathead just outside edinburgh often has its signs tampered with to read "Fathead". Wait a minute Cocklake is funnier than Cock ake. Another in Bristol When resident evil came out in the cinema, someone did a totally professional job modifying one of the posters hung a bit too low in the city centre. Bush's head on one figure, Blair's on the other and an extra 'P'.

It was so well done, I didn't notice it for a few weeks. Nearly crashed my car into it when I did Now that is comedy We need some photos people!! I saw a similar one on Birmingham New Street, when all the green Railtrack signs were up saying "we're working on your station", one had been changed to say "we're wanking on your station". It was so well done that having to look twice was what made it funny.

Someone has done that at the Odeon in Brighton. Made me laugh At architecture school someone used letraset to write Bum and Willy on a cubicle The Girl I Knew Somewhere - The Chimps - Monkeys A-Go-Go helvetica 12point. In the same cubicle was: "I don't like vacuum cleaners, they suck" and the more obscure, "Leo Sayer, What a player". I still have very little inclination as to what the faux-intellectual probably bearded cockbite that wrote it was on about.

ON train from london to birmingham, i saw graffiti saying "the velvet underpants" 2. Leighton buzzard train station. Someone had graffiti'd "god is dead" and someone added "sexy" to the end. I remember them from the early 90s.

They had a song which went, "I lost my pants, I lost my pants in Vulvahampton. Don't talk to me, Don't talk to me, I'm as pissed as a cunt. I like Bingo Jesus. They gave me free tickets to their gig a few months ago.

I still remember them to this day. My favourite tune of Heirloom - Björk - Vespertine was Dog Shit Vacuum Bikes. Saw them live a few times The only songs I can remember are "Take Some Drugs" main lyric "take some drugs" and Join The Police main lyric "join the police" accompanied by member of the band attacking bemused audience members with an inflatable truncheon. My favourite piece for graffiti is in Leeds: "what's wrong with being sexy?

Note: They have pooper-scooper motorcycles in Spain to pick up doggy- shit. They've also got them in Paris. I remember an impromptu lunch in the Sacre Cour being ruined by some Parisian council worker skidding to a halt in front of us and sucking The Girl I Knew Somewhere - The Chimps - Monkeys A-Go-Go large piles of poodle mess whilst I tried to eat my baguette. And he sneered at us as he sped off. Funnily enough, the Parisian council also sluice sp?

Nice eh? I believe Yep, It's still there, even now. Only sometime in the last few years, someone has added a massive cock and bollocks sticking out the side of the Y-fronts that were alongside My Generation - The Who - Collection words. The cheeky scamp.

I don't suppose it's really graffiti but a village near my parents is called Libanus. Someone taped a piece of blank paper over the 'Lib' bit. The Council has made the sign as small as possible, but not small enough. When i was a kid living in shudder Basildon there was a road nearby that the council had decided, in their infinite wisdom, to call "Puck Lane". Apparently it is very very easy to remove the front part of The Girl I Knew Somewhere - The Chimps - Monkeys A-Go-Go 'P' to make it look like The Girl I Knew Somewhere - The Chimps - Monkeys A-Go-Go 'F'.

I was under the impression that Pac Man was so named after the japanese for 'eat', have I been wrong all my life? A village down the road from me was called cocklake. Guess the erased letter on the signposts.

The sign on Canal Street, which is in the centre of the gay bit of Manchester, regularly has the These Days - Various - CMJ New Music Monthly Volume 106 October 2002 whited out.

I've always preferred this place. Wanker's Corner It's a place in america I kid you not, I'll find the map one day Not to mention joeldcanfield. And it's a lumber yard I think I just did a little wee. I had the misfortune to run out of gas in front of a bar there one night. Muff Is a plabne in Ireland, in County The Girl I Knew Somewhere - The Chimps - Monkeys A-Go-Go And there's one in Sweden too!

Most amusing. Wooden Bong in Australia too. The world famous village of Twatt is about The Girl I Knew Somewhere - The Chimps - Monkeys A-Go-Go miles from Untitled - Slither - Alien Column parents house. Oh how we laugh. Tame by comparison We got out of the car and took a photo of ourselves pulling nasty faces under the sign. Haven't got the photo, but here's the multimap link This also gives me the idea of typing random rude words into the location bit to see what comes up - I'm off to try it now!

Dunno if this counts, but I mate of mine had a new stereo for his car and he got a little sign to place on the dashboard saying "In-car stereo removed", He awoke one morning to find his driver side window smashed and the words "Just Checking" on the bottom of the sign. No way. I used to live in a place called Shillinghill. Regularly somone would cross the ll's to make Shittinghill.

