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Williams album. So as to avoid any wasted time in legal issues with Capitol Records, it was decided not to use the Plasmatics name on the record at all and was simply called WOWthe initials for Wendy VI Reminiscence, Andante - Dvořák* - Radoslav Kvapil - Piano Works. Gene Simmons felt it would give him the freedom he wanted to add more new players to the album.

Wes Beech remained to play rhythm and lead and T. Tolliver, the drummer on Coup d'Etatremained to play on the new album.

Gene Simmons played bass under the pseudonym of "Reginald Van Helsing". The only other new player on the album was lead guitarist Michael Raybrought in to solve the technical challenges that had been a problem for several albums and had come to a head with the more complex music of Coup D'Etat.

The record was released on Passport international and U. Review copies were sent out to the various Priestess - Wendy O. Williams - WOW outlets. Malcolm Dome, a reviewer for Kerrang! With Mohawks now starting to become common, Wendy decided to let her hair grow in, and the cover Rod shot for what would be called the "album of the year" in the pages of Kerrang!

Wes Beech took a sabbatical for personal reasons and would not tour with the band on the next tour. The band decided to return to being a 3-Piece. Wes came in as Associate Producer with Rod on the album and worked on writing, arranging and recording, but the recording would be Michael, TC, and Greg who would go on to play with Alice CooperRitchie Blackmore and others and who had been brought in as the touring bassist for Sensorites - Spacemen WOW album.

There was tremendous excitement in tackling the project a kind of minimalist, stripped down concept, or rite of purification. The songs, including the lyrics, would also be minimalistic or archetypal again giving Wendy a chance to take her vocals step further. The tempo of the WOW album had been slower than previous albums in an effort to open it up, but the new album Kommander of Kaos a. KOK was to bring back the speed and then some.

Songs would be played at breakneck speeds, with screaming leads and vocals. Wes had rejoined the band to both tour and play on the next album where the re-formed 4 piece band became a centerpiece for perhaps the most complex arrangements in the band's career.

After the archetypal minimalism, both lyrically and musically of Komander, the new album, which would again carry the Plasmatics name, was again filled with complexity and returned to the social and political Priestess - Wendy O.

Williams - WOW previously found most strongly in Coup but in before it: Priestess - Wendy O. Williams - WOW decay and a world where excess and abuse led directly to a doomsday scenario. Maggots: The Record was recorded in and set 25 years in the future where environmental abuse and the burning of fossil fuels have created a greenhouse effect leading to an end of the world scenario.

Called by many the first "thrash metal opera", the central theme of the album is an end Priestess - Wendy O. Williams - WOW the world scenario that follows from genetic engineering and global warming, something that was not at all part of the general public awareness of the time.

A group of scientists trying to eliminate pollution in the rivers and oceans develop an RNA retrovirus designed to eat it all up and then die once the pollution has been consumed. But global warming leading to the flooding of land areas instead puts the virus in contact with the "common maggot" leading to a mutated form of maggot that doubles in size with each generation looking for more and more things to consume. In the 'end of the world' finale cities are being destroyed and humans consumed by giant maggots a horrific metaphorical end to a Kill Caustic - AFI - I Heard A Voice - Live From Long Beach Arena (DVDr) blind to human consumption and environmental destruction.

The album features Priestess - Wendy O. Williams - WOW scenes of The White Family over the course of three days. The family is Priestess - Wendy O. Williams - WOW while watching a Priestess - Wendy O. Williams - WOW game show. Valerie, the girlfriend of hot-shot television reporter Bruce is devoured by three massive maggots while lying in her boyfriend's bed.

The final scene has Cindy White trying to fight off the attacking maggots and running out onto a fire escape where she sees the crowded streets below as the record shows the entire human population is headed for imminent annihilation.

Wendy did a performance piece to inaugurate Fire In The Sky - Ozzy Osbourne - No Rest For The Wicked album at NYC's Palladiumwhich had been transformed from a proscenium theater into a huge multi-level club where she sledgehammered and chainsawed to smithereens a facsimile all-American living True Confession - Ann Winsborn - Everything I Am. Rear screen projectors ran film of human disasters, fascists and other historical horrors, environmental carnage and human rights violations on huge screens behind the band during all the songs from the Maggots album.

A review in Kerrang! Warrior's Harmonium Hard Mix - Melog - Harmonium (File) grunts' to mere whimpers" it went on coupled with "a mixture of hedonistic operatic melodies. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Plasmatics making a Priestess - Wendy O. Williams - WOW video in New York City in Williams and Jean Beauvoir.

