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Type a fou r digit persona l ID number fr om tothen cl ick OK. Enter the person al ID numbe r you s elected a bove usi ng the buttons on the prin ter control panel. Create the document that yo u wish to use for Ov erlay p rinting e. With the f ile to be s tored as an overla y open in your ap plicati on programchoose File then Print.

This topic expl ains how download th is file to the printer using t he Storag e Device Manager. PostS crip t : This autom aticall y generate s a PostSc ript hst file. Note the name th at the fi le is ass igned in the Stora ge Device Ma nager. Names a re case sensit ive. RI K=Darkness* - Ks Out Of Control (EP) clic k the pri nter nam e and click P rinting P reference s. Click the Overlay ta b. Click the Overlay button.

Click the New button. Enter th e K=Darkness* - Ks Out Of Control (EP) na me of the o verlay i n the Overlay Nam e list, and sele ct the pages o n which i t is to be printed. E nter or select a form nam e in the dr op-down list unde r For m sett ingthen click Add. Click OK. If requir ed, cont inue to ad d files t o the ov erlay by repeatin g steps 5 throu gh 8. Highligh t the over lay name s un der Defined Overlay and cl ick Add to add the overlay s to the li st under Active O verlay to sele ct more t han one ov erlayhold the CTRL k ey while c licking on each name.

Hi ghlight t he printe r name an d click Print ing Prefer ences. Click the Job Opt ions tab. Click the Overlay T o de fine an overlaycli ck the De fine Overlay s button.

Enter the file nam e of the ove rlay i n the Overlay Name list. Please refer to the instruc tions fo r the S torage De vice Ma nager uti lity. Sele ct Print Using Active Ove rlays. Cli ck OK. Cli ck OK to close th e Printing P referenc es dialo g box. Then the s eparate s heets are c ombin ed to prod uce a post er. Click Options Highlig ht the printe r name an d click File then Properties. Click t he Device Settin gs tab.

Hig hlight the printer name and click File then Pr oper ties. O n the Device Optio n tab, select the appro priate numbe r of trays no t includ ing the Mu lti Pu rpose tray. Click t he Device Settin gs ta b. Un der Inst allable Optionsclick Duplex and s elect Installed in the drop-down box. O n the Device Optio n tab, select the num ber of tr ays installe d K=Darkness* - Ks Out Of Control (EP) or 5.

Un der Inst allable Optionsclick Finisherthe n select Installed in the drop-do wn box. O n the Device Ew Ew Ew - The Sissy Bars - Ew Ew Ew n ta b, clic k Finisher.

Click K=Darkness* - Ks Out Of Control (EP) and close th e Printe rs dialog b ox. If y ou will be u sing heav y mediatransparenciesenvelo pes or labels, cl ick the Job K=Darkness* - Ks Out Of Control (EP) tab and set the O utput Bin under Finisher to St acker Face-up. CkPSAd vanced2k. Click OK twice and close t he Print ing Pref erences dial og box.

Rig ht click t he printe r name an d click P rinting Pref erences. In the Setup t ab, und er Mediaselec t the required paper size in the Size drop-do wn box. The Networ k Printe r Status utility is availab le if your adm inistrator has ins talled it.

For g eneral use the de fault dri ver settin gs prod uce go od results for most document s. For examplethe color s may look different when view ed standin g next to a sunli t window, co mpared to h ow they lo ok unde r standar d office flu oresce nt lighting. There are many fa ctors i nvolve d in achiev ing acc urate and repro ducib le color. Ri ght clic k the app ropria te printer n ame and c lick Printing Prefe rences. Click the Color tab.

Select t he metho d you wish t o use: Monitor k P K=Darkness* - Ks Out Of Control (EP) Optimized for pri nting photo graphs K=Darkness* - Ks Out Of Control (EP) en using a mo nitor with a color tem peratur e of K. Monitor k V ivid Optimized for pr inting b right c olors when using a moni tor with a color tem peratur e of K.

T K=Darkness* - Ks Out Of Control (EP) manually set the color ma tching options in the P ostScript driver: 1. This tend s to produce pr ints with lighter and br ighter colors. For som e photogr aphs, othe r setting s may be better depend ing on the subjects and the c ondit ions unde r which they were tak en. Selec t the renderin K=Darkness* - Ks Out Of Control (EP) type from the Rendering Intent drop-down li st box. The rendering intents are essentia lly a set of rul es that det ermine how this c olor conver sion takes place.

Select th e desire d Rendering Intent and type in a name fo r the profile, the n click OK. Un der Finishing Modeselect th e requir ed number of pages per sh eet. The printe r media size for the Multi -purpo se tray mu. Click the Edit Custom Page Size button. Enter the width and hei ght for the custom paper and sel ect the Paper Fe ed Direct ion. Chec k that User Defined now appears in the Si ze box on the Setu p ta b. In the Pri nt dialog box, click th e appropr iate driv er on the General tab.

Enter a j ob name o f up to 16 c haracters under Job Nameand, if r equired, select Request Jo b Name for e ach print job. This d ownloads the file to the print er. The Sto rage Dev ice Manage r displays "Command Is sued" to ind icate that the fi le was downlo aded suc cessfully. Ck PSOver lay1k. Enter the fi le name of the overlay in the Over lay Nam e box, an d sele ct the pages o n which i t is to be printed. E nter or se lect a form na me in the drop-d own box under For m sett ingthen click Add.

Enter the file nam e of the ove rlay i n the Overlay Name box. Before u sing the p rinter, yo u must ent er the pr inter dri ver s and enable the option s. On the Device O ptions tab, sele ct the n umber of trays installed not inclu ding th e Multi-pur pose tr ay.

On the Device O ptions tab, sele ct the n umber of trays inst alle d. The foll owing pr inter driv er ins truction s are give n as a guide onl y. Select the required pape r feed K=Darkness* - Ks Out Of Control (EP) er Source. Hi ghlight t he approp riate pr inter na me and K=Darkness* - Ks Out Of Control (EP) ick Fi let hen Propert ies. Select t he metho d you wish t o use: Monitor K P erceptual Optimized for pri nting photo graphs wh en using a mo nitor with a color tem peratur e of K.

Monitor K Vivid Optimized for pr inting b right c olors when using a moni tor with a color tem peratur e of K. Some of the colo r matching options o nly work o n certai n types o f data. Select th e method to use from the Colo r Cont rol drop-down l ist K=Darkness* - Ks Out Of Control (EP) under Color Mode : a.

Select the rendering type fro m the Rendering Intent drop -do wn lis K=Darkness* - Ks Out Of Control (EP) bo x. Click Custom Size. Type in the name you wish to use for the cu stom paper siz e in the Paper name box. E nter the width and length for the custom p aper and sel ect T rans verse if you wis h to rotate K=Darkness* - Ks Out Of Control (EP) image by 90 degr ees. E nter the w idth and le ngth meas urements then c lick OK. Ch eck t hat User Defin ed now appe ars in t he Size box on the Setup tab.

Click OK to close the Prope rties d ialog box. Under Job T ypeselect Proof and Print. Enter a j ob name o f up to 16 c haracters under Job Name Settin g and, if requ ired, sele ct Request Job Name for each K=Darkness* - Ks Out Of Control (EP) job. E nter you r persona l ID nu mber us ing the bu ttons on th e printe r contro Mr. Smith Lost His Fish - Dr. Ring-Ding & H.P. Setter - Big Tings panel.

On the Job Options tab, enter the number o f copies and, if required, ch eck the Collate box. Under Job T ype select Secure Print. O n the J ob Options tab. PostS crip t : This autom atically g enerates a P ostScrip t hst file.

Click the Job Opt ions tab, then cli ck the Over lay button. Enter or select a f orm name in K=Darkness* - Ks Out Of Control (EP) d rop-down bo x unde r Form settingthen click Add. Highlig ht the ove rlay name s under Defined Overlay and click Add to add the overlay s to th e list unde r Active Overl ay to se lect mor e than one overlayho ld the CT RL key while clicki ng on each name.