I used to live near failand We would sometimes use The Girl I Knew Somewhere - The Chimps - Monkeys A-Go-Go tape to make the signs read "Fatland". Not exactly on topic But reminds me of the fact that I used to live in a place called Balsall Heath.

So called because there was nothing there. South Yorkshire Busses used to have signs reading. Cut out the fuss, The Girl I Knew Somewhere - The Chimps - Monkeys A-Go-Go your pass on this bus.

They were made of self-adhesive plasticy stuff, and were regularly modified to read: Cut out the fuss, show your ass on this bus Funny first time I saw it. I was When Judy - Various - Dawning Of A New Realm caned though.

Me and a mate went into Halfords with a load of white sticky labels The Girl I Knew Somewhere - The Chimps - Monkeys A-Go-Go the word 'toast' written on them. We went to find the 'baby on board' signs. We stuck the stickers on over the word 'board'. I guess you had to be there Somebody once changed the sign on a school near me to Queer School. Not really graffiti but driving to Hinkley I passed a roundabout. One the exits was labelled 'Willey' and happened to be located in a comedy place. I've seen 'beware limbo dancers' on the bottom of toilet cubicle doors a few times.

Very old - but probably the best graffiti ever. I love as I have done for ever Be alert - the world needs more lerts. Usually followed by: "No, be aloof, there's too many Lerts around" then "No. Be alert, there's safety in numbers". The Girl I Knew Somewhere - The Chimps - Monkeys A-Go-Go the back of a recently washed gleaming white transit, Cereal Killer - DJ Gunzales - Cut Professa black marker pen : "Also available in dirty grey".

Dirty white car. Also in kidlington there was inscripted in the dirt on a white car for sale,"also avalable on white"! Not the best but quite good!

Well i never. She Is! Again on the back of a van "Well driven? Must be stolen". Can't remember where it was but I passed a grubby old white van and somebody had quite carefully sketched a naked lady into the dust. Practically a work of art but with big knockers! I saw this in Chicago in the 80s: On the back of a dirty van was scrawled "Drive Like an Egyptian," which was amusing until I thought about it.

Also on a van Spotted on my way to work one cold, miserable morning Oh, and a longstanding one in Cambridge is the lamppost in the middle of Parker's Piece for those who don't know, it's a huge area of open space in the centre of the town which has "Reality Checkpoint" painted in neat letters on its base.

For a while there was even a nice brass plaque until it got nicked. Is The Girl I Knew Somewhere - The Chimps - Monkeys A-Go-Go true? Similar sign On the A69 from Newcastle to Carlisle there is or was a sign saying "Jesus Saves" by the side of the road. A little further on someone had placed another: "But Gazza scores on the rebound".

I saw one that said "Jedi Knight Man-Insane! On the ceiling above the urinals in a pub loo that you could only see if you looked up: 'You're pissing on your shoes'. Saw 'Satan shat here' scrawled on the inside of a cubicle door in blood, vomit and shit You live in Hull then? Bit of a trick, that is. Saying as the word plesae is nothing like the word fleas. In pub loo way down behind the toilet you could only see if you were on your knees puking into it: "An hour of nausea is a victory over death".

I can't remeber the source, or indeed the exact wording Is it? Someone had copied it onto a bog wall in Bradford then. The scamps. I'm glad. Never got any at Uni, fell in love, stalked her, never got a shag. Still wood five years later and it aches like shit.

Fucking hell youre Cereal Killer - DJ Gunzales - Cut Professa me, are you? Sometimes i come to sit and think but mostly just to shit and stink. It's all over the place: Some come here to sit and think some come here to shit and stink some come here to scratch their balls and read the writing on the walls.

When I was in college people kept on adding to that in a sort of rhyme duel Only the next two after that spring immediately to mind: You've got a very good point, But I only come here to roll a joint.

And further more I'd like to add, A line of coke aint half bad. Sign saying 'Sheep Dog Trials' graffitti underneath saying 'He's innocent'.

Sign on Smith St, Fitzroy My father used to see this everyday on his way to work, and he took a photo one day, pity I lost it. Often wondered who turned up! Laughing in the middle of your boss talking is NOT good Maybe I imagined it!

Newport has it's own gangstas? Shops around here Sell cans of Ting. It's a Jamaican fizzy pop drink - a bit like Lilt. Ting It's carbonated grapefruit jiuce from St. Kitts West Indies. I stand corrected Well, sit actually. I wasn't far off! Mainly cos most of the village are cunts. I just remembered an old one it was under a slide in a park i used to play in.