Punk rock heavy metal shock rock [1] [2] [3] biker metal [4] [5]. Stiff Capitol Profile. Final members Wendy O. Williams — vocals, saxophone, chainsaw, sledgehammer —, —88 Wes Beech — rhythm guitar —, —88keyboards —,—88lead guitarPriestess - Wendy O.

Williams - WOW Chris Romanelli — bass —,—88keyboards —, —88 Michael Ray — lead guitar, rhythm guitar —88 Ray Callahan — drums —88 Former members Richie Stotts — lead guitar — Chosei Funahara — bass — Jean Beauvoir — bass, keyboards — Greg Smith — bass Stu Deutsch — drums — T. High Performance Magazine. Theft is vision: collected writings and interviews. Williams once described herself as a "marginal nymphomaniac and terminal exhibitionist ". In several interviews, Williams has spoken about her passion for tattoos.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Wendy Orlean Williams. For other persons named Wendy Williams, see Wendy Williams disambiguation. Webster, New YorkU. Storrs, ConnecticutU. Rod Swenson m. Punk rock heavy metal shock rock rap rock. Passport Profile.

Further information: Plasmatics discography. CVLT Nation. Retrieved May 29, The New York Times. Retrieved March 22, New York: Penguin Group. New Women in Rock. The First Four Years. Raging Rhino Entertainment. Retrieved August 4, Archived from the original on November 12, Archived from the original on March 9, Archived from the original on June 24, Retrieved April 30, Hartford Courant. Archived from the original on August 15, Hartford Advocate.

Archived from the original on 5 December Retrieved December 20, Night Flight. Williams we didn't know". Williams Dies". The Columbian. April 9, Archived from the original on December 1, Williams Unofficial Website. April 7, Scott August 27, May 19, Archived from the original on June 5, Archived from the original on March 8, Rochester City Newspaper. Retrieved May 30, September 21, Both Williams and Swenson shared a revulsion for the banality, conformity of contemporary cultural consumerism and its consequences and were determined to Priestess - Wendy O.

Williams - WOW a head on assault. Williams' fearless attitude and uncompromising tough agressive vocals, claiming territory previously reserved for males, even while Priestess - Wendy O. Williams - WOW the The Same People - Calipso El Callao middle finger to the establishment saw her get a Grammy Nomination as Best Female Rock Vocalist of the Year, while her jaw-dropping stage shows and political stance saw her banned in London, arrested multiple times and severely beaten by the police in Milwaukee, WI.

During her 10 year recording career she produced 8 studio albums, multiple EPs, each which still stands as a landmark in musical history. Her death-defying accompanying videos still stand unmatched today, as do her stage shows which saw her destroying icons of mass consumerism such as the sledgehammering of TVs and the blowing up of full size cars on stage as well as the chainsawing of guitars.


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  1. WOW Wendy O. Williams. Released WOW Tracklist. 1. I Love Sex (and Rock and Roll) Lyrics. 2. It's My Life Lyrics. 3. Priestess Lyrics. 4. Thief in the Night.
  2. Priestess Wendy O. Williams. Produced by Gene Simmons. Album WOW. Priestess Lyrics [Verse 1] I'm a wrecker, heartbreaker I'm set for the kill Whip-wielder, man-eater Gonna give you a thrill.
  3. Mar 01,  · Williams played loud and in your face metal similar to a female fronted Judas Priest. Sadly she took her own life in April of Wendy O. Williams was truly a visionary ahead of her time and genuinely loved metal; I have nothing but the utmost respect for her as she had the guts to be different. Wendy is greatly missed and WOW deserves two.
  4. Wendy O. Williams was the first woman in history to appear on national television with a mohawk haircut. In , People magazine put Williams on their best dressed style list. Wendy O. Williams was promoted in the number 72 July issue of Kerrang! magazine in while also being the first woman to be featured on its front bigband.akikuscofymdagdathis.infoinfo: Wendy Orlean Williams, May 28, , .
  5. BIO OVERVIEW. So radical, so unique, innovative and ahead of her time was the now legendary Wendy O. Williams (WOW), that today, nearly 30 years after she first exploded onto the New York underground scene and nearly 20 years after she stopped performing, and nearly 10 years after her death, she still remains a threat to the poseurs, phonies, and hypocrites of the male-dominated cultural (and.
  6. Plasmatics were an American punk rock and heavy metal band formed by Rod Swenson and Wendy O. Williams in New York City, New York, in The band was a controversial group known for chaotic, destructive live shows and controversial theatrics. These included chainsawing guitars, blowing up speaker cabinets, sledgehammering television sets, and blowing up automobiles live on bigband.akikuscofymdagdathis.infoinfo: Punk rock, heavy metal, shock rock, biker metal.

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