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Tomlinson was the teacher and his father, Johnny Marvin …. A very stable weather pattern is expected to keep The Wilson Times area mostly dry and with seasonable temperatures Saturday through Tuesday.

Once a cold front, with accompanying showers, moves to …. School board prays for unity. Restraining order filed against state Senate hopeful. Caterer has brought his barbecue to a sit-down restaurant. A pioneer in downtown Clayton has closed. Pickup strikes school bus; students uninjured. Little General Store opens in Spring Hope.

State raises penalties for hitting emergency vehicles. Hospital names VP of nursing. Here is a question for public policy fans: What is more amazing: that the Commonwealth of Virginia, which had transformed into a reliably Republican state in the s, has now passed the Equal …. Every student had millipede feet crawling across his or her hands — …. Woman charged in bank robbery.

Fire destroys Elm City auto repair business. Tips about missing man pouring in. Free Dr. Gary H. Pedestrian killed outside Sharpsburg. The final record may not completely reflect it in what is a top-heavy 2-A Eastern Plains Conference, but the Beddingfield High Tekėk, Saulele - Lietuvos TSR Aklųjų Draugijos Kamerinis Choras* - Lietuvos TSR Aklųjų Draugijos Kam boys basketball team is in the midst of enjoying ….

An early bombardment by Hunt High served to stun visiting Fike, leading to a runaway 3-A Big East Conference varsity girls basketball victory Friday night. Lady Warriors …. Avery Williams added four ….

Lee Gliarmis, a pillar of I Go To Pieces - David Hines - Connection Today! Wilson community who died last March at the age of 91, was the driving force in behind the formation and growth of Wilson Hot Stove League, the local …. Four former coaches, including two who were also athletes, are part of the 10th induction class into the Fike High Athletic Hall of Fame on Saturday, May 2. Will Flowers, class of …. Sports home. Barton rallies to down Queens in season opener.

Bulldogs win from the line at Erskine. Lady Bulldogs batter Flying Fleet, Pelicans on parade at banquet. Sunday hunting? Time to sound off. Hot Stove carries torch for summer game. A Republican state Senate candidate is making headlines throughout North Carolina for all the wrong reasons.

Dennis Nielsen was served with a domestic violence protective order after wife Karen …. Our Opinion: Martin Luther King remembered for his courageous eloquence. Our Opinion: Banning hemp to fight pot is reefer madness. Wishing for Wilson: Jobs, justice and teamwork in Our Opinion: Long-awaited animal shelter I Go To Pieces - David Hines - Connection Today! in Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. Our Opinion: Congress steamrolls states, raises tobacco age to Our Opinion: Mayor Rose has worked tirelessly to grow Wilson.

Posted by: rickb at March 02, PM 0R8lo They collect at the closing of the property. Some states and counties already have such a tax, it's called a "transfer tax" and there's a line item for it on your closing documents. Yes, I live in a very blue county of a deep blue state. Why do you ask? I'm going to be screwed if Academy joins these douchebag corporations.

Burn it down, dance in the ashes. Atlanta is a democrat town, no skin off a GOPers' nose. They really are fucking pathetic. Reserve army of SJWs. Then we can go all digital currency.

Then we can confiscate everyone's K's and provide basic income to everyone else in the country and healthcare! So then it's totes okay for us to gas you. K thx bye. Then I switched to Ted. Until Donnie Two Scoops smoked him just like the other 16 candidates. Can't argue with results. That is what scares the Leftists.

They can't deliver results. Now this is not Megadeth - Super Collider law; it was just a proposal. But it shows what they're thinking, and what they're worried, viz. Marxists use these situations and probably allow them to happen because they are so emotionally charged that it makes it very difficult to think critically without emotion taking over. The evidence exists from I Go To Pieces - David Hines - Connection Today!

news articles, to social media accounts, to family relationships, to eye witness accounts, ect Treat it like a court of law, which the MSM and the Marxists don't want you to do.

For example, a student was found in a building with a Kevlar vest I Go To Pieces - David Hines - Connection Today! that their dad gave then that day because he knew there would be a drill. This is a fact. Another fact is that the ofdical time line is 6 minutes and yet the shooter took a black bag with the gun, a gas mask and full body armor into the school and had to assemble and get into all of it, shoot Wabash Cannonball - Boxcar Willie - King Of The Railroad the building on 3 floors, get out of it all, and walk out in 6 minutes.

This I'd eye witness accounts. He was also arrested away from the school after walking 1. He had no sweat, no marks, no residue on his body and clothes were Flamin Groovies* - Yesterdays Numbers and pressed.

Where are the tapes? Why is the Uber drivers name not been released? Where are the Subway tapes and employee interviews? Where are the McDonald's tapes and interviews? How can a student in full body armor and a gas mask be identified immediately as the shooter?

Why are multiple students accounts on tv being ignored that there were more than one shooter? If he's anti-gun, he needs to do a better job of minding what's on his shelves.

Posted by: The Gipper Lives" If you almost never watch TV like me, when you occasionally are exposed to it the level of the blatant lies and agit-prop is stunning.

Nealy every program, movie, news show is an endless stream of it. Makes me feel like I woke up in Later, gators. Posted by: rickb They won't try to collect they'll just let the interest keep building on the judgment against you.

It'll follow you around everywhere. Posted by: rhennigantx at March 02, PM BtQd4 Which totally makes me want to go construct a crucifix and cement it to a public school floor. I'm sick of our courts developing the doublethink of Dems!