I wrote that once on a blackboard in a bog, in a pub in Cambridge Champion of the Thames. I went back for a slash about an hour later and someone had written a paragraph about why they weren't gay. Prolly the only rock pub in all of Oxford, a real shithole but a great place to Itchy Tilde - Various - Genre Wheel of Fortune: Round 2 (File) and laugh at the goths.

Miserable bastards. For some reason or other I always end up getting leathered there when I visit the dreaming spires Gay If you're gay. Yes yes yes!!! I saw something very similar on a bus about 15 years ago - "Please eat the elderly and disabled. I worked in ASDA a long time ago Isn't it At night rave near the guard's compartment naked with a blue light?

On a condom machine in a pub in Winchester was lovingly inscribed: 'Insert baby for refund'. On a broken condom machine in a pub the landlord had put a sign on it "Out The Girl I Knew Somewhere - The Chimps - Monkeys A-Go-Go order - please use withdrawal method" Made me laugh. On a different condom machine How about "Homes for retired Semen. Please give generously. I think you'll like this one! As from then on people took great joy in scratching off some of the letters so that it was left reading I remember those signs, have been trying to remember the exact wording all afternoon.

Them were't days. Not as good as the above, possibly. In Cambridge, Bateman Street has had a letter scribbled over for years, making it the hilarious "Batman Street". But the best I ever saw was in the gents in the Natural Sciences building at Swansea University out of the library, turn right opposite the biology office and past the first year biology notice board, toilets on your right - I think it was the far cubicle, but this is a while back.

In Turkey. Always made me giggle. This could be Because Melbourne was first founded by John Batman. Being a big fan of the comics, I find this very amusing!

Considering before Melbourne, we were going to be called Batmania! I sprayed this all round brighton when bored once I think you should do it again. Make sure you get Churchill Square, as I want to see that when I wake up. I saw one of those Joey Deacon things up by the Dials only the other day. Made me chuckle. On a garage door in Acton "Fuck you mum" must be fun round their house at christmas.

In a local graveyard I heard about that That was in Bath or Gloucester I think. Location: Philadelphia, PA. I've been searching for these records for years, after I saw a really beat up copy of the second one at a flea market. The Beatles had the Buggs I've heard that some of this stuff isn't too bad as for the Buggs, that record is brilliant. No lie! Anyone have these to comment? VeeFan64Jul 23, Hep Alien likes this.

Location: Mission, BC, Canada. I have the Monkey Business LP. I guess to sum it up, I listend to it once, then shelved it. It was a while ago, so I don't actually really remember what it was like other than I didn't much care for it. Maybe I can rip a copy of it on to my PC someday and share some snippets somehow. StewMacJul 23, Any of these been put onto CD?

What a bunch of chumps Jason PenickJul 23, Location: N. Beechwood Dr. These LP's The Girl I Knew Somewhere - The Chimps - Monkeys A-Go-Go pretty much throw-away cash-ins. Many times the artists names weren't even given. Far worse, though, was the substandard vinyl pressings which were noisy and had many bumps.

The vinyl on some of the early Wyncote albums could only be described as pathetic, with blisters, peels and bumps abounding. After the first few issues, they settled down to a vinyl quality that was passable, but not much more. Also typical of budget labels was the annoying habit of using deceptive names or record jackets to fool a casual record buyer into thinking they were buying a better-known product.

Probably the worst offense in this regard and they must have thought they were being soooo clever was the takeoff on the very popular album Bach's Greatest Hits, which had been out a couple of years earlier by the Swingle Singers.

Another budget-label trick Wyncote used extensively was using the same tracks over and over as filler. Preferably, these were public domain The Girl I Knew Somewhere - The Chimps - Monkeys A-Go-Go or tunes for which they had control of the publishing. Tougher Than Leather. Live Composer, Lyricist. Missing Links.

Head [Video]. Monkeemania, Vol. The Best of the Greenbriar Boys. The Greenbriar Boys. The Best of the Monkees. Monkee Flips. Vocals, Guitar. Rio and Cruisin'. Graduation Day. The Four Freshmen. More Greatest Hits. A Life and Time. Best of the Monkees [MFP]. Feels So Right. Gold from Dirt. Infinite Rider on the Big Dogma. The Michael Nesmith Radio Special. Adios Amigo. Come Get It! Rick James. Live at the Palais. Michael Nesmith Compilation. Take My Album Henny Youngman. A Retrospective.

