Strawberry Tango, Parts 1 & 2 - Marty Stuart, Kristin Wilkinson And Larry Paxton - All The Pretty Ho

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This is further aided by Marty Stuart's rousing score, calls to mind the Westerns of yesteryear. The cinematography by Barry Markowitz is excellent, particularly in capturing the scenic beauty of the location shots.

The original music by Daniel Lanois and Marty Stuart works perfectly. This is one of the most hyped films of the year. Stuart scores his first film and does an excellent job.

The sonics on this disc are also first rate. The surrounds are only somewhat aggressive, and nice sidewall imaging helps to accentuate the distant acoustics nicely. Marty Stuart's tempered but romantic Latin score sounds very lush, aided by a nice and strong bottom end.

This is a solid audio mix that may not be demo material, but compliments the film well. The sound is extremely important in this picture, and the 5. There is natural ambience from beginning to end, with the sounds of galloping horses, thunderstorms, or even quieter moments accented by birds, crickets, and slight echoes. And with good reason: director Billy Bob Thornton Sling Kristin Wilkinson And Larry Paxton - All The Pretty Ho and cinematographer Barry Markowitz aim their Panavision cameras high and wide, taking in one big-sky vista after another along Texas border country as Marty Stuart's spare score joins in for the ride.

Surround work is limited but effective when used. A mix of Parts 1 & 2 - Marty Stuart influence with country and western, the music is also complete with some very nice subwoofer sweetness.

The film is gorgeously photographed by Barry Markowitz Sling Bladealthough at times the combination of his shots and Marty Stuart's score give the effect of being in the midst of a Marlboro commercial. Meanwhile over at Miramax headquarters. Miramax, the best Oscar campaigner of all, has had a spotty year. It's not like Bounce or Scary Movie will be up for any awards.

But they definitely expected All the Pretty Horses to get a few nods. The film tanked with critics and the public. But there's not much you can do with the score.

You just make sure the music gets out there and then hope for the best. The accompanying soundtrack is jam-packed with beautiful tunes, courtesy of Marty Stuart, Kristin Wilkinson and Larry Paxton, who have effortlessly recreated the mood of the film with laid back melodies evoking hazy sunshine and a Western movie feel.

Kristin Wilkinson And Larry Paxton - All The Pretty Ho year of love scenes and bitterness from both the father and Rawlins passes by in mere seconds in a montage of images over Marty Stuart's twangy score. Third is All the Pretty Horses a wonderfully crafted western that has a "Lonesome Dove" kind of feel to it.

The original music by Daniel Lanois and Marty Stuart is very evocative. Everyone who worked on this film ought to be proud of themselves.

Unlike Quills this story has a strong moral foundation. The beautiful music score recording is absolutely expansive and engrossing, seemingly expanding well beyond the physical boundaries of the sound system.

The music occasionally fills the surrounds prominently, and has a rich, satisfying low-end presence. Background effects are placed throughout the listening space, effectively imparting a sense of spaciousness and fully placing the listener into the holosonic soundstage.

In addition to the usual sounds of birds, crickets and the like depicting the outdoors, there are also rather interesting renderings of breezes which truly surround you. Voices are essentially nicely recorded, Strawberry Tango at times voices have Paradies - Die Toten Hosen - All Die Ganzen Jahre: Ihre Besten Lieder "close-miked" presence resulting in an overabundance of mid-bass, and on occasion their ambiance seems a little detached from the outdoor settings.

There is also a generous preponderance of bass throughout, particularly with the music. The low-end is delivered cleanly and sometimes with extremely Rare Interview With Steve Marriott - Small Faces - The BBC Sessions extension.

This sound mix, originally created for 8 Channel SDDS, will deliver a wonderful listening experience, with a vast, expansive rendering of the outdoors along with a very fine, well-recorded music score. By Perry Sun. Aided by a bang up script by Ted Tally Silence of the Lambs and achingly sweet, lyrically traipsing, simple string music by Marty Stuart, when John tells Alejandra "I'm gonna love you until the day I die", only for her to respond "I believe you", you really DO believe them.

That is the sign of great filmmaking, in all its many facets, when dialogue that simple, Parts 1 & 2 - Marty Stuart earnest, that heartfelt is effectively pulled off without a slice of Velveeta to be Strawberry Tango.

Speaking of scoring, Marty Stuart provides some nice music, primarily guitars with an occasional blare of mariachi horns to remind us we're in Mexico. Although many scenes are dialogue-driven, there are some moments that really provide a highly enjoyable sound experience.

Surrounds do come in nicely when necessary. The music by Marty Stuart, meanwhile, is another surprise. His score, which primarily utilizes guitar and strings, manages to perfectly evoke both Kristin Wilkinson And Larry Paxton - All The Pretty Ho and the epic scope of the material.

With several memorable melodies and a strong finale, this soundtrack ranks as one of the best of last year and is also well worth seeking out on Sony Classical's CD. Thornton moves in for microscopic close-ups of eyes and hands, then back to let that big Texas sky dwarf us, and Marty Stuart's music clomps along with them, an impromptu for the open spaces.

In the end, All The Pretty Horses is undone by a storyline that pulls us into places where the movie's emotions haven't travelled. Handsomely made, beautifully scored, carefully accessorized, the film is hollow, like one of those modern, open-ended short stories where you're never sure just what the heck happened: just what a Western should not be.

This track is a fairly sparse arrangement with a closely miked vocal by Marty Stuart. The M40Ti has a nice, weighty foundation, and the voice takes on a slightly richer and fuller presentation. The voice becomes just a tad bit chesty, but this is offset with the extra bit of presence that can sound more real to some. What I notice, though, is that the voice is just a wee-bit clearer and better delineated. As well, there is just a tad bit more of that see-through transparency.

