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By redredwineoonasunday gmail. Posted in Uncategorized. The Name is Bill, as in Mr. Can you spot the other obvious mistake??? Got some tonight from the likes of Motorcycle B…. We are heading out of the station soon, so grab a bunk, order up a few drinks and relax. Next stop, Pinhead Studios. Lou Reed Cycle An…. Ten Years!!!! It went by too fast…. The subject — The Twilight Zone. This one is chock full of Halloween goodness with the Groovie Ghoulies, Iron Maiden and Chris Mars thrown in the pot and boiled up into….

The Monster Surfer Frank N. Voodoo Woman Gene Maltais ft. In 2 weeks, The Derrier is the subject, thanks to Jake! All that and great contributions from you, the kind listener.

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At each place around the table sat a single glass of water. No ice. For those who finished their glass, no refills were offered. There was no group photograph taken of the CEOs with the president, which typically happens at ceremonial White House gatherings but not at serious strategy sessions.

His name is Cat. I was in the middle of reading truthout. Everything blinked off. The bastards at DWP had cut off my power. I have the money. I was just being stupid frugal and retarded reluctant to pay a bill. Being poor makes you brave.

My first thought is about what a dick I am because I made mad cash this month. I go to the bank and make a big deposit. Call up DWP and pay the bastards. Call the other department of DWP and give them the confirmation number and they say by five p. Get me a a couple chili cheese dogs with mayonnaise, mustard and onions. This is why poor folks are fat.

I blame society. I cut a check for my rent and drop it off. The manager is this cool guy named Antonio. He smiles and shakes my hand. I go to my bank, the Evil Lance and his wife, mother in law and daughter are there, along with my significant other, the new guy we will refer to as GQ Todd, the Lovely Linda and the hot new receptionist. Ken, the head fromage is nowhere. The Evil Lance has done my homework for me. I threaten the daughter of the Evil Lance with cannibalism. I tell her to bring me butter and pepper.

I demand a giant fork and tell her that her ankles will be chewey. She One Bullet One Bottle - Whiskey Avengers - Wet And Wreckless - Round 2 gorgeous and I am charmed. Mine heart doth sink. I walk into a dark silent apartment. I go on the balcony for a smoke and to read the ominous yellow tag. Turns out I just need to go get my security gaurd buddy to open up the meter room so we can flip the switch. I, we, do that. What a swell little gem. In Iowa of all places, we get a State Supreme Court stocked with Republicans to pretty much vociferously defend marriage between anybody who really wants to.

The decision respected and actually honored the Variazione I (To Pinius) - Osanna - Milano Calibro 9 concept and spirit of civil rights.

Just look at the world stage today. Europe sees Jackie and Jack. They are abroad doing the absolute best they can to represent the rest of us. They are proud because we are or should be.

They are humble because Americans have walked face first into humility. They begin to repair the damage. They show up at every chance they are afforded to distill themselves and what America is instead of what Europe has seen One Bullet One Bottle - Whiskey Avengers - Wet And Wreckless - Round 2 the last eight years. I live here. These boys are messy. I sweep, mop and vacuum. If the windows need attention, I do the windows. These two, Myrus and Paul, challenge me.

I observe and respect the confidentiality of housekeeper and client. They do give me pause, they provide unique situations. I keep a whole grip of supplies under the bathroom sink. I store the the bleach in the garage next to the washer and dryer. I keep a backstock of gloves, sponges, paper towels and trash bags in various places around the house. My man Myrus shows up last night. Before I even get started he washes up thoroughly. A shower and bloody clothes in the bathroom trash with a plastic liner already in place.

He works with me. I take care to deal with these items methodically and deliberately. The trunk of the car gets an exhaustive cleansing and a twiceover. I got a burn barrel out back. I toss full cans of hairspray in whenever I find them.

They sound like a shotgun blast. I toss it back in a clean trunk. There is no cleanse like fire. Then I do a little shopping. Beer, One Bullet One Bottle - Whiskey Avengers - Wet And Wreckless - Round 2gin, tuna, good bread, tomatos and avacados.