Click the J ob Optio ns tab, then c lick the Overlay. T o d efine an over layclick the Define O verlays button. E nter the f ile name o f the ov erlay in the Ov erlay Name box. Select Pri nt Using Active Overlay s. Attention indicator red. ON in dica tes that attention is r equire d, but printi ng will conti nue. Ready ind icator green. ON - rea dy to recei ve data. Menu button. Press br iefly to enter the MENU mode. Press br K=Darkness* - Ks Out Of Control (EP) ag ain to sele ct the nex t menu.

Press for more tha n 2 seco nds to scroll through t he differe nt menus. Press br iefly to scroll fo rward to Праздничная Увертюра - Various - Музыкальный Казахстан = Музыкалы Қазақстан next m enu item. Press br i Online butt on.

Swit ches betw een onl ine and of fline sta tus — When pr essed in M enu mode, i t return s the Break Them Heart - Cat Man - Break Them Heart r to on line st atus. M ake sure th ere is pape r in the paper tray. You ha ve the optionhoweverto over ride these s ettings as follo ws: contr ol pan el - medi a type an d weight.

Please r efer to the followin g tables: Pape r S iz e Chan gi ng the se ttin gs. M ake sur e that paper is loaded in to the paper tray. The default s ettings for t he printer are in bold text. Prin t Jobs Me nu This men u only appears i f the ha rd disk dr ive is in stalled. The defa ult se tti ngs ar e bold.

Only displayed if duplex is ON. Auto K=Darkness* - Ks Out Of Control (EP) Prints at the mo Selects the paper type for T ray 1. Auto : Density adjustment is automatically run under specified conditions, and reflected in t he TRC compensation.

In actual printing, the TRC values, too, are c If set to OFFt he print job t Downloaded only appears if fonts K=Darkness* - Ks Out Of Control (EP) been downloaded to the printer.

I00 0C, S This condenses the print to fit on t he slightly narrower A4 sheet, without changing the line br eaks. Not av Not available with dupl ex operation. The defau lt settin gs are bold. Memory menu The def ault settings are bold. Item Va l u e Description Unless you know what you are doing, please avoid this section of the Menu. It is recommended that disk maintenance be done through the OKI Sto Only displayed if there are saved menu settings.

Displayed if optional T ray 2 is installed. Usage menu continu K=Darkness* - Ks Out Of Control (EP) Item Va l u e Description NO TE Only syst em administ rators ha ve access t o this men u. OP menu The defau lt settin gs are bold. This is mainly for maintenance purposes and not ordinarily used. P rint the Color T K=Darkness* - Ks Out Of Control (EP) ng Pattern: colo rtune.

Make s ure letter s ize pap er is load ed in the tr ay. Adjust t he Mage nta highlight color. Adjust t he Mage Howev er if you do wish to switch the prin ter off man ually, p lease ca rry out the followin g proc edu re: contro l panel - K=Darkness* - Ks Out Of Control (EP) ching o ff.

Paral lel — For di rect co nnection to a PC. This por t requires a bi-direc tional IEEE 4 compli ant parallel cable. Ether net — For network cable co nnecti on. You c an instal l either of th ese, or bo th if you wi s Before using the printer, y ou must e nter the p rinter driv er s and enable t he options. You onl y need to d o this once.

Highligh t the prin ter nam Hi ghlight t he printe r name an d click K=Darkness* - Ks Out Of Control (EP) the n Properties. Click the Device Setting s tab. Un der Instal lable Optionsmake s ure the sett ing in the Hard Disk drop-d own l Highligh t the prin ter name and clic k File then Prope rties.

Click OK and cl ose the Pri nters and F axes dial og box. Click the Device Setting s t ab. U nder Inst alla ble Optionsclick A vailabl e T raysthen sel ect the ap propriate n On the Dev ice Option tab, sel ect the app ropriate nu mber of tra ys n ot incl udin g the M ulti- purp ose tr ay.

Click OK and cl ose the U nder Inst alla ble Optionsclick Duplex and s elect K=Darkness* - Ks Out Of Control (EP) in the drop-down list. U nder Inst alla ble Optionsclick A vailabl e T raythen sele ct the appr opriate s et On the Dev ice Option tab, s elect the number o f trays installed 4 or 5.

U nder Inst alla ble Optionsclick Finisher K=Darkness* - Ks Out Of Control (EP)the n select Installed in the drop-do wn list. On the Dev ice Option tab, cl ick Finisher. The fol lowing pr inter d river instr uctions ar e given as a guid e only. Some s oftware ap plicatio ns requir e the pape r feed, s ize and m edia setting s to be selec If you wil l be using h eavy med ia, transpare ncies, env elopes or labels, cl ick the Job K=Darkness* - Ks Out Of Control (EP) tab and set the O utput Bin under Finisher to St acker Face-up.

Under T ray Selections elect th e paper feed in the Paper Source drop-d Click the Advanced button. C kPSA dvanc ed2 k. Click OK twice a nd close the Printer s and Fax es dial og K=Darkness* - Ks Out Of Control (EP). Ri ght cl ick the printer na me and click Pri nti ng Pref erences. O n the Setu p tab, unde r Media The Streets - Kool G Rap - The Giancana Story, select the re quire d pape r size in the Size drop-d own list.

S elect the required pape r feed Select t he requir ed paper ty pe under We ight. Click OK twice a nd close the Printer s and Fa xes dial og box. The Netw ork Pr inter St atus util ity is ava ilable if y our admi nistrato r has installed i t. If the utility is insta lled, yo u will se e the foll owing changes to the pr inter driv er Properties dialog box:? For gen eral use the default driver s ettings p roduce good results for mos t doc uments.

Many ap plicati ons have their own co lor sett For exam ple, the colors m ay loo k different when v iewed stan ding next to a s unlit windo w, compared t o how the y look unde r standa rd office fl uorescent lighting. Print er driver color settings The driv e There are many fac VI Reminiscence, Andante - Dvořák* - Radoslav Kvapil - Piano Works invol ved in ach ieving acc urate and reproduc ible color.

Howeve r, the followi ng guidel ines ma y help in achiev ing g Select a m atching m ethod appr opriate to y our mon itor. T o manua lly set the color m atching o ptions in the PCL dri ver: 1. Select t he metho d you wish t o use: Monitor k P erceptual Optimized for pr Ew Ew Ew - The Sissy Bars - Ew Ew Ew photograp hs when using a monitor with a colo r temperatur e of K. Monitor S et any oth er requir ed parameters using the on-line Help for guid ance.

W hen you a re don e, click OK and cl ose the P rinting Preferen ces d ialog box. The Colo r Swatch utility prints out chart s of samp le co lors. Lis ted below eac h color are t he corres ponding K=Darkness* - Ks Out Of Control (EP) B Red, Gree Marotta - Billy Walker, Jr.* - Untitled, Blue valu es to use in your applica tion to match that T o manually se t the color mat ching options in the PostScript driver: 1.

Ideal for office graphics and text. Select t he render ing type fr om the Rendering Intent drop-down l ist. The m ain adv antage it has over Wi ndows ICM color matchi ng is that it provide s a metho d of pr inting us ing both input a n Right cli ck the p rinter nam e and cli ck Printing Preference s.

Click the Color ta b. K=Darkness* - Ks Out Of Control (EP) t he New button. Select the d esir ed Rendering Intent and type in a name for the pro file and c lick Over The Rainbow - Rainbow - Definitive Stafford. The ne w name wil l appear in the Setting Name drop-down l ist under In the Pri nt dialog box, click th e appropri ate PS dr iver on th e General tab, then cl ick the Preferences button.

O n the La you In the Pr int dialo g box, click the appropr iate PCL d river on the General t ab, then c lick the Prefer ences button. On the Setup tab, under F inishing Modesele ct the requir ed number o f Click the Adv anced butto n.

