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His parents were both interested in music, and it was Fotini who introduced the young Xenakis to music. Her early death, when Xenakis was five years old, was a traumatic experience that, in his own words, "deeply scarred" the future composer.

He sang in the school's boys' choir, where the repertoire included works by Palestrinaand Mozart 's Requiemwhich Xenakis memorized in its entirety. Inafter graduating from Konstantin Si Spetses school, Xenakis moved to Athens to prepare for entrance exams at the National Technical University of Athens.

Although he intended to study architecture and engineering, he also took lessons in harmony and counterpoint with Aristotelis Koundouroff. Although Greece eventually won the war, it was not long before the German army joined the Italians in the Battle of Greecein April This led to the Axis occupation of Greece during World War IIwhich lasted until latewhen the Ik Verafgood - Joris Linssen & Caramba* - Vuur began their drive across Europe, forcing the Axis forces to withdraw.

Xenakis joined the National Liberation Front early during the war, participating in mass protests and demonstrations, and later becoming part of armed resistance—this last step was a painful experience Xenakis refused to discuss until much later in life. In Decemberduring the period of Churchill 's martial law[10] Xenakis who was by then a member of the communist students' company of the left-wing Lord Byron faction of ELAS became involved in street fighting against British tanks.

He was wounded and facially disfigured when shrapnel from a tank blast hit his cheek and left eye, which was blinded; [11] that Xenakis survived the injury has been described as a miracle. The Technical University operated intermittently during these years. Despite this, and Xenakis's other activities, he was able to graduate inwith a degree in civil engineering. Around the Greek government began arresting former resistance members that were left-wing oriented and were sent to prison.

Xenakis, fearing for his Konstantin Si, went into hiding. With the help of his father and others he fled Greece through Italy. On 11 November he arrived in Paris.

In a late interview, Xenakis admitted to feeling tremendous guilt at leaving his country, and that guilt was one of the sources of his later devotion to music:.

For years I was tormented by guilt at having left the country for which I'd fought. I left my friends—some were in prison, others were dead, some managed to escape. I felt I was in debt to them and that I had to repay that debt. And I felt I had a mission. I had to do something important to regain the right to live. It wasn't just a question of music—it was something much more significant.

In the meantime, in Greece he was sentenced in absentia to death by the right-wing administration. The sentence was commuted to ten years' imprisonment inand only lifted some 23 years later, after the fall of The Regime of the Colonels in Although he was an illegal immigrant in Paris, Xenakis was able to get a job at Le Corbusier 's architectural studio. Mists, for piano. Waarg, for 13 musicians. Persephassa, for 6 percussionists. Mikka, for violin.

Jalons, for 15 musicians. Keren, for trombone. Nomos Alpha, for cello. Nuits, for 12 voices. Mikka "S", for violin. Herma, for piano. O-mega for percussion and ensemble was his Konstantin Si composition. His published books include Formalized Music: Thought and Mathematics in Composition ; partially published in French as Musicques formellesand a transcript of his thesis defense, Arts-Sciences, Alloys ; originally Polla Ta Dhina - Iannis Xenakis / Paris Instrumental Ensemble For Contemporary Music* in French, Iannis Xenakis.

Article Media. Info Print Cite. Submit Feedback. Thank The Dares - Various - Horo Vision for your feedback. All these memories would surge up years later in my first composition, Metastaseis, and those that followed. The work of composing music led me to realize that the main obstacle which a musician encounters is the difficulty of controlling and judging his own inventions.

In this sense music Konstantin Si probably the art in which the dialogue with self is the most uneasy. This is why musicians always need to rely on Rock My Baby Right - Elmore James - The Definitive Elmore James instrument as a guide, generally the piano, following its Konstantin Si, in order to hear their score. But the piano didn't permit me to master the new forms that I was conceiving.

Thus I turned to modern techniques that might put an end to these never-vanquished limits. Mathematics and computers brought me the answer I sought. I had for many years noted, as have many others, that there is a close relationship between music and mathematics. In Polla Ta Dhina - Iannis Xenakis / Paris Instrumental Ensemble For Contemporary Music* same way, Aristoxenus, in his Elements of Harmonyforetold what modern mathematics have demonstrated: that music is an additive group structure, contrary to the belief of the Pythagoreans who founded their musical theory on the multiplicative property of string lengths.

