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Accessibility help. Email or Phone Password Forgotten account? Sign Up. OPEN Babycakes was live. Related Pages See all. Burger King. Baby Cartoons. Lets go! We pulled this one out of the more recent vault to share with you. Yes we have a LOT of album reviews to catch up and theyre comin! More episodes comin! Pusha T vs. Drake Dissected Episode This episode Mola1 and JMack go back to the very beginning of the Push vs. Drake beef and dissect it track by track, interview by interview leading up to the most recent tracks.

Who do you have winning this entire thing? The Disaster Episode Complete disaster, but its fine. Enjoy the show! This episode we talked Childish Gambino, Kanye West and tried some new brew! Where They At Doe? Episode Theyre right here! Episode 75!! This episode we talk about some of our recent trips, try some new brew and check the new Phonte album No News Is Good News.

Lets check it out! The Return Episode The Next Episode Episode The Distance. Let's get this thing going again! Here's Episode 72 which we recorded back in May. Playlist: Biggie Remixes Episode Sunny Side - Various - Survival.

Mind & Matter / Megamix Just a few short days after Notorious BIGs birthday May 21heres a playlist Klingonez (Battle 2007) - Various - Rumble Party Vol 2 dope remixes to celebrate! Happy 45th Big we miss you! Playlist: Happy. This week everything is amazing and I wanted to share some music with you that reflected that. Hope you all enjoy this! Commentary: April Twenty Ninth Episode Last week marked the 25th Anniversary of the acquittal of Heaven For Everyone - Queen - Made In Heaven four officers who beat Rodney King and the Los Angeles riots.

JMack recounts his memories of that day. On The Patio Episode Grab a couple cold ones and sit on the patio at the local bar with us. Also, K. Dot vs. Album Review: Damn. What we're your thoughts on the album? The B-Side Episode Mack forgot to stop recording on Episode 64, here's a little piece of what happens in The Basement when recording stops with a playlist of tracks at the end!

Playlist: Peanuts Episode A random conversation about the love and relationships within the Peanuts cartoon. Goodbye Episode Blame it on The episode is dropping four months later. Back to our regularly scheduled programming. Here's episode 64, we talk aboutsome of our favorite and most disliked albums of the year as well as a review of The Lox new album which was new Bearded Babylon - Jackie Brown - Bearded Babylon the time "Filthy America It's Beautiful".

Happy Christmahannukwanzadan Episode It's the annual holiday episode and Major, Mack and Martin were in the Basement! Happy Christmahannukwanzadan y'all! Mia - "That Part" Remix. Due to a snow storm we didn't have Major in the basement this week. In this rewind episode, we go back to August, to Episode of the HoodHype Podcast featuring an interview with one of our favorites, Midaz The Beast. Hope you enjoy it! We talk about J.

Welcome back! New full episode the whole team coming soon! Breaks Episode We hope Sunny Side - Various - Survival. Mind & Matter / Megamix have fun with it! Back at it with a VERY important announcement for all of you! We checked out the last stop of the Art of Rap Festival in Detroit. Check out the YouTube Video here, and listen to the episode in the Podcast! Playlist: Summer Madness Episode The Wall Episode Snap Judgement Episode This week we talk about SnapChat, the Joe Budden vs.

Drake Beef, and putting up a wall up on the Canadian border. We put together another installment of some of our favorite joints to have playing in the background when you're having a barbecue! It's our second installment of the BBQ Boogie! You can check out volume 1 on Episode over at HoodHype! Interview: Grandmaster Caz Episode The opportunity to speak to one of the most influential legends in hip-hop is one of the highest honors in this culture.

So when we had the opportunity to speak with one of the Far Leys - Nicholas Rodney Drake* - Time Has Told Me we gave him a call. We talked to Caz about all of these things, his experience working with Macklemore and the early beginnings of hip-hop. Enjoy and have fun with it! Playlist: Instrumentalizm Episode Live From The Policy Of Truth (Arabian Mix) - Depeche Mode - Gold Collection on the road this episode!

Off The Leash Episode We had a lot of fun talking with Parrish about his history with hip-hop, some of his tour stories as well as the future of EPMD, with some great music from the era throughout the episode. Respeck It! Also this week, the return of the Stash Box and we talk Tidal and the effects of holding content hostage! Tired of being disconnected for late payments.