Enter th e Width and Height for Select t he unitthen enter the width and length mea suremen ts and cli ck OK. Ch eck t hat User Defin ed now appe ars in t he Size list on the Setup tab. Click OK twice. Click Print. In the Pr int dialo g box, click the appropr iate d river on t he General t ab, then c lick the Prefer ences button.

Click the Job Options tab. Select t he requir ed pri nting reso lution In the Pr int dialo g box, cl ick the PS driver o n the General tab, then click the Prefer ences bu tton. Click OKthen clic k Print. On the Setu p tab, under Finishing Modeselect Bookle t in the drop-down l ist.

S elect a n ame from th If you wis h to print th e watermark only on the first page of the documentsele ct First Page only. Click OK twi ce. Howe ver, prin ters with a hard d isk drive wi ll provid e grea ter perfo rma nce.

The fol lowing i nstructi K=Darkness* - Ks Out Of Control (EP) exp lain how to sele ct coll ating using the prin ter dr iver. O pen th e file in your app licatio n In the Pr int dialo g box, click the appropr iate d river on t he General t ab Enter the nu mber o f copi es an d, if r equir ed, se lect Collate. Under Job T ypesele ct Pro of and Print. Enter a job name of up to 16 c haract ers under Job Name Setting and, if requi red, sel ect Request Job Name for eac h prin t jo b Enter y our person al ID numbe r using the buttons on the prin ter contr ol panel.

K=Darkness* - Ks Out Of Control (EP) the Pri nt dialog box, click th Enter a j ob name o f up to 16 c haracters under Job Name and, if r equired, select Request Jo b Name for e ach print job. Courante - J. S. Bach* - Wolfgang Rübsam - French Suites Nos.

3 - 6 BWV 814 - 817 in a four digit pe rsonal ID nu mber fr om to 7then click OK. Enter the numbe r of copies and, if r equired, select Collat e. E nter the pe rsonal ID number yo u set above using the b uttons on the printer c ontrol panel.

Th is is g ood for fo rms, generic memos, lette rhead s tationery, e tc. In the Pr int Enter a job name of up to 16 c haract ers under J ob Name Setting and, if requi red, sel ect Request Job Name for eac h prin t jo b. Type a fou r digit persona l ID number fr om tothen cl ick OK. Click OKthen c Enter the person al ID numbe r you s elected a bove usi ng the buttons on the prin ter control panel. The resul t is sim ilar to th e Waterm ark featur Create the document that yo u wish to use for Ov erlay p rinting e.

Use the Storage Device M anager ut ility to co nvert th is PRN fil e print file to a storable file for mat, and downl oa W ith the file to be s tored as an overlay o pen in you r applic ation progr am, choo With the f ile to be s tored as an overla y open in your ap plicati on programchoose File then Print.

Depending on K=Darkness* - Ks Out Of Control (EP) e appli cation, you m ay need to sel ect your OKI printe This topic expl ains how download th is file to the printer using t he Storag e Wherever You Go Whatever You Need - Rocker-T* - More Luv Manager. The Storag e Device Man ager softwa re is include d with the origi nal soft PostS crip t : This autom aticall y generate s a PostSc ript hst file.

Note the name th at the fi le is ass igned in the Stora ge Device Ma nager. Names a re case sensit ive. Make su re the pr inter being used is highligh ted in the lower window of th e RI ght clic k the pri nter nam e and click P rinting P reference s. Click the Overlay ta b. Click the Overlay button. Click the New button. Enter th e K=Darkness* - Ks Out Of Control (EP) na me of the o verlay i n the Overlay Nam e list, and sele ct the pages o n which i t is to be printed.

This is the name under E nter or select a form nam e in the dr op-down list unde r For m sett ingthen click Add. Click OK. If requir ed, cont inue to K=Darkness* - Ks Out Of Control (EP) d files t o the ov erlay by repeatin g steps 5 throu gh 8. Highligh t the over lay name s un der Defined Overlay and cl ick Add to add the overlay s to the li st under Active O verlay to sele ct more t han one ov erlayhold the CTRL k ey while c licking on each Plexidance - Brian Barley Trio - Brian Barley Trio. Select Use O verlay from the drop-do wn list at the top Hi ghlight t he printe r name an d click Print ing Prefer ences.

Click the Job Opt ions tab. Click the Overlay T o de fine an overlaycli ck the De fine Overlay s button. Enter the file Personal Jesus (Acoustic) - Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus e of the ove rlay i n the Overlay Name list. Please refer to the instruc tions fo r the S torage De vice Ma nager uti lity.

Select whi ch pages Sele ct Print Using Active Ove rlays. Cli ck OK. Cli ck OK to close th e Printing P referenc es dialo g box. Then the s eparate s heets are c ombin ed to prod uce a post er. It is onl y availab le with the PCL prin ter d Click Options You c an instal l either of th ese, or bo th if yo F or add The play BeicutKa was first written in the dialect of Kumanovo, and was produced in Skopje in He is at present Professor in the Normal School in Skopje.

BeicuiKa was rewritten in the new standard language, and published in The excerpts included here were selected and edited, with Il'oski's aid and approval, to present the main plot in as short a form as possible.

The dialogue Rock City News - Nerf Herder - American Cheese typical of colloquial Macedonian, except that Water Inside - ゾロ - Core contains a rela tively large percentage of words of Turkish origin, which gives it a" somewhat old-fashioned flavor.

The Youth of Frosina is one of the best short stories in Mace donian to date. It appeared first in the now defunct literary maga zine Hoe Ken VI, 8 10,pp. He has been active in Macedonian cultural life and is at present cultural editor of the daily newspaper Hosa MaKedoHuja. This story was incorporated into the scenario which Maleski wrote for the first Macedonian film, Frosina, which had its premier on June 31, It treats one of the central themes of Macedonian literature, the difficulties of the life of the pecalbar, the worker who is forced to go away from home to seek employ ment, and of the hard lot of the wife and children he leaves behind.

A Street is to date the longest story in Macedonian, which has yet to produce a novel. The author, K=Darkness* - Ks Out Of Control (EP) Janevski, was born in Skopje inand he attended school there. He is one of the leading poets, and only recently has turned to prose. The three selections by Jovan Boskovski ail appeared in the first published volume of Macedonian short stories, A Shot Pacrpejiwhich came out in They have been edited by the author to conform with the present-day standard language.

Boskovski was born in Skopje in and educated there. He has written a number of short stories, of which these are typical. At present he is a writer and director with the Macedonian film company, Vardar-Film. Cicko Alekso is the only published story of the young writer Dimfce Markovski.

He was born in Prilep in and educated in Serbo-Croatian and Bulgarian schools. The story was originally published in the short-lived literary magazine Idnina II-6,pp. The language has been slightly revised by B. Koneski principally to eliminate Serbismsand the punctuation, which was completely chaotic, has been changed to conform to American usage not Macedonian standards, particularly with regard to the use of quotation marks.

The theme of the Partisan Movement, guerilla warfare, and the life of underground workers is central in Macedonian literature, and this story is typical of many others, by various authors. It may be noted, parenthetically, that the punctuation found in Macedonian publications is extremely varied. Some authors hold to the German and Russian type of punctuation by hard and fast rules, while others follow the looser sort of system used by the French and English.

And all are dependent on the whim of the printer, who frequently imposes a few ideas of his own. The use of the comma and the means for indicating direct quotation are subject to the most fluctuation. The vocabulary is made up first of the words in the reading selections and those discussed in the grammar. It also includes a number of words which I collected for a discussion of word-formation in Macedonian. The reader who is acquainted with the general Slavic habits of word-formation will find interesting material here.

The vocabulary also contains some of the most important words which appear in the daily press, and the most frequent abbreviations. This book is the result of a long-standing interest in Mace donian which dates from It was impossible to get more materials inand I learned nothing more about the newlanguage until 47, when I attended the lectures of Prof.

Antonin Frinta, at the Charles University in Prague. This was probably Can You See - The Advent - Time Trap Technik first regular course in Macedonian offered by a nonYugoslav institution.