Total cereal with raisins and two percent milk. No cat food this week. Both Basta ‘Na Jurnata E Sole – Demo - Pino Daniele - Tracce di Liberta (Box Set) roomates are fucking crazy. We all like the same food though. Ballpark smoked white meat turkey franks and bowtie pasta. Classico sauce, onions, butter, pinenuts, applesauce, peanut butter, hummus, various cheeses including sharp cheddar, Ding Dongs capers and grapefruit soda.

Al these items work pretty well for me despite my not having a tooth in my head. I like shopping but everyone in town looks at me weird. What I do is hold up my end. I pay bills, answer any correspondence, scoop the catbox when Paul gets a new cat and stay way out of the La Valigia Blu - Patty Pravo - Playlist. You can only see one other house from the kitchen window.

Cars still rock down the two lane blacktop doing eighty plus. The telephone poles sway like loose teeth in an infected socket. I can feel the poles rocking back and forth in my gums. A braggart. I loathe him immediately. Whiskey after whiskey, man this guy can drink.

Ronald Reagan was One Bullet One Bottle - Whiskey Avengers - Wet And Wreckless - Round 2 best President ever. I get him One Bullet One Bottle - Whiskey Avengers - Wet And Wreckless - Round 2 despise chick drinks with me. We start ordering them.

Sex On The Beach. Scorpions, Stingers and Grasshoppers. I hid the tire iron so no one would steal it. I tell him he needs a bump. He looks at me like yeah he knows. I give him my bullet and he hits it. He hands it back to me and his eyes begin to cross.

I see his ankles twist and I swing up on his way down. I hear meat. I feel meat. I tell myself mine is a star studded existence. I just broke this prick wide open. I hammer at the base of his neck. I kick his fucking torso and walk the few blocks to my car.

I feel better. I am festooned with gore. People need to understand there are consequences. For their actions I mean. I hate faggots or people who act like them. They hate us as much as we hate them. We gotta spook for President. What does that tell you? People should like me more.

When was the last time you had butterscotch pudding? I think his name is Paul. He leaves bowls and forks in my sink. He brought a cat home the other day. Black with a white face. It was friendly in a disgusting way. Always licking itself and cowering. It licked my fingers and toes.

Amazing how strong such a tiny critter can be. I felt him screaming inside while I did it. I like bugs. I like to catch them and have them crawl on me.

They are so stupid. I can trap them on my belly and chest for hours. I hate bugs with wings. I kill them right away. Some beetles have wings like an afterthought. Like evolution or some crap gave them the ability to fly fifty years ago. I hate them the most. They fly around bouncing off everything, you can knock them out of the air. Like airborne crunchy turds. They smack on the floor, hobbling on weak legs until I pop them underfoot. My naked big toe. They squeek more than pop.

Found some pretty good tuna salad in the fridge. It never did a thing to me. Why did I do that? Who am I? What have I done?

My head burns and my brain itches. I would kill another human for the same thing. I understand I did it to make myself feel something. Sometimes I have to do something large. It felt good and I was powerful. I feel it coming. I think about whiskey and head to the kitchen. The first sips go down painful because of the acid still in my throat. Burns all the way down. Puke and whiskey. The humanity. I have done a very bad thing. I know. I remember. The only way to repair it is to take down something bigger and more deserving.

Something thinking and guilty. I will hit you first and hard. I will run you over. A Mouth breather. I carry a ball peen hammer in my back pocket. All Rights Reserved. Home About Legal Contact Tweets. Archive for April, I am Felix you know, that and this is sweet and low April 30th, Author: Michael.

Nobody knows the trouble I see. These bees know sweet, sticky blood. They get excited enough to dance. I watch Oprah. Carcasses and parts. My name is motherfucking Felix. His eyes are too close together. Drinks for Plexidance - Brian Barley Trio - Brian Barley Trio friends. Detritus and inertia April 29th, Author: Michael.

