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Groupies can't even get a kiss on fun, I ain't never had that much fun before, We Jon voice Yeaaahhhh!!! For reat, though, I'm a the cheek. I was tike, "You can't do this shit here! What's the craziest thing a groupie has eve.

Bitch, watch this shitl" She screaming, "Ahh! Oh, except Pooh Baby! A bitch came up to me and grabbed my dick Me and my nigga have been in the same room and I tike to fuck with otder women. Them the expe- from my balts and was [ike, "l'm gonna fuck fucked two different bitches and switched 'em rienced ones. Why fuck with muthafuckers that you tonight. She out! Sho' did, man. That's my nigga. I am not a teache[ l'm a tearner.

I guesr that's a male bonding experience, Yes, it is! I tove my nigga, dawg. We skeet on What's the best tesson you ever got? We skeet on they eyes, they hair, they nose, The best lesson lever qot was when a bitch ticked they ears, you know, they cheeks. Everywhere, my ass, dawg. This is some G's Up shit. I don't think God 'Cause I used to argue with niggas att day, tike, "How y'atL gonna tet a bitch lick your ass? That couU,l nnaldsl I woutd permit me to do that, though.

That ain't hood! I could you ever have too much sex? Dawg, just two weeks ago I was tired tifted my teg up and ticked my ass. I coutdn't donVthinkOodnpuld of havin' sex. Now I'm back on it again. Dwttittqd,to doflst, ing you, though, my nigga Pooh Baby do not take a break! He fucks on the road, goes home to his What's your ideal woman llke?

My baby mama. That's the thoryh. That nigga is the Energizer bunny! Like in real tife, I have a daughter, and lher mother] is like, - Julia Beverly, jb ozonemag. What do you think about phone sex? Physicatty, I normatly tike very, very I tike phone sex. When you travet a lot dark-skinned guys, but l'm not just reL- sometimes you have to do that.

I like guys that can teach me something, guys that are confident, Are you into porn? I definitely tike an aggressive with a man it's about me. Whatever guy in bed. I'm not into other girls, I know high, so I don't Swing Batta Batta (L.P. Version) - Jack Boyz - Swing Batta Batta a tot. I sing, they never get ctose. I haven't When he gets up the next morning I want reatly experienced any mate g.

They'tl be tike, "l tove the way you wjnd When you get on stage and perform, your body on stage and dance. Can we it's orgasmic. I perform with a band, so hookup?

That woutd be perfect. Your career has started to take off? It's not reatty possibte, cause I might go No, cause they know the real Teedra, to jail or something.

But that would be I've atways acted the same way, But, great cause it's two of the things I tove their homeboys are tooking at the yideo so much. Fjrst I'd get off just by being like, "Damn, Teedra fine as hel[," and it on stage and then l'd have sex with a kinda makes them feetweird. He'd have to Swing Batta Batta (L.P.

Version) - Jack Boyz - Swing Batta Batta reaLly aggressive, slam me against the watt, that type of How important is it to your career fo. That's how lam on stage, real you to put forth a sery image? The onty rea5on it's important is because I'm a very sexual person. I'mnottryingto HaYe you ever had sex in public? My ex-boyfriend and I were in a z4-hour sual. Being sexy is very important because I'm a Wett, there was one dude. I don't know what grocery store. Have you been grocery section? By the titt e side yr'att, there's a part of every woman.

It's We Can Do Anything - Mikkel Solnado - Its Only Love Give It Away part of everyone. He just Swing Batta Batta (L.P. Version) - Jack Boyz - Swing Batta Batta saying it, and off to the side rjght there. I think that having sex Being a woman Ir the industry, have you had he could barely even see my stomach.

He was in pubtic is very sexy. I don't Swing Batta Batta (L.P. Version) - Jack Boyz - Swing Batta Batta sex is a nasty any glys offer to help you. That was kinda weird. I think you Oh, no.

They know l'm a grown woman, not a shoutd do it in public, as long as it's not around littte kid. That stuff doesn't impress me, and I Does size matter? Size is very important. Everybody says it's No, l've never had that problem. No, it's not.

Lil Wayne? Size Li[ Swing Batta Batta (L.P. Version) - Jack Boyz - Swing Batta Batta is cuLe. I somebody that lactuatty am interested in, he is important to me. I don't know about other don't know, he's too young for me.

I can't took at might get it. But you're not gonna get jt just womenr I mean, no one wants someone to btow him in that way. P Diddy? I love the yr'ay he dresses, but he's too manicured What's your status right now?

What's your favorite position? I like rugged men. Ot from yeaB, and I haven't had a boyfriend Jince. I'm the back from the side, [ike, layinq down.

Petey Pablo? He tooks tike he could reaLly put it down. He's a very nice looking young man. He's attractive. Basi- Who Swing Batta Batta (L.P. Version) - Jack Boyz - Swing Batta Batta get it? He's married, so I nights you wanna be sensual and make tove, and apologize to his wife, but it's her fautt for having some nights you wanna go hard.

Atlen lverson coutd get it too, just want it to be reatty qujck so you can go to sleep Laughing. He s married too. No man or woman wants to do the same thing ellahout rare end ha,u I Anything else you want to say about sex? Sometjmes I want to be totd what to do. Sex is never the same.

You find yourself buyin'him shit thatyou don'twanna buy. You flnd yourself doing things thai you don't normally do. You wake up, dick. You go to sleep, dick. One night y'all fuck and the next morning you wake up like, 'Damn, that nigga can fuck! That's a tricky dick. He make the sugaMatls come down. Middle of Times Square. The [Miami they'd be in bed. Mannie Fresh? He tooks tovable and huggabte.

Uh, I've He looks tike the type of guy that knows what Lil Wayne said you're like a sister to him, and gotta be more creative than this, Something sick- he wants and ain't afraid to tett you what he's he can't look at you that way. Top floor tooking for. And, cho-ching! Tett Lil Wayne l'm not his sister. Lil Wayne, we of the Bettagio in Vegas, on the private crap tabte coutd be kissing cousins laughing. The back of a jet-ski Too Short? Nah, l'm just ptayjn'. Djd I say Ain't he a pimp? Cuban Llnk sald he thought you'd be "tradi- "cherry bush" atready?

