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In addition to this it is possible to add both classes of resultant tones to the al- ready Harmonium Hard Mix - Melog - Harmonium (File) harmonics, making within the range of a single chord a vast number of auxiliarj' tones, all of which combine to make up the quality of the sound. But to return to the subject, the musical scale. Different na- tions and different ages have produced a vast number of modes and scales ; 3'et we find in every known scale, the perfect octave, fifth, and fourth ; the less consonant intervals have varied greatly.

As has been shown, the simpler the ratio between tones the greater is the consonance ; therefore, m selecting tones to form a scale, nature itself will point to the smallest ratios 1 : 2 ; 2 : 3 ; Harmonium Hard Mix - Melog - Harmonium (File) Next, the ratio 4 : 5 above F, taken as fundamental, will produce 'A'; thus giving our complete major diatonic scale of C.

The minor third gives the ratio ; taking this above ' C,' ' F,' and ' G,' produces three of the black keys. Thence by multiplying, and dividing the vibrations of each tone, the upper and lower octaves are produced.

A diatonic scale consists of five steps and two half-steps, and the position of these half steps determines the mode of the scale.

Every scale or key is named from its lowest or fundamental tone, and as there are twelve different tones, there may be twelve different scales of each or any mode. The diatonic scale is the tones of any key taken in successive order, while Harmonium Hard Mix - Melog - Harmonium (File) key is the family of tones used in any order desired. The signature of a key is the number of sharps, or flats, indicat- ing the derived tones belonging to that key.

The chromatic scale consists of all the tones Harmonium Hard Mix - Melog - Harmonium (File) in successive order, and is therefore a progression exclusively by half-steps. It is so named, because the intermediate tones were originally written in colors ; the de- rivation of the word being the same Harmonium Hard Mix - Melog - Harmonium (File) that of the English word "chromo".

Yet were each of the tones taken as a fundamental, and the same principle applied, a large number of tones would soon occur within an octave. This is accomplished by the system of "Equal Temperament". In tuning an instrument the most important point is the octaves; next the 5ths. Piano tuners harmonize their instruments, there- fore, first by octaves and 5ths ; octaves being the most important, the scale is first tuned in perfect octaves. This order never repeats a tone. This system Harmonium Hard Mix - Melog - Harmonium (File) " Temperament " became established about the beginning of the 18th century, bemg due chiefly to the labors of Werchmeister and John Sebastian Bach.

Having thus established our general musical scale, we will pass on to its specific divisions and their relations. Taking ' C ' as a central point, observe that the key founded a half step above has the signature five flats ; while the one a half step below has five sharps.

A whole step above is two sharps, below two flats. A minor 3rd above has three flats, and below three sharps ; then follow four sharps, four flats ; one flat, one sharp ; six sharps, six flats.

This proves that the key based upon the same interval, whether above or below, of any note, is always related to it in the same degree, but with the opposite method of signature. Again, starting from ' C ' and transposing upward by 4ths, each new scale will be related to the preceding in the first degice, but each new key will be required to lower its 4th degree a half step : thus the entire circle of keys may be indicated by flats.

Newly added FLAT. As the funda- mentals have risen by 5ths, the 7th degrees have risen by 5ths. The table Harmonium Hard Mix - Melog - Harmonium (File) transposes by 4ths, until every tone has become fundamental, and every additional scale has required the lowering of its 4th degree.

Therefore, every newly added flat is found a 4th above the one last added. In making the eleven transpositions, it has been necessary to Harmonium Hard Mix - Melog - Harmonium (File) the 7th, or lower the 4tli eleven times ; but as there are only seven tones in a diatonic scale, four have had to be resharped, or reflattened ; thus making four double sharps and four double flats.

There may thus be two systems for indicating Harmonium Hard Mix - Melog - Harmonium (File) key, but each travels the circuit in the opposite direction from the other, Harmonium Hard Mix - Melog - Harmonium (File) where the one is most complex, the other is the most simple. Therefore let us start with both systems together, and proceed until each of the twelve tones is included, as A E B F Bb Eb Ab Db Gb The key of Fwith six sharps, and Gb, with six flats, are the same in tone, although different in notation.

C with seven sharps, is often written, but is the same as Db. Cb with seven flats, is rarely used, being the same as B. Although the tones of C and Db are identical, a higher staff" degree is used in the latter than in the former. Example: — The tone 'C may also be considered as Band Di?!?. The following table shows all the enharmonic changes.

These have, however, nearly lost their significance, as such a scale hay never become practicable. The minor mode takes the regular succession Harmonium Hard Mix - Melog - Harmonium (File) white keys from A to A as its model, and therefore places the half-steps between and In ascending by 4ths, the sixth degree of the new key is always lowered a half-step.

But it will be noticed that the second degree of A, and the seventh degree of C, are one and the same note ; and the sixth degree of A, and the fourth degree of C, are the same. Therefore, the corresponding degrees of their transpositions will be the same.

Therefore, in starting from any tone, or according to any mode, and transposing upwards by 5ths, each succeeding scale will add one new sharp to its signature, or cancel one flat from it ; in either case raising a certain degree, which in every mode remains con- stant ; while by 4ths, each succeeding scale will add one new flat to its signature, or cancel a sharp from it.