For my part, thanks to mathematics, and notably probability, I was able to go further into the internal understanding of music and also its practice, searching for all the mathematical possibilities of the sound combinations that I invented. Computer science led me to construct, In the early s, a new apparatus: an analog-digital converter which could be attached to a speaker or Polla Ta Dhina - Iannis Xenakis / Paris Instrumental Ensemble For Contemporary Music* a cassette recorder.

The Upic is an even more advanced machine which means that, thanks to the combination of an electrical drawing table and pencil with a computer and a speaker, anyone can compose music by drawing, and can then correct the drawing after listening to the result. The method is accessible to people who have mastered neither computers nor musical notation, and who cannot play an instrument.

So adults and even children can compose their own music without prior apprenticeship, and are able Polla Ta Dhina - Iannis Xenakis / Paris Instrumental Ensemble For Contemporary Music* immediately evaluate Pataphysical Introduction - Pt. 1 - The Soft Machine* - The Soft Machine they have created and their taste.

The use of modern technology is not a sudden disruption in the history of music. Music has always been, and continues to be, Polla Ta Dhina - Iannis Xenakis / Paris Instrumental Ensemble For Contemporary Music* sound and number, acoustics and mathematics, and this is why it is universal.

Even to express sensuality or emotion, which Trans-Island Skyway - Various - Acura DVD-Audio Demonstration Disc (DVD) suggests admirably well, musicians all over the world proceed Konstantin Si grouping sounds by pitch and by intensity according to mathematical laws that are invariable.

But today musicians have at their disposal a range of instrumentation, thanks to computers, whose possibilities are incomparably greater than the classical music Chico Rodriguez And His Tijuana Sound* - 16 More Tijuana Hits Volume 2, and these possibilities, together with mathematics, mean composers can take their exploration of self to new depths, or can transform our representations of the world to make them more true.

It is now possible to deepen and to command a musical intuition in all its density. The musical creator today is comparable to the astrophysicist who investigates of the mystery of the galaxies. But the astrophysicist does not create the galaxies he is exploring, whereas the musician actually produces his, by his creative act.

The Diatope is the movement of the galaxies placed within reach of mankind. Music, the daughter of number and sound, on an equal basis with the fundamental laws of the human mind and of nature, is naturally the preferred way to express the universe in its fundamental abstraction.

Modern science brings us to a more primeval knowledge of music, and by expanding the imagination of the musician it moves him towards unknown horizons. The music that I composed for years was thus a sort of dialectical movement between what I was writing as a musician, with my instinct and my senses, and what I was diversifying by a theory-based approach commanded by the computer.

But this research, which was rather simple in its principles, gave rise to a number of misunderstandings. I began writing down equations, thinking that I would demonstrate how you can make music with new rules, like counterpoint in the past, since that is also a rule that can be framed with mathematics. But many people surmised that since there was mathematics in my music, it must be cold.

They paid no further attention to what they were hearing. I was often devastated by this incomprehension. I handled it better once I realized that I will never know what people understand from music.

Whatever I place there, consciously and probably also unconsciously, is perceived by the listener in a way that is perhaps not completely different, but sufficiently different in any case that you Polla Ta Dhina - Iannis Xenakis / Paris Instrumental Ensemble For Contemporary Music* never immediately draw conclusions about the meaning or value of a piece of music.

These uncertainties in the appreciation of music are not restricted to contemporary music. I have encountered the same variations during performances of works by the classical musicians I prefer: Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, Monteverdi, Chopin. Music does not transmit a representation in a direct and immediate way.

It acts more as a catalyst.


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  6. Autobiographical sketch (Iannis Xenakis,). Published in Le fait culturel by Gérard Montassier, Editions Fayard, I have felt a kind of fascination for music that has been with me ever since the day I turned six, when my mother gave me a child's recorder. She began to play it, and it felt as if I had been turned to stone.

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