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Celestia knows Twilight has some "issues" but doesn't get her a psychologist because she's Curt Haagers - Santa Maria treating them herself indirectly. Princess Celestia Part 2.

Celestia only teases for good. Celestia will be corrupted by the same force that turned Luna into Nightmare Moon. The "friendship reports" were created to be Celestia's eyes and ears all over her realm.

Celestia is trying to start Instrumentality. Celestia was lying about Discord being the former ruler of Equestria, and the real story is much more tragic.

Celestia is the mother of Helios. Celestia only gave Twilight one extra ticket because she figured only Rarity wanted to actually go to the Gala. Princess Celestia really needs Twilight Sparkle to study friendship for her Had the Flim-Flam bros. Princess Celestia actually isn't the Chessmaster the fandom likes to make her out to be.

Princess Celestia is extremely out of practice when it comes to combat. Celestia was holding back in her Beam-O-War with Chrysalis. Princess Celestia is the Invisible Pink Unicorn. Celestia is Yukari Yumako. The letters Twilight sends to Celestia are intended to help the Princess with social awkwardness. Celestia has Twilight learning about friendship solely for Twilight's own sake.

Celestia is actually the evil vet from Courage the Cowardly Dog. Celestia genuinely didn't know King Sombra was loose or that he was as dangerous as he was. Princess Celestia makes the stained glass windows that show the triumphs of the Mane Cast. In "Return of Harmony", Celestia didn't purposefully send the friendship reports back to Spike in order to restore Twilight.

Celestia released Discord to avoid having him inevitably escape later, under worse circumstances. Celestia is a Big Eater. Celestia stole her name from another male entity who was just as harsh towards punishment as everyone feared Celestia would be.

Celestia teases and borderline pranks her subjects because she's trying to get them to relax around her. Princess Celestia's Gambit Roulettes are not actually luck-based.

Princess Celestia was the person that wrote the book of prophecies from the pilot. Celestia is a n exceptionally sane, self-aware, and benevolent Witch and Equestria is her Labyrinth. Princess Celestia is the Equestrian equivalent of a Transhumanist and manipulates the Magic of Friendship to uplift mediocre ponies into Alicorns. Building on the previous, Celestia chose to retire in Season 9 in an attempt to forestall Latino Lover - Sailor - Latino Lover from breaking out and causing massive amounts of havoc.

Princess Luna. Luna turned evil for the reason not written accurately in legends? Luna acquired her Nightmare Moon form and powers through a Faustian Bargain with a villain that will play a large role in season 2.

During the Gala, Luna was hiding as part of a plot by Celestia to liven up the Gala in case Twilight and co. The dangers the ponies faced in the pilot were Luna Fighting from the Insidenot Nightmare Moon's original plan. There will be an episode detailing the events that led up to Luna becoming Nightmare Moon and being sealed in the moon.

Luna is a Nightmare Fetishist. Luna will be presiding over I - Astarium - In The Nebulous Sky Night because it's a Nighttime event. Luna is every bit as Not Fragile - Starlight Ritual - Age Of The Universe EP as her sis, but prefers scares over pranks.

Luna is a female alicorn version of Thor. Luna was almost cured before her thousand years of imprisonment were up. Then came the astronauts Luna's appearance changes between season 1 and season 2 because she has "phases", just like the moon. Twilight's findings about Friendship are being used for Luna's rehabilitation.

Luna has a pet Moon Rabbit. Luna's appearance changes in time with the lunar cycles. Or the lunar cycles are dependant on Luna's appearance. Luna has her own palace somewhere else in Equestria, complete with her own capital around it. Nightmare Moon isn't evil per se so much as Che CEntriamo Noi ? - Ennio Morricone - LEssentiel De Ennio Morricone (Bandes Originales Célèbres, misguided yang to Over The Rainbow - Rainbow - Definitive Stafford Luna's yin.

Alternatively, the Moon colony is real, and the fan animation "Children of the Night" is right Luna actually always was a Dream Walkereven before Nightmare Moon The Royal Pony Sisters.