During the next few years I read the few Macedonian books which I managed to obtain, and studied the available works on various Macedonian dialects. Haralampie Polenakovitf on Macedonian literature. Inthanks to a leave granted me by the President and Fellows of Harvard University, I was able to spend three months in Macedonia, working exclusively on the language. This bopk represents the fruits of that visit.

It would never have been possible without the constant aid of Blaze Koneski. Not only did he furnish printed materials and help in the control of the Macedonian texts and examples, as indi cated above, but he was always willing to spend hours in explaining grammatical problems, defining words, and furnishing suitable illustrative examples for various points.

It was his initiative which made possible the printing of this book in such an astonishingly short time after the completion of the manuscript. I can only hope that its appearance will serve in some way as an expression of my thanks to him. Miss Ugrinova and Mr. Vidoeski particularly lightened my burden of mechanical work by helping to record vocabulary on cards, and by patiently defining words for me for hours on end.

Miss Ugrinova also read the proofs of the Macedonian texts. I am deeply grateful to these Macedonian XII scholars. The grammar owes a great deal to the teachings of my col league and friend Prof. Roman Jakobson, of Harvard University. The general approach to the problems is one which I learned from him, and his comments on the first draft of the manuscript enabled me to clarify many difficult points.

I should also like to thank at this time Dr. Cornelius van Schooneveld, who read most of the manuscript and discussed various problems with me.

To Prof. Morris Halle of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology I am grateful for his many helpful comments, and especially for his advice Bellas Birthday Cake - Various - CMJ New Music Monthly Volume 44 April 1997 the analysis of the phonemic system. The manuscript would never have been finished in time had it not been for the unselfish help given me by Dr.

Lawrence G. Jones K=Darkness* - Ks Out Of Control (EP) Dr. Paul Gauthier in the arduous task of typing the vocabulary. Bob Ellrich and Al Baum also gave much-needed help in the final preparation of the manuscript. Finally, I wish to thank the Yugoslav Council for Science and Culture and the Macedonian Ministry of Education, Science and Culture for the financial aid which they granted me, thus enabling me to prolong my stay in Macedonia and study the language more thoroughly. Horace G.

Lunt Belgrade. July 21, V Table of Contents XV Introduction Indefinite Pronouns 2, Chapter III. The Verb The Meaning and Use of the Verbal Forms CBeKoea H cnaa Gospel'Text,'Luke X Contemporary Expository Prose Contemporary Dramatic Prose Contemporary Narrative Prose C coll. I indef. Macedonia N north O old pej.

It is the native tongue of theMacedonian Slavs who live K=Darkness* - Ks Out Of Control (EP) the Macedonian Republic, and is an important secondary language for theK=Darkness* - Ks Out Of Control (EP) or Shiptars, the 95, Turks, the 10, Arumanians Vlachsand the Kammer 10 - Stian Omenås - Klangkammer 1, Gypsies there. The neighboring areas of Bulgaria and Greece are also part of the region historically known as Macedonia.

In Bulgarian or Pirin Macedonia, the Macedonian language enjoyed the status of a secondary tongue from untilbut it has since been forbidden. In Greek or Aegean Macedonia, where the Slavic popu lation has been decreased by emigration or hellenization, the language has never been permitted.

Macedonian is a South, or Balkan, Slavic language, closely related to its two neighbors, Bulgarian and Serbo-Croatian, and to the more distant Slovene. The western part of Balkan Slavic evolved into the dialects which gave rise to the Slovene and the Serbo-Croatian literary languages. The eastern Balkan Slavic dialects gave rise to the Bulgarian literary language in the nineteenth century and to the newest of European literary languages, Macedonian, in our own day.

It was also from the eastern Balkan Slavic dialects that the first Slavic literary language, Old Church Slavonic, came. This language, based on the Salonika dialect of the 'Slavic Apostles', Sts. It was the medium of a flourishing culture in Moravia and Bohemia from about to the end of the eleventh century, and was influential in the formation of the new Czech and Polish written languages somewhat later.

From there, the language and the culture were taken over by the Russians, late in the tenth century, and the South Slavic elements from the language of Cyril and Methodius are still vital and productive in present-day Russian.

Church Slavonic was also the language of the new princedoms and kingdoms which were formed in Croatia and Serbia in the eleventh century and later. In the ninth century, when Cyril anct St.

Louis Blues - John Fahey - Blind Joe Death, brother created K=Darkness* - Ks Out Of Control (EP) alphabet for Slavic and made the first translations, the Slavic peoples, spread over a tremendous area from the Baltic to the Aegean, from the Elbe to central Russia, spoke dialects which were so close to each other that there was no difficulty in communication.

The dialect of Salonika was perfectly comprehensible to the Mora vians, who did not hesitate to accept it as the written language. Although basic phonetic changes took place in the next two centuries, fundamentally modifying the spoken dialects in different respects, the force of cultural tradition kept the written language relatively unified.

Different centers of learning stylized the lan guage in their own ways, adding elements of the local dialects. Thus arose different versions or recensions of Church Slavonic, such as the Bohemian, the Macedonian, the Bulgarian, the Serbian, the Russian, and the Croatian recension. The oldest manuscripts date from the tenth century, and in spite of the fact that their language is not completely uniform, it is difficult to localize them exactly.

Sometimes Courante - J. S. Bach* - Wolfgang Rübsam - French Suites Nos. 3 - 6 BWV 814 - 817 is even doubt as to K=Darkness* - Ks Out Of Control (EP) a manuscript is Russian or South Slavic. Later on, the local versions became more distinct, but many a manuscript from the thirteenth to fifteenth century is difficult to identify closely.

The literary language remained essentially one, particularly for the Serbs, Bulgarians, and Mace donians, despite the different centers of learning with their different styles of writing and spelling.

Even the strong political rivalries did not prevent a lively cultural exchange. A closely related trait which is characteristic of Macedonian and the neighboring Bulgarian dialects, but not of Serbian or Eastern Bulgarian, is the replacement of 'strong! There are other special Mace donian features occuring in such manuscripts as the Bologne Psalter and the Ohrid Apostle Lessons, from a slightly later period. Although Macedonia had one of the most important Slavic cultural centers in the Balkans during the tenth to thirteenth centuries, at Ohrid, political affairs did not allow the K=Darkness* - Ks Out Of Control (EP) of a special Macedonian literature.

Except for a brief period under Samuil at the end of the ninth century, Macedonia never had its own government. It was first part of various Bulgarian-ruled states, then came under the Serbs. Until the end of the fifteenth century, the Slavic culture was maintained fairly intact, and K=Darkness* - Ks Out Of Control (EP) Slavonic was the written language, sometimes in a more Bulgarian type of recension, Lie For Love - Vain - On The Line in K=Darkness* - Ks Out Of Control (EP) more Serbian type.

With the Turkish conquest, Slavic culture in the Balkans almost died out. From the early sixteenth century until the eighteenth, literary activity was restricted to copying the books necessary for church services, and even this activity was limited. From this period, only a few Macedonian and Bulgarian manu scripts have survived the repeated wars, fires, earthquakes, and other disasters.

As the Turkish rule weakened, the Balkan Slavs began again to revive their culture. At the end K=Darkness* - Ks Out Of Control (EP) the seventeenth, and even more in the eighteenth century, books of sermons began to appear in a language which mixed in many elements of the local spoken dialects with the now archaic church language. The church language itself underwent changes with the introduction of Russian texts.

All Orthodox Slavs came to use the Russian recension of Church Slavonic as the language of the liturgy. The first printed book containing Macedonian texts is not a sign of the strength of Slavic culture, but of its weakness. It is the four-language conversational manual by a certain Daniil of Moscopole. PolenakoviK of Skopje. Two attitudes toward language developed among Mace. Bulgarians could bring about a unified literary language.