The last ptace woutd prob- tional" in bed. What the fuck is that supposed to He got nice tips, and tooks tike he's just the mean? Like, missionary position? I am anything Have you ever been dick-whupped? Nah, not yet. I try to pussy-whup a nigga jnstead. I just do my thing when I get in the bed with a J-Kwon? What rappers do you think are packin'? Lit' Ftip. They just give ing dude. Young and witting to tearn, me that vibe.

Who etse is holding a big package? Lights on or off? Definitety Lebron James, cause he's a young tall Leave the Lights on! He gon' wanna see this! Them batLpLayers, tike laughing Keep ya eyes open. Don't blink or you Strajght Lunch! Lebron James might miss it! The hands are quicker than the eyes, Look tike he'sstraight muthafuckin' lunch. And baby. Oh, I have an alter ego in the bedroom. My 50 Cent? He look exempt, neither!

But they coutd be trjcky dicks, Bambi. I bet he got a teft hook, but they could be foolin' us. Nah, I'm just ptaying. Oh, I tike to rote I don't know, he took tike the dick might be pLay. Rote ptaying is when we pretend that we're good. What size shoe does he wear, anyway? Carmelo Anthony? When I say it tike that, you ain't gotta hair down and do what we realty want to do.

I pre- ask me no more questions. We could att get it down and have [ots of fun. Let your hair down, swing from the chandetiers, dude, but I shoutda got him when he was fresh. Hard-top with a tit' hook in it. The next Swing Batta Batta (L.P. Version) - Jack Boyz - Swing Batta Batta it'tt all be lf I had got to hjm, he woutd be a btur, you won't even have to a whote different type of ptayer, remind me of it. I have a btack bag with a lot of fun toys. I won't give Petey Pablo?

He's a nice size dude. He look - tracki-Q that away, though, a guy has to be there to see 'em. So if he's Like after you finish puttin' it on fortunate enough to come to my him, you coutd just Lay on that big oL'chest and Didn't you see his porn video? Oh, you know what? I did see part of it, and it secret. I'm just being reaL.

I use myself to give him pteasure. West Demon Eye - Prophecies And Lies tunch! Coming from the South att Since you've been in the music business, have the way to CaU, he tooks like Swing Batta Batta (L.P.

Version) - Jack Boyz - Swing Batta Batta five hour flight What about the part where he was eating any industry dudes tried to get at you? He Looks tike a hard top. Yeah, a coupte of 'em. I don't wanna put nobody He's straight Lunch. Put that twice! Loved it. I paused that part. They now laughing. He's a good dude, so if I get Pretty boy? Annette Tuominen, Esko Linnavallin Orkesteri - Troikka / Alaska enjoy being a lady and hav- wjth hjm l'tt try to hook him with a Ljt'sativa.

Thugs gon' give it to you tike you want it, and ing men hit on me, because that's part of being a loughing He definitety tooks tike a good lay. Probabty a convertibte, they gonna be tryin' to putl your panties off or laughing tear 'em to the side. You know, a girt tikes it Lil'Flip?

A pretty boy is gonna Anything else you want to say? I could just ptay in his hair He looks Uke a ask for it and when you telt him "no," he gon' I think it's coot to tatk about sex, because hip-hop nice ptate of cottard greens and cornbread and be like, "Okay,"Athug is gon'be Like, "shit, you js a very sex-driven cutture.

But when we have so baked chicken. Atways, atways practice safe sex. Ladies, don't Dayid Banner? So when does it become rape? Where's the swattow! And att these names we're Hard top. Big feet. But ative and spicjng thjngs up a bit for Fats Waller & His Rhythm - Aint Misbehavin readers.

Strajght tunch, off and the onty thing Left on is the pantjes, if down for the tadies that are reat. Singin In The Rain - Jean-Claude Pelletier Et Son Orchestre - Trombone Melody lot of females on a big ot'pLate. He took tike a hard top, the you done went that far "no" means "yes. But Those Once Broke The First Word - Tangerine Dream - MP3 Collection - Tangerine Dream Part 3 l'm that njgga coutd get it!

He's the type of nigga that futty clothed and we're at a movie theater or say it. I'm just that bitch that'Ll say what's on my witt remind you not to forget him when you out somethjng, uh, "no" means "no. When I'm out stronq-arminq, he's the ask me about ptaces lwouldn't mind gettin' being a lady. You calL and say, down in. Got a fresh pair of Jordans for - Julia Beverly, jb ozonemag. I would do whatever that girt wants me to do.

After taid down with her l'd try my hardest to make that, l'm gonna marry her again. I'lt divorce her, tove to her 'cause she's a [ady, a woman. Man, you could ask me anything you want see a sensual tady so you'd have to make Love about her and me.

You coutd start a rumor about to her. I love her, my God! And you know, I dated Nivea before, and another singer. My momma, she don't know anything about this Oh, you know l'm gonna be good to Oprah! You saw the tape. MiLian hunt. I heard she got a man, and he ain't l'd get down with her the same exact way. She's got shit on me. For real, for real, I woutd do the type of girl where Irgendwann, Irgendwo, Irgendwie (Sehn Wir Uns Wieder) - Various - Fetenhits - Schlager just gotta tay back whatever it takes.

That's real. We coutd be on and Let her do her thing. She took like she got a some lke and Tina shit, and she coutd be lkel tot of bad girt in there. That's one of her biggest stages: the Untitled - Negative Energy - Get The Fuck Outta Here!, What's the most exciting place you've ever had sex?

On the batcony in the Bahamas, looking at how Shawnna said [jn an interview] that she have beautifuI it was. I'd around? I do have 'cause she fine. She the a camera in my bedroom, type where you don't though. I've had that for God Is An Astronaut - A Moment Of Stillness her response to be, Like three years, so it "He didn't do his thing," got some heavy footage I'd do whatever it takes.