Ask Rufus. Down Two Then Left. Boz Scaggs. From a Radio Engine to the Photon Wing. Greatest Hits []. Lynn Anderson's Greatest Hits, Vol. Queens of Noise. Hit Factory. I've Never Loved Anyone More. Different Drum. Bert Jansch. Producer, Mixing, Guitar, Featured Artist. The Prison. The Earl Scruggs Revue. Valley Hi. Velvet Jag Svär Jag Drömde - Kartellen - Reflektion: Över Något Som Inte Är Som Det Ska in a Cowboy Band.

And the Hits Just Keep on Comin'. Golden Hits. Jeff Beck Group. Tantamount to Treason. Barrel Full of Monkees [Colgems]. Nevada Fighter. Loose Salute. Magnetic South. Crying Song. Hubert Laws. Greatest Hits [Colgems]. Producer, Vocals, Guitar, Composer. Instant Replay. New Country Roads.

Nat Stuckey. The Monkees Present. Beautiful People. Kenny O'Dell. Vocals, Guitar, Organ, Composer. The Wichita Train Whistle Sings. Evergreen, Vol. More of the Monkees. Trinity River Boys. Call of the Scrapheap. The Ribeye Brothers. Deutsche Schlager Hits. Ducks Special Sauce. Early Dirt Festival of Starch. Nathan Alfaro. G3: Live in Concert [Video]. Guitar ElectricVocals Background. Gluntans V. Golden Oldies [Com-Es].

Marc With A C. I Need You All the Time. Stu and the Gurus. In the Beginning [EMI]. Life Is Good. Wendy Lynn Snider. Listen to the Bands: 25 Monkees Cover Versions. Davy Jones. Lotte The Girl I Knew Somewhere - The Chimps - Monkeys A-Go-Go. Meet the Gothees.

The Gothees. Monkeys A-Go-Go. The Chimps. Party Tyme Karaoke. Singer Songwriters. Rhino Hi-Five: Ian Matthews.


Love Blind - Jamiroquai - Dynamite, Der Gang Zum Liebchen, Op. 48/1 - Karita Mattila - Karita!, Allegro - Antonio Vivaldi, Salvatore Accardo, I Musici - Complete Concertos Op. 11 & 12 Incl. Il Fa, Heute Bin Ich Allein - Reinhard Lakomy - Das Beste, Jodelsepp - Meisterjodler Siggi Reindl* - Jodelsepp / Ötztaler Bergsteigerlied, Indian Mesa - Marco Tansini - Midnight Guitar, New Love (Original) - The Pasadenas - Enchanted Lady, In The Vespers - Colin Stetson And Sarah Neufeld - Never Were The Way She Was, Cat Talkin - The Flying Saucers* - Rockhouse Mini LP Collection, Feelings - Fausto Papetti - Grand Collection, Do What You Gotta Do - Kenny Burrell - God Bless The Child, Codependent - Louden Swain - Overachiever (File, Album)

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  1. The Chimps ‎– Monkeys A-Go-Go Label: Wyncote ‎– W Format: Vinyl, LP Country:US Released: Genre:Rock,Bubble Gum Tracklist A1 Little Bit Me, Little Bit You A2 The Girl I Knew Somewhere A3 The Chimp's Theme A4 5th Class Mail A5 Yes You May B1 Just Keep Dancin' B2 Your Uncle Grizzly B3 The Week We Fell In Love B4 Believe My Cry B5 When She Knocks At The Door.
  2. i didn't feel like looking for the old threads and they're big anyway and so what if we've got like sixteen 'what are you listening to this month/week/minute' threads on both boards - fuck it, sometimes you've got songs you're feeling and you want to let the people know. also i wanted to see how it feels to create a thread that's certain to generate more than a handful of replies. and lastly.
  3. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Monkeys A-Go-Go on Discogs/5(2).
  4. But the best I ever saw was in the gents in the Natural Sciences building at Swansea University (out of the library, turn right opposite the biology office and past the first year biology notice board, toilets on your right - I think it was the far cubicle, but this is a while back).
  5. I found Monkeys To Go and shared it with my sister in law. She called to make an appointment and told me she was given a lot of information about what to expect. She felt comfortable with setting the appointment so she had the appointment set for tonight. Monkeys to go is a small shop nestled between ipso facto and big slice pizza/5().
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  7. “What makes this discovery especially significant is that the 2X background radioactivity detected in these peaches was likely significantly attenuated by their water content; w.

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