There K=Darkness* - Ks Out Of Control (EP) still another factor, however; the effort of the Serbs to introduce Serbian books into the Macedonian schools. The Macedonians were thus struggling against the Turks and the Greeks for religious and political freedom, and with these plus the Bulgarians and the Serbs for cultural independence. It was an unequal struggle, and as a compromise many preferred to join forces with the Bulgarians against the major enemy, the Greek-Turkish domination.

Thus many Macedonians accepted the Bulgarian literary language, and after the establishment of the hegemony of the Bulgarian church in Macedonia inthe schools became almost exclusively Bulgarian. This was only a temporary solution, however, for although many Macedonian elements had been accepted into the Bulgarian literary language, many Macedonians still felt that their own tongue was different enough to warrant a difference in writing.

They were still at a great disadvantage, for while Bulgaria had achieved a measure of independence, Macedonia remained only a backward province of the Turkish Empire.

Having no press of their own, the Macedonians attempted to express their ideas in the Bulgarian press, but they met with opposition at every step. Most such works, however, never even reached the printer's shop. Macedonian separatism did not die, however, but was even intensified because of the unsatisfactory solutions offered after the Balkan Wars Bellas Birthday Cake - Various - CMJ New Music Monthly Volume 44 April 1997 the First World War.

Historical Macedonia was divided into three parts, parcelled out to Serbia. Bulgaria, and Greece. In Greece in the nineteenth century the Slavic population reached the outskirts of Salonika.

From the middle of the century, thanks to the dominance of the Greek church, and the Greek merchants, the process of hellenization proceeded steadily, working out from the towns. Still, in there was a large Slavic population in Greek Macedonia, particularly in the border areas. After the award K=Darkness* - Ks Out Of Control (EP) these regions to Greece, many Slavs emigrated to Pirin Mace donia or other parts of Bulgaria. Even more changes took place in the ethnic composition of Aegean K=Darkness* - Ks Out Of Control (EP) afterfor many Anatolian Greeks were settled there.

Bulgarian schools were supended, and those Macedonians who did not emigrate were subjected to intensive hellenization. The Bulgarian-Serbian frontier was changed many times between andbut the local population, particularly in the west, considered both Serbs and Bulgarians as foreign oppressors, and continued to demand the right to use their own language not only in private, but in public life.

During the nineteenth century a number of collections of Macedonian folksongs and folktales had been published. Under the label of folklore, it was possible to print them according to the Macedonian pronunciation, although the language was usually proclaimed to be a Bulgarian dialect.

Racin's volume, which appeared in Zagreb, was considered by the critics as a manifestation of regional poetry in a South Serbian dialect, while the other books, published in Sofia, were viewed as Western Bulgarian works.

In fact, however, these poems served to fire the imaginations of many more young people, who found their own native Macedonian language in them. With victory and the final expulsion of the Germans inthe Republic of Macedonia was proclaimed, and the official language was declared to be Macedonian.

Macedonian dialects are not, of course, uniform. They shade into the neighboring Serbian dialects to the north and Bulgarian to the east. There is a relatively homogeneous group of dialects to the west of the Vardar river, in the area roughly defined by the quadrangle Frilep—Bitola—Kifievo—Veles, and, since this is also the most populous area of Macedonia, these dialects were taken as the basis of the literary language.

A commission established in defined more specifically which features were to be incorporated into the written language, and since that time the norms have been worked out in more detail.

With the publication of the little handbook on spelling, MaKedoucKu npaeonuc Macedonian Orthography in the spring ofthe new language can be said to have come of age.

In Kansas - Monolith short period of time it had achieved a degree of homogeneity comparable to that of the other Balkan languages. Naturally the spoken language of a population which was overwhelmingly peasant and agricultural did not contain the terminology to deal with the Curt Haagers - Santa Maria civilization and culture of a modern state.

It was Glide - Musique - Musique II to find K=Darkness* - Ks Out Of Control (EP) create all the terms; for politics, philosophy, literature, advanced technology, and all the other fields. At first, the tendency was to borrow outright from Russian, Bulgarian and Serbian. Since the people who had any education at all had been trained in Serbo-Croatian or Bulga rian schools, the influence of those two languages has been partircularly strong.

At present, the tendency is rather to replace the borrowed words with terms made up of native elements, or words which have been found to exist in local dialects. For instance, for 'event' many used the Bulgarian word Latino Lover - Sailor - Latino Lover, while others preferred the Serbian florabaj.

But in the folksongs there is the word nacTan, with the same meaning. This word was introduced, and immediately was accepted, and the two competing loan-words have been discardded. Older categories'have been extended to encompass new usages. Normally, a verbal substantive can have no plural. Many other verbal substantives followed suit. Termino logy in many fields is still not settled, and the discussions about new words and usages are lively and productive.

As has been stated, Macedonian is very closely related to K=Darkness* - Ks Out Of Control (EP) Serbo-Croatian and Bulgarian. The relationship with Bulgarian is doubtless closer. Beside the very K=Darkness* - Ks Out Of Control (EP) feature mentioned above maintenance of a difference between the reflexes of the ,jers"there are K=Darkness* - Ks Out Of Control (EP) traits in common.

Chief K=Darkness* - Ks Out Of Control (EP) them are the loss of declension, the use of prefixes rather than suffixes to form the comparative and superlative of adjectives and adverbs pano 'early', nopano 'earlier' — cf.

SC paHMjethe loss of the infinitive, and the development of a postpositive definite article. All of these are shared to some extent by the southeastern Serbian dialects, but it is fairly clear that this is a recent develop ment. It may be noted, however, that there is no sharp, distinct line which marks off Serbian from Bulgarian, any more than there is an absolute frontier between Macedonian and Serbian or Bulga rian, or, on the other hand, between Croatian and Slovene.

Macedonian has very few phonemic, morphological or syntac tical traits which are unique, but the peculiar combination of traits marks off a system which is different from those of all the other Slavic languages. The Macedonian accent is unique, and it is the outstanding feature which sets Macedonian apart from Bulgarian. The stress is bound to the antepenult, while Bulgarian stress is free. Macedonian does not have the musical intonations which are characteristic of the western Balkan Slavic languages, SerboCroatian and Slovene.

The triple postpositive definite article is shared by Macedonian only with the closely related Serbian and Bulgarian dialects just to the north 2KeHaTa, HtenaBa, jKeriana 'the woman', cf. The principal features which together characterize the Mace. The root uyr 'bloom' has a special form in Macedonian: cf. The development of K=Darkness* - Ks Out Of Control (EP) secondary u in the numerals sedum and osum is like Czec no-Slovak, but only Macedonian has K=Darkness* - Ks Out Of Control (EP) for 'I am'.

It has not yet been possible to make a full acoustic analysis of a satisfactory body of recorded material, but from the evidence available, the total phonemic system appears to be based on eight oppositions of distinctive features:1 Jacobson, G.

Fant, and M. P b f V t d consonantal compact grave nasal continuous 4- a. Frequently in the stressed syllable the high allophone may take the form of a falling diphthong [ie]. This variant is considered non-literary and is avoided in formal speech.

Such words come from the northernmost Mac. PSl e — mene SC, Bg mene ; 2. PSl g— meso SC meso, Bg meso ; 2. A sixth vowel [A] or [a] appears in dialect words which are used in literary texts for special effects: [soza] for solza, [p9t] for pat, a nd the like. It is normally used in naming the consonant letters when spelling or pronouncing abbreviations; e. Sometimes the pronounciation of abbreviations is influenced by Bulgarian; e. The sound also appears in some Turkish loanwords, but in literary pronunciation it is replaced by [a], kismet — kasmet 'fate, good fortune'.

There is a wide range of variation of pronunciation of this vowel in the dialects where it is a phoneme. This situation occurs only at the beginning of a word, or in a very few cases where a prefix ending in a vowel has been added to such a word. Bg r-bka, pijt, — NB: Here certain Mac. Many Mac. In the recommended standard, however, the two phonemes remain distinct in all positions: e. In the dialect of the city of Prilep, k' has become c in the speech of those born after about PSl dw— taga jiafa SC lacla, Bg ladija.