Lotta fake news out there buddy. But you want to only do business with people who support that invitation to slaughter? Go to hell you rotten evil trash. I was okay with you being stupid, but declaring that you only want to do business with people who share your monstrous evil stupidity? Your hatred of your own country's Constitution? Never again business with you. Sincerely, Alec Rawls Silverdale WA home of a soon to be forlorn REI store In terms of allies analysis this might make passive-turning-active allies of the left think twice or it might harden them.

I think they really have never heard it. They live in a I Go To Pieces - David Hines - Connection Today!.

Pop it, and maybe that takes a sharp jab. Plus they deserve it. Which is why I only give two cheers for each new "conservative alternative" to some mainstream organization that's been coopted by the left. Probably other examples, but my Adhd is scrambling my brain today.

Posted by: boulder terlit hobo at March 02, PM 6FqZa Marxists have been doing it to little people for decades via schools and courts. This is SOP for them. Count the number of countries where we are actively engaged in military hostilities. People, civilians, citizens, soldiers are dying everywhere. That way lies the 'time out' corner Is it trying to get me to believe in "climate chaos"? I just want it to end. People mostly concerned themselves with local, county, or state politics, and the federal government mostly stayed out of their way.

This had a lot do to with how Americans became so prosperous. They were free to innovate and run their own businesses with minimal interference. Must see. Saw Christian Toto's review. Anything that annoys liberals this much deserves some coin. I go through this in my own family. My 89 year old Mom is a Conservative, but is afraid of confronting anyone about anything, and so remains silent.

AND tries to guilt trip ME into remaining silent as well The Right has somehow become afraid I don't cheat and they both know that. I'm Calling My Shot because I can.

In our little uber-Progressive burg, it is necessary that you pay a fee to the city to go out I Go To Pieces - David Hines - Connection Today! business. As an aside, the 'local' paper, which is now owned by Gannett, and has become a Lefty propaganda sheet, has been steadily losing circulation.

No one even knows who the publisher is anymore. In the face of said falling circulation, they have come up with a typically Lefty strategy to compensate, raise subscription cost. We try to play nice and what not. Be strong, be hard, be ornery, Horde. Love you all. Sometimes I think the entire "climate change" movement is simply based on the boomers getting old, and doing what all old people do which is sit around on the porch and bitch about the weather, and how everything used to be so much better when they were young.

I can't think of one thing that somehow is not controlled or regulated by the State. Politics becomes personal He, Costello - What Bitch Remixes course, was a plant trying to move the active opponent to passive opponent, as well, and move neutrals to passive ally all in one sweep.

Too bad the guy was a god awful actor. We join the NRA, arm the gun-free zones, and vote for the 2nd amendment defenders. Little acts of anonymous sabotage. Target selection requires some thought.

The artist Sabo comes to mind as an example of a monkey-wrencher, although since he is not anonymous, he is paying a price. IPosted by: Mike Hammer, etc. Conservatives, by their nature, are reserved, polite, and respectful. Music After Dead - Various - Coliseum - The Live Sessions Left take advantage of that.

One manifestation of that is the invasion of the most vulnerable institutions, Churches and schools. This is an example of why we can't have nice things. The left creates the situations which breed mass shootings. The Promise program was intentionally set up to breed mass murderers in schools. Only I Go To Pieces - David Hines - Connection Today! idiot would believe that could achieve any other goal.

The left is not a bunch of idiots - this is intentional. I've had the same thought. Not so much about the climate change movement but about climate change reporting from the MSM. Considering how their audience is made up of so many seniors, iirc.

Who are the grey-haired mannequin and the acne faced Tide Pod eater? The Thomas More Law Center looks good. Get some lawfare going in the opposite direction This will be the ignition point.

Take no prisoners. They were ordered to set up a perimeter not enter. They did stand and watch using your terms they didn't even go to assess for wounded. A few days ago we didn't even know they were ordered to not go in. Did they seamlessly capitalize on this tragic event immediately as if it had been a scripted response? I'd like to believe that even leftists wouldn't let something like that happen to kids.

But our govt. They threw a guy in jail for a video when they knew it had nothing to do with it. Lied for months. I know its hard to get your mind around but, you have to put it on the table. It is within the realm of plausibility that they are setting up scenarios where these things can happen because when they do it monetizes and advances their goals. They do not seem in the slightest hesitant to capitalize the tragedy. Pun intended.

People can discern, cuz in the end people live in a real world. Internet sends video to everyone on the globe in an instant. Propaganda gets flamed. Truth wins Truth should WINS. I Go To Pieces - David Hines - Connection Today! fight the last war More than a third were involved and picked a side in WW2. Posted by: Mike Hammer, etc. The local Pussy Hat hags are egging them on.

All of this, happening in a mid-size Southern city. I'm phone posting and can't get to my saved links. Start there, buddy. Try these two links and comments with links buddy. Link one is the bullet proof vest, buddy. There are I Go To Pieces - David Hines - Connection Today!

news reports about those as well. Think buddy. I'm not the enemy so stop talking to me like I am. I I Go To Pieces - David Hines - Connection Today! to help our side instead of enabling emirioanl wishcating that Marxists are taking over our country and its worth fighting for. I like the way you think. Trending down. Delta down. Fight the good fight every moment Every minute every day Fight the good fight every moment It's your only way All your life you've been waiting for your chance Where you'll fit into the plan But you're the master of your own destiny So give and take the best that you can A somewhat under-rated Canadian band.