Then you should to go to www. Playlist: You Ready? Rock out and get in the groove with JMack this episode! Smooth ft. A Tribute to Prince Episode We put together a few words and songs as we mourn the loss of a musical legend and celebrate his life and incredible influence to music across all genres. This episode is dedicated to the Purple One. Rest in Power Prince. Commentary: Organized Noize Episode We also took this opportunity to get a young listener on the show to talk about his music choices in As always, drop us a comment or hit us up on twitter, facebook or email!

Evolution Episode Thank you, and see you all next episode! Drop us a message, let us know what YOU wanna hear! Episode 67 Part 2. Just added to this feed April 11,this is the second of a two-part episode, Episode 67 we released back on July of featuring an interview with Bishop Lamont. We released it on the blog but never dropped it on the feed. Hope you enjoy the memories yall! What Now? This episode we showed up, we pushed some buttons and talked about some things.

Hope you like it. Ageless Episode Are you getting too old? The Pain Episode Download it and check it out! Also this episode, Hip-Hop Essentials and odd couples in hip-hop. The Questions Episode Check it out, Acto I: Paso A Dos Principio - Tchaikovsky*, Orquesta Sinfónica de Utah*, Maurice Abravanel* - El La us know what your favorites were!

Rap Wordz with Friends Episode Review this album and play Rap Wordz with Friends with us! This week we ask you what hip-hop biopic do YOU want to see? We picked ours and discussed them too! Also this episode it was time for our hip-hop essentials, this time we picked essential mixtapes! What are some of your essential picks? This week we discussed all things beef.

From Meek Mill vs. Drake Sunny Side - Various - Survival. Mind & Matter / Megamix Ghost vs. Action Bronson, we picked each apart, threw it on the barbecue and sliced it up into delicious edible pieces for Sunny Side - Various - Survival. Mind & Matter / Megamix to enjoy. Also this Sunny Side - Various - Survival. Mind & Matter / Megamixto keep the beef theme going, we put together a special hip-hop essentials for you and selected our top three essential hip-hop diss tracks of all time!

Bon apetit! Download episode 31 and get in on the convo! Equality Episode This episode discuss Sunny Side - Various - Survival. Mind & Matter / Megamix Rachel Dolezal situation, same sex marriage in the U. The Good Fight Episode Motion Picture Soundtrack ft. Fatman Scoop Episode We asked what happened to great urban and hip-hop films, as well as their soundtracks and selected a few for our Hip-Hop Essentials picks this week!

All that and a surprise call from a special guest, the legendary Fatman Scoop! Listen in to see how it all went down. Manny Pacquiao fight. Also this episode, we got into our essential hip-hop album picks and got a surprise call from King Kirk of Sporty Thievz! The Episode About Nothing Episode Say Sunny Side - Various - Survival.

Mind & Matter / Megamix Nice! All that AND we ran through our essential album picks this episode. Check it out! Kanye vs Dr. Dre Episode The Kanye vs. Who won? Find out in this weeks episode! WTF Eddie? We also got our hands on some new sound clips, and you know how we get with shiny new things.

In it, he mentioned his growing beef with Notorious BIG and his idea of forming a massive Sunny Side - Various - Survival. Mind & Matter / Megamix. Ante Up! This episode we talked about taking bets on Hip-Hop Grammy categories. Also this episode, Stashbox and we pick our Essential Albums! Kanye vs.

Just Blaze Episode This episode we talked about Kanye vs. Just Blaze and eventually vs. Azalea vs Azealia Episode Also this episode: essential albums, some dope hip-hop tracks and your calls and messages! Year In Review Episode We talked our favorite drink of the year, favorite music, news items and more. Get in on this episode it was a fun one! Peace Episode In Episode 13, we toned it down, had a few more drinks and slurred our way through some more peaceful, fun topics.

Hope you have as much fun listening as we did recording! We hope you all have a Happy Holiday season! War Episode This episode we discuss all of the social issues happening over the past few months including the Mike Brown situation, Eric Garner, Bill Cosby, our essential albums, and of course J.

