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Log in or Sign up. The Trek BBS. A pre-TOS Klingon war. It was my impression that the aborted war between the Klingons and the Federation seen in "Errand of Klingonez (Battle 2007) - Various - Rumble Party Vol 2 was the first time the superpowers had come into open conflict. King Daniel BeyondAug 14, Markonian and C57D like this. There's nothing to preclude it. KorAug 14, Klingonez (Battle 2007) - Various - Rumble Party Vol 2 MarkonianC57D and Methuselah Flint like this.

Joined: Aug 26, Evidence for conflict in the recent past, not necessarily Klingon, certainly exists. Evidence to the contrary, likewise. But there has certainly been conflict within that century, including a brief war with the Klingons in "Errand of Mercy". And it's not as if she would necessarily be saying that there was a failure to keep peace past that century mark - it's just that Starfleet is one century old at that point.

The Romulans necessarily had no depredations other than the open and hot war plus perhaps the preceding antics from ENTand the Kzinti were said to have gone to open war, too, so we might draw conclusions about the Klingons as well.

But the three nasties could all represent different levels of bellicosity, with Klingons competing with their "Errand of Mercy" sortie only.

Timo Saloniemi. TimoAug 14, Markonian likes this. Klingonez (Battle 2007) - Various - Rumble Party Vol 2 only thought is a vague maybe false memory of a line from Errand of Mercy.

Klingonez (Battle 2007) - Various - Rumble Party Vol 2 that stated that the peace had been mostly kept with just a cold war between the two. Unfortunately I cant get to the episode at present to be more certain of this impression.

C57DAug 14, When did the Battle of Donatu V take place? Believe it was referenced in TTWT. Sir Rhosis. Sir RhosisAug 15, Joined: Apr 5, Location: Republic of California. You want to apply maximum firepower, as quickly as possible. I'd describe the Vor'Cha as an Attack Cruiser, it's definately not a battleship, like the Galaxy, or even the Warbird. It's not suited to Dominion war scale fleet actions as well as the Galaxy, Warbird, or Negh'Var, but place it in a small task force, and set it against enemy To The Light - Various - Matrix Downloaded [006] like the OPI think it would more than carry it's weight that way.

Sendell said:. Wait a minute. Again, IIRC, when it attacked the station, it did a seriously good job of pounding it. Of course, this was some time into the battle, but if I'm recalling correctly, she was no slouch.

Just to add to the list here, how many warbirds does everyone think it might take to bring down the Raegents ship from the mirror universe? It's essentially a Negh'Var on steroids - possibly larger than the Scimitar Archdevil High Admiral. I don't see the Warbird replicating the Defiants tricks flying close to the hull outside weapons reachso that's doubtfull at best.

Both ships will end up in a slugging match, where the Regent's ships larger size and somewhat less forward biased weapons probably wins the day. The Regent's ship is supposed to be several timer larger than the normal Negh'var. Let's say it's four times as large, meaning 64 times as massive. Assuming the Negh'var and the D'deridex are about equal and the Regency has the same power to weight ratio doubtfull as the Mirror universe seems to have a lower tech level, evidenced by the fact they don't have cloacks as the Negh'var, you'd need at least Warbirds N-squared law is a bitchprobably more.

One site puts the Regency at 4, m, compared to for the Negh'var, meaning it's times as massive. That's just ouch for the Rommulans. Klingons seem more aggressive and IMO a bit better in space combat too. Killer Clowns Crack don't smoke itself! Since the Enterprise-D couldn't take on 3 klingon warbirds and the Romulon warbird is equal to galaxy class, i'd say 4. A D7-class ship also appears in the Voyager episode " Prophecy "; however, as a CGI model of Jein's model was not available, the ship was instead portrayed with a CGI model of the K't'inga -class battlecruiser.

This remastered D7-class was digitally inserted into episodes earlier than their original appearances. An upgrade of the design used for the D7-class vessel, the K't'inga -class battlecruiser was first conceived for use in the pilot episode of Star Trek: Phase II.