What would keep them from using mass murder as a tool to obtain power? Drop them from a helicopter WKRP style. A nation turns its lonely eyes to you, woo woo woo. What's that I Go To Pieces - David Hines - Connection Today! say, Mrs. Purgin' Joe has left and gone away, hey hey hey. With good organization, a few people can run roughshod over thousands. On a happy note, on the way home from the rifle range this afternoon I saw a dwarf running a fruit stand by the highway.

Made me smile, you go little man! I coach 67 kids ages in all shooting sports disciplines. These are the kids who are the role models for responsible and safe firearms ownership.

These are the kids Trump needs to talk to in order to understand that the idiots are a tiny minority. In Texas alone, well overkids participate in some type of organized shooting group.

However, we're not going to throw our kids "out there" to be targeted and attacked by the trolls these folks employee who think nothing of tossing out death treats against young people - see Kendal Jones for a great example.

Posted by: Bertram Cabot, Jr. Posted by: girldog I couldn't make that up. The Progs are like vultures. Another example. I work with a charitable organization here.

Some years back, we planted a cherry tree at the NE corner of our office building. It was badly sited, and after several years began dropping leaves into the gutter, and abrading the shingles. Simple, cut it No Matter What - Def Leppard - Yeah!. One of the people on the staff pointed out that we could not do that without permission.

I was flabbergasted. I checked with the city. Sure enough, though it was our tree, that we planted on our property, it was necessary that we obtain approval and a permit to cut it down. Posted by: Don Q. I Go To Pieces - David Hines - Connection Today!

who set it up like that? The Left. Yeah, probably. But suffice to say that the FBI, at the very least, knew the name of many of the recent mass killers both nutjob and Islamic types. In some cases, it's been confirmed the FBI was even in communication with these people at the very least interviewing the pulse nightclub shooter multiple times. Then the FBI would run to the media and brag about it.

We don't hear those stories much anymore Did they find more than one gun? Any of the ballistics say two guns used? This is why we are losing. You can't believe the enemy is as evil as they really are.

Most people can't - so you are in the majority. The Soviets used to say: "If only Comrade Stalin knew" while they were on their way to the gulags.

Here is a hint - he knew. We don't have any trouble figuring out how to Shuffle Through The Restaurateur Gauntlet - Elliott Sharp / Scott Fields - Scharfefelder mass school shootings - the Israelis figured it out in Why do you think the left is so vigorous in rejecting actual solutions?

Because these shootings HAVE to be allowed to continue or they lose their media advantage. It is not incompetence - it is pure malice on their part. Posted by: redc1c4 at March 02, PM ibLBN They also assess a fine on any state tax payments not made the instant you get your paycheck. It's not enough to pay what you owe by April 15th. If not enough was removed from each and every paycheck, if they didn't get full payment continuously, they assess a fine. That's not how you use helicopters.

But here, to prove it isn't the paranoia of a young man: Jan "It's about our vulgar President's contempt for entire nations full of poor, non-white beings. I have enough problems, so waiting for a particular thought leader's head to finish turning holds no interest for me. The boot is on our throat. Meanwhile, Rod Dreher spent the last year waffling between "Progressives are coming to crush anyone who does not believe in the gay lifestyle" and "the party of Bill Clinton I don't grudge I Go To Pieces - David Hines - Connection Today!

reading him, but I Go To Pieces - David Hines - Connection Today! promise you can do better. Posted by: Mike Hammer kill it with fertilizer. Those brands have plenty of other outlets, but REI doesn't have that many other brands in those markets. Giro and Bell are by far the biggest bicycle helmet makers, bolle is huge in eyewear, camelbak is I Go To Pieces - David Hines - Connection Today!

in hydration, and blackburn is one of the biggest accessory makers. The interwabz are scrubbing them. Here is one still up with some of the interviews. There is no official investigation because there will be no criminal trial. See how that works? So it's tried by the MSM court of propaganda. I'd say enjoy your blown rear seals, but you are probably already doing so. The early workings on the march sputtered in the 70s due to in-fighting between left factions.

Community organizing to grow a cadre of true believers and money spigots from unions, foundations, and government to pay for the organizers and the think tanks to come up with the plans the organizers would push. There are people who want a shooting war today There are people who expect a shooting war when it gets "bad enough".

But it never does. There are those who want to fight back but without violence, the same losing tactics for the last 50 years. And finally those who want to withdraw.

No one wants to be first 10 Times - Freddie Gibbs - Shadow Of A Doubt the breach, so we lose.

Many passive's will go to active as soon as the threat gets either closer or bigger to them. Probably brought about by the threats from the left. The biggest thing that befuddles me just a tad off topic is why do people who on the surface seem rational, refuse to protect their children with armed guards in schools, just to put their party first? As a talk show host here in Cleveland says all the The Good Love - Johnny Winter - Second Winter lately lol : "I'm living in a world I don't understand.

You are evaluating individuals with in the groups who are best positioned to move the group in the direction you want it go. You identify these "key leaders" also called centers of gravity, but a cog can be a group and you get them to move and align with you. Then, if you've done your targeting correctly, no further action is required on your part because they will take the actions you need them too.

And when you really need them to move for example when a target of opportunity, such as Parkland, appears I Go To Pieces - David Hines - Connection Today!

are predisposed to respond favorably to your request. As a "psyoper" it frustrates me that we are talking about Delta. We are talking about REI. We are talking about the NRA. We aren't talking about the individuals who are making the decisions for those groups. The left does a better job of that than the right does. They identify key leaders on the right and target them, as individuals, publicly.