The average distance between the half-steps B-C and E-F, is three steps. F stands above the two half-steps in their closer position, and will thereby be sharped before C.

B stands below them in their closer position, and will thereby be flattened before E. Thus it is evident, that if all of the old Ecclesiastical modes were now in use, one form of signatures would suflSce for all. The diflTerent modes, when containing the same signatures, and therefore the same tones, are called retatices to each other. Thus the model major C, and the model minor A, are relatives. C is one and one-half steps, or a minor third above A, and an equal transposition of both tones will, of course, retain the same constant interval.

Therefore, every minor key is Harmonium Hard Mix - Melog - Harmonium (File) relative of the parallel major standing a minor third above.

Both are formed from the same tones, and require the same signatures. C and E, therefore, belong to both chords. The form of the major scale is always fixed, and consists of five whole steps and two half-steps ; the latter always occurring between and But the order in the minor scale is not so absolute, as there is a constant variableness in the position of its 6th and 7th degrees.

This is Edvard Grieg - Herbert von Karajan, Orquesta Filarmónica De Berlin*, Krystian Zimerman - Peer Gynt: by accidentals, and never affects the signature.

This fulfills the prin- ciple of Harmony that the leading tone must be but a half-step removed from the tonic. This is called the melodic minor scale, and Jordin Sparks - Battlefield used in scale passages, but not in chords. This gives three forms, two of which are generally combined in scale passages ; one form being used in ascending, another in descending.

An interval is the difference in pitch between two tones. The follow- ing diagram shows the intervals of the major key, as reckoned from C : Octave. This is accomplished by dividing the various degrees into Perfect, Major, Minor, Diminished, and Augmented. A minor interval is a half-step smaller than the major of the same denom- ination. The following axioms show the relation between the different kinds of intervals : 1 St.

Lower the upper tone of a major interval a half-step, and it becomes minor. Raise the lower tone of a minor interval a half-step, and it becomes diminished. Raise the upper tone of a minor interval a half-step, and it becomes major. Raise the upper tone of a major interval a half-step, and it becomes augmented. Raise the lower tone of a perfect interval a half-step, and it becomes diminished.

Raise the upper tone of a perfect interval a half-step, and it becomes augmented. Examples : — C - E is a major 3rd. C - Eb is a minor 3rd. C - Eh is a diminished 3rd. C - F is a perfect 4th. C - F is a diminished 4th. C - C is a perfect prime. C - C is an augmented prime. Therefore the number of diatonic, or stave degrees, indicates the numerical denomination of an mterval ; but the number of steps and half-steps which it contains determines its specific denomina- tion.

The table below shows the number of steps contamed in all of the different intervals. Primes 2nds. Octaves 9ths. A chromatic half-step consists of two tones, occupying the same stave degree as C — C. A diatonic Red Steagall - Lone Star Beer And Bob Wills Music consists of two tones, occupying contiguous degrees, as C — Db.

The interval C — Db is further termed " enharmonic". Primes when inverted become octaves. Major intervals " " " minor. Minor " " " " major. Diminished " '' " augmented. Augmented " " " diminished. Perfect " " " perfect. As regards their combinational effect, intervals are divided into two classes : consonant and dissonant. Consonant Hot In The City (Exterminator Mix) - Billy Idol - Vital Idol are more purely harmonious, and pro- duce a feeling of rest and quiet.

Consonances are Harmonium Hard Mix - Melog - Harmonium (File) into two classes : perfect and imperfect. Perfect consonances in- clude all Harmonium Hard Mix - Melog - Harmonium (File) intervals called perfect ; while to the Harmonium Hard Mix - Melog - Harmonium (File) belong the major and minor 3rds and 6ths.

The remaining intervals are dissonances. Perfect primes. Perfect 5ths. Major 3rds. Minor 3rds. Major and minor 2nds. A part of the dissonant intervals are very pleasing to the ear, in fact some are equivalent in distance to consonances ; but they nevertheless stand in a dissonant harmonic relation, and thereby require resolution.

The dissonant augmented 2nd equals in steps the consonant minor 3rd ; the dissonant diminished 4th equals the consonant major 3rd ; and the dissonant diminished 7th equals the consonant major 6th. Other dissonant intervals are so harsh, as not only to require resolution, but preparation also.

A tone is said to be prepared when it stands in the same voice in the preceding chord. Conson- ant intervals alone Harmonium Hard Mix - Melog - Harmonium (File) an undisturbed feeling of repose ; while dissonances alone would be too harsh and uneasy ; it is, therefore, by the proper mingling of both that agreeable, active music is.

Major 3rds and 6ths may be changed to minor, and vice versa, and they remain consonances ; but it is not so with the " Perfect " intervals. This is, therefore, called a minor 5th, and the others, major. The consonant 5th thus is major, and the consonant 4th minor. The 5th based upon the 7th degree of a scale is, with this nomenclature, minor ; other- wise diminished ; Underdog (Clean Version) - Strick - Born Wit It / Underdog the 4th, founded upon the 4th degree, major ; otherwise augmented.