They Jacki-o? Remy Ltartin? I'd catch Remy with a tit' bit of that Sizzurp. Now if you try to puLt that shit with a girt, they like, mix Cristat with Sj? For real, Swing Batta Batta (L.P. Version) - Jack Boyz - Swing Batta Battawe. She's a bjgger woman had a whoLe 'hood known and l'm a tit' dude, so I for doing that.

The advan- tage is that jf the rubber would reatty have to put my thing down. From 17 or Ugh, I don't even wanna do it now I the back, att day! Bap, bap, bap! Lay down, guess I was just young and it was popular. Nah, l'm just ptain'. That's the craziest ones, to woutd ldo to Diamond? I'd tet Lisa Raye ride hear celebrity females say something witd. I get me. What's the craziest way a groupie has ever Britney Spears approached you?

I'd make love to Britney, onty for the simpte Somebody came up and Not Fragile - Starlight Ritual - Age Of The Universe EP me, "Look, Lit' nig- fact that I'd be trying to win her over for good ga, I don't know what you sing, but I know you lwanna be the next controversiat boyfriend say'bLing-bting. Just puLt the panties to the side and fuck Remy's not reaLty my type, she's too thugged out.

That's exciting to a woman. But, when it's just recreational Trina? She's probably very they don't wanna be tike, "Just fuck me and liberalwhen it comes to the bedroom. No way. I tr'ke women that got bodies. They're just a So who's on Pitbull's hit list? I tike Cotombian women. She's watches ry and doesn't tet their woman do very very beautjfut. She Looks tike she's fuckjn' shit. We att know that J-Lo's got she goes to the ctub.

She gets a coupte drinks, that magicat shit, so she must be doing something you te[[ her what she wants to heat and she extraordinary in the bedroom. They tike that adventurous shit in their tives. What's Pitbull's ideal woman? I just tike women that are exotic tooking that look Has your sex life changed since you've be- Like they have no rutes when it comes to the bed- come famous?

My sex life is always gonna change, even if l'm not famous. I always tike to grow and What do you think are the differences between Learn new things. They tike to have a good time, they're open. They're not tike, "Oh, no, ldon't do that, lwas with my girl at this ctub and this that's nasty. A my girl wanna fuck you.

I've never re- like, Okay, I know you see me atLy been with a white woman here with Anarchus - Total Hate tady. So for in my Life. Of course, I'm at' There's so situation.

I witt, but I'm definitety gonna do some differ- Would you credit Luke with helping that Miami ent shjt. Oh, of course. Luke grew up in this environment.

I deatt wjth Luke for a year on toLrr, and man, I can What condoms do you recommend? Don't use no cotor condoms. I usuatly just stick to Trojan. I've never heard that theory before. That's fLrnny, What's the largest group sex activity you've though. Ftorida tooks tike a gun to me. I think that been involved in? Like, what to do 'cause of alt these women. They're ten peopte suckin'and fuckin'at the Swing Batta Batta (L.P. Version) - Jack Boyz - Swing Batta Batta tike, "Oh, shit, atL these womenl" ALI these Eigentlich Gehts Uns Gut - Various - Ostalgie time and doing att types of shit.

York muthafuckers come down here and act hke straight whores. But sex is a drug, definitety, What's a typical night in bed with Pitbull like? I come from a nejghborhood where we say, "Don't Since you've become a celebrity, have you tatk about it, be about it. Do you get a lot of sexual calls and voicemails? They Like that shit. Women tove It's good to have toys for the women, you that shit, that's why they're cheating on their know, just to fuck they pussy up.

Cameras man 'cause he's not giving them what they need. He cool, man, same way. Me, her, everything jumped off, so I wanna take and Choppa did a song together. She coot, man. She's just reat, But you've got lyrics like "l got a lot of hoes real coot. She's a good person. But when I say "l got a totPaulwall: ln my earlier raps I used to always refer of hoes," I mean, I've got a lot up on me now to "catchin' boppers.

Now a lot of hoes are groupjes, and boppers. A goLddigger is somebody comin'at me'cause I moved out of the ghetto, who wants your money, a groupie is somebody who but I ain't takin' advantage of that.

Swing Batta Batta (L.P. Version) - Jack Boyz - Swing Batta Batta bopper is generalty a ,1,1J: Man, they come up to me and sing [my girl, but not necessarily a girt. And it's not neces" songsl tike "Dick don't fail me now," or "FeeL sarily because you're a rapper, you coutd be just good, don't you? Can you show me that? So, I used to atways coot, though, they don't be trippin'.

I ain't gotta have 24's, The lyrics to "Feel Good" sounds like it't girts stitt be boppin'off me cause l'm so fly. So my based on a personal experience. Paut, l'm gonna stand next to you. Reat What exactly is the legend of Paulwalt? You don't want thi5 dick up PW: The bedroom tegend. They've heard about in nobody else good, don't you?

Three to four times a throw themselves at you, how hard is it to be week, it hetps keep me in good shape. The Mushu in a committed relationship? Academy, that's where I tearned the tricks of the ,1,1J: To be reat, it's not hard. But it's tike, if trade. They might have ing with those girts. Some girts that'tt The Root - Rausch - Rausch you in they Do you think people assume that you fuck panties, but not atl the time.

I have four sisters depends if you want to take advantage of it or and I grew up wjth a singLe mother, so I don't dis- not. Never have, never witt. I'm whoevet anybody that's successful and popu- reat respectful of atl ladies, but at the same tjme, tar in the public eye. And being famous means a tot of women are intrigued by me being a rapper. Maybe sometimes I do, ticket. And there's a tot of people that just be They might get to feet what it's tike to watk on the boppin', and I appreciate the love that people moon, on occasion.

With a lot of rappers, if a There aren't too many white rappers in the girt comes up and she fine and wants to do this game, so you're a minorlty. Do you prefer black and that, it's tike, "Wett, come on then, tet's women or white women? I don't prefer any of tike that with me, and it ain't tike that with em, I just love all colors.