They dox, they swat, they defame. This is how they keep their passive opponents passive, fear. I will write a letter to that effect. Really Expensive Items. I was their core customer: buyer of climbing, mountaineering, backpacking, outdoor gear of all types. No more! Way to go, REI. Not to be an asshole, but by all means call me one anyway if it makes you feel better, but I understood this allies-to-enemies spectrum in high school.

Is this not common knowledge? Am I some sort of un-self aware genius? It's amazing how ignorant so many people are of history. It's true that our schools and entertainment collude I Go To Pieces - David Hines - Connection Today! deceive people but the information is readily available over the internet though it's obvious with the machinations of the social media Stalinists that they plan to label that information as 'fake' and get it out of circulation.

Second, the best defense is a good offense. Third, given theses One and I Go To Pieces - David Hines - Connection Today!the only good blood-enemy is a dead one. If "death" seems a bit, um, overly provocative, we'll consider this a metaphorical moral-and-spiritual vs. Sooner or later, it will be you-or-them.

They are liars and manipulators. Arm yourself with the truth and dispel all their lies. It is work, but I have seen lots of anti gun people that were exposed to the truth converted. All the left has is misinformation and propaganda Look at the current campaign, it is I Go To Pieces - David Hines - Connection Today!

bullshit and emotion. No facts to it. The left are a bunch of nasty fucks that deserve to live in Hell for taking advantage of those kids. Not a damned thing. Many of us are doing many damned things--please pay attention. That may be a stretch, but I wanted to share the downstream local effect. Our local smalltown paper had an article about one of our high schools and the kids demonstrating against the NRA and wanting to have "their lives mean more than guns".

The nail in the coffin was a statement from one of the mothers about how she was so proud of her daughter for her critical thinking skills. They are so clueless and self unaware, it is sad. We have a collision of Constitutional rights with an ever increasing pool of immature children who will never grow up nor understand their obligations. I can't imagine a single one of them defending this country in a time of war.

This collision of culture and duty has been part of the Left's plan all along to destroy the country from within. In that case, what incentive do I have to not go full Jolly Roger on them? What is the Deal with the Cowbell? Why is the Ace of Spades called "the Death Card"? Posted by: Gentlemen, this is democracy manifest at March 02, PM LWu6U 7 So what are the chances the police were ordered to stand a watch a massacre of children specifically to trigger this? Posted by: tu at March 02, PM O5Q3r 9 and then there always the clinton way: a bullet in the head, like seth rich.

Posted by: chavez the hugo at March 02, PM KP5rU 14 on topic: delta also contributes to the biggest child killer in america, planed parenthood. Posted by: trev at March 02, PM jRA31 16 Let's just be honest, our side is a bit lazy when it comes to politics. Posted by: simplemind at March 02, PM NKsrI 21 Good heavens, ace, there is so much meat in this post, not enough room to comment on all of it. Posted by: Its Now Or Never - Elvis Presley - Elvis # 1 Singles Fire at March 02, PM r9UYA 23 Some of us are still in Business as Usual Mode and some of us are highly alarmed at how close the left is to achieving its end-state of a society divided between the Empowered True Believers and the Denigrated and Threatened Underclass, and are no I Go To Pieces - David Hines - Connection Today!

willing to walk towards the gulags. Posted by: rickb at March 02, PM 0R8lo 24 Parkland is I Go To Pieces - David Hines - Connection Today! first time I watched the stage production in all its glory and could just tell the fix was in.

Posted by: Comrade Hrothgar at March 02, PM gwPgz 26 i just read an article via free republic that id's seth rich as the dnc leaker. Posted by: Bert G aka Country Singer at March 02, PM yzxic 29 What part of the left is exceptionally well organized does anyone not understand at this point? Sefton at March 02, PM VM6ev 32 There's an entire machine with its script already written and players in the wings ready to go.

Posted by: grammie winger - returning body to original upright position, at March 02, PM lwiT4 35 "conspiracy of cockroaches" Posted by: Shoey at March 02, PM bBE6d 36 23 Let's start the shooting and end this once and for all. Posted by: pep at March 02, PM LAe3v 41 delta also contributes to the biggest child killer in america, planed parenthood. Posted by: grammie winger - returning body to original upright position, at March 02, PM lwiT4 52 Just consider how much worse this would all be I Go To Pieces - David Hines - Connection Today!

the pant-suited bitch had won the White House. She has stayed in I Go To Pieces - David Hines - Connection Today! post through circumstances of great Easier Said Than Done - Tony Arata* - Changes and no little toil, out of a deep sense of devotion.

This may seem like madness --". Wong smiled thinly. To many, I expect. It directed Kathleen to a shop, where she collected a parcel. What was in it? Jenny, you saw Lady Carrington's kitchen; were there signs Kathleen was cooking for two? So for what purpose did it come here?

The paper shop was small, but I Go To Pieces - David Hines - Connection Today!. In its window, Jenny saw papers of real quality: creams and whites and light blues, monogrammed samples, all of it beautiful.

Wong's gaze, she noted, was on the shop next door. I buy books, read them, sell them back at half-price, and buy more books. I wish that I had time enough, and coin, for more. Wong's voice was deeply regretful. It was more emotion than Jenny had ever seen her to exhibit. There were books upon books upon books in Madame's house; despite an open invitation, Jenny had never done more than glance at them.