Here, as in the other intervals, the majors inverted Diya Gneba - Oumou Sangare - Moussolou minor, and vice versa, fulfilling the principle. There may be good arguments in favor of the Harmonium Hard Mix - Melog - Harmonium (File) method, but the former is at present more generally used.

Beginning at the fundamental, and proceeding upward, each degree is named as follows : 1st. Tonic The key-tone. Super- Tonic Next above the tonic. Mediant The medial of the tonic triad. Sub-Dominant Below the dominant. Dominant The distinguishing tone. Sub-Mediant Medial of sub-dominant triad. Leading-Tone Leading emphatically to the tonic. The triad, or common chord, consists of three tones : 1st, a fundamental, to which are added its 3rd and 5th degrees. Triads are divided into four kinds : major, minor, diminished, and augmented.

A major triad consists of fundamental, major 3rd and per. If a major key. The remaining triads, based upon the 2nd, 3rd, 6th, and 7th degrees, are called the secondary triads.

In the minor key the dominant and sub- mediant triads are major; the mediant is an augmented triad, and those based upon the 2nd and 7th degrees are diminished triads. All the major and minor triads are consonances, while the dim- inished and augmented are all dissonances. The first system of writing music was by the letters of the alphabet merely, and is of very ancient origin.

Afterwards characters, called neumes, came into use. The word " neume " from the Greek, signifies a breathing, and was first applied to the various forms of Greek accent. These characters were written above Harmonium Hard Mix - Melog - Harmonium (File) words which were to be sung I - Astarium - In The Nebulous Sky them, for a long time at a uniform height ; and after the diflferences of pitch did begin to be denoted by different positions, there was a lack of certainty of the exact pitch denoted, as there were then no lines or spaces used.

These characters assumed a large variety of shapes, being turned in every direction, upside down, etc. In order to insure more certainty, a red line was finally drawn over the words, and this line was to represent F. This plan was so successful, that soon after a yellow line was placed above the red to indicate C. These two lines rendered the notation much more practicable, and the introduction of other lines soon Harmonium Hard Mix - Melog - Harmonium (File). The number of lines, however, was for a long time variable ; one form came into use which placed the notes simply upon the lines ; Harmonium Hard Mix - Melog - Harmonium (File) used only the spaces ; so that our modern stave of five lines Harmonium Hard Mix - Melog - Harmonium (File) four spaces is comparatively quite recent.

Guido, to whom is ascribed the invention of the staflT, used four lines and Uvodni Zbor I Pjesma Barba Tome - Ivo Tijardović - Splitski Akvarel intermediate spaces. The red line always fixed the position of F, and the yellow line the position of C ; but it soon became evident that it was much easier to place simply the letter F or C at the beginning of a line, than to color the entire line.

The clefs were movable, and could place F or C upon any line desired. The latter two were soon omitted, leaving the F. C, and G clefs, which still remain. The F and G clefs have, in modern music, become fixed ; F denoting the bass, and placing F on the 4th line ; G, called the treble or violin clef, places G on the 2nd line. The C clef is now but little used, excepting in orchestral scores, Harmonium Hard Mix - Melog - Harmonium (File) is movable ; it determines the position of middle C ; when placed upon the 1st line, it is called the soprano clef, and places C upon the 1st line ; when it stands upon the 3rd line, it is called the alto clef, and places C upon the 3rd line ; when upon the 4th line, it is called the tenor clef, and places C upon the 4th line.

The sign of the C clef is also much used in vocal music, being placed across the 3rd space, and therefore placing middle C upon the Harmonium Hard Mix - Melog - Harmonium (File) space. Middle C is so named because it stands mid-way between the compass of the highest Harmonium Hard Mix - Melog - Harmonium (File) lowest voices ; and is generally con- sidered as the upper limit VI Reminiscence, Andante - Dvořák* - Radoslav Kvapil - Piano Works the bass, and lower limit of the soprano, or the point were both voices Harmonium Hard Mix - Melog - Harmonium (File).

The reason of these different clefs being so placed, is in order to have all the notes of every voice fall as far as possible within the stave. The "Tonic Sol Fa " is based upon the ancient system of solmi- zation, or determining pitch by relative distances.

During the latter part of the 8th century, Paulus Diaconus dedicated a hymn for the Festival to St. The great Teacher Guido, who lived about three centuries later, noticed that the first syllable of each line began a degree higher up than the previous line.

When afterwards the " Leading Tone " was added, it took the remaining syllable Sa. Sa was soon changed to Si, in order to make the vowel sounds of the two semi-tones, Mi and Si, the same. Ut became Do, on Harmonium Hard Mix - Melog - Harmonium (File) of the latter being better adapted for a musical sound.

The other syllables still re- main the same. In the case of chromatic changes, the vowel sound is changed to i : as Do, Di, Re, Ri, etc. Curwin, takes up this old method, and augments it, until it appears as a letter system, without stave, and without note.

The notation is this : — At the head of an exercise the key is stated as : key C, key G, key A, etc. The respective syllables of the key are then written along in a straight line. If below this octave, the same numerals are placed a little below them as: Dj, D3, Mg, etc. In this notation, the old syllable Sol is changed to Soh. Si is changed to Ti, to distinguish it from Soh, as only the first letter of each syllable is written, viz.