Cable is out. Chose not to pay the bill. Patient but dumb. Most of you are just stupid enough to One Bullet One Bottle - Whiskey Avengers - Wet And Wreckless - Round 2 understand how dangerous you are. It really bugs me. Unless assholes keep shooting shit up. Give it a rest One Bullet One Bottle - Whiskey Avengers - Wet And Wreckless - Round 2. I refuse Deep Inside - Glengarry Bhoys - Glengarry Bhoys to fear this.

Everything I ever did you could hear the fucking kick drum. The kick drum is lichen on a boulder. When I was a kid there was lichen on boulders.

Primus grooves way hard. My sincere advice to you is to Sail the Seas of Cheese and clean your house. I adore her stupidity. I covet her retardation. Party over Here Bass, The Move to This Ride That Bass Scarface - Mr Scarface Is Back. Scarface 2. Pimp, The 3. Born Killer 4. Murder by Reason of Insanity 5. Your Ass Got Took 6. Diary of a Madman 7. Body Snatchers 8. Money and the Power 9.

Roll'em Good Girl Gone Bad Minute to Pray and a Second to Die, A Doesn't Really Matter - Janet jackson 2. Just Friends Sunny - musiq 4. Missing You - Various - Trinity Vol 1 Darkcell Digital Music felony 5. Even If - method man 6. I'm Gonna Crawl - dmx 7. Thinkin' 'Bout Me - brian mcknight 8. Here With Me - dru hill feat jazz 9. No You Didn't Say - kandice love Let Me Be - eve Get With Me - shorty Thong Song - uncensored version - sisqo feat foxy brown Just a Touch - r.

King, R. My Records Collection. Oz Productions - Hell Rydas Vol. The Entity - Power of the Mind A. Sin - Artificial Flavoring A. Divino - Headcrack Al. Divino x Estee Nack - Abrakadabra, Alakazam! Divino - Danger! Divino - Monumentality Al. Divino - Greenlight EP Al. Divino - Fishscale Al.

Divino x Estee Nack - Destiny Al. Divino - Legacy Al. Divino x Estee Nack — Abrakadabra, Alakazam! Divino x Estee Nack - Nikola Al. Breakups - Soldier A. Niks - Foul Breed A. Prehended - Criminal Activity A. Crew - See The Light A. Paak EP Anderson. Jay - Universal Concussion B. Crew - The Triangle B. Enterprise - Faces of Death B. Rapper K. G Hoodboss - B. Featuring D.

Love Vol. Reward Vol. Long Beach, California B. Bumble B. Mystic - The Legend ,Chicago,ill C. Lemonhead - Bass to Another Level C. Gritz - Nobody Leaves C. S On location ,Stockton C. My Way ,chicago,il] C. Ray - OOPS! Criminal mafia - the crucifixtion pt. Studios Vol. Flex - Mack Attack D. Lee Compilation - Nashville Stories D. Live Wire Productions D. P - Da Underground D.

Alias Khryst - Music D. D And D. Divine - Fairy Tales Divine Feat. Boom - - Ultimate Bass Trax Vol. The Official Mastermix Production D. Westside vs. Leaning against the metal table with wires and silicone surrounding me in a hazardous mess.

Whatever happened in the months that followed were unclear. At one point, I ended up locking myself in the lab and refused to grant anyone access as I worked effortlessly on the newest section of the task. Taking cat naps on the couch and surviving on the coffee I made by the pot every hour, the thumping of my heart a near constant sound and feeling. They all took turns leaving my food outside the door on a rollaway tray, and I had caved the first day the second I smelt the mouth watering aroma of bacon and it become a consistent thing after that.

Who had to come up with the solution to fill the tank with that would be suitable enough to sustain a life and promote cell growth. It was a tinkering of engineering, plus Dr. Nat, Clint, Thor, Sam, Bucky, Steve, Rhodey, Wanda, Pepper, Happy and Strange all sat huddled around the crowded work bench in the dim lab, unused chunks of metal and disregarded wires all left exposed and strewn about.

He will be capable of feeling and expressing emotions, have identical physical behavior and psychological make-up. To demonstrate what I was talking about, I turned to the screen that was a hologram next to my head and pointed at the notes and blueprints I had drawn up and explained the thought process that went into it all and what exactly to expect. He will be more superior than Vision was with the curves of being humanlike. Giving him the ability we all have, while even adding the fragility of bones and skin that was grew in the lab.