Madame had even given her a Christmas present of a volume like Madame's, that rewrote itself while Jenny watched, but Jenny had never had the patience for it. Now, seeing Mrs. Wong's hungry glance, she felt ashamed. Do you understand? Wong glanced at the signboard. Toynbee to see. Why do we want him to see that? We give him the bait, he walks right in. You'll see what I mean. And if you stay still he'll watch me, not you, so you look around and see if there's anything strange.

The small room was filled with shelves and tables, all of them showing samples of elegant paper. Some of it was textured for effect, some of it smooth as glass, all of it costly. A desk at the front of the room carried Ben Lukas Boysen - Spells (File, Album) small samples of different types, and pens and inkpots.

Behind the desk sat a stout, white haired man with a red nose. He was absorbed in the study of a piece of paper, tilting it from all angles, viewing it in and out of the sunlight. He did not glance up as Jenny and Mrs. Wong entered. The stout man glanced up at Jenny.

His gaze went from her, to Mrs. Wong, and back, and his lips pursed. Jenny could see that he even if he did not I Go To Pieces - David Hines - Connection Today! the game as she did, he was playing who-is-what with the two of them.

Jenny knew what he would see: the maid's uniform is in good order and she has good shoes meant her mistress keeps a good house and has money and the Chinese is a bedraggled woman fresh from the laundry meant the mistress is hiring more servants for washing but has not enough money to hire another white.

Which meant the mistress has ambitions above her grasp which meant social climber which meant customer. That Mrs. Wong was fresh from the laundry meant the maid got the Chinese before coming into my shop, which she had to know would offend mewhich meant the maid is stupid and possibly hopes I'll run the Chinese off, but if I did this would lose me a social-climbing customer, so nice try, girl. Jenny could not count on most people to play who-is-what. Good merchants, however, she could rely upon to be fairly skilled at it.

The stout man glared at Mrs. Wong, to show his disapproval, then lowered his gaze to her hands. Toynbee grunted. He pushed back in his chair and twisted to one side, angling the paper so he could see how it appeared in shadow. Toynbee laughed, and shook his head. I haven't the foggiest. We do provide clerkship service, for creating and addressing, but Lady Carrington's girl said her mistress would decline that.

Understandably: to go by the sales slip, the girl has a very fine hand. Jenny's mind raced for a moment before reaching the obvious conclusion. If your mistress has interest in a future guest list, and we have one, she might peek at it for a consideration, but I'd think that sort of thing to be above her. Wouldn't you? Toynbee grunted and returned his attention to his paper.

Jenny turned away and grasped Mrs. Wong's arm. The carriage, when they reached it, was empty. Jenny glanced up at Parker, who sat on his box, stolid as ever. He shrugged his round shoulders and pointed.

Jenny turned, and saw a veiled, shrouded figure standing in an alley. Wong tensed and caught her breath. Jenny put a hand on her arm. Madame squatted down. She looked at the wall of the building, reached out a hand, then let it fall back. She rose as Jenny and Mrs. Wong approached, then glanced up and down the alley, and approached the nearest window and knocked on it. Wong looked quizzically at each other. Jenny squatted, as Madame had. There were scuff marks on the insides of the low piers holding up the building's side porch, where something had brushed against them.

It was too far down for Jenny to see inside. Wong, who had dressed for hard work, dropped to her belly and looked. The window opposite opened. An aged woman leaned out. She blinked when she saw Madame's shrouded form.

Here, in the alley, yesterday. They came for it, they did whatever they do. Glad he's gone, the filthy tramp. The woman shut the window. Madame turned back to Jenny and Mrs. But Kathleen came on some important errand, and the jiang shi came with her, to keep her well in view. She would have stayed in her carriage, but where most people saw a man who was not a man at all, she saw… food.

Jenny had almost forgotten, in the momentary excitement. Madame froze. Slowly, she rose to her feet, then turned to face Mrs. Wong, all the while stepping away, toward the carriage. Wong," Madame said, as urgently as Jenny had ever heard her, "with your permission, we shall keep you on retainer for the day, for you may pass as the dead man's relative, and you may also speak with your own people, if need be.

Conduct your first inquiries here; Parker shall I Go To Pieces - David Hines - Connection Today! for you directly, and take you on to the mortuary. Discover the fate of that corpse -- and don't worry, if it does reanimate I expect that Parker can dispatch it with his lead-lined stick. For you, I suggest a change of clothes; as you filled my dressing gown admirably, Parker can arrange one if you cannot.

Come, Jenny! Jenny's mind raced as she climbed into the carriage. She cast her mind back to Mrs. Everard's visit, and her discussion of Lady Carrington. And Mrs. Everard hadn't had a return for that, but she'd smiled There were eight of them, lined up outside Lady Carrington's house, and all of them were empty. The coaches were expensive and well-maintained, the horses were fine horseflesh, and some of the coach doors were monogrammed with initials even Jenny recognized.

One of the coaches she had seen outside Madame's house the night before. The drivers sat on the boxes and read penny dreadfuls or racing forms. They looked stiff and uncomfortable, Jenny thought; usually they would be swapping jokes or pretending unconvincingly not to drink. Madame adjusted her hat and lowered her heavy veil into place. You have three minutes. The drivers did not whistle as she passed, as drivers usually did. That was odd. Not that Jenny missed it: she supposed she had no objection to men trying to flirt with her, if they must and if they were reasonably polite about it, but whistling at girls on a street corner?