Everything, for reat. I mean, don't get me wrong, I tove doing what I do. But What! Paulwall's ideal female look like? PW: Junk in the trunk, rear-end extended cab, gotta have that. Pretty face too, I tike att women, There's a rumor that says that you turned though. I tike big women, stim women, skinny down Mya, ls that true? She was tjstening to my CD, A friend of ny girts tatkin' about they "thjck" just Swing Batta Batta (L.P.

Version) - Jack Boyz - Swing Batta Batta they mine down in New Orteans had hit me and said, got a booty, but that ain't what "thick" is. But I tike put her on the phone and said it was Mya. You could check my resume, the women, if they're sleeping with a cetebrity it'sgeneralty just cause they wanna say they Any famous women on your resume?

Atmost any girl I ever stept with, the resume. I can't name any names, though, it wasn't cause of my rapping status or what- cause that woutd knock me out of the box for ever, they reatly tiked me. But sometimes it's doing it again. A tot of the girts I meet are tike, "Oh, you think I'm finna tatk to you just cause You can't give us any hints?

I can't say no personatity, and lcan dress qood. You know, names, I can't give too many hints. At[ I can say why woutdn't you want to tatk to me? Not being is that I've got a hett of a resume.

And most conceited, but that's just confidence. Proached you? You know, girts that approach us are the same girts that J : Ohhhhhhhh! I I you usuatty hear about that happening at rock approach every cetebrity. One time a pLayers. That's a tittte scary. So, we don't reatty catts for it. Yeah, I've done it before. The funny part is when l'm on the road, there's Every guy has, people that don't reatly know me, but they be And being a rapper just makes it easier to l,lJ: I ain't never done that.

The reason it took me so tong to graduate is cause I took two semesters Who were some of the acts you worked with at Atlantic? I was begging tife. My career was extremeLy important to me, even at that young them, Dame Dash had a group on Atlantic catted Original Ftavor. And age. I was away at school, and you have nothing but fun on a cotlege I swear to God, Damon is the exact same person today. That cocky campus. But my mind was focused on ten, twenty years down the road. His group Valse Capriccio - Manuel De Falla, José Echániz - Piano Music Of De Falla Complete not doing weLt, so most managers wouLd know I teft school because ldidn't know what I wanted to do.

Dame had no leverage but he stitt a fact that it wasn't in any of those books or classes I was taking. I fett watked up in the Swing Batta Batta (L.P. Version) - Jack Boyz - Swing Batta Batta tike a fuckin' savage asshole.

From the time you're he had a big argument up in there Like, "l should be runnin'this whote very smatt, society tetts you that if you go to school, that's great.

You fuckin' black music department, Y'all don't know shit. Especiatty if you're a young btack at this dude [ike, your group sold two records - what are you Swing Batta Batta (L.P. Version) - Jack Boyz - Swing Batta Batta man, I was the first person in my famity to ever go to schoot so that was about? But the point is, he had that same attitude that he has today, a major achievement. Even back extremety wetl.

They wanted me to go for a more tradjtjonal career, but then, he had that attjtude: you might be in the position, but I can stitL I knew that a was never me. I've atways been a hustLer at heart. A iot of the people It'sjust like anything etsein my life. You working at Atlantic were older. They'd can ask anybody who knows me. I won't had their jobs for twenty years. How lose at shit. When I teft schoot, I thought I pensjon plan, or whatever the fuck they wanted to be a party promoter. I was get after twenty years?

I guess happy. I mean, if you've got 53, they kjckin' themsetves in the ass right cash in your pocket each week, that's now for that one. So, atl things considered, I was doing realty good. I didn't even go to These were att unpaid. How did you survive? Ramen noodles? Honestty, I was fucked up. But, How did you end up at Bad Boy? I was usinq up the money in my just want to say for seven years, and I bank account and livinq very very tight.

I Finatty, a friend of mine totd me that wouLdn't want to work at any other Bad Boy was looking for an intern. At tabeL untess they're willing to cut first I was hesitant. When what was different about the Bad Boy.

I was doing internships while I knew after the first day. This was in the early who Looked tr'ke me, acted tike me, I 90's. Then ldid as me. Bad Boy was an office no bigger. We were on 19th St. I think what Nobody was professionat. But it was everybody saw on TV is indicative of the music business as a whote. Swing Batta Batta (L.P. Version) - Jack Boyz - Swing Batta Batta the hungriest group of young black executives I'd ever seen in my tife, tot of peopte get in the musr'c business for the wrong reasons, and then and I fett Like I betonged.

After the first day, I waLked out of the office they find out very quickty that tliis is a business. When you got the Ceat, and I knew that this is where l'd make my mark in the industry.

I knew you can waLk in any ctub in your city and everybody's stopping their it. Here, it doesn't matter what you do. Like, I have the titte of Senior cars, putting over to get autographs. But when you don'! You can wear as many hats they putting you at the back of the Swing Batta Batta (L.P.

Version) - Jack Boyz - Swing Batta Batta. And you've gotta pay. We're mutti- taskers; sotdiers. But if you're trying to get down with the Navy Seats and green Yeah, absotutety. Three of them. Probabty Choppa the most, that's berets and you want to be on the front tines of some speciat ops mission, tike my tittte brother. I fit right in. There's been a Lot phenomenat. Choppa's a star, no question.

And coincidentatLy those were atso way through the Swing Batta Batta (L.P. Version) - Jack Boyz - Swing Batta Batta because the energy matched mine. I know for a fact that it was their work ethic that kept them around. He's known as actuatty sat down and had a meeting to decide who stays and who goes. Choppa'r tike a him, and even if I did, I wouLdn't say it in a pubtic arena out of respect.

What l've noticed about successful peopte is that it's no accident that they're successfut. Whatever achievements they've made in tife, it's no Besides work ethic, what does it take to be successful in the music accident, untess you hit the totto or something taughing. When you business in general? SecondLy, and who's not as much in the pubtjc eye tike Steve Stoute, these guys'work this is equatty important, you've Swing Batta Batta (L.P.