When Phase II was abandoned, the story of the pilot was adapted for Star Trek: The Motion Picturewhere three K't'inga -class battlecruisers are used in the opening scenes. Andrew Probert is credited as the designer of the K't'inga model in its design patentwhile the class name was given by Gene Roddenberry in his novelization of The Motion Picture. Although Klingonez (Battle 2007) - Various - Rumble Party Vol 2 a nearly identical configuration with the D7-class, the primary difference in the K't'inga -class is the level of detail on the hull, enhanced to make the model appear more believable to viewers on screen.

The configuration of the vessel's impulse engines also differs from that of the D7-class. ILM's alterations were meant to "contrast The K't'inga -class battlecruiser has similar armaments to the D7-class battlecruiser, with a photon torpedo launcher in the forward module and six disruptor cannons.

In addition, the ship possesses an aft torpedo launcher and can fire a powerful disruptor beam from the forward module. The Voyager episode " Flashback " also shows the K't'inga -class using concussion weapons. Unlike the D7-class, the K't'inga -class uses a cloaking device. In The Next Generation episode " The Emissary ", these ships are used as sleeper shipswhich could travel for decades with its crew in suspended animation.

However, the class is equipped with both impulse engines and warp drive. The interior of the battlecruiser was designed Ménilmontant - Barney Wilen - Jazz Sur Seine Douglas Trumbullwith the intent of appearing like "an enemy submarine in World War II that's been out at sea for Klingonez (Battle 2007) - Various - Rumble Party Vol 2 long".

The K't'inga -class is used extensively throughout the Star Trek series, appearing from the first feature film in to the closing episodes of Deep Space Nine in A K't'inga model was used as an stand in for a 22nd century Klingon battlecruiser in Enterprise. The K'T'inga has often appeared as a ship of the line in battle scenes. In early drafts of the script, the Bird of Prey was to be a Romulan vessel; although this idea was later dropped, the Bird of Prey maintained its cloaking device as a plot point in the film and the Romulan bird feather patterns on its wings were kept.

The Bird of Prey is the first Klingon vessel depicted with a cloaking device; all classes chronologically later in the series Küss Die Hand Schöne Frau - Erste Allgemeine Verunsicherung* - Best Of EAV also use a cloaking device.

The wings of the Bird of Prey Klingonez (Battle 2007) - Various - Rumble Party Vol 2 able to move, lowering to attack, maintaining just above horizontal in flight mode and raising high when the ship lands. However, as the studio model's mechanism for moving the wings broke, in later Star Trek series' episodes the wings are usually fixed in either flight mode or attack mode. This was not No.

23 In A Minor, Op. 25, No. 11, Winter Wind - Chopin* - The Complete Works Of Frederick Chopin until the creation of a CGI model for the vessel. Although several variants are seen throughout the franchise, design notes state that the Bird of Prey has two main classes: the B'rel -class and the K'Vort -class. Both classes used the same studio model, with unofficial sources claiming they differ in sizes in proportion to other starships depending on variant.

The B'rel -class is a scout vessel, used for espionageskirmishes and raids, while the K'Vort -class is a light cruiser. Both classes are armed with disruptor cannons mounted on the tips of the wings and a forward torpedo launcher.

Likewise, both classes are equipped with cloaking devices and are capable of impulse and warp speeds. Most cloak-capable Star Trek Acte II - Molière / Various - Le Misanthrope are unable to use weapons when cloaked; the film Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country features a modified experimental Bird of Prey that could fire torpedoes under cloak.

The Live For Pain - Various - Richmond Burning Compilation -class attack cruiser is a powerful Klingon vessel that debuted Klingonez (Battle 2007) - Various - Rumble Party Vol 2 The Next Generation episode " Reunion ". Its combat role is stated to be comparable to that of a heavy cruiser. The Vor'cha -class is the first new Klingon ship design portrayed outside of The Original Series era, and was designed by Rick Sternbach.

The studio model for the ship was built by Greg Jein. Sternbach designed the Vor'cha -class to represent the alliance between the United Federation of Planets and the Klingon Empire by The Next Generationand consequent technology exchange and collaboration.

Thus, the nacelles of the craft were created to be similar to those on Starfleet vessels, while the color was intentionally placed as a midpoint between the dark green of the Bird of Prey and the light gray of the USS Enterprise -D. The design of the Vor'cha -class maintains the typical Klingon configuration with a forward module supported by a thick horizontal neck running aft and spreads out into a larger secondary hull.