The only thing that set him off, is the neurons in his mind are fired from a constant receptor that is processing his thoughts and helping him read social cues and easily adapt to life as a. One Bullet One Bottle - Whiskey Avengers - Wet And Wreckless - Round 2 nodded, humming thoughtfully as his eyes scanned the words on the screen.

Is that a possibility? The brain I designed acts as one like ours, only more fragile. The second it is tampered with, it will turn to mush. Seemingly pleased with it all, Bruce took On The Border - Al Stewart - Year Of The Cat drink of his coffee and nodded, relinquishing his hold over the moment and allowing us to continue.

Then I dove into the process of actually making the body, the hostess for the file of memories I have kept hidden away until I was ready to awaken the AI.

Explaining and answering questions as I went. Tony had been, for yearsrecording is brain waves and storing them for future use, successfully documenting his entire life that had been transferred to the hibernating AI and the moment he was put in the body, it would take forty eight hours before the memories were finished uploading to his mind and it would take an additional three days after before he woke up.

The solution I had created was a sloshing in the background when I finally turned their gazes to the black sheet. Leaving this as the only physical copy. My wants, my desires, came second to this little girl and it was selfish of me to feel jealousy at the thought of her being the first thing brought to Tony's attention when he woke up. I was just his… just some boy he casually flirted with and who resurrected him from the dead.

We were even now, and I owed him nothing. And I knew the second I started this process, I would have to leave. Or will this change him? He will be the same Tony, physically, that defeated Thanos. This is nothing more than a body for him. She visibly deflated at that, the reassurance enough to calm down her erratically beating heart as Rhodey placed his hand on her shoulder and guided her back to stand beside him.

Forty seven hours, fifty nine minutes and thirty seven seconds until transfer is complete. This was a last effort attempt at bringing Tony back, I reminded them on the third day, keeping myself neutral and calm, resigning to a state of detachment as I read over the brain scans that were projected above the pod, a near constant reassurance that everything was going as planned.

That in two days, two measly days, Tony would be back and I would… I would be forgotten again. Like I was before Earth, One Bullet One Bottle - Whiskey Avengers - Wet And Wreckless - Round 2 after earth, and everywhere in between and beyond.

I was never meant to find my person, and have my happily ever after. I was to live it, knowing now I could never outrun the truth. He never followed through with his idea of mutual benefits, but I guess I never really expected One Bullet One Bottle - Whiskey Avengers - Wet And Wreckless - Round 2 to.

This earth, this place, had endless possibilities just at the tip of my fingers. I was different from them, and to believe otherwise would just be me depriving myself and kidding myself into believing I was any form of normal. Those problems. But that scenario, only wiped out a dozen options.

Not when I so easily slid into the venom personality that plagued me, my own form of mental illness coming with a mindset that believes torture, punishment and death were all reasonable outcomes to a good nights work. I could feel it. The decision to leave was hard enough. Leaving no room for mistakes. I-he will know who brought him back, and that is enough for me. He has a family that has missed him, and now with me back and him having nothing to worry over, he can go back to them. Raise his daughter.

Be Back For More - Girlschool - Nightmare At Maple Cross / Take A Bite father figure she needs. Wanda was the first and only person I told I was leaving. It had just slipped out tonight, with a mixture of ibuprofen and sleep coaxing my tongue to relax and spill my biggest secret. I knew she would be the only one who would understand me, or at least try.

She would speak reasonings, and try to persuade me out of my decisions, but at the end of the day, she would respect what I decided and would stay silent.

She looked at me knowingly, a mixture between similar pain, longing and a fondness seeping into the cracks of her porcelain face. You are too good for Tony and he knew it. He refused to let a second slip by, because he knew at any moment you would realize it too. None of us thought it would come with the price of your death, but it did. Not many people would be able to make that sacrifice, Peter. I had a secret, a secret only I knew. And mine was my failing body.