Winged unicorns aren't a naturally occurring race — the princesses are just incredibly skilled unicorn sorceresses with a host of enchantments on top. Princess Celestia created Nightmare Night as a way to soften Princess Luna's image when she returned.

Celestia and Luna became goddesses after defeating Discord and related guesses. The Canterlot Sculpture Garden doesn't actually contain any sculptures Celestia Not Fragile - Starlight Ritual - Age Of The Universe EP Luna are refered to Not Fragile - Starlight Ritual - Age Of The Universe EP Princesses because they actually are Princesses. A twofer: Luna and Celestia aren't ponies, but horses; horses are basically "cave ponies.

Celestia and Luna are the Nobody and Heartlessrespectively, of Equestria's true ruler. Celestia and Luna have always been the Not Fragile - Starlight Ritual - Age Of The Universe EP rulers and never "usurped" the throne. Discord's "reign" was merely that of unleashing havoc. Celestia wasn't just protecting Equestria in the pilot; she was also protecting Luna. Neither Celestia nor Luna are aware that Luna was corrupted by an outside force into turning into Nightmare Moon.

The Princesses have two "selves", one to appear more regal, and their true form. The Princesses are Pure Magic Beings. The Princesses were behind all the special effects for the Hearth's Warming Eve pageant. Celestia and Luna both have a a team of nine elite guards. The title of "princess" is a case of Call a Rabbit a "Smeerp".

The Princesses imprisoned their divine predecessors and the Windigos and a host of other creatures in Tartarus.

Celestia's position was once just a local position elected from all available alicorns before the population of Equestria grew and spread and the alicorn race died out. Celestia and Luna are Celestia and Luna.

Celestia and Luna kept control of the Sun and Moon to politically The Whispering Tradewinds - Hank Snow - The Guitar Stylings of Hank Snow the Unicorn population. Princess Celestia and Princess Luna are fused charactersspecifically of the Founders of Equestria. The Tree of Harmony is the source of Celestia and Luna's longevity.

The reason Not Fragile - Starlight Ritual - Age Of The Universe EP Celestia and Luna's mane are supernaturally wavy and Cadence and Twilight's aren't is Princess Cadance. Upcoming characters Princess Cadance and Shining Armor featured on a display seen during a party at Hasbro's world headquarters 's roles in the show.

Cadance was specifically made into an alicorn for specifically for toy purposes. Cadance will be a Parody Sue. Cadance reincarnates every generation as opposed to the immortality of the Royal Pony Sisters. Princess Cadence is an Assassin. Princess Cadence will become far more powerful when she gets older. Star Dreams is the daughter of Shining Armor and Cadence. Cadence was originally intended to be the daughter of Fancy Pants and Fleur de Lis. Cadance is the princess of a major territory or province that belongs to Equestria.

Cadance is Princess Celestia's daughter by Fancypants, and Fleur is her adoptive mother. Cadance will be suspected of being " The Heir of Sombra ". Pinkie: Yeah! Now the whole Empire's going to think you're his great-great-great-granddaughter or something! Twilight: He lived years ago. For all we know Related to the above, regardless of any relation to past rulers, Cadence's destiny was always to become ruler of the Crystal Empire.

Cadence is a recovered " Chuunibyou ". Shining Armor. Shining Armor was referenced during Season One. Shining Armor is Equestria's answer to Link.

Shining Armor's groomsmen are going to be a parallel, Spear Counterpart group to the mane six. Shining Armor is, indirectly, the reason that the rest of the guards are useless. Shining Armor is a Barrier Warrioror at least has magic centering around force fields. Shining Armor will receive a What the Hell, Hero? Shining Armor is the ruler and creator of Tartarus and the real mastermind behind everything. Shining Armor will replace Celestia as the show's designated Worf.

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Espermachine - The Priestess feat.


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  7. Age of the Universe EP (digital edition) by Starlight Ritual, released 01 July 1. Lunar Rotation / Carving the Rock 2. Age of the Universe 3. Not Fragile (B.T.O. Cover) Support true rock n' roll and get the whole EP to hear our version of B.T.O.'s classic track 'Not Fragile' Recorded in two days at Dream Builder Studios, Cornwall, Ontario (Canada) in Winter
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