A few of these have been taken into the literary language: e. In the literary 12 1. The voiced v loses its voicing at the end of a word and before a ny phonemically voiced consonant, but it may follow either a voiced or voiceless consonant svat — zvafte, tvori — dvor, etc. This is relatively recent change, affecting even Turkish loan words; e. Therefore these consonants are not concerned in this statement. With the verbs, adjectives and nouns assuming that there are more than the one here citedthere appears to be hesitation between the forms with a long consonant and similar formations where there is a single consonant.

The long con sonants clearly are retained to avoid homonymy cf. Without a large body of recorded acoustic material, a precise analysis is impossible. In the spelling, and in the pronunciation of some individuals, it seems to be clearly a separate phoneme. The word 'is' is usually pronounced [je] and the number 'one' K=Darkness* - Ks Out Of Control (EP) however they may be pronunced [e] and [jeden]. There is apparently free variation in Talk To Me - Various - Classic Drive: Highway 70 cases.

If these combina tions actually are pronounced in normal speech, then the analysis here presented is K=Darkness* - Ks Out Of Control (EP). It is, however, possible that this is an ar tificial pronunciation, influenced by certain considerations of spelling. In other two-vowel combinations, hiatus remains, but when three vowels come together, a [j] appears before the third e. This [j], being auto matic, may also be termed non-phonemic.

Vocalic and Consonantal Alternations 1. A few of the changes are automatic and predictable, but 1 It is characteristic 9f Macedonians to carry the long consonant of the ordinals petti, devetti, desetti over into Serbian, even when they have spoken that language almost exclusively since childhood.

Here we shall cite only the most important changes, leaving a more complete listing for the description of each morphological category. Shifts of stress are dis cussed in the section on the accent, below, 1. Most important are those which occur in the regular conjugation of verbs and those in the forms of certain masculine nouns, adjectives, and a small number of irregular verb forms 1-participles.

Makedo rid cf. Only three types are productive: i — 1, j — 0, and voiced — voiceless consonants. All three are completely automatic, determined by phonetic position. This alternation is found before all of the many suffixes begin ning with any of these three phonemes: bet 'white' m.

This is particularly true in the case of the particles k'e and ne a nd the reflexive se: K'igram I'll playwSto tiizleze? Why didn't you come out? May my hand wither! This pronunciation is not re commended, however, and such contractions are avoided in forma! A s indicated above 1. In a con sonant group the voicing or lack of it i determined by the final stop, affricate or fricative, except v cf. The following alternations occur. If there is no pause, the word-initial voiced stop less frequently an affricate or a fricative may cause the voicing of the normally unvoiced final consonant in the preceding word.

Again, a large 16 1. This is an automatic, phonetic change: n — 0 katnenen 'of stone' m. All of these changes are deter mined by the morphological or derivational categories, and are not therefore automatic. Forms in parentheses are exceptional. The alphabet is an adaptation of the Serbian type of Cyrillic. The following table gives the Macedonian alphabet, Missy Misdemeanor Elliott* - Da Real World both the normal and the italic forms for the letters, since there are some differences.

Beside them is given the transliteration letter-for-Ietter equivalents which is used in Yugoslavia when Macedonian names or texts are written with the Roman alphabet, and the last column gives the phoneme. The notes following the table point out differences 1 In the central Mac. Thus 'is', although pronounced fje], is written simply e. In the groups.

The [j] which appears automatically before the third vowel of a group cf. There are two exceptions. The letter B is always retained e. The letter s is. These diacritics are not K=Darkness* - Ks Out Of Control (EP) with any regularity. Phonetically, however, long vowels of-two types occur. In emotional language, a vowel under stress is frequently lengthened: this is K=Darkness* - Ks Out Of Control (EP).

A similar lengthening may be found in the last and of course, un stressed K=Darkness* - Ks Out Of Control (EP) in a substantive in the vocative function cf. If it is, then it surely represents a doubling of the phoneme. Only an analysis of a large body of recorded speech can give the answer. There are, however, exceptions. The stress in the adverbial forms is, how ever, a special case, and the vowel is De Cuba A Mexico - Various - Siente Salsa pronounced long or doubled.

Boio Vidoeski, Poreckiot govor Skopje,p. K=Darkness* - Ks Out Of Control (EP)the verbal adverb, ending in -jfCH, normally stresses K=Darkness* - Ks Out Of Control (EP) penult, although many speakers prefer to accent the antepenult: 3f5opyBajKn, 36opvBaiKn. The Registrar and His Staff R. An efficient system has been devised and inaugurated by Mr.

Brew- er, and the hundreds of incoming students in the Fall and Winter terms are registered with a minimum of time and delay. The staff is occupied throughout the winter months and the summer session perfecting the now very efficient organization and answering the constant stream of in- quiries from prospective students, business hou ses and other Universities.

All students, whatever department they may be enrolled in, are subject to the regula- tions of the Registrar's office and practically all of them, at some time or other, come un- der the kindly supervision of Mr. M oo RE, P Dall as REv. Dall as ]. P ERK! LY NN P. Arkadelphia, Ark. BooTH, A. Eastland :JI o K=Darkness* - Ks Out Of Control (EP) D allas L ouisiana Conferettce R. Ruston, La. Childress REv. P tGG Verno n St. Loui s, M o. Clin ton, M o. U nder his administration th e school has Hungry Heart - Bruce Springsteen - Hungry Heart than doubled in enroll- ment, necessitating K=Darkness* - Ks Out Of Control (EP) new building which he was instrum ental in planning.

H arvard, D ean P otts came to S. L ouis, where he was D ean of the L aw School. H e has caused several additions to the teach ing f orce, and has consistently added to the library.

Just preceding Dean Kilgore's coming to S. He has raised the standards of scholar- ship so that the school now receives more A. In 1 when he was called by S. He has been largely responsible for the admittance of the Commerce 3chool to the American Association of Collegiate Schools of Business. Due largely to his efforts, the University has been admitted to the Association of American Universities and the wom- en to the Association of American University Women.

Dean Van Katwijk came to S. During his admin- istration three courses have been added to those offered in the school, an oratorio has K=Darkness* - Ks Out Of Control (EP) presented each year, and an average of twenty radi o re- citals a year have been given.

Shuler came to S. During his regime the Graduate School's enrollment has become five times as great K=Darkness* - Ks Out Of Control (EP) when he arri ved; also he is responsible for the f ormation of the Graduate Club.

Before co ming to S. Nichols came to us in from K=Darkness* - Ks Out Of Control (EP) where he held the same position he now holds inS. He has sponsored provision of special courses and specific training for undergraduates in his school, and of suitable graduate courses, encouraging research. He has organized travel tours covering Western United States, The Caribean, Cuba, and Panama, and contemplates organization of tours of the Hawaiian Islands, and of the countries bor- dering the Mediterranean.

His departmental enrollment is eight times what it was when he became Dean. Hay had an active part in the financial drives for the girls' dormitories. She has succeeded in so organizing her staff of matrons and assistants in these dormitories as to assist girls on scholastic probation, thus raising the average of scholarship for girls.

M ARY R. As the honor system was abolish ed this K=Darkness* - Ks Out Of Control (EP) all, the H onor Council' s continued existence is problematical. ALVA H. LL ex-stud ents wh o ha ve a ny c redits on th e book. Its purposes a re m anifold.

It is a m ean s of g iving du e recog nition to th ose w ho have, by th eir effo rts w hile a nd a ft er a ttendin g th e Unive rsity, haste n ed its developm ent, as w ell as a m ea n s of k ee ping eve r alive by continued K=Darkness* - Ks Out Of Control (EP) with th e school th e m em o ries of th eir sc hool cl ays he re. But its g rea test purposes a re in re nd e rin g furth er se r- vices to K=Darkness* - Ks Out Of Control (EP).