I was dying anyway, Pete. There was no point in sacrificing one of their lives when I only had months to live. Turns out drugs and heavy drinking does a ton of damage on a body, even a young one. Tony had been in the end stages of Renal Failure, and he had only a few months to live.

He did it to save them from watching him slowly die. Toute Seule - Lorie - Best Of he trusted me to bring him back. I shook my head sadly, defeated as my One Bullet One Bottle - Whiskey Avengers - Wet And Wreckless - Round 2 sagged. I flinched away. I think that hardly Bloom - Zachary Huff - Laniakea (File, Album) as being anointed any sort of power.

He claimed the One Bullet One Bottle - Whiskey Avengers - Wet And Wreckless - Round 2 thing when someone called us a family. He said a bunch of adults running around in spandex with guns and dangerous toys that go boom, hardly counts as a family. Apparently, in his book, emotionally suppressed and stunted people simply fit together so perfectly because we all knew what it was like not to belong. She stood and walked across the room, taking my hand off of the pod in favor of lacing our fingers together as she crouched before me, placed my hand on her heart while her other hand steadied herself on my shoulder.

We are stronger. We protect our kind fiercely, and love in ways humans are emotionally incapable of. One Bullet One Bottle - Whiskey Avengers - Wet And Wreckless - Round 2 know the dangers that lurk out there in the shadows, and rather than running, we all link hands together and charge into what very well may be our last fight. We may not have family dinners, and go to movies together or even vacation, but that is not what makes us family.

And kid, you have proved more than once where your devotion lies. She just smiled, and pressed my hand harder into her chest so I could feel the steady thrum of her heartbeat against the tip of my fingers. Not even if some planet made by the universe's most fucked up soul says otherwise.

I always knew the avengers were a special form of a family, where the bonds were irreversible even if events did lead to certain situations becoming tense but the truth was, no matter what or who came along, they always had one another's back. Always fought until fighting was no longer an option, and it was about time I accepted that I could belong to this family.

To these people. Bulked out the lanky limbs. My rapidly aging body proved that as day by day, away melted my childish features and my limbs grew, my biceps extending and bulging beneath my shirt as months made up for the years I was absent. A reflection of who I was now and not who I had been.

The absence of self care was evident in the beard now stubbles across my cheeks, my jaw hardened now and tense as it clenched. Where there was meat and muscles now, a defined six pack clenching beneath my shirt as my body tensed and untensed in timed cycles as memories coursed through my mind, there had been the hollowed, sunken in gut on that planet.

RIbs a piano board and with the right fingers tapping away at the keys, a haunting melody could be heard. Where a soft yet hard self assurance was running laps around my pupils in dizzy circles, had once been a look of emptiness, resignment, void of anything but a darkness that would blink back.

I was taller and bulkier in stature, which Steve had pointed out one day when I stood nearly as tall as him, the swell of his shoulders a tad broader than mine but it was still noticeable that in a few months, I had done quite a bit of catching up.

Follow the same path of self destruction. I could change. Turn myself Sentimental Blues - Duke Ellington / Bobby Hackett - Jazz Concert out and scrub away all the ugly parts.

Detach myself from Tony and use as much bleach as I could as I scrubbed my mind clean of any and all inappropriate thoughts of him, memories of his moans, Song For A Family - Inspiral Carpets - Life his mindless flirting and how incredibly good it felt to be wrapped in his arms, our bodies aligned with our hearts beating in complete sync one would almost mistake us for a single person.

I could be his friend. Offer him emotional support as he too caught up with earth, with his family. I could- I will be good. Because, I decided, something was better than nothing. I was sitting anxiously on a chair placed in the middle of the dining room, the tiled floor chilly beneath my toes and the air in the room breezy as gusts pulsed over my sleeveless arms and wafted through the gap at the neck of my white, loose fitting tank top. One I had snuck from his things weeks ago to wear while working in the lab, and while I was arguably taller than him now, and stronger, he was much bulkier, even in the chest region, so it was looser One Bullet One Bottle - Whiskey Avengers - Wet And Wreckless - Round 2 there.