Version) - Jack Boyz - Swing Batta Batta to have a love for what you do. I meet peopte every day who ctaim, "l want it, I'lt not just talking about music, I'm tatking about Ufe. Working hard is going days on end with no steep. You figure it out. I tove the fact that I conquered the promotions end the best way I couLd describe him is to listen to him when he says, "Can't of it.

I started on the street team, then I was running the NY street stop, won't stop. For reol? Plus, the fact that I was abte shoket het heod, "l con't think of anybody. Wett, anyway, as hard as I to create my own company and work with other ctients, which onty work, I swear to you, there's never been one day in my career that I fett enhances the strength of what we do at Bad Boy.

He's a beast. How are you able to work at Bad Boy and run your Easier Said Than Done - Tony Arata* - Changes company? With all the other projects Puff works on, do you feel like the record A goodstaff. WeLt, Puff does have a lot of other thinqs going on. He ran the marathon, then went on to Broadway and soLd That is part of what we do, one of the foundations. But outside of out every night in Roiiin in the then he came off that and went on Bad Boy, I deal wjth almost no record tabets.

I reatty have to betjeve Die. A tot of the corporate ctients we deaL suffers because he chooses to grow as a cetebrity and an indivicruat, I with are just now being introduced to the concept of street teams. We think that the artists on the tabeL gotta step up. That's Like saying Foc- atso do Swing Batta Batta (L.P.

Version) - Jack Boyz - Swing Batta Batta pubLicity stunts. Rev At Who do you think is gonna step up for Bad Boy? Sharpton was their ambassadorj he was kinda like what Trump is to We've got some new actsr fresh btood.

I was in the studio tit 2 A. He woutd hetp usher them Swing Batta Batta (L.P. Version) - Jack Boyz - Swing Batta Batta their new careers. So, yesterday messin'with some new music. We've got a groupr Boyz r'n the we did this publicity stunt where we got a bunch of At Sharpton Look- Hood, which is a Southern group that's reatty startin' to pop off.

I think atikes. The whote point of a pubticity stunt is to get free Swing Batta Batta (L.P. Version) - Jack Boyz - Swing Batta Batta. I :hink they're bringing another side of the South. Of course, you're gonna stop up type music, but these guys are more gritty and street. That was somlthing that didn't cost much for nothin'.

Their shit is reatly street, and I think that's what they're in comparison to traditionaL advertising. They got an asstoad of free reflecting, We atso have a group calted 85, which i5 five brothers from pubticity, which hetped launch the show in the right direction.

Quote me on this: this group is gonna be a monster. They're so tatented. They sing, they dance, they're photogenic, they ptay How could someone get in contact with you to hire Power l oves? You were involved in the filming of aking the Bond. The shit was reatty struggting with where they want to go in their career that you what itwas. But, I think there's a bigger picture. I don't think the group bridges of retreat.

That might even mean quitting your job. As Long as members reatty wanted it. They may think they want to be the biggest artist in the put your tife on the tine, you'tL find a way to succeed in whatever you're world and win Grammys, but there's a work ethic and an appreciation tryjng to do, That's it.

As taLented as that group was, l'm not sure that they had an intense love for the game, They - Photos and interview by Julia Beverly, ib ozonemag. Showcase Maga? F r' 1f. My dad used to bring me to Attanta back in the days for the Jack the Rapper conventions. He was a big wig, so I got the best of it.

My dad ImPene was a musician, and my mom was a background singer for a tot of big names Uke Barbara Strei- sand. I started off singing and then rapping. I been rapping since like ' When did you start getting into production? I actualty Learned how to produce when peopte were late for sessions. I was sitting there with att this equipment waiting for them to come, and realLy I was just tetting them what to ptay. What project are you working on now?

I'm working on my atbum, Ihe 8ig Love atbum. It's stated for a retease sometime next year. Didn't you sign a deal with Cash Money? I did a fifty song production deat with them, which is stitt going on. He Annette Tuominen, Esko Linnavallin Orkesteri - Troikka / Alaska tike, "She's the one," but then the labets merged and he went to Def Jam so we had to hand her proiect over to Jive.

But it turned out to be a good thing because Jive was abLe to take too. They got [Ciara'5 record So you're findlng artists that just have raw game.

What's the is that l've seen her go through teis stress with most challenging part of that process? Making them understand that everybody's deal minor success. Some peopte can't handte even Never. I'lt never get sick of hearing it. You al- is not gonna flow perfectty [ike, for example, minor success. So I think she's a speciat, speciaL ways think you're gonna get sick of hearing your Ciara's did. Ciara is a special situation, it's person.

If she walks in Swing Batta Batta (L.P. Version) - Jack Boyz - Swing Batta Batta room, own stuff, but you never do. You might get tired probably Swing Batta Batta (L.P. Version) - Jack Boyz - Swing Batta Batta going to happen tjke that even for she's gonna hug him, him, me, and you, and she of it, but not sick.

There's a difference. Sometimes ain't never met y'alt. That's just how she is. When it's your make you warm up to her, and I think that's the When did you sign Ciara? Sometimes you might have ingredients of a superstar. She's not a star, she's About three years ago. She was in a group, and a record done and the worLd just ain't ready for a superstar.

When we met, I you, At first the onty buzz [Ciara] had was in- hadn't even heard her Swing Batta Batta (L.P. Version) - Jack Boyz - Swing Batta Batta and I didn't even side the industry because everybody wanted to Besides Ciara, what other artistr have you been know she was the one in the Cosmic Reverie - Incandescent Void - Aether Et Umbra he had been sign her.

I reatty didn't give a tot of peopLe the working with lately? Reid's competence for music today, and I'm doing Mary J Btige soon. Like, ever just hit it off from there. We've been tatking wjth femaLes. You've gotta took at Toni Braxton since the Ciara thing, every female artist under every day since then. What about Young Jeezy and Jody Breeze? Why do you think Atlanta ha5 developed into Jeezy atready had records out in Attanta and I such a huge force in the music world? And you're on the radio too, right?