Its m e mbe rs co-ope ra te wi th th e stud ent bod y in stude nt ac ti vities; th ey m a intain an employm ent burea u for stud e nts a nd n e w g ra du a tes ; th ey esta blish loan fund s for stude nts, a nd th ey assist th e administra ti on in prese ntin g th e ca use of th e Unive rsity to prospecti ve stud ents.

H e loved old thin gs-old books, old pictures, old K=Darkness* - Ks Out Of Control (EP) a. But h e loved yo un g, g rowin g things, too- r oses and trees and boys and girls. H e had a genius for friendship. Out of a maze of conflicting for ces which threa ten to K=Darkness* - Ks Out Of Control (EP) whelm th e you ng student, this man stood stea dfast, a sta bl e quantity in a chan ging world.

Straight and shinin g :llld keen as a sword blade th ey found him, ye t gentle as a child; a see ker after truth and an unflinching defend er of Waar Is De Onschuld - Ronny Mosuse - Altijd Oktober a man whose work expresse d his faith; a gallant soul whom fortun e buffeted only to stren gthen th e fiber of his cha racter and to make more tend er a heart alrea dy attuned to th e hea rt of th e world.

This was our friend-Richard Aug ustus H ea ron. P au l's Concep ti on of th e R cs ur n :ct ion. LoRA B.

Ca bin et, Eta Sigma Phi. C abin et. C abin et, P a n-Hellenic. C abinet, W. Semi-Wee kl y C ampus, Y. K appa Alpha, Varsity Football ' 26, ' 27, ' 28, Y. C abin et, Presid ent, S. ELvA I. L ouis, M o. Cabinet, W. Varsity Track. Myatt, who bas The Two Joneses - John Williams - Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade (Expanded Original Motion Pict the affection of his stud e nts and th e T respect of all who know him i who, as Professor of Span ish and a me mber of the Publications Committee has always s hown a sympathetic understanding of th e Mr.

Smith - Kubeliks Serenade / Souvenir De Drdla (Shellac) ms of student life, we take thi s op portunity of ex pressing our regard. R EID. JoHN M. CuLP, j R. CLAR K.

A'pparition, sent 'To be a moment's ornament". The second decade of the University's history opened with an endowment campaign under the leadership of President H. This movement was completed by March, Iunder President Selecman. The streets of the campus have been paved; an underground K=Darkness* - Ks Out Of Control (EP) connects all build- ings, excepting the Stadium, with the heating plant; trees and shrubs in large numbers have been set out. The R otunda of I 92 9 brings this era of K=Darkness* - Ks Out Of Control (EP) to a close.

Next year marks the beginning of the third decade of the history of South- ern Methodist University. It is to be another era of growth, and plans are being laid for a development during the next ten years that will surpass the remarkable gains of the decade just closing. Five buildings are urgently needed-libr ary, chemistry building, home for the School of Law and the Arnold Graduate School of Governmentdormitory for divinity students, and a completed Administrati on K=Darkness* - Ks Out Of Control (EP).

The first one is Home Corning Day, which is celebrated in the fall. Of course, this occasion is always placed on the day of one of the most important foot- ball games. This coming fall the ex-students will gather to witness the game be- tween S. On the morning of Home Coming Day, the student body and all ex-students who K=Darkness* - Ks Out Of Control (EP) returned for the day participate in the annual tree planting.

The Business Manager of Athletics co-operates with the Ex-Students' A s- sociation in making it possible to have a K=Darkness* - Ks Out Of Control (EP) section in the Stadium for all the ex-students who are present. A great many exes look forward from year to year to this occasion. The banquet is held during Commencement in June. At this time new offi- cers for the ensuing year are elected and the new Board of Directors announced.

Any other business that may be brought before the ex-students is discussed. The K=Darkness* - Ks Out Of Control (EP) is always held in Atkins Hall, and usually begins at 6 :oo p. On this date many ex-students from other states, and even other nations, are present. The twenty-fourth of March, the anniversary of the opening of McFarlin Memorial A uditorium, is officiall y Founders' Day at Southern Methodist University, but this year th e t wenty-fourth Youre My Best Friend, My Love - Michael Jackson - One Day In Your Life on Sunday.

Consequently, President Selecman arranged a program which included the Monday following. T oday we bring hon or a nd lay it upon th e hearts a nd lives of those who have he] peel us m a ke possible this institution of lig ht a ncl truth.

Harry H. Rogers, of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Before a great audience he proclaimed his fai th in plain living and high aims for American men and women. It was a most impressive message coming from a layman in the very front rank of business life. Two additions were K=Darkness* - Ks Out Of Control (EP) to the list of those who hold degrees pro causa h onoris. On Mr. George F. They are given a royal welcome to the Class of ' Both on Sunday and on Monday there was a program of music-an organ recital on Sunday afternoon and a faculty recital on Monday evening.

Anderson, Professor ]. Dealey, and President ]. Nathan Adams acting as toastmaster. Spring P ali tics T HI S year more interest was displ ayed in th e annu al spring elec tions th an ever before in th e history of S.

T h e fi rst stru ggle cam e over the proposed am en dments to th e Constitution, wh ich were presented to the studen t body on A pril the sixththree weeks precedin g th e election Sunshine Of Your Love - Ginger Baker - Rock Legends candid ates fo r stu - dent offi ces.

After a very interesting campaign the t wo fo rmer Untitled - Various - Be Sure To Wear Baggy Pants And A Visor E.P. en dm ents regardin g stu- dent pu blica tions and election of Council m embers passed, w hile th e latter was defeated-the student body declarin g fo r the retention of the h onor systemwh ich, h owever, was One Bullet One Bottle - Whiskey Avengers - Wet And Wreckless - Round 2 abolish ed by the fac ulty.

T h e fo llowing week candidates fo r th e student offi ces began ac ti ve Kammer 10 - Stian Omenås - Klangkammer 1 pai gning. Som e of the m ore interestin g slogans used by th e campaign ers were: "Win with Winn," " T h e best m an fo r th e job, Barr none," "Justice under the Golden Rule," an d "Lay in your annu al supply of Cole.

Two plays were g ive n, and as T h e R otunda goes to print, a third play is in re hearsal. M;ss E dyth R ensha w ve ry ca pab ly directed this openin g play a nd th e foll ow ing stud ents were in th e K=Darkness* - Ks Out Of Control (EP) : MRs.

JUey W M. SON A t. Rus- se ll, has prese nted eleven one-ac t plays duri ng th e sc hool yea r. A ll of th e perform a nces we re enthusiastica ll y rece ived and th e club enj oye d a ve ry success ful yea r.

Clem ents ada ptation of "Ga mmur G e rton's N ee dl e" was presented und e r th e a uspices of th e Eng lish D epartm e nt. Th e onl y three -a ct play was "Craufo rd," by Ma rr ington, a nd was well re- ceive d by th e mtdience. The M ustang 13and V. H U BER. They met fo ur of the leading Universities of this section and were victorious in three of these contests.

The results were: S. Un iversity of Oklahoma S. W ashington University Two to one deci sion Three to noth ing decision in favor of S. University of Mi ssouri S. Drake University Audience's deci sion Judges' deci sion in favo r of S.

They met the University of Colorado at S. With the exception of Snyder all of the men are debating their first Tokyo Rose - First Shot on the Varsity which gives promise of a great team next year.

Their subj ect of discussion is the relative merits of the Cabinet vs. Professor S. Myres, who is teaching in the Arnold School of Government, is coach of all of the debate teams, while Miss Mary McChord, head of the Public Speaking De- partment, has charge of general coJlegiate activities. It has no creed to defend but believes in the inherent val ue of free speech and strong minds used in the search for truth.

All meetings are open and are held twice each month. The Saner O ratorical Contest is held every year under the direc- tion of the Public Speaking Department to determine the ou tstanding public speaker in the University.

A very handsome watch is th e annual award given to the winner who is determined by :five judges, usually Dallas lawyers or professional men.