Genius Episode That and a whole lot more! Back From Summer Break Episode Nolan and Semi discussed Chuck D vs. With special musical guest coming to sit in with us Ben Miles who came downstairs to tell us about his latest album The Wishing Tree. We also had another special guest Jules sitting in with us this episode to give us a different perspective on music for the younger generation. Also, a mystery classic album for Blend It or Bump It, a new brew in the stash box and much more!

Back again Episode 7. Back again after what Sunny Side - Various - Survival. Mind & Matter / Megamix to be a hiatus. We did record episode 7 once before, but unfortunately it was lost. Phro is back! Episode 6. Six episodes in, and Phro came back this episode to help us close out Black History Month in true Phro fashion.

Where is the HoodHype Show? We are still here! Top 7 in Homegrown Tomatoes - Guy Clark - Better Days Cities? Episode 5. This episode we went through DJServicePack. How do you think this is gonna go? Grammy Time Episode 4. How do you think it did? Old vs New Episode 3. This week we became frustrated with all of the terrible music on the radio.

So we put it to the test during the show. Come chill in the basement! Episode 2. As we still feel out our new home we get into some more fun topics. We probably had too much to drink and listened to some great music. We also talked about Kanye vs. Sway and much more! Introducing: Live From The Basement. Episode 1. Our first episode! For those who are new to "The Basement", this show is a spinoff from our original 8 year-old podcast "The HoodHype Show".

We're just a couple of guys chilling in the basement, having a few drinks and a good time. Welcome to The Basement! Episode - Forever. Its our 8-year Anniversary and we're gonna keep this thing going til infinity! We spin some new indie hip-hop, with our special guest indie spotlight Traum Diggs. Also, a tribute to the last 8 years of the HoodHype Show as JMack takes you for a spin in Doc Browns time machine all the way back to with a gift for our die hard fans at the end of this very special episode!

Episode - The Day After. A little hangover recovery music the day after a night of celebration. This is The Day After.

For all of our live show fans, listen to the end of this episode for a special announcement! Episode - New Zealand. This week we pay homage to New Zealand's incredibly diverse, talented and soulful hip-hop scene! Special guest this week is Christchurch New Zealand's own, Ladi6! Make sure you cop her album "Automatic" on iTunes and Bandcamp! Episode - The Big Chill.

Lets relax kind of and chill for a minute to episode aptly titled The Big Chill. Episode - The Lift. Get lifted as we navigate through music with subliminal meanings and thought provoking lyrics. This weeks spotlight is Houston, Texas own, Isaac Reid.

Episode - Happy Birthday Hip-Hop! August 11, Hip-Hop is officially over the hill today. Happy 40th Birthday Hip-Hop! Episode - Ya Don't Stop. JMack is back with updates to the show!

This week we feature Midaz The Beast. Episode - The City. All Michigan mostly Detroit hip-hop, soul and beats for you to groove to! Episode - The Push. More music! More everything comin up! Episode - Show Your Soul. Have you ever been inspired to listen to music outside of Hip-Hop? Who or what inspired you?

What does this have to do with independent hip-hop? Episode - The Story. Sometimes there are songs you can connect with, sometimes you just Sunny Side - Various - Survival. Mind & Matter / Megamix to hear a good story. What are some of your favorite hip-hop joints with stories you've enjoyed or connected with?

Episode - The Gratitude. We brought you a collection of amped up music, some exciting topics and a special sit-in guest with all kinds of energy, Detroit's Nolan The Ninja! It's all about the calm before the storm and a talk with one of the golden era's finest, Brooklyn's own, Mr. Aziatic, AZ. Episode - BBQ Boogie! Enjoy some tunes to bump while you're workin' the BBQ in the sun.

Episode - The Music. This episode we've each selected three songs that sparked a memory, inspired, or reminded us of a certain event in our lives and we're discussing them. What are some hip-hop tracks that bring back memories for you? Episode - The Funk. An episode full of hip-hop music laced with Funk, Funky samples and funky instruments.

We talked about your suggestions for the show, rappers growing up and everyone getting dropped. Episode - Insomnia. Can't sleep. Listen to good hip-hop. Episode - The Spark.