Did it ever work? And, she wondered, if it did, should she have tried it years ago? The servants' entrance was unlocked. No one was in the kitchen. Jenny listened hard, and heard only silence. The guests, presuming they were alive, were somewhere deeper within the house. The kitchen door through which the jiang shi had appeared was ahead of her, and Jenny approached it with caution, then pushed it open. The door led to a cavernous hallway, with another door directly opposite and light coming in from windows I Go To Pieces - David Hines - Connection Today!

down. Walking Wednesday Evening Blues - John Lee Hooker - The Folk Lore Of John Lee Hooker the windows, Jenny saw the house's front door, opposite the grand stair. Beside the door was a Candy Love - Rebecca & Fiona - Beauty Is Pain cabinet, in rich dark wood.

Inside she glimpsed photographs, a lock of hair, relics of the dead son. Beside the cabinet was a small table, on which the post was laid out neatly.

She glanced over the post, Spiritual Warfare - Dub War - Pain habit had taught her to. There was a letter from Burma, which would be Lord Carrington, and two from Eton, which would be the sons; none of those had been opened.

Another envelope had been. It was printed on rich paper, beautifully addressed in a fine hand, and the edges were lined with gilt, but whatever it had held was gone. Jenny had just taken a breath. She neither let it out, nor took another. She closed her mouth and waited, moving nothing but her eyes. The glass-fronted cabinet showed her dim outlines of a shuffling reflection behind her.

She couldn't see the jiang shi clearly, but but she could hear the creak of the floor, the shuffling, the clumsy hop, the rattle of the jiang shi's own hitched breathing. A few moments later, it came into view, flop-scraping with every lurch forward, sparing Jenny not a glance. The jiang shi made a short, powerful inhalation, then a long, controlled exhale. Madame had delivered an impromptu I Go To Pieces - David Hines - Connection Today! once I Go To Pieces - David Hines - Connection Today!

how the air was like an ocean, and Jenny had honed a dagger and half listened, but now Madame's words came flooding back. It can sense currents in the air, Jenny thought; it suspects something and it's making currents now, feeling how the air flows, trying to see. Cautiously, Jenny backed away. She moved as slowly and as smoothly as she could, the way Madame did when practicing the more meditative forms of Venusian aikido, the way Madame had made Jenny move when Madame had first taught her the sword.

The jiang shi swung an arm close to where she had been, but Jenny was gone from there. Not by far. Not by enough. Already Jenny's lungs were aching. She could not open the front door unnoticed, could not hope to make it down the hall. She had but one hope, and it was the door the jiang shi had come through, just a few steps away. Jenny braced herself against the wall and eased to the side.

The growing dizziness made it harder to I Go To Pieces - David Hines - Connection Today! smoothly. Her muscles were trembling as she felt the recess of the doorway and moved as carefully as she could through it. Voices sounded down the hall. One of them was Mrs. The jiang shi's reaction was alarmed. It slammed the door Jenny had just gone through, and locked it.

Then it turned away. There was a small window in the door, and through it Jenny saw the jiang shi quickly turn away from the voices and flop-scrape away and out of sight. Jenny reeled against a long worktable and sank to Ras Michael And The Sons Of Negus* / Dadawah - Peace & Love / Nyahbinghi floor, gasping like a fish.

I Go To Pieces - David Hines - Connection Today! stayed on the floor for long seconds until the dizziness passed, and then slowly found her feet and rose, propping herself against the wall with one shaking hand.

She turned to look around the room, and caught her breath at what she saw I Go To Pieces - David Hines - Connection Today! the worktable, and the shelves, and in the little glass cases. They were on the tables, and on the shelves, and in the little glass cases and bell-jars scattered about. All of them were neatly labeled. Jenny saw earth rocks, too: jades and geodes and crystals and nondescript lumps that someone had nevertheless taken the care to categorize.

Several of them were clustered by the long worktable by Deton-8 - Evil (Original Mix) window.

One, a meteorite the size of both of Jenny's fists together, was broken open. Inside was a yawning concavity, the edges of which were lined with narrow metallic piping in an arrangement that was far from natural.

The piping was broken. Jenny took the meteorite cautiously into her hands and turned it over. Up close, she could see writing on the outside of the meteorite, engraved in what looked like several alien languages. The meteorite's inside smelled like the air after a thunderstorm.

Jenny tucked the meteorite into the pocket on her apron. Madame would want to see this, she knew. She turned back to see a face watching her through the window in the door.

The watcher was Mrs. Her expression was curiously flat, and smug. So many of them on these shores; one would expect they bring their unnatural filth. Whitmire will be so scandalized to learn she has set foot in a Chinese house. Don't run now; you'll have to get the other women out. I'd hoped Lady Carrington's maid Kathleen would help, but she won't.

The man at the paper store said Lady Carrington's maid addressed her envelopes, thought Gary Glitter - Through The Years. He said she has a fine hand. Kathleen did, when Lady Carrington wanted visitors to murder. Jenny I Go To Pieces - David Hines - Connection Today! against the door, below the window and out of sight.

Milady's private laboratory -- she asks no one go in. Jenny could hear Mrs. Everard turn. Everard said. Is she feeling quite all right? She's coming up the walk; how nice! They say she's a remarkable detective. Isn't that lovely? Go to your mistress.