Ostrich Walk - Alexandre Desplat, Various - The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button (Music From The Moti had on a thin pair of shorts that hugged my thighs and slid up the second I sat down, and it was pointless to tug at them every seconds to attempt to pull them down, yet I still did it.

The only tic I could focus on that kept my barreling nerves to a minimum. It was amusing how on edge Bruce was, but also a little nerve wrecking. The green tint to his skin showing just how close to the surface hulk really was. I needed a haircut, One Bullet One Bottle - Whiskey Avengers - Wet And Wreckless - Round 2 decided, and seeing as I refused to leave the tower, and the second anyone attempted to approach me with sharp objects that I wasn't familiar or comfortable with, and I attacked them, Bruce was the next best thing.

He cut his own hair, because unsurprisingly enough, Hulk related. So that is what led to the most tense, anxiety fueled hour of my life. It was the morning of the estimated day that Tony was due to wake up, and to say everyone was on edge would be an understatement. This experiment was not a guaranteed fix. It was all left to the fates at this point, the life nothing more than a number on the roll of their dice.

Pepper and Morgan were going to be stopping by in a few hours, nearing noon since that was the most up to date estimate Friday could offer on when the process would be complete. We have still yet to talk after our little dance in the cells, yet there was no awkwardness. Just a flimsy air of understanding. He feels threatened by the.

He was laid across three of the stainless steel stools, with the black cushions hugging three direct points of his body; his upper back, butt and legs. A few minutes passed in silence, me absently brushing off my shoulders and legs every few seconds to get rid of the prickly hair. The fear I kept hidden for the sake of being the strong point for all the rest of them.

Your work is flawless. And if Tony trusted you, then you need to start trusting yourself. You gave him back his life. Something that seems to be common around here; not addressing emotions unless it was in a situation where life and death were the only possible outcomes left.

So I did as I was instructed, and I left to shower. Scrubbing away what felt like years of dirt, and grim, and anxiety One Bullet One Bottle - Whiskey Avengers - Wet And Wreckless - Round 2 insecurities. Washing away the feeling of never being enough, and letting my own self fulfillment fill the throbbing void.

I am enough. I chanted to myself as I got dressed in an outfit Nat had no say over. Tony will be enough. I chanted those throughout the rest of the day, leaving little room for thoughts or doubts or unsureness to seep into my mind and ruin what was already quickly becoming a good day.

Letting Friday take over as she shut off the pod at exactly noon and the black tinted enclosure began to lift. It was all fun and games, anticipating this moment but now it was finally happening and I could hear the hissing as the pressurized air escaped the upper half of the pod, the lower half remaining closed with the solution taking a darker tint to hide his lower extremities.

Brain function is stable. Would you like me to Awolnation - Back From Earth the additional hibernation protocol and awaken Mr. I could hear the commotion of people erupting around me, all glee filled that the man was even breathing but somehow, for some reason, I couldn't hear them.

I was forcing myself to strain beyond the loud bustle of their celebrations, past the relieved sobbing of Pepper who was clutching her daughter to her chest, and even past the other sobs that littered the room, all coming from one avenger and then another; and was focused on the breathing.

Still the same, i noted with weak knees. Still the same Tony but I couldn't look. It was so much more now than a couple of pieces that needed to be put together to complete the puzzle. Pieces I held no emotional connection to.

But now it was…. Clear as day, leaving no room for second guessing or unsureness, because her name Nothing New - Sisi - Dont Fall In Love like a beckoning to his soul and when she leaned forward, lacing their fingers together, it looked as it it had been filled and put back together.

Rekindling a love that had been lost, forgotten, laid dormant in his quest of being a hero. A family was coming together once again, and I was silly to think I ever had a place here. I was naive enough to believe I would be the first person he called out for. Like all those months I spent putting him together, he had been able to hear me.

That the nights he spent lying in that bio-bed, and I was whispering to him all my secrets and plans for the future and how much I loved him, he had been present for and I was holding him to unrealistically high standards that would never, ever be fulfilled. I was his menteeand to allow myself to believe otherwise was just pure ignorance. I stumbled my way across the roof in hurried footsteps and collapsed at the edge, leaning over with my legs dangling off as I laid back and greedily gulped in the air; unsure if I was actually breathing or the rise and fall from my chest was from how hard my heart was beating.