The Spark. Inspired by the music and topics this episode. This is the Foundation. The HoodHype Show returns Episodewith a new addition to the family. This guy MOLA1. You ready for Episode ? We bid farewell to our friend and co-host Major and begin the next chapter of the HoodHype show. You ready for a change? On our way to Episode of the HoodHype show, we invited MOLA1 to sit in with us as we returned to the basement to discuss everything from how the game would change if certain MCs left the game, MCs who have passed and changed it and much more.

Our first live Episode of ! A great time we had MOLA1 back in the basement, we discussed our favorite albums and news in and T. Mini-Episode Independent music is rough around the edges and thats okay. This week we asked if anyone still buys hip-hop magazines, the Manti Teo Scandal and a whole lot more!

Whats your take? The whole team was in the basement with special guest MOLA1 to discuss his debut album and plenty of off-the-wall topics as well as a ton of great indie hip-hop.

It was nice knowin yall. And Happy Holidays! Here's a mini episode with a higher theme. A massive collection of nearly an hour of independent hip-hop joints and instrumentals. We wrapped up this weeks mini episode with a tribute to Pro-Era's Capital Steez who recently passed away.

Rest In Power. Were back with Phro in the building at our other basement this episode. We checked out Kendrick Lamars new album, paid up on some post-A3C debt Major having his Mayo shot and all our in-show shout outs and as always, we spun some great independent hip-hop. Some instrumentals to zone out to.

Live interviews, Live freestyles, some great music, our special guest host Arablak and much more! Thanks to all our listeners who sent us down everyone who tuned and all the artists that came through for this special episode! Thank you all for such an amazing ride this far! We made it a good one with Episode we had Mola1 sitting in for our friend Phro this episode and discussed everything from the upcoming A3C festival episode on October 12, to our favorite crews in hip-hop.

A3C Live episode October 12 at 4pm Eastern! All thanks to those of you who support and have Interview With DJ Dave, Part 3 - K Dot - Training Day our stuff! Sunny Side - Various - Survival. Mind & Matter / Megamix did it! Thank you! Special episode with two Detroit MCs sitting in with us. We decided to finally go in on this Illuminati discussion as well as a few other topics.

We just kicked off our Road to A3C Fundraiser! Our co-host Phro Sunny Side - Various - Survival. Mind & Matter / Megamix finally back in the building this week as we reviewed Rick Ross - God Forgives, I Dont and debated it into the ground, why we even do Blend It or Bump It segment, we also had some great inside info about Havocs beef with Prodigy from a listener, and more.

At this point, Island introduced the second pink label. It is known as the 'black block' label, as it featured a thick, block-like letter i at the bottom, dotted by a black eyeball in the centre of the label. This was very quickly replaced by the third pink label, featuring a small white letter i logo.

Due to variations in catalogue number assignation and the actual release dates of the records, there is a small cross-over period between the three pink label designs.

The original label designs for the following LPs are detailed in parentheses. This design was used for the remaining pink label issues, interrupted with increasing frequency by green Chrysalis label releases, as denoted in the listing below. Bronze label singles by artists such as Tony Hazzard and Uriah Heep began to appear in the Island listing from Mayfor a couple of years until that label's own BRO- series was begun.

In the second half of the decade the character of the label began to change and this is reflected in its singles releases from about onwards. They and others enjoyed considerable commercial success in the U. Barbara Pennington and Betty Davis. Island also joined a growing trend amongst U. Also inanother American record label, Shelter Recordsbegan to issue U.

Artists included the Dwight Twilley Band, J. Finally, the Black Swan label was reactivated for certain reggae-styled releases, some of which appeared with WIP-series numbers. For reasons of continuity, this section of the discography also includes singles numbered in the WIP 6xxx series which were released between and WIP was the last single to be released with a pink label.

The next single, WIP was on the Chrysalis label, but from the one after that, WIPthe "pink rim" palm tree label was introduced. The series was used for pre-releases in the seconds half of the s, white labels. IDJ was a limited edition series for related releases on the colourful Island label. Following on from the s releases, these were originally released with Sunny Side - Various - Survival. Mind & Matter / Megamix labels featuring the 'white i' logo, except for Abdul Alhazred / Assassins - Paul Roland - Re-Animator two Chrysalis albums.