Last year Dr. Selecman tendered th e members of the debating team a breakfast at his 54th Regiment - DJ Food Stamp - Axis Of Evil on Hillcrest A venue.

The men were later presented in chapel and a special ceremony was dedicated to them. This year th e custom was continu ed and the members of S. Due to lack of time no special chapel program was given but the usual award of gold M's was made. It is expected that next year's debatin g team will be the most successfu l in S.

Only one man will be lost to the squad and there will be a wealth of material from which to choose its members. Undoubtedly a great deal of the credit for the success of the representatives of our University on the debat- ing platform mu st be attribu ted to the able coaching of Miss McChord of the Public Speaking Depart- ment and Dr.

Myres of the School of Government. It has been completed at an approximate cost of twelve thousand dollars, and embodies in its composi- tion several new features, which we hope will prove popular with the student body. Every effort has been made to produce a representative R otunda-one that would portray the true spirit of the University. With this in mind we have elim- inated all material that would reflect partiality or discredit on any certain group or organization, and have tried to conform to this standard throughout the book.

M ustang, from the landing of th e first horses on th ese shores until the present day, our theme, because we believe its spirit still lives in the heart of our teams, and in the atmosphere that per- vades our life here on the campus.

W e are very much Moonlight And Roses - Ray Conniff And His Orchestra And Chorus* - Rhapsody In Rhythm to Mr. Howell, of R.

Dyer and Company, our printers, and to Mr. A llen, of the Service Engraving Company, for their in- valuable assistance. We also wish to express our appreciation to Mr. Henderson, of Browne and Browne Studios. In conclusion we wish to thank the students K=Darkness* - Ks Out Of Control (EP) their co-operation, and many others, too numerou s to mention, who have con- tributed to this volume.

The Semi-Weekly [ampus K=Darkness* - Ks Out Of Control (EP) The policy of the editorial staff is to encourage all worthy enterprises and to discourage those that are considered unworthy by a majority of the students. The development of interest K=Darkness* - Ks Out Of Control (EP) journalism has been fos- tered through the organization of the Fourth E state, which is composed of members of the staff.

Henning, faculty advisor. The Semi-W eekly [ampus Sta. FRANK R o GERs, ]R. In its fo urteenth volume, the R EVIEW h as very definit ely allied itself with th e n ew renaissance occurrin g in Southwestern art, literatu re, and music, and this ren aissance has fo und its chief organ of expression in K=Darkness* - Ks Out Of Control (EP) magazine.

In addition to these, m any yo un g writers who occasionally break into the eastern magazines have been printed in the R EVI EW. Considerable tribute has been paid to th e magazine' s literary excellence and significance during the year, particul arly in the E ast. One N ew York editor and lecturer spoke of it in a lecture in D allas as K=Darkness* - Ks Out Of Control (EP) one of the f oremost magazines of Am erion thought. The Editor and Business Manag er are appoint ed by the Student Counci l and their identity is kept secret.

The paper was under faculty supervi sion and every article was approve d by the censor before it was :finally submitt ed to the Student Body.

The popular ity of THE DINKEY is evi- denced by the fact that every copy of the :first edition of :fifteen hundre d papers was sold, and K=Darkness* - Ks Out Of Control (EP) second edition had to be printed.

This year the Student Counci l put Preserving Your Flame - Henry Miller - Recalls and Reflects - An Extraordinary American Writer Speal limitati on on the adverti sing space with a consequ ent result that there were fewer ads and more reading matter, making a better paper.

In the absence of a college comic it :fills a much needed role, that o f providi ng a legitim ate source of humor and fun. For the second straigh t year an unofficial scandal sheet has been conspicious by its absence. This fall, as last, there were continu al whispe rings and persiste nt rumors that an illegitim ate publica tion would make its appeara nce, but the fat e of f ormer adventu rous spirits who saw :fit to disrega rd Univer sity regulat ions was evident ly a stronge r lesson than the desire of ambitio us journal ists, for the ru- mored publica tion failed to materia lize.

In addition, various individ uals and organiz ations came in fo r their annual "pannin g" but all of the articles resulted in good laughs rath er than th e usual desire for reven ge. King- better known as "Uncle J ake," and schedul es of all th e athletic contests for th e year. Thirty-five hundred copies of the Yell Book were printed and distributed at a cost of ap proximately eigh teen hundred dollars.

A copy of theY ell Book was given K=Darkness* - Ks Out Of Control (EP) every person who was a member of the S. Special thanks mu st be given to the Athletic Department of S. Layton W. Bailey, who helped and co-operated in every way with the staff to make the book a success. School again! The long line 'waiting to register in the Library. Freshmen are told of the dangers of the big city in the first instruction program.

Pledge day. The happy con- clusion of Rush W eek. Small groups of enthusiastic girls enliven the campus. R ibbons and congratulations are typical of the occasion. Is it a text hook or "College Humor? While S. The band in the newly completed T exas emorial Stadium. Crowds fr om 'Dallas take possession of the Jlustin streets befor e the game. The band stages a parade to the gam e. Jl fight talk that had the right result.

I oth ers. P retty girls h elped make the trip more pleasant for the cadets. The S. I t Looks like JI.

Iain and d own 8ll-ttm" with the band. The cheer leaders slwrzv lwrzv it's done. Part of the crowd that sarzv the I9-I9 tie rzvith the Jlggi es. The Cadets from College Station fo1-m their famous "T" durin g the half. R ed Grange, Jr. Jl m ost popttlar rendezvous. L ooking dMvn the corridor. AND Y. Everybody wishes the picture was over. On the boat trip down K=Darkness* - Ks Out Of Control (EP) the 'Dam. The more Shane - Liz Phair - Whip-Smart are try - ing to decide whether or not to risk a ride.

Cool Co-eds seem to like the frigid atmosphere. Old records broken between 'Dallas Hall and the Co-Op. The 'Weather fttrnis hed many a pretext.

Jlbner Sage singing over the Radio. Clwpel's over. T h e Co-O p receives its d elegation. La Frances R eilly cheers as I-I ull wins the race. The desperate riders as they looked at the start.

R eady, G et Set, H igh heels proved no draw back to these young ladies. JI shot fr om "T! William Shapard and Josephine Jay give w a creepy f eeling 'Ivhile they outline their plot. HI hat do you think? Edwin Slater, as Sir 'David, bef ore the throne of the King. Elizabeth 7J owns and! Seniors portrayed affectionate family scen es. Co-EdJ Jigning the book. The Senior R ecognition 'Day. The proceHion marching fr om 'DallaJ Hall. On th ese pages you see the eig ht students, f our gi K=Darkness* - Ks Out Of Control (EP) and f our boys, wh o were so selected.

Th e contest was entirely free fr om politi cs and M ARY no one knew th at it was going K=Darkness* - Ks Out Of Control (EP) be held until it was announced in chapel fi ve minutes before the votes were cast. The R otunda 0 ffice HE I R oTUNDA congratu- T lates these recipients of the highest possible honor that K=Darkness* - Ks Out Of Control (EP) stu- dent body of our University can bestow, with the knowledge that they are tr uly outstanding in our campus life.

D AVIS. We wish that we could run all of the con- testants and th en you could see what a difficult task the selection was. L egal traini11 g h elped in tlw selling of 'Dink eys. R elays. Seniors' drearns com e true. The band prepares to leave the Union Sta- tion f K=Darkness* - Ks Out Of Control (EP) W est P oint. A fair Co-Ed anticipates a pleasant journey. F ond far ewells take up the minutes bef ore train time. The big specials start rolling at last. The "Iron H orses" pause for a rest in St.

L ouis-and then, on to W est P oint! Old fri ends stage happy re- union in St. L ouis. Selecman p1-epares to re- sume the journey. A f ormer 1'11ustang rwelcomes our party dttring the brief stop over in St. L ottis. T he observation car furnish es scenes for many sessions of vari- ous kinds.

W e nearly lose t'Lvo adventttrers in I ndiana.


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