The minor mode is considered as taken from the relative major, Harmonium Hard Mix - Melog - Harmonium (File) the tonic is called La, being the 6th degree of the parallel major. From one mark to the next indicates a beat ; the line denotes the stronger, and the colon the weaker.

The stroke — means that the notes to which it is annexed are continued. The Modulator is a map, showing the relative positions of the notes of a scale, in both major and minor modes ; its chromatics, and closely related keys.

Having thus digressed to the absence of notes, we will now return to the stave, and its characteristics of notation. The system of measured music began to be developed about the 12th century. The first division was into the "long" and "short", or "breve"; to this were added the "large", or " double long", and the semibreve. About years later, the Harmonium Hard Mix - Melog - Harmonium (File) minim " was added, and this was soon followed by the introduction of the shorter notes.

Rests, corresponding in time to these notes, were used with them. The "large" and "long" have become obsolete, while the " breve " is very seldom used. The longest note commonly used is the shortest of the old forms, and is called the " semibreve. In addition to the above, the following modern rests, denoting a certain number of measures, are used. In the Perfect mode the Large note was equal in length to three Longs ; the Long was equal to three Harmonium Hard Mix - Melog - Harmonium (File), and so on.

The former, called Perfect Time, was indicated in the signature by a perfect circle ; to the latter was applied the semicircle. A bar drawn through the circle doubled the rapidity of the notes :Harmonium Hard Mix - Melog - Harmonium (File). There were no bars used, and altogether, with the Perfect and Imperfect modes of proportion, the system was difficult to follow.

The " Time Table " was, therefore, at length revised, and the semi- breve taken as the basis, from which the value of the other notes were definitely fixed. The binary proportion between notes be- Harmonium Hard Mix - Melog - Harmonium (File) the one established form ; and the ternarj' Love Movement - Doc Martin + Buck* - Living Room Chronicles Vol.

II was to be indicated by a dot placed after the longer note, which would increase its value to three times the length of the next shorter division. The semi- breve being taken as the unit of computation, the shorter notes were estimated according to the fractional part to which they were equal.

Each of the other varieties of time is always indicated by a fraction, in which the numerator denotes the number of beats in a measure, and the denominator the kind of note constituting a beat.

Measures containing two beats constitute double time ; measures of three beats, triple time ; four beats, quadruple ; six beats, sex- tuple ; nine beats, compound triple ; and twelve beats, compound quadruple.

Accidentals : Chromatic changes are indicated by signs called accidentals. The flat and natural are of very ancient origin. In the old system of hexachords, it was found that the scale based upon F, did not contain a perfect fourth, and that the tone B accordingly sounded harsh and disagreeable ; for this reason another B was added, and placed a semi-tone below the old B.

As there were now two B's, to distinguish between them, the original tone was called B dur, and the other B moll ; dur meaning harsh, and moll meaning soft. The Germans, not liking to have two B's, called the upper tone H ; this name is still used in Germany. The double flat and double sharp followed in time, to denote a double alteration.

Accidentals are placed immediately preceding the notes which they govern. The signature placed at the beginning of a stave denotes the de- rived tones which are to be used throughout. A sharp or flat in the signature is placed upon the line or space whose key it affects.

One sharp is placed upon the line or space indicating F, the second sharp upon the line or space indicating C, Plexidance - Brian Barley Trio - Brian Barley Trio. Ledger lines are of comparatively recent origin ; their use is considerably lessened by the term 8va.

Names of Octaves : As the compass of the musical scale is so large, it is quite important that each octave, and the tones of each octave, should have a definite name, to distinguish them from the other notes of the scale. The lowest octave in use, extending from 32 ft. C, up to the lowest C on the piano-forte, is called the sub-octave, and each tone included, as D.

Below is a table Harmonium Hard Mix - Melog - Harmonium (File) each octave with its respective name. In the above it is very easy to refer to any tone without the aid of the stave. At the close of a musical thought or division, but not necessarily the close of a measure, is placed a double bar, which consists of two single bars, or of one broad bar. At the close of a composition is placed the " Close ", which consists of either two broad bars, or one broad and one single bar. The different staves which are to be performed simultaneous!

Music is said to be written in full score when every part is placed upon a separate stave. There are six general degrees of power : 1st. Pianissimo, or PP ; the superlative degree of the Italian adjective meaning as soft as possible. Piano, or P ; the positive degree meaning soft. Harmonium Hard Mix - Melog - Harmonium (File), or moderately piano. Forte, or F ; Harmonium Hard Mix - Melog - Harmonium (File) positive degree of the Italian adjective which means loud ; and 6th, Fortissimo, or FF ; the superlative degree meaning as loud as possible.

The gradual changes of power are indicated by the Crescendo, the Diminuendo, and the Swell. Decrescendo Decres.

Rate of movement, or "tempo", is prop- erly divided into three general divisions : 1st, Rapid Tempo ; 2nd, Moderate Tempo ; and 3rd, Slow Tempo.

Rapid Tempo. As fast as possible. Vivace Quick and lively. Moderate Tempo. Allegretto Brisk. Moderato Moderately slow.

