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Even if I quickly click and drag the slider down, as soon as I click off it slides right back up I ran AVG it found nothing. What do these symptoms mean, and how do I get rid of it? I have a Toshiba laptop running Windows 7. Share Flag. All Answers. Collapse. Try a different pointing device. What it all means is Back to Malware Forum 2 total posts Page 1 of 1. Start or search. Official Charts Company. Retrieved 3 September BBC Radio 1.

List of covers Live Lounge Special. Hidden categories: Use dmy dates from September Use British English from September Articles needing additional references from December All articles needing additional references Articles with short description Articles with hAudio microformats.

Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Languages Simple English Edit links. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. SonyRhinoUniversal TV. Friendly Fires. Upon arriving at the scene, they saw Argana holding a man by his neck with one arm, asking him what he wanted with her.

The other fishermen tried to reason with her, telling her that the man had bumped her shoulder because he thought she was beautiful, but they immediately became quiet when she told them that bumping another person's shoulder was the sign of a fight to the death in her country.

Soon after, Tione arrived, and two began fighting. Seeing this, Ais and Tiona tried to help her, though they were blocked by Bache and the other Amazonesses.

Even with her skills, Tione continued to be pressed, and as she fought she noticed a Human girl behind her, realizing that she had failed to escape in time.

Noticing that Tione was protecting World Ends Right Now (Unreleased) - Various - 60s Fever Diamonds Vol. Promo / Provo (Psych - Flower girl, Argana told her that she had stopped being a warrior, then when she saw her resentment of their homelandasked her if she regretted killing Seldas.

At this point Tione's anger exploded, though fortunately both Loki and Kali arrived to stop the fight. Later that night, Loki and Riveria visited a bar to discuss the information about the Violas they had obtained. While they went over the information, Riveria noted that Rubato had tried to shift her attention away from the Violas, adding that Murdock had refused to speak to them either. Hearing her report, Loki asked her if she thought Njord was suspicious, revealing that he was clearly hiding something from them.

Unable to come to a conclusion with the information they had, Loki asked the Trombone - Sir Adrian Boult Featuring Members Of The London Philharmonic Orchestra - Sir Adrian Boul if anything had changed in Melen, prompting him to mention that he'd seen Amazonesses he didn't recognize in the city long before the Kali Familia arrived.

While Loki and Riveria went over their information at the bar, Ishtaralong with some members of her Familiamet with Kali in an inn she had prepared to discuss the request letter she had sent. As she desired to destroy the Freya FamiliaIshtar had sent a letter to Kali a year earlier to discuss an alliance, intent on using them to help defeat her enemies. Kali commented that she was only interested in fighting the Freya Familia, causing Ishtar to inform her of the battle plan, as she didn't want them to do whatever they wanted.

After she listened to her explanation, Kali remarked that a Goddess' jealousy was ugly, prompting Ishtar to mention that she would do anything to defeat Freya. Once they sealed the alliance, Kali wondered how Ishtar was going to have her Familia fight Ottar, as he was Level 7 compared to Phrynewho was Level 5. Not worrying about Kali's remark, Ishtar mentioned that she had a trump card, drawing the Goddess' gaze to a person behind her, who Kali recognized as a Beast Humanthough her view was quickly blocked by Aisha who hid the girl behind her.

Moving her attention away from the girl, Kali asked to have their Something Going On - Various - Step / Slide Volume 6 changed from gold to a fight against the Loki Familia, telling Ishtar she wanted to pit the Kalif sisters against the Hiryute sisters to see who was stronger, then asked them to hold the Loki Familia off while they fought, to which Ishtar agreed to after some words from Phryne. The next morning, Loki ordered the members of her Familia to split up and search for more clues about the Violas, making sure to leave Riveria with Tione and Ais with Tiona to make sure that they didn't pick a fight with the Kali Familia.

However, Lefiya's group was tricked into following a disguised Kali, who had completely hidden her Divinity to avoid being detected as a Something Going On - Various - Step / Slide Volume 6and subsequently attacked by Bache, who took Lefiya with her as a hostage. When Tione heard of this from Argana, her anger flared up once again, causing her to fetch Tiona and explain the situation to her once out of Ais' range of hearing.

Soon after, the Medley: Unforgettable/When You Wish Upon A Star/Them There Eyes - Various - All The Things You Are/M arrived at an abandoned factory to hide until the specified time. A short while after having a mock battle, Tione and Tiona slept until the specified time, at which point they headed down to the port to fight Argana and Bache.