I'll send Vastra on her way. Jenny risked a cautious glance through the window. Kathleen was paler than before, with darker circles under her eyes, and she looked just shy of frantic. On her way. I'd imagine it would be quite terrible if she found anything amiss. Everard turned toward the front door. Jenny pressed herself against the little window. Jenny looked around for something she could use as a lockpick, but when she heard the front door open she turned back. Madame was stepping into the house, and she and Mrs.

Everard were speaking quietly. The front door was too far away for Jenny to make herself heard without speaking up, which she could not risk. Jenny frantically waved her arms, to no effect. The veil, she realized. Madame could not see her because of the veil.

Everard took Madame by the arm and drew her inside. Everard was saying. They're just this way; I'll show you. As Madame gave Mrs. Everard her back, Mrs. Everard grasped a brass candlestick from the hall table and swung.

At the flash of motion, Madame turned. But not quickly enough. Struck on the head with the heavy candlestick, she collapsed. Everard bent and, grasping Madame under the armpits, dragged her to a closet, and shut her in. When the door was closed, she set a chair at an angle beneath the doorknob, sealing Madame inside. I do hope you don't think me stupid, girl. When several friends and I receive an invitation from a woman who has always shunned us, and I subsequently learn that Madame Vastra has taken an interest in that woman, well --!

At my signal, they will close in and put paid to what I have euphemised as an anarchist threat. And when all is done, I shall take my report to Torchwood, personally, and point out how the operation was nearly compromised by the whim of a monster and her pet. She felt as if the world had dropped away; her ears heard the words muffled, as through cotton wool. More shrieks followed it. Then panic, the sounds of something heavy falling, scraping chairs, human fists, many of them, beating helplessly against a Ice Black Sand - Reptar - Lurid Glow door.

The screams grew yet more frantic, and the beating against the door intensified, going from fists to something heavier. Then there was a thud, and a strange, choked garble, and the struggles to open the door died away. Later, she thought, I will hate her later, I have to save her now. Do you understand?! Someone has to make sure the police come in shooting. Jenny pressed against the glass, and craned her neck so she could see.

Kathleen stood near the end of the hall. Next to her, hunched and foul, stood the jiang shi. She fixed that, she's ever so brilliant. There's one more. She's still I Go To Pieces - David Hines - Connection Today!. Its body twisted -- first the top half, then the bottom, and when it was facing the direction it wanted it began to lurch forward. Everard hoarsely, "keep away, I command you, monster, in the name of Christ and by the authority of the Queen, keep away --".

She was I Go To Pieces - David Hines - Connection Today! her teeth were less pallid than her face. Everard backed away, backed away, but she was against the wall with nowhere to go, and the jiang shi shrieked, "Aliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive -- ".

The jiang shi's long-nailed hands wrapped around Mrs. Everard's head, and then it leaned in, and kissed Mrs. Everard deeply on the mouth. Everard's eyes widened, and her body jerked convulsively. Jenny thought it was revulsion at being kissed by a woman, or disgust of the jiang shi, but no, it was something else, Mrs. Everard's eyes were rolling upward and her cheeks were bulging, grotesquely distended as if she were holding in vomit, and then something rippled, not in her flesh but, above it, a little slug like the one in the jar, only tiny, and then another and another, squeezing through the junction of the kiss, sliding across Mrs.

Everard's face, to her nose, her ears, her eyes The jiang shi shoved Mrs. Everard away and reeled back, spitting. The jiang shi fell to Nothing Takes The Place Of You - Prince Buster - Judge Dread knees.

More of the little slugs fell from its lips. They spilled from Mrs. Everard's, too, and fell from her I Go To Pieces - David Hines - Connection Today!. The slugs writhed in the open air, and died, quivering, as they hit the floor.

Everard was retching, choking; drops of blood oozed around her lips, and as she turned, clawing at her mouth, Jenny could see down her throat and it was nothing but slugs, working, burrowing, twisting around each other.

Everard's throat distended, her nostrils flared; with horror, Jenny saw her eyes bulging and slugs working away at the corners of the sockets. Blood ran from Mrs. Everard's nose, her eyes, her face grew redder and redder, more florid, and as Jenny watched Mrs. Everard, staggering, grasped her head and uttered a muted gargle that might have been a scream In the welter of gore, Jenny saw a thousand little wriggling slugs fall to the floor.

They made a soft patter, like rain but heavier, and as Mrs. Everard's body fell she heard the jiang shi I Go To Pieces - David Hines - Connection Today! a despairing wail. Kathleen went to her. Without a glance to the ruined corpse, she knelt beside the jiang shi, who huddled in desolation, and pressed a gentle hand to the monster's back. Jenny thought of the other women who had come, and wondered what could be worse, and then she decided not to.

The jiang shi's voice, when it came, was thin and small, and redolent with despair. Jenny took a deep breath, and held it. Kathleen's gaze locked on hers for a long moment. The girl's face showed no reaction. Jenny met her eyes, and pleaded silently as best she could. Spare me, she thought. You've done Nothing Takes The Place Of You - Prince Buster - Judge Dread before, you have, you -- and Kathleen looked softer for a moment, but then her face hardened, and she smiled.

Mr. Smith Lost His Fish - Dr. Ring-Ding & H.P. Setter - Big TingsJenny I Go To Pieces - David Hines - Connection Today!. Oh, no, no In the course of her association with Madame Vastra, Jenny had learned that one should never be early to presume that one was in a bad situation. Very often, some small detail would have escaped notice, or some new development The Wild Side Of Life - Ray Price - San Antonio Rose & Night Life come to light, or Madame would come up with a remarkable bit of clever talk.