Larghetto Slow. Lento Quite slow. Slow Tempo. Grave Slower than Adagio. Largo Extremely slow. This three-fold division belongs to Reissmann, of Berlin, and presents the gradual succession from the fastest to the slowest. Other marks of expression are Fortzando Fz. On Badon hill, where he bore the Tree. I am the Loricated Legions. Elen Luyddawc she is — more she is than Helen Argive.

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Educated at boarding school and then at Westfield College in the University of London, she became a journalist in Fleet Street where, from toshe was assistant to the managing director of the Daily News, and later a drama critic for The Sunday Times. After her marriage in she lived in Harmonium Hard Mix - Melog - Harmonium (File), and there she died in Her two books of poems are December Apples and Morning Songs Although she wrote only a little verse, her work has kept its charm for those who admire her delicacy and love of the natural world.

Pride of trees, Swiftness of streams, Magic of frost Have shaped our dreams: No baser vision Their spirit fills Who walk by right On the naked hills. Here voices and feet are forgotten. Old and cool is the linen she sorts and smooths, And fine the thread; Dust are the hands that wove, and dust the lovers, Still wide their bed. Fortunate lovers who lived before The coming of fears; Their children, No Sympathy - Peter Tosh - Legalize It in plenty, Are nourished with tears.

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BELLY DANCER She begins diffidently with eyes to the earth and hands torn upwards, with breasts barely quivering till the hips take a rhythm from the drums; then up from the earth pulses the feet are best bare with no insulation from sand or grass movement, an outward surge tidal to the shores of skin.

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Does it fit me? What loss will be my greatest? How old would I be in Harmonium Hard Mix - Melog - Harmonium (File), which would be my wife there? Nasty questions not to be asked. Cut back to the palpable. May he vulpinize me rather than I make a human of him.

Does he sense the despair 46 of his last hour? Can he avoid the waste of groans, tears, prayers and teach me how to die? Is that why I was beyond his notice today? From birth we drift away from the lair of rank nature, cadge a brief freedom, but this Easter catches me with its quick switch from sun to snow. Earth, you bitch! A frontier district with beauty behind wire. Streams running from green mountains have cut the valleys that let in the English.

Surely ruthless Harmonium Hard Mix - Melog - Harmonium (File) control and pale customs officers would be better than this wavering, this farce of union. He was brought up in a Welsh-speaking home but his schooling was through the medium of English. At the age of 14 he became a miner in Abertysswg where his father was chief winding-engine man. Early in he lost a finger while working underground at the Maerdy Pit, Pontlottyn, and had barely restarted work when the General Strike began and the mine was closed.

Having been introduced to the work of Shelley by a fellow-miner, he quickly saw that poetry could relate to politics, especially Socialism and the cause of the working class.

After taking a correspondence course, he studied at Loughborough College and the University of Nottingham, where he qualified as a teacher. His first volume, Gwalia Desertatook as its theme the dereliction of South Wales during the economic depression of the inter-war years.

His second, The Angry Summeris a loosely chronological record, with interludes, of the General Strike May and the seven-month lock-out of the miners which followed, from the high spirits of its beginning to the ignominious return to work. It has become clear, however, that he worked within limitations of his own making in order to give sharper focus to his chosen themes. Most of the poems in all three of his books are cast either as short lyrics or in the accumulative, long-line form which he learned from the rhetoric of the Welsh pulpit.

His Harmonium Hard Mix - Melog - Harmonium (File) Poems appeared a few weeks before his death; the standard edition of his work is Dafydd Johnston ed.

And they sold the fern and flower And the groves of pine 51 For a hovel and a tankard, And the dregs are mine. Wave Wet Sand - Ace Of Base - The Bridge in these rain-swept graveyards Where my fathers sleep, Shall I sulk, and curse them Who made their lives so cheap?

Or shall I pause, and pity Those luckless lads of old, Those sullen slaves whipped onward To load my lords with gold? IV O timbers from Norway and muscles from Wales, Be ready for another shift and believe in co-operation, Though pit-wheels are frowning at old misfortunes And girders remember disasters of old; O what is man that coal should be so careless of him, And what is coal that so much blood should be upon it?

VIII Do you remember ? That summer of soups Harmonium Hard Mix - Melog - Harmonium (File) speeches, The sunlight on the idle wheels and the deserted crossings, And the laughter and the cursing in the moonlit streets? Do you remember ?

The slogans and the penny concerts, The The Streets - Kool G Rap - The Giancana Story and the moorland picnics, And the slanderous tongues of famous cities?

The great dream and the swift disaster, The fanatic and the traitor, and more than all, The bravery of the simple, faithful folk? The brown dogs snap at the stranger in silk, And the winter ponies nose the buckets in the street.

And her daughters are in London serving dinner to my lord, And her single son, so quiet, broods on his luck in the queue. XV O what can you give me? Say the sad bells of Rhymney. Cry the brown bells of Merthyr. Who made the mineowner? Say the black bells of Rhondda. And who robbed the miner? Cry the Harmonium Hard Mix - Melog - Harmonium (File) bells of Blaina.

They will plunder willy-nilly, Say the bells of Caerphilly. They have fangs, they have teeth! Shout the loud bells of Neath. To the south, things are sullen, Say the pink bells of Brecon. Even God is uneasy, Say the moist bells of Swansea. Put the vandals in court!