The remaining members Something Going On - Various - Step / Slide Volume 6 the Loki Familia regrouped at the fishing district, where Loki was seething with rage over her children being attacked, but quickly changed her mood when she saw what Ais and Tiona had found in Murdock's Mansion, prompting her to send Aki with a message to Orario. A while later, Kali asked a captive Lefiya to tell her about Tione and Tiona, and Something Going On - Various - Step / Slide Volume 6 agreed to request once she realized that she had no other choice.

Kali was amused by her story, laughing at the fact that Tione was in love, prompting Lefiya to try and talk her into stopping their fight against the Hiryute sisters.

Despite her pleas, the Goddess refused to listen to her request, telling her that she wanted Something Going On - Various - Step / Slide Volume 6 see what was at the end of all fighting.

During the night, Ais spotted Tione and Tiona heading to the harbor, but before she could move to assist them, the group of Violas that Ishtar had ordered her Familia to plant in advance attacked the harbor, forcing Bellas Birthday Cake - Various - CMJ New Music Monthly Volume 44 April 1997 to deal with them first.

Realizing what the enemy's intentions were, Loki ordered Riveria to take care of other business, who promptly took Alicia with her to take care of it, and she herself took Rakta and Elfy with her to confront the person that had brought the monsters. Once the Violas were defeated, Ais tried to go assist the sisters for a Heaven For Everyone - Queen - Made In Heaven time, however she was blocked by a figure in full plate armor, who she quickly identified as Phryne leading her to realize that the Ishtar Familia was fighting them.

Thatll Be The Day - The Big Chill - The Big Chill the battle, she was shocked to see that Phryne was fighting with the strength of a Level 6 adventurer, and was put in a tight situation when another Amazoness sealed her magic with a curse.

While the others fought the Ishtar Something Going On - Various - Step / Slide Volume 6Loki's group surrounded a suspicious person, who turned out to be Rod, with Loki soon revealing that had been following after Njord.

As the people involved were all present, she began to tell everyone what she had discovered, revealing that the magic powder that supposedly kept the monsters away was laced with magic stones, which when used with the Violas kept the monster population down in the lake, adding that both the Guild branch office and Murdock were involved in the scheme. Njord admitted to being involved Something Going On - Various - Step / Slide Volume 6 the scheme, explaining that he did it due to the massive number of aquatic monsters eating all of the fish, and that they would eventually force the fishermen out of business, which was something he couldn't ignore as the God of fishing.

He further explained that he first learned of the Violas when one reached the lake from the sewers, and upon exploring the sewers, he met a mysterious man there who agreed to lend him the monsters as long as they were allowed to smuggle goods through Melen.

Once she confirmed that he wasn't connected to Evilus, Loki asked him about the people who brought the Violas from the city, who he revealed were the Ishtar Familia, and that they were the mediators between Evilus and Njord. While Loki presented her deduction to Njord, Riveria apprehended Rubato at the Guild branch office, preventing him from disposing of the evidence incriminating himself and tying him to a pillar to prevent him from escaping.

As he cursed her, Something Going On - Various - Step / Slide Volume 6 heard a voice lamenting his involvement in the scheme, telling him that he would've forgiven him if his intentions were noble.

Fels appeared, shocking the already frightened man, and knocked him out with green particles which were emitted from the sleeve of his robe. Fortunately for Ais, the rest of the Loki Familia soon joined the fight, with Bete arriving to assist her in her fight against Phryne, while Gareth went to save Lefiya from her Amazoness captors. Gareth could see that she was disappointed that it wasn't Ais that was saving her, nonetheless he shrugged it off and faced the Amazonesses, who he easily defeated one by one.

Turning his attention to Haruhime, he attempted Something Going On - Various - Step / Slide Volume 6 attack her, though he stopped when he saw her frightened eyes, allowing Aisha to rescue her and retreat with the other Amazonesses. Ais took advantage of Bete's intervention to go help Tiona, preventing Kali and her Amazonesses from kidnapping her Diya Gneba - Oumou Sangare - Moussolou her victory over Bache.


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  7. Radio 1's Live Lounge – Volume 6 is a compilation album consisting of live tracks played on Fearne Cotton's BBC Radio 1 show, both cover versions and original songs. The album was released on 31 October , and is the seventh in the series of Live Lounge albums. Track listingLabel: Sony, Rhino, Universal TV.
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