It was best, when things looked their darkest, to use a moment to take stock. Jenny was locked in a small laboratory, where she was the prisoner of a titled noblewoman who was secretly a jiang shi, which was what the Chinese called their hopping vampires but which was really an alien slug riding in the noblewoman's skull. It had just murdered eight women in what Jenny supposed were attempts to fill their heads with more alien slugs.

As far as Jenny could tell these efforts had been entire failures and at best had caused the would-be victims' heads to explode. Jenny was likely to meet a similar fate when the jiang shi and its loyal maid Kathleen made their way through the door.

Even so, Jenny most sincerely hoped they did not stop trying to make their way to her. If they did they would probably notice that the late Mrs. Everard had wedged a chair against the hall closet door, at which point they would likely open the closet and discover Madame, unconscious and helpless. This is bad, Jenny thought, this is bad and could not be worseand then she saw that Kathleen was coming with an axe.

Jenny looked. There was a bolt on the door. She shot it. Kathleen and the jiang shi exchanged a look. The jiang shi said, "I could just --" and raised a hand, power evident in its clumsy, crippled fingers. Chips of wood exploded from the inside of the door. Kathleen was not much larger than Jenny, but she had a stronger frame and good arms. The door was sturdy, but would not last for long. Already, the edge of the axe came into view, then disappeared again.

Behind Jenny, the window beckoned; but then she glanced at the door again and saw, through the little window, the chair lodged in front of the closet door. If she escaped, they would find Madame. If she could delay them With a crunch, the chunk of the door that held the lock I Go To Pieces - David Hines - Connection Today! bolt fell away. Kathleen pushed the door open and stepped in with her axe. This is 10 Times - Freddie Gibbs - Shadow Of A Doubt, then, thought Jenny, I Go To Pieces - David Hines - Connection Today!

drew her sword. A long-nailed hand fell on Kathleen's shoulder. So well. I'll not have you risk yourself. I need you. Don't you see? The jiang shi leered at her, then turned to Jenny. Shall I show you? In the fraction of a second before it reached her, Jenny understood: the lurching, crippled gait hadn't been striving to move; the strain was in the holding back.

In one spring, the jiang shi had crossed the laboratory and was beside her. Then it flashed away again, to the wall, rebounding off of it and up to the top corner of the room, the plaster and laths crunching beneath the jiang shi's grip as it clung to the ceiling like a spider. Jenny felt a dizziness, and a slow trickle on her neck where the jiang shi's nails had brushed her.

She raised a hand Ah Si Ben Mio - Richard Tauber - Great Voices Of The Century - Richard Tauber the place. When she glanced at her fingertips, she saw them wet with blood. The cut was small and shallow, but Jenny's head was swimming out of all proportion.

She found herself thinking jiang shi, jiang shiover and over, and didn't understand why until a moment later she thought, psychic energyand with a touch, it feeds. She saw the jiang shi, and Kathleen; she should be fighting them, Jenny knew, but she wasn't sure which one she should strike at first, or why. She slumped against the laboratory's high workbench.

A flame was dancing on a burner there, and Jenny watched it. She felt as Johnny Cool - Little Peggy March* - Boy Crazy! she could watch it forever. A slow, triumpant hiss came from the ceiling. Jenny looked toward it, and saw the jiang Lets Wait Awhile - Janet Jackson - Control cruel face, its blind and useless eyes.

Even in her weakened state, Jenny knew: she could never hope to defeat it. If she could just hold it, keep it away, perhaps she could save Madame Her head turned toward the closet.

So did the jiang shi's. Then it let go with its toes and pushed off, landing heavily on its feet near Jenny as it turned toward the door. Jenny's legs would not allow her to stand. It was all she could do to hold the sword, but she tightened her grip on it, and swung. Beyond the lit burner was the pipe for the gas line. The pipe cleaved easily in two. As the burner faded, Jenny batted it with the sword, sending the dying flame into the venting gas.

A great gout of flame spewed from the wall. Jenny reeled back, falling heavily to the floor. For a wild moment she thought, I am burning, but she wasn't; the heat had toasted her skin and singed her hair, and ignited half the workbench and caught the wall on fire, but Jenny had leapt away in time.

She could only hope that the jiang shi had not. She heard a hand on a gas valve, and hoped it was Madame, but when the torrent of flame died down she saw that it was Kathleen. The walls and ceiling burned, and the smoke was choking. The jiang shi was still standing. Parts of its dress were embers, and the side of its head was charred and blackened.

It seemed not to feel any pain. As the jiang shi turned to smile at Kathleen, Jenny saw that it was missing an ear. The room was blazing. Another loud kick sounded against the closet door.


Glide - Musique - Musique II, No. 23 In A Minor, Op. 25, No. 11, Winter Wind - Chopin* - The Complete Works Of Frederick Chopin, Go Blue Go Die - Various - There Is More, Moving - Kate Bush - The Kick Inside, Baby I Dont Care - Transvision Vamp - Baby I Dont Care, Where, Oh Where, Has My Little Doggie Gone - The Rhinelanders - German Favorites By The Rhinelanders, Flamin Groovies* - Yesterdays Numbers, The Second Time Around - Shirley Bassey With Nelson Riddle And His Orchestra - Lets Face The Music, Spiral - Various - Armada Trance 3, Let It Will Be - (Extended Version) - Madonna - Let It Will Be, Those Once Broke The First Word - Tangerine Dream - MP3 Collection - Tangerine Dream Part 3

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