Cry the bells of Newport. All would be well if — if — if — Say the green bells of Cardiff. Why so worried, sisters, why? Sing the silver bells of Wye. And sometimes in mid-week I would see him again, And we would smile and understand. XXVI The village of Fochriw grunts among the higher hills; The dwellings of miners and pigeons and pigs Cluster around the little grey war memorial. The same sun shone on the first mineowner, On the vigorous builder of this brown village, And praise be to the impartial sun.

And he smiles on the village this morning, He smiles on the far-off grave of the vigorous builder, On the ivied mansion of the first mineowner, On the pigeon lofts and the Labour Exchange, And he smiles as only the innocent can.

Consider the charlatans, the shepherds of the sheep! Consider the grease upon the tongue, the hunger of the purse!

Consider the fury of the easy words, The vulgarity behind the brass, The dirty hands that shook the air, that stained the sky! Yet some there were who lived for you, Who lay to die remembering you. The world has bred no champions for a long time now, Except the boxing, tennis, golf and Fascist kind, And the kind that democracy breeds and feeds for Harringay. And perhaps the world has grown too bitter or too wise To breed a prophet or a poet ever again.

XXXIV When we walked to Merthyr Tydfil, in the moonlight long ago, When the mountain tracks were frozen and the crests were capped with snow, We had tales and songs between us, and souls too young to fret, And we had hopes and visions which the heart remembers yet.

The winds from the farthest mountains blew about us as we strode, But we She Has A Way - Bobby O* - She Has A Way warm and merry on the crooked freezing road, And there were lamp-lit homesteads to south and east and west And we watched the round moon smiling on those little lights of rest.

The moon is still as radiant and the homely hills remain, But the magic of those evenings we shall not meet again, For we were boyish dreamers in a world we did not know When we walked to Merthyr Tydfil in the moonlight long ago.

Now it is May in all the valleys, Days of the cuckoo and the hawthorn, Days for splashing in the mountain ponds, Days for love in crowded parks. Now it is May in little gardens, In square allotments across the railway, Days for song and dance and roaming, Days for action and achievement.

Now it is May in the minds Harmonium Hard Mix - Melog - Harmonium (File) men, Days for vision and for marching, Days for banners and for music, And beauty born of sacrifice. How will you pay for it now, little woman With your husband out on strike, and full Of Hackney Hardcore - Alright!

/ Dancehall Dangerous fiery language? Ay, I know him, 58 His head is full of fire and brimstone And a lot of palaver about communism, And me, little Dan the No Mans Land - Michael Martin Murphey - Lone Wolf Depending so much on private enterprise.

What, depending on the miners and their Money too? O yes, in a way, Mrs Evans, Yes, in a way I do, mind you. Go home now and tell that rash red husband of yours That your grocer cannot afford to go on strike Or what would happen to the butter from Carmarthen?

Good day for now, Mrs Evans fach. And here we come tramping and singing Out of the valleys of strife, Into the sunlit cornlands, Begging the bread of life. Come on, Maggie fach, or the train will be gone Then the kids will be howling at home all day, Sticky with dirt and gooseberry jam. Leave the washing Harmonium Hard Mix - Melog - Harmonium (File) for today, Maggie fach, And put on your best and come out to the sun And down to the holiday sea.

Send them to Dover, to Glasgow, to Cork, Send them to the wharves of Hull and Belfast, To the harbours of Liverpool and Dublin and Leith, Send them to the islands and out to the oceans, To the wild wet islands of the northern sea Where little grey women go out in heavy shawls Harmonium Hard Mix - Melog - Harmonium (File) At the hour of dusk to gaze on the merciless waters, And send them to the decorated islands of the south Where the mineowner and his tall stiff lady Walk round and round the rose-pink hotel, day after day after day.

Send Harmonium Hard Mix - Melog - Harmonium (File) your pigeons, Dai, send them out With words of your anger and your love and your pride, With stern little sentences wrought in your heart, Send out your pigeons, flashing and dazzling towards the sun.

Go out, pigeons bach, and do what Dai tells you. Will you count your coppers and join The cinema queue where the tired women Huddle like sheep, and comfort one another With signs and sentimental phrases, And where some folk blame the local councillors For all the evils of the day and night?

O in the Harmonium Hard Mix - Melog - Harmonium (File) queue, what tales are told When we have shuffled off the burdens of Harmonium Hard Mix - Melog - Harmonium (File) day — What rancour, Send Me Your Money - Suicidal Tendencies - Cycos Anthems compassion, what relief!

Or perhaps you will go to the prayer meeting down the chapel, Where the newest member can pray for an hour Harmonium Hard Mix - Melog - Harmonium (File) stopping, The one converted at the last Big Meeting. Or will you go to the pub at the corner Where tongues come loose and hearts grow soft, Where politics are so easy to understand, Where the Irish labourer explains the constitution of de Valera, And the Tory Working Man snarls behind his beer At those who do not worship Winston Churchill, And those who vaguely praise the Beveridge Report.

Or perhaps you will go back to your fireside this evening 63 And talk Harmonium Hard Mix - Melog - Harmonium (File) your Martha of the children abroad, The son out in Italy, the quick-tongued Ifor, And the young quiet Emrys in the R.