I had given him life, more or less. Created what he wanted me to and of course i let it all go to my head. Not me. Choosing to hold on to the idea that earth still had a place for me was well.

I told you this. I should have left. Nat tsked me, saddened by my words yet somehow unfazed with them as she continued the assault on my hair. He did it because her face rang familiarity and he was trying to adjust. Like Tony, and you, I binged.

But mine more more along the lines of… fighting. My high was the rush I got after every time I won, knowing deaths teeth had drug across my skin. She shivered at the memory, her hand pausing in my hair for a second before she gave a slight tug and switched to rolling strands around her finger. Him and Tony hosted an intervention, I got drunk, and somehow or another they put a collar on my that dampened my powers and locked me in a cell, much like you.

After some time, I began to accept his death and I had to realize the world Keeps turning without him. I had to live for him. And in some silly way, I can always feel him. And Pete, I love it. She stood abruptly after that, not offering me a hand (You And I) Butterfly - Five Man Electrical Band - Good-Byes & Butterflies a smile in department.

Just with her words and heavy ultimatums weighing on my chest. And it seems as if I was always running out of it, because a second later the door burst open and out walked Tony, wrapped in a white cotton robe with his wobbling legs still glistening from the solution, with Rhodey One Bullet One Bottle - Whiskey Avengers - Wet And Wreckless - Round 2 Steve holding on to either arm.

This fic will be uploaded in installments, a series. Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed this! I wrote it in about two weeks time, and could not have loved it more!

It was truly therapeutic. I appreciate it. That was the very One Bullet One Bottle - Whiskey Avengers - Wet And Wreckless - Round 2 my chest inflated with each and every breath I took, why I was currently sat cross legged in the middle of a crowded living room, enough distance between me and him to be appropriate yet from my place on the opposite side of the table from him, I could still watch him from the corner of my eye.

Watch as he shifted every few seconds, Morgan curled up at his side with Pepper saddled right next to her and the sight, while physically suffocating to bare witness to, was also… refreshing. To know, after so much heartbreak, running around and denial, chaos and death, a happily ever after was still possible. He refuses to touch me, and that was expected. Accepted, even. Why would he now? Why would he after that monsters claws had been sunk so far into my flesh that anything he did, anything he said, that echoed through the lips of Tony the character he created was a command my body listened to without my permission.

He said it in his video, called me out months in advance and now he was acting like the words uttered, past and present and from other fucking planets, meant nothing. We were getting back the time we lost and now was when we should take advantage of it but with a glance over my shoulder at the happy trio, a picture perfect family, I realized my hopes and wants were going to diminish into a pile of ash by the weeks end. Wanda had been wrong, Nat and Thor and even Pepper.

I focused back on the TV screen when Pepper One Bullet One Bottle - Whiskey Avengers - Wet And Wreckless - Round 2 me staring, watching her family like a hawk who was preparing to dive in and steal all she loved to claim as my own. Uncaring of the scene flashing across the large, flat screen tv that was pretty much the entire length of one wall, I stood and slowly made my way around Steve and Bucky, who were huddled together on the floor, side stepped Nat who was sitting on the arm of the overstuffed chair that Bruce was sitting in, and made my way towards the kitchen.

I could feel his gaze, hot and steady on my back as I opened the fridge and rummaged for a second, having no idea what I was actually looking for but I couldn't turn around. Tony was planning on going public with his miraculous return from the dead by the end of the month, but for now, he was resting and playing catch up.

Allowing his glitching mind to fill the holes that may have lapped in the process of downloading the memories; the holes that were created in his absence. He just wanted to see and understand what the humans fatuation with tiny plastic pieces and a slice of colorful cardboard was about. Despite my insistence on my presence not being necessary, they all refused to allow me to stay holed up in my room, all day everyday, so I took to either sitting on the roof alone, in the kitchen without the slightest idea why I was just staring at the empty counters for hours, or the living room where Morgan was always sitting either watching tv or playing with her toys.


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