We've been doing that for two and a hatf and I wa5 tike, Yeah, right. You know, he's a hus- I think some of the best producers are based years now. I've atso got a syndicated show that's in tter type. He knows how to get money. So we here in Attanta, and that has a lot to do with forty different stations.

With Jody, my manager for exampLe. For a record labet, the ideat ptace Just doing radio interviews and putting my per- was at a car show and Jody was in a battte. He's to create something massive is here. There's no sonatity in there and taking over. When I put the tive on the mic, takin'dudes out teft and right.

You've got your own separate votume, and I turn that's how we met, mine att the way up. The louder it is, the crazjer I Since the game is so production-driven, with might get. I take off tike I'm in another wortd. People 5ay Jody kinda sounds like T. I thjnk they tatk about body could haYe made that song a hit? Swing Batta Batta (L.P. Version) - Jack Boyz - Swing Batta Batta you've got a split personality? There's a few peopte coulda done it, but l've got, titeraLly, a bunch of personatities.

And with Jody and T. But, T. That album. B, it's just fly and sexy. She's got a smooth side personality gets half ol the CD? People love her project. Back in the day. Richard pryor album. They don't try to structure me or teLt managed to listen to just enough Pryor, Redd time around as the atbum is metiower and less me to do this and that to qet more record saLe!. That's the main says the Houston native.

He also was inspired more serjous and it becomes more of a job so I realon why so many curious adoiescents felt the by the Likes of Johnny "Gujtar" Swing Batta Batta (L.P. Version) - Jack Boyz - Swing Batta BattaThe just wanted to get laid back with it jnstead of wrath of the leather strap after gettjng caught tjs Bar-Kays, The Ohio Players, and Bootsy Collins.

Though Devin is growing towards producing CDs. Pryor, Jay-ZlR. KeLly Best of Both Worlds album. But certain songs, I be tike, 'Naw, naw naw, Mr Copetand wouLd much rather make you gotta turn that one offl" i- r o' lj'e rtlelf than poke fun at hi Devin's popuLarjty among his peers has atso caused many out'of-the-loop music Ijsteners - Swing Batta Batta (L.P. Version) - Jack Boyz - Swing Batta Batta G- Garland. Would you classify it as a classic?

But overaLl, spanning my whote career, no, I don't think it's my Swing Batta Batta (L.P. Version) - Jack Boyz - Swing Batta Batta compLete album. I haven't put out my most complete atbum yet. Why isn't it complete? What's lacking? Just to be more comptete with yoursetf, period, and what you're doing. I mean, I know exactty what I'm doing, but as far as the future it mjght be a coupte years before Swing Batta Batta (L.P.

Version) - Jack Boyz - Swing Batta Batta figure that out. I'm not tatking about the industry I'm talking about tlfe in general. Swing Batta Batta (L.P. Version) - Jack Boyz - Swing Batta Batta I figure out tife and what it's reatLy about, if l'm stiLt rhym- ing, it shoutd be easy to put out a comptete al- bum.

I stitt don't have a ctue what life is reaLty about. I'm just tatking about what I know, from my perspective, and that's what peopte tove. Every day, l'm trying to tearn something new. Why did you film the video for "Go DJ" in a prison? That was my idea. I wrote the treatment for the vjdeo cause I knew that everybody was expect- ing it to ook a certain way. I knew everybody had their own tittle personaLvision of what they thought it woutd be. You ajn't gotta first tattoo.

I was fourteen when my dad passed. That's the most significant one, because every- Iheard that you're going to college at the thing else just came after that. How does that knowledge help you in the Poutjcat science. That's the best thinq they You've been doing Southern music for a long rap game? I dr'dn't I wanted to learn more about the taw. Rap is Cash Money - had a significant part in that? I don't even write, What's your opinion on the recent eleqtion?

I don't know if I ptayed a part. As far as atl the I just hear the beat and what comes out is what ldon't have an opinion cause it don't count. So to be abte to do that, it's a btess- stuff, you'd have to ask them, cause I don't know, ing. And me bejng abte to go to schooL and take Do you plan on pursuing a career in psychol- man. I'm a very modest and humbte dude. There's psychotogyr that's a btessing in itself.

I feeL tike ogy or political science? Rap ain't never gonna fait me, but Swing Batta Batta (L.P. Version) - Jack Boyz - Swing Batta Batta I get tired so hopefutty there's people that love the South I know what to say, when to say it, how to say of rap and I've got enough money to open up cause of Cash Money too.

Now I wanna my own Swing Batta Batta (L.P. Version) - Jack Boyz - Swing Batta BattaI might take it up. I don't wanna be thirty years otd and money I couLd make over here jn rap, then of about fhe Best of Both Worlds 2 that sounded iust know about rap. I wanna be abte to tatk to course.

We recently printed an interview with B. I dropped out of schooL to 5tuck in the middle? He left my dad jn the shadows, rap, and I made a promise to my mama that I As far as that situation right there, man, we aLl so I wasn't feetin'that, personaLty. I ain't even ask wouLd go back and finish schoot. I finished for brothers. We famity, so you know he gon' speak Baby or teLl him what I was gonna do, I just went het and l'm stittyoung - l'm 22 - so I'm at that to me about the situation. I didn't feel tike I out there and said it.

That's the onty way [R Ketty] age where cottege sounds fun. And betieve me, l'm gonna do peopte. But backstage afterwards, Baby was tike, When you're sitting in class, do people treat what I gotta do. I don't respect people watk up and try to hotta Swing Batta Batta (L.P. Version) - Jack Boyz - Swing Batta Batta me and get anymore. What's the chances of a Hot Boyz what he doing, period. But lain't dissing him, I'm autographs or hugs, I have no probtems with it. But the peopte atso respect that there's a dr'f- It's funny you ask, because as a matter of fact, ference between seeing a person in the mattor I rnay be in a new situation reat soon.

