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{PARAGRAPH}Listening occurs when we become conscious of sound and connect with it. We hear it and we engage our intellect, our emotions, our memory and many other faculties. Hearing is a physical process, listening is a psychological act. And when we listen to sound we are beginning the process of generating meaning with it. If we are listening properly No Title - Various - Best Before. Sound Art - 18 X 100 SEC. SOUND LETTERS curiosity is aroused and we might begin to ask questions about the sound; not just the usual questions about what produced the sound but questions about what we are hearing: How loud is it? For how long does it continue? Is it pitched? If it is pitched, how high is it? How low is it? How far away is it? Is it moving? In which direction? How fast? Is it changing? How is it changing? What is changing? And, if there is more than one sound, how many sounds are there? How do they relate to one another? How do individual sounds relate to the mass of sound? There are many, many questions of this type we can ask and, if we ask them, they help us to perceive sounds with greater clarity. This aroused perception generates No Title - Various - Best Before. Sound Art - 18 X 100 SEC. SOUND LETTERS detail and raises our consciousness. We have more to say about sound and we can comprehend it in greater detail. All of this may, in turn, help us to generate feelings about what we can hear and it may help to generate meaning from what we are able to hear. Listening is an art. It is an art just as composing and performing are arts. Listening involves action, we cannot listen and remain passive. If we are passive and uninvolved then we are only hearing. Listening is creative and it is this auditory creativity that has given rise to what is now called sound art. Before the s sound art was usually considered as a type of experimental music or performance, it was work made with unconventional sounds not normally associated with musical performance. The art of putting sounds together was then considered to be the exclusive activity of composers and musicians, although in some quarters the art of sound poetry was well established although it was viewed as an extension of written poetry rather than an art of sound. Tradition plays an important role here. Some sound artists feel an affinity with traditions firmly rooted in music, others associate themselves with the fine arts, with sculpture, installation, performance art and conceptual art. Some are connected with the spoken word, with poetry, text and the voice. There is a tradition rooted in environmental concerns, noise pollution and ecology. Soundscape composers use sound to articulate something of the characteristics of a particular place or places. Radio and broadcasting have established their own traditions within the broad sweep of sound art. Some sound artists also work in film, video and A Felszín II. - Maksa Zoltán - Vulkán. And, of course, there are sound artists, many sound artists, working across these traditions, borrowing ideas, aesthetics and techniques to make work that refuses to be neatly categorised or labelled. February 18, at am. March 10, at am. March 19, at pm. Minal Bodke says:. April 15, at pm. David Boudreau says:. April 22, at am. David Awasthi says:. May François Cousineau - Clin doeil à des amis, at pm. June 4, at am. Wooden Letters says:. June 11, at pm. June 12, at pm. June 27, at am. July 7, at pm. January 23, at pm. February 25, at am. Lucious Richard says:. No Title - Various - Best Before. Sound Art - 18 X 100 SEC. SOUND LETTERS 29, at am. Billy says:. April 17, at am. May 15, at pm. June 4, at pm. SOP defines a "fixed fee" as a "fee required to be paid at a set amount that is not subject to refund or adjustment. A fixed fee includes amounts designated as minimum royalties. The staff believes that the guidance in paragraphs 26 and is appropriate for other sales transactions where authoritative guidance does not otherwise exist. The staff notes that paragraphs 27 through 29 specifically consider software transactions, however, the staff believes that guidance should be considered in other sales transactions in which the risk of technological obsolescence is high. ARB No. SFAS No. Reelin And Rockin - Various - The Rock & Roll Box arrangement may not specify that payment is contingent upon subsequent resale or consumption. However, if the seller has an established business practice permitting customers to defer payment beyond the specified due date s until the products are resold or consumed, then the staff believes that the seller's right to receive cash representing the sales price is contingent. Paragraph 5 a No Title - Various - Best Before. Sound Art - 18 X 100 SEC. SOUND LETTERS examples of circumstances that meet this requirement. As discussed further therein, this condition is Acte II - Molière / Various - Le Misanthrope if a a resale price guarantee exists, b the seller has an option to purchase the product, the economic effect of which compels the seller to purchase the product, or c the buyer has an option whereby it can require the seller to purchase the product. Bollinger Industries, Inc. APB Opinion No. The Exposure Draft of the proposed new SOP contains a similar criterion for revenue recognition of a licensed film i. In a similar situation, lenders may collect nonrefundable loan origination fees in connection with lending activities. The revenue recognition period should extend beyond the initial contractual period if the relationship with the customer is expected to extend beyond the initial term and the customer continues to benefit from the payment of the up-front fee e. A systematic method would be on a straight-line basis, unless evidence suggests that revenue is earned or obligations are fulfilled in a different pattern, in which case that pattern should be followed. The SOP addresses the more substantive one-time efforts to establish business with an entirely new class of customers for example, a manufacturer who does all of its business with retailers attempts to sell merchandise directly to the public. The staff disagrees with that argument. In general, the staff typically expects a start-up company, a company introducing new services, or a company introducing services to a new class of customer to have at least two years of experience to be able to make reasonable and reliable estimates. The group begins by playing in a surgery room using a notable TV reporter who has been admitted to the hospital for hemorrhoid surgery. They then feed banknotes into the shredding machine for a distorted bass sound. The next piece uses bulldozers thumping the ground at the fountain in front of an opera house. For the crescendo, they strike the fountain knocking it to the ground. The last piece involves them hanging from high tension power cables and playing the suspended cables like violins. Warnebring eventually comes to realize that the objects and people used by the anarchists as instruments are rendered silent to his ears after the fact, due to his tone-deafness. From this he forms a plan to force the drummers into using the entire city as an instrument by way of rhythmically controlling the power supply. The plan succeeds: Persson observes that the ambient sounds around her have become musical, while Warnebring can hear no such sounds. The film ends with the anarchists exiled from the city and performing as a lounge act as Warnebring enjoys a silent orchestral concert No Title - Various - Best Before. Sound Art - 18 X 100 SEC. SOUND LETTERS


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