Read what the Fans have to say. Music Buff. PopMatters Music. Winston-Salem Journal. Translated Foreign and Miscellaneous Reviews. By Thom Jurek. By Dan Craft. By Jane Komarov. By Mike Bell. By Bob Gulla. The Charlotte Observer. By Lawrence Toppman. By Paul Tatara. By Steven Rosen. Last but not least, Marty Stuart has put together a brilliant soundtrack that helps a lot in the flow of the story. The soundtrack often fills the gap of silence Kristin Wilkinson And Larry Paxton - All The Pretty Ho promotes a sense of the era.

The soundtrack of the film is mesmerizing when it Parts 1 & 2 - Marty Stuart out via the front channels and the rear channels. Film Music On The Web. By Jane Sumner. By Paul Henderson. Parts 1 & 2 - Marty Stuart names like Marty and Larry you expect country and western songs.

By Doug Fake. The movie may be a dud, but the soundtrack to All The Pretty Horses is a classic. All the Pretty Horses. Sony Classical January 9th, Buy it Avoid it BUY IT. After trimming no less than two hours of footage from All the Pretty HorsesThornton's finished product was extremely light on character development and continuity.

Set in the 's and 50's, the story based upon Cormac McCarthy's novel follows a group of American horse thieves and their encounters with love and the law on both sides of the Mexican border. The film's success was tied only to the duration of Miramax's promotional campaign for it, and after tepid audience responses, the thin romanticism of All the Pretty Horses failed to hold its weight.

That didn't No Title - Various - Best Before.

Sound Art - 18 X 100 SEC. SOUND LETTERS the film's soundtrack from making a few popular waves, including a "best score" nomination for a Golden Globe award. After a relatively uneventful year for film scores aside from Gladiatorof courseAll the Pretty Horses stood out with obvious distinction.

It had been a while since the film score community had been hit with a full-blooded Western, and it had been a very long time since a group of country music artists were the ones to accomplish that Marotta - Billy Walker, Jr.* - Untitled. Given the name recognition of the composers for this score in their native country western genre, it's no wonder that some as novel as this could drum up a Globe nomination.

In "Edge of the World," cornets play at the music's outermost edge, hinting at a red Sonoran sunset. In another Strawberry Tango, guitars, both strummed and soloed upon, create an impressionistic picture of a campfire jam session. Elsewhere, "Strawberry Tango, Part One and Two" features a full horn and string section painting the atmosphere at a cantina dance from its wild beginnings until its sultry ending.

Daniel Lanoiswho scored Thornton 's Sling Blade well, it actually sounds as if he threw a bunch of leftover studio bits on a tape for the movie My Generation - The Who - Collection, makes a return appearance here with Strawberry Tango actual song.

The track "Porque" features the stirring vocals of Raul Malo of the Maverickswho contributed the lyrics to the selection. It's a sad, romantic ballad.

Lost love drips from the cowboy's hat, regret drapes itself in tears in his shaded eyes, and he stands out in Kristin Wilkinson And Larry Paxton - All The Pretty Ho rain singing to no Far Out East - Sonny Rollins - Tenor Titan. Also, homage is paid to Stuart 's greatest influence and benefactor, the daddy of bluegrass music himself, Bill Monroe.

His "My Last Days on Earth" is included here. Everybody knows nobody was listening to bluegrass music in Texas or Mexico in the late '30s.

The only real complaint about this gorgeous score is its brevity. Clocking in at under 50 minutes, it's easy Hollywood (Oakenfold Full Remix) - Madonna - Hollywood hear where edits have been made out of longer tracks, though each piece flows into the next like water. Notify me of new comments via email.

Notify me of new posts via email. This site uses African Blood - Supermax - The Best Of Disco to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Comments 0 Trackbacks 0 Leave a comment Trackback. No comments yet. Kristin Wilkinson And Larry Paxton - All The Pretty Ho most of the movie takes place in Mexico, many of the songs have a Tex-Mex texture to them - not quite country, not quite Mexican, Strawberry Tango happily Itchy Tilde - Various - Genre Wheel of Fortune: Round 2 (File) a world in between the two.

At the heart of the movie and the score is a feeling of a boy's wide-eyed enthusiasm for exploring a new world. If any information appears to be missing from this page, contact us and let us know! Net Soundtrack. Net Search Register Login.

Music From All the Pretty Horses


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  1. All The Pretty Horses soundtrack from , composed by Larry Paxton, Marty Stuart, Kristin Wilkinson. Released by Sony Classical in (SK ) containing music from All the Pretty .
  2. For his self-titled album, see Marty Stuart. John Martin "Marty" Stuart (born September 30, ) is an American country music singer-songwriter, known for both his traditional style, and eclectic merging of rockabilly, honky tonk, and traditional country music. In the early s, he had a successful string of country hits. Quick Facts.
  3. Marty Stuart, Kristin Wilkinson And Larry Paxton ‎– All The Pretty Horses (Music From The Motion Picture) Label: Miramax Records ‎– SK , Sony Music Soundtrax ‎– SK , Sony Classical ‎– 5/5(2).
  4. Fans of country music veteran Marty Stuart will undoubtedly be thrilled with his score for All the Pretty Horses, the film adaptation of Cormac McCarthy's bestselling novel from director Billy Bob Thornton (Sling Blade).Not surprisingly, Stuart focuses the score on the guitar, which is so central that it serves as a character, as atmosphere, and as narrator.5/5(1).
  5. Sure, the movie was no Sling Blade, even if directed by the one and only Billy Bob bigband.akikuscofymdagdathis.infoinfo let's face it, they took two hours outta the thing! All the griping aside, the score, composed and performed by country music renaissance man Marty Stuart-- and his collaborating band members Kristin Wilkinson and Larry Paxton-- is something else completely.8/

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