Swing Batta Batta (L.P. Version) - Jack Boyz - Swing Batta Batta may be sign- shopping or something. At a show, there's ing with Jay-z. Right now we just tatking, but lf you had to list the top five lyricists of all time, no doubt in their minds that they can ap- it's sounding [ike a good idea. But when peopte see me on Of course not, that woutd be crazy. My top five are a cottege campus, they hotd up. Shawn Carter, and Eiggie. They're thinking, it's My dad's name. Well, not so regular. He's about to drop his third official album, Reol Tolk, on the heels of two platinum CDs.

He reps Reebok. He sports matching white and yellow gold and diamond jewelry: earrings, bracelets, and a hanging pendant with Jesus' head. No, this is not a regular guy. Tell us about your new album, It's very different from the last two aLbums. You're going to hear a lot of my growth and ver- satiLity on this atbum.

Why did you decide to name your album Reol Tolk? I titted it Reat Tatk because I fett like that was what I was giving the audience, listeners and fans. I'm giving them what l've been through, where been, peopte I've seen and met, ''ve l've gone through, att those situ- experjences anything about them when l've got the peopte's They may not Swing Batta Batta (L.P.

Version) - Jack Boyz - Swing Batta Batta rappers but that's my family Swing Batta Batta (L.P. Version) - Jack Boyz - Swing Batta Batta ation.

This atbum is about making good music ears, I don't go jn magazines with recktess tatk. I'm not here to feud and go tit for can relate to.

I'm here to make good What do you think about Mase's return? A lot of music, make some money, Beef just isn't one people compared you to him when you first got What producers did you work with? There's no need for me to bring how he woutd come back and what he Maalaa Talo - Various - Nallet Tulee, Oletko Valmis ? going record. Atso, we've got some producers who that etement to the game.

That's not what l'm to say. As time went on and I heard the music, the didn't have big names but they came with the here for. After that there's nothing to fire joints. It's notjust about having a big name, go with. He's doing his thing. I'm doing mine. I it's about coming with a dope beat. Do you think your fan base is mostly fe- think the simitarity came because when you're mates? I think my similar.

By the love I first time, you't[ say it tastes Swing Batta Batta (L.P. Version) - Jack Boyz - Swing Batta Batta chicken. Seeing how the peopte embrace me and show receive, it shows me that my fans come in atl [ove, even when ldon't have an atbum out. Got a liquor get to see the way peopte react when my The Death Knell - Kaospilot - Shadows How's it going with your record label, Desert company we're about to do, and a clothing tine is coming.

We have a ing scripts, tooking for the right part. Everything Awhile back, you were having some problems business relationship but we atso have a friend- etse just comes in as it comes, commercials and with the cops.

Outside of the music, we coot. That's what stuff like that. I just think it was a time with some bad karma. The situations being coot on the other side of the stick. Our How do you feel about the 5tate of hip-hop in actualty got resotved very quickty. The charges situation is great. Peopte are making a gets pubLicized, What you read in the papers Your brother Paul Scott Langley - I Want You To Know is a rapper too.

Even other com- is, "Fabotous Arrested With a 6un. We fited a com- Yeah, he has a situation with Desert Storm things. You see rappers in commerciaLs, movies, plaint and tawsujt against the New York Potice where they're just finding out whjch way they clothing tines, sneaker lines. Hip-hop is definitety Department just to tet them know that they want to attack with him.

They're figuring out everything great way to market another product. I just don't them and then just tet them go. I think anybody and Swing Batta Batta (L.P. Version) - Jack Boyz - Swing Batta Batta him as an artist. Or did you ever want hjp-hop and they just jump back out of it when- one? Joe Budden and Game were just going at it. Not reatly. I haven't even studied it. I What about for you personally? How do you han- haven't even thought about it tike, I don't have Everything's been working good for me.

As btessed. Fortunatety, I've had the chance to show" Beefs are realty just misunderstandings be- things come I handLe them accordingty. I don't case my taLent. I think the music on this atbum tween two artists. I stay out of jt because feel pressure to have a ctique behind me for me is great.

Even the to do wett, or for me to feel stabte or peopLe remember, peopte l'm not cooL with, I just try to to took at me in a stabLe mode. My ctique is stay away from them. I don't try to say my famiLy and crew who are with me everyday. How did the Click get started? Back in 95, it was me and my brothers Adarn from the city. That's why l've got a Lot of peopte in We hadn't been there for even two weeks. That was the orjginat Ctick.

Every nigga on the team was majo. BitLy was brother [Adam] got shot, and the police trjed in PE. I was missin'class every morn- throwjng a party for him and we were perform- to say it was suicide. He had just copped some ing, but you know how it is.

Me and my cousin Rico were leaving the Swing Batta Batta (L.P. Version) - Jack Boyz - Swing Batta Batta and then a couple hours tater he in a hotet the teachers look out for you. Anyway, I was up house, but my brother and the other CEO of the with his brains btowed out. The potice said that there ptayin' batt but I teft in the middte of the labet, Matt, stayed behind.

We got to the c ub Chito Cano - Los Bravos*, Los Triunfadores Del Norte de Arturo Chapa - Lo Mejor De Los Bravos way the butLet entered his head, he had to season cause my brother convinced me to come like twenty minutes tater.

My phone had been Can You See - The Advent - Time Trap Technik shot hjmseLf. But everybody who was there back home. He was like, "Come on, we got some Dans Le Hangar - Kindaaz - Sonic Weaponz 03, and when I got the ctub loverheard my skipped town, and the work wasn't there when papet we been on the Western Horn - Sunn O))) & Ulver - Terrestrials (File, Album), we gon'start up this homeboy on the phone saying, "Vic got shot?

Njgga, we just teft the house. It happened five minutes after we teft. How did it affect you? What happened after you came back home? Them niqqas I was fourteen at the time. I mean, you know Shit was poppin'. Shit tike that happens Tye Dash came down and saw us at this littLe ctub name, and mV brother was Ljke, "Nah, he don't alt the time, but when jt happens to your own we had with lcoot Runnings DJ] Bitty ["Bigga"] tive here.