A series of budget-priced albums. Those on the Island label used a black variation of the "white i" label with a pink "i" logo and silver print. For singles released during the years towhich were numbered in this series, see Singles of the s section, above.

This new series of numbers was introduced in to replace the long-running WIP series for 7" singles and other formats. As the CD format gained ascendancy during the later s, so more and more singles were released with the prefix CID, indicating a CD release, initially alongside the "standard" 7" release. During this period Island regained some more important artists on its roster and continued to release 20 to 50 albums a year. The catalogue numbers don't follow the release dates as the numbers were given to projects scheduled for release.

Some new labels entered the Island distribution and were given Island catalogue numbers received for UK release while retaining their original labels e. ZE, Celluloid. In the US the Sunny Side - Various - Survival.

Mind & Matter / Megamix was distributed via Islands Antilles label and division. InIsland release 15 compilation albums dedicated to reggae, presenting twelve of its best selling reggae artists and three styles, "DJ", "lovers" and "rockers", on one disc each. The albums were compiled by Trevor Wyattthe covers were illustrated by various artists on the basis of paintings and contain extensive liner notes. InIsland Records was sold to Polygram.

Immediately Polygram started to re-release parts of the Island catalogue, mainly classics from the s and good selling records Sunny Side - Various - Survival. Mind & Matter / Megamix the s within a Into The Crypt Of Rays - Celtic Frost - Winged Skeleton Tour 2007 (DVDr) series called Island Masters. The series ran with the prefix IMCD and catalogue numbers starting with 1.

The first year of the label has seen more Sunny Side - Various - Survival. Mind & Matter / Megamix 70 releases. Finally the catalogue comprised more than titles, from the year on in re-mastered quality. The discography can be seen under Island Masters. As CD became the preferred format for the majority of sales, singles released in that format were prefixed CID.

Otherwise, the series continued the numbering of the IS series begun in the s.


Handsome Boy Modeling School - So... Hows Your Girl?, Ik Heb de Hele Nacht Aan Jou Gedacht - Various - Hollandse Hitparade, Candy Love - Rebecca & Fiona - Beauty Is Pain, Ei Siivetön Lintu Koskaan Lennä - Pekka Montin Ja Keskeinen Aika - Pieni Mies, I Was Born To Cry - Johnny Thunders & Patti Palladin - Copy Cats, The Instrumental (Version) - Q Project - The Instrumental (Dub Plate Mix) (Acetate), 10 Times - Freddie Gibbs - Shadow Of A Doubt, Other Side Of The World - KT Tunstall - Eye To The Telescope, Serenity - Arcana - Dark Age Of Reason, No Title - Various - Best Before... Sound Art - 18 X 100 SEC. SOUND LETTERS, Know Ya - Ty Dolla $ign* - Free TC

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  3. Music from bigband.akikuscofymdagdathis.infoinfo From the opening of a brand new vinyl record to the hidden tracks on your favorite CDs, the melodies and beats of your favorite tunes can soothe, energize, create whole new memories, and even transform your entire mood.
  4. Khruangbin – Con Todo El Mundo (Night Time Stores Ltd.). I’m sure this will end up on tons of year-end lists, and deservedly so. I am not good at talking about music, but this band is very good at playing music, so just go listen to it and enjoy yourself. The Beths – Future Me Hates Me (Carpark).
  5. The history and the discography of the Island Records label can conveniently be divided into three phases. The Jamaican Years, covering the label's releases from to ; The New Ground Years, covering to approximately
  6. Record Store Day was conceived in at a gathering of independent record store owners and employees as a way to celebrate and spread the word about the unique culture surrounding nearly independently owned record stores in the US and thousands of similar stores internationally. The first Record Store Day took place on April 19, Today there are Record Store Day participating.
  7. Do you need a little extra help with trying to find s music videos and their artists? Ask other site visitors! You can submit your questions to find s music videos further down below. s top music videos include Hey Ya (OutKast), Say My Name (Destiny’s Child), 99 Problems (Jay-Z), Feel Good Inc. (Gorillaz), Get Continue reading "Find s Music Videos".
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