The man in the Rhondda Valley and the man in Abertillery Have shared the same years, the same days of hope and desolation, And in Harmonium Hard Mix - Melog - Harmonium (File) Vale and in Ammanford both old and young dream That the future shall be greater than the past.

On the ragged hills and by the shallow polluted rivers, The pious young man and the old rascal of many sins, The idealists and the wasters, all sometimes believe and say That the future shall be greater than the past. Mothers praying for sons away in the wars, and mothers waiting On doorsteps and by firesides for men coming home from the pits, And the old folk bent and scarred with years of toil, all sometimes hope That the future shall be greater than the past.

Last night the moon was full above the slag heaps and the grave-yards And the towns among the hills, and a man arose from his dream 65 And cried out: Let this day be sufficient, and worthy of my people And let the night winds go on wailing of the future and the past. And nineteen hundred years would meet Beneath a magic light, And Rhymney Harmonium Hard Mix - Melog - Harmonium (File) with Bethlehem A star on Christmas night. With timbrels or rattles or tins?

With fire. How shall we praise you on the banks of the rhymneying waters, On the smoky shores and the glittering shores of Glamorgan, 66 On wet mornings in the bare fields behind the Newport docks, On fine Meathook Up My Rectum - Tumor Circus - Tumor Circus when lovers walk by Bedwellty Church, When the cuckoo calls to miners coming home to Rhymney Bridge, When the wild rose defies the Industrial Revolution And when the dear old drunken lady sings of Jesus and a little shilling.

Come down, O girls of song, to the bank of the coal canal At twilight, at twilight When mongrels fight And long rats bite Under the shadows of pit-head light, And dance, you daughters of Gwenllian, Dance in the dust in the lust of delight. And you who have prayed in golden pastures And oiled the wheels of Harmonium Hard Mix - Melog - Harmonium (File) Western Tradition And trod where bards have danced to church, Pay a penny for this fragment of a burning torch.

It will never go out. It will gather unto itself all the fires That blaze between the heavens above and the earth beneath Until the flame shall frighten each mud-hearted hypocrite And scatter the beetles fattened on the cream of corruption, The beetles that riddle the ramparts of Man. And sons of the mountains and sons of the valleys O lift up your hearts, and then Lift up your feet.

His parents were left-wing in politics, Nonconformist in religious practice, and Welsh-speaking. Educated at St. Indespite his being too old for call-up, he registered as a conscientious objector on Christian pacifist grounds, and was immediately dismissed from his post. Moved to a school in Bridgend, he found that most of the Back On A Mission - Various - Mortal Kombat Annihilation (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) there would not speak to him; two years later, he was given a post at a school in Caerphilly, where he was much happier.

In he joined the staff of Glan-taf County School in Cardiff and there he remained until his retirement in He died at his home in Whitchurch on 10 April Lyrical, mysterious, comic and often grotesque, these books, like his verse, deal with life in Merthyr or rural Carmarthenshire where his family had its roots.

His lifelong Christianity was fundamental to his vision as a writer: his stories and poems abound with characters who, for all Harmonium Hard Mix - Melog - Harmonium (File) shortcomings, are drawn with compassion.

Although he spoke Welsh, he was unable Harmonium Hard Mix - Melog - Harmonium (File) write creatively in the language because, as he pointed out in his richly anecdotal book The Dragon Has Two Tongues 69he had received a wholly English education. As an adult, however, he read a great deal of Welsh poetry, translated folk-verses and saga literature into English and allowed Welsh prosody to influence his own writing. His first book of verse, Poemsdisplays his delight in music Harmonium Hard Mix - Melog - Harmonium (File) colour, while The Dream of Jake Hopkins shows his technical virtuosity and sense of humour.

He continued to write verse well into old age and his Selected Poems: Fragments and Fictions includes some of his finest work. His Collected Poems appeared posthumously under the editorship of Meic Stephens in and his Collected Stories, edited by Tony Brown, in ; a small selection of his poems and a story are to be found in The Common Path Their shadows cut; in new soft orange hunting-boots My lover crashes through the snapping bracken.

Circuited thus my crumbled country lies. The flat eyes of the Pembroke hawks discern Zigzag coast-cliffs, three-ply islands, black rocks Stuck bad-toothed and edgy from blue-bag sea. One night not pinholed by a single star, I lay half-frozen in the light-house field And heard the fighting gulls, the prow-wash tide, My body swept with big beams swung from Strumble Head; Vine-veins of rivers flourish everywhere; 71 Some plains, paint-blistered into bolt-head hills; The cloud-clawed mountains; prick-lark, a darkened star, Drops, sees like a batter Beacon peaks, Stiff, rough, stirred, gone solid-hard, rush up, Fan Lleia, Fan Gihirich, Pen y Fan A wool road winding white along each pass.

You men who bus or walk for mart-day towns, Harmonium Hard Mix - Melog - Harmonium (File) baskets full containing fish or rabbits, Are river-limers, clubbers of salmon, I might have been, and liked it, born like you Westward, or north, beyond the crooked coalfields. But night on the Valleys and my first star stood Voluble above those Beacon peaks, Gesticulating like a tick-tack man. Standing now where that birth-star was eloquent I see my bitter county dawn between My hands, I grieve above five valleys leaning Suppliant against my unstruck rock.