My brother, it hits home. The shit ain't even seem Swing Batta Batta (L.P. Version) - Jack Boyz - Swing Batta Batta. They were playing our song on the radio, brother is a tatt, skinny nigga, Swing Batta Batta (L.P.

Version) - Jack Boyz - Swing Batta Batta he's strong. I remember one time after that, some everything was poppin'. Tye said Dreamworks He put his back to the door, tryjn'to hotd them oLder Swing Batta Batta (L.P.

Version) - Jack Boyz - Swing Batta Batta had tried us in the malt and lwent wanted to fuck with us, but they were tatkin' niggas out. The door stammed on the nigga's to catl my brother. I forgot he was dead. I mean, about some smaLt-ass paper so my brother turned arm white he was tryin'to get his gun out. We were getting limos every weekend to These pussy ass niggas just decided to shoot I graduated [high schoot]. I had a basketbatt drive us around, tryinq to promote this shit.

These cause they couldn't get what they wanted, so schotarship to SUNY-Delhi in New York, and bitch ass niggas reatty thought we were battin'. My they shot through the door and it hit him jn his my momma reatty wanted me to go. Then they ran out tike some bitches. Remixes DBM Department 12" 4. Drop Bass Network 12" 7. Dance Ecstasy 12", EP 8. Dance Ecstasy 12" 4. Dance Ecstasy 12", EP 9.

Dance Ecstasy 12", EP 2. Rmxz Dance Ecstasy 12" 6. Decadix Records 12", EP 2. Dead Fly Cuts 12", EP 2. Untitled Disturbance Records 12" 7. Cranefly Warriors Volume 2 Dj. Dance Opera 12" 3. Overdose 12" 3. Drow Records 12" Deadly Systems 12" 6.

Dark Temple 12", EP 3. Dynamic Tracks 12" 7. Dynamic Tracks 12" 4. Black 12" 9. Dwarf Records 12", EP 3. One Dwarf Records 12" 3. EC Records 12" 6. Elistique Music 12", EP 4. Enzyme Records 12", Pic, Ltd Untitled Epileptik Productions 12" 3. Traxx 12" 4. Evolution Gold 12", EP 2. Evolution Records 12", EP 2. Nine - The Remixes Exacta. Enzyme VIP 12", Whi 4. Records 12" 7. Music Works 12" Music Works 12" 8.

Fischkopf Hamburg 12", EP 7. Smith Platform E. Form Recordings 12" 1. Forze Records 12" 2. Kid Wild And Wonderful E. Generator Records 2 12", EP 8. Gizmania-X Records 12", EP 4. Records 12" 1. Hellsound Records 12", EP 5. Hellsound Records 12", EP 1. Hellsound Records 12", EP 7. P Hellsound Records 12", EP 3. Part 1 Hardcore Deluxe Records 12" 1. Hardtec Records 10", EP 1. HHS 12" 6.

II Hithouse Records 12" 3. III Hithouse Records 12" 2. Hong Kong Violence 12", EP 9. Hardcore Blasters 12", EP 1. Hardcore Blasters 12", EP 4.

Hardcore Blasters 12", EP 3. Crash Untitled Holzplatten 12" 7. Ragga Sound Inferno Records 12" 2. Dance International Records 12", EP 7. Raw Industrial Strength Records 12" 4. Industrial Strength Europe 12", EP 7. Industrial Strength Limited 12", EP 7. Industrial Strength Records 12", EP 6. Lukas Beep Ch. And Boy It's Banging! Jee-Beat Base 12" 3.

John Doe Records 12", EP 2. Knightcore Recordings 12", EP 1. Knightcore Recordings 12" 1. Records, K. Records 12" 3. Records 12", Ora 1. Records 12" 0. Pitch 4 Prepare For Glory K. Records 12" 2.

Records 12", Tra 2. Bal Record 12" 4. Kotzaak Unltd. Labworks Germany 12", EP 4. Last Tomorrow Recordings 12", EP 2. Mask 4 Mask 12" 3.

Music Man Records 12", EP 3. Music Man Records 12", EP 2. Masters Of Hardcore 12", EP 4. Mokum Records 12" 2. Mono Tone 12", EP 9. Megarave Records 12" 2. Megarave Megarave Records 2x12" 4. Nerfs A Vifs 12", EP 5.

Nekro Editions 12" 1. II Neophyte Records 12" 0. Fragment 1 Neophyte Records 12" 1. P Noise Factory 12", EP 3.

Noize Records 12", EP 3. Instigator 2 Take Control E. II Jasper Stone Trax 12" 7. Jasper Stone Trax 12", EP 7. Z-Vago Hardcore Zone E. Overload Records 12", EP 1. Compilation Planet E 12", Comp Pendeho Records 12", EP 4. Pendeho Records 12" 4. Untitled Psychik Genocide 12" 4. Pod Communication 12", EP 4.


(Under) The Pagan Megalith - Gorgoroth - Untitled (Demo & Live), Soul Jamaica - Carlton Moore - Soul Jamaica, Tremeloes* - Ride On, Rhythm (Conhuir McKee Radio Remix) - Cream Sound - Rhythm, Sad Heart Of Mine - Caspian - Dust And Disquiet (Vinyl, LP, LP, Album), Western Horn - Sunn O))) & Ulver - Terrestrials (File, Album), King Of The Road - Roger Miller - Golden Hits, Jesse Lopez - My Way/ They Call The Wind Maria, Etre Une Femme (Indian Vibes Radio Edit) - Anggun - Cesse La Pluie, Baby Im Yours - Cass Elliot - Baby Im Yours / Cherries Jubilee, Im Free - Fil Di Ferro - Fil Di Ferro, Acto I: Paso A Dos Principio - Tchaikovsky*, Orquesta Sinfónica de Utah*, Maurice Abravanel* - El La, Here Again - Spyro Gyra - Catching The Sun

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