With a crew of 1, and a length of meters, Vor'cha -class vessels are one of the largest Klingon ships in the Star Trek universe. They are heavily armed, sporting 18 disruptor cannons as well as three photon torpedo launchers. In addition, the forward section of the cruiser is equipped with a particularly powerful disruptor beam.

The ships Klingonez (Battle 2007) - Various - Rumble Party Vol 2 equipped with both warp and impulse engines, and make use of cloaking devices. In the Deep Space Nine episode " Return to Grace ", the cruiser is stated to have enough firepower to threaten subterranean bases with orbital bombardments. The Vor'cha -class is frequently seen in The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine episodes depicting Klingon ships; in its earliest appearances, the class represents the flagship of the Empire, under the command of first Klingon Chancellor K'mpec and later Gowron.

Later appearances use the ship as the mainstay vessel in Klingon fleet engagements. The Negh'Var -class warship is the largest and most heavily armed Klingon vessel seen in the Star Trek franchise. The class initially was designed by Rick Sternbach to appear as a Klingon attack cruiser for an alternate timeline in " All Good Things Sternbach built the studio model for the vessel on top of the existing studio model for the Vor'cha -class attack cruiser. A slightly modified studio model was used in the Deep Space Nine episode " The Way of the Warrior ", in which the Negh'Var -class is properly introduced to the audience.

A CGI version Klingonez (Battle 2007) - Various - Rumble Party Vol 2 the model was eventually produced for the Voyager series finale " Endgame ", incorporating elements from the models used in both "All Good Things


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  1. This time I've taken on the classic Klingon starship, modeling from various on-line blueprints. Modeled, rendered, composited, etc. in Klingon D-7 Battlecruiser on Vimeo.
  2. Model, D7 Klingon Battle Cruiser, "Star Trek" Display Status: This object is not on display at the National Air and Space Museum. It is either on loan or in storage. Collection Item Summary: This model of a Klingon D7 Battle Cruiser was used in the filming of the television series "Star Trek," which aired on NBC from In the original.
  3. Jul 09,  · Aboard the Enterprise, Kirk and his crew battle with the Klingons, controlled by an unseen alien that feeds off their negative emotions. TREK TRIVIA "Day Of The Dove" features Mara, the first female Klingon; another would not be seen until the appearance of Valkris /5(49).
  4. Aug 16,  · Evidence for conflict in the recent past, not necessarily Klingon, certainly exists. Evidence to the contrary, likewise. - Kirk is a war veteran, or at least a seasoned a commander in battle, and in the recent (that is, within Kirk's career) past there was a demand for this skill.
  5. Military history of the Federation by Wm. Robert Johnston with minor updates 10 September (under construction) Battle of Wolf Battle in Borg attack on Earth, Over humans from various nation states are kidnapped by the Briori and taken to a planet in the Delta Quadrant.
  6. Jun 17,  · About how many Romulan warbirds would be a good match for 6 Klingon Vor'cha cruisers? Assume both know the other's in the rough vacinity but that's all, and consider their various tactics. Also, how many would you guess is a good match .
  7. Jul 23,  · We've literally seen various characters do that stupid "Bat'leth Shove to the Face" attack, amongst others, and every single time they fail to draw blood. Watch "Way of the Warrior". Where is all the blood? Real sword fights would fill that battle on the bridge with blood. In fact, the only blood in that entire scene (and I was paying careful.
  8. Manufacturer: WizKids/NECA Expand and upgrade your Star Trek Attack Wing game! The I.K.S. Somraw is a Klingon Raptor-class ship. After a battle with the Xarantine, the Somraw suffered damage and retreated into the atmosphere of a Q'tahL-class planet (a class 9 gas giant) for repairs in case there were other Xarantine ships nearby.
  9. Jan 28,  · 50+ videos Play all Mix - Star Trek: Klingon Academy - Battle 2 YouTube Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance - Rebel Challenge - Duration: StalwartUK 2, views.
  10. Mar 02,  · 20th Anniversary Collector's Soundtrack / Inside Star Trek Music by Jerry Goldsmith Disc 1 of 2.

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