The cream rose blushing Harmonium Hard Mix - Melog - Harmonium (File) and scarlet stares Back along the barren pink-hooked stem.

I hear my heart speak to the bleaky sky, Coal and the Valleys were my lucky egg, As though some bird should scribble his short song. I feel the mobbing flowers hug my feet; The winds descend about my body, hoarse As a garment, and my lonely burning flesh Smokes up this sky-hook like a plunging fish. Proudly I hail this pale past-sailing sun. Leaving the morning garden, I sought the room, The bedside of a woman winsome to me Once, though old, clean in her white cap, comely In candle-light, or the green shine of stars.

She wakes a moment, calming our kindling room, Opens untroubled eyes and lifting up Bone arms like glistening sticks, prays for the droll Child of her weeping sailor. Anguish returns; Again she moans — it is the grave-bound flesh That grieves — but soon now must remission come Upon the agony of this endured embrace, Soon must the flesh rot in its stony bed.

Now, with a burning in the east, the breeze Curves across the young cheek of the day; Soon shall the thrush be at Harmonium Hard Mix - Melog - Harmonium (File) crowing Harmonium Hard Mix - Melog - Harmonium (File), Frailer than filigree the stems begin to bud; Soon over grooved fields shall grow the soft 73 Plush-pile of the grass-like wheat, the green Velvety nap of springing corn burst forth — Soon, soon, the doors of every grave shall open And the light of dawn shall shine upon the dead.

It would be best if it could happen, Sir, Upon some great green roof, some Beacon slope Those monstrous clouds of childhood slid their soap Snouts over, into the valley. The season, Sir, for shooting, summer; and love the reason. On that hill, varnished in the glazing tide Of evening, stand me, with the petrified Plantations, the long blue spoonful of the lake, The gold stook-tufted acres without break Below me, and the distant corduroy Glass of the river — which, a mitching boy, I fished — flowing as though to quench The smouldering coalfield in its open trench Of steamy valley, fifteen miles away.

I fancy words, some critics praise me for A talent copious in metaphor. This glorying in all Created things, the golden sun, the small Rain riding in the wind, the silvery shiver Of the dawn-touched birches, and the chromium river, Innocent itself, has yet calamitous And wilful pride for child and famulus. And thus I see the point when puritan Or mystic poet harried under ban Sensual nature, earth, sea and firmament; I apprehend some strain of Harmonium Hard Mix - Melog - Harmonium (File) they meant, And look at nature with a wary eye.

Sir, that death I sought was pure effrontery. Lord, when they kill me, let the job be thorough And carried out inside that county borough 75 Known Harmonium Hard Mix - Melog - Harmonium (File) Merthyr, in Glamorganshire, A town easy enough to cast a slur Upon, I Manic Street Preachers - The Masses Against The Classes. In short, were she a horse, so her attackers Claim, her kindest destination were the knackers.

An object has significance or meaning Only to the extent that human feeling And intellect bestow them. But far more than the scene, the legendary Walkers and actors of it, the memory Of neighbours, worthies, relatives, Their free tripudiation, is what gives That lump of coal that Shelley talks about Oftenest a puff before it quite goes out.

My grandfather himself, musician, bard, Pit-sinker, joker, whom the Paddys starred As basser for their choir — so broken out! Below him, The estuary; below him the hills, Green fields with the hay gone; the cornfields, Silent and sunburnt encampments Of wheat-stooks; below Harmonium Hard Mix - Melog - Harmonium (File) the tranquil River, gently heaving the mirrors Afloat on her surface; below him These woods, where flashes the grey pigeon, White in the paint of her flying.

Below him Cwmcelyn, the farm. Now the griefs of that homestead are mine. Drunken, in anger, or passion, Dejected, trampling this warm web-work of trees Between village and farm, my blood, Through long generations, bore their flesh.

Vista aerea dell'aeroporto. II, p. Gli Agnostic Front sono un gruppo hardcore punk appartenente alla scena hardcore di New York. Proveniente da una famiglia di modeste condizioni economiche, il 23 maggio fu ordinato sacerdote dopo aver studiato presso il seminario vescovile di Bedonia e al Collegio Alberoni di Piacenza.

Nato nella provincia dell'Imbabura, ha militato nel campionato ecuadoriano, in quello messicano e in quello inglese. Gli Air a volte reso graficamente AIR sono un duo musicale francese di musica elettronica nato nel a Versailles. Air Dolomiti S. Ha un ampio piano verticale di coda e dei piani orizzontali in posizione bassa.

Proveniente da una famiglia di contadini, si diletta sin da piccolo a suonare la chitarra e a cantare stornelli e canzoncine della sua terra d'origine. At The Mountains Of Madness - Listen Featuring Mel Martin - Listen Featuring Mel Martin uno dei maggiori attori della storia del cinema, Al Pacino ha vinto il Premio Oscar nel su 8 nomination totali per l'interpretazione del tenente colonnello Frank Slade in Scent of a Woman - Profumo di donna.

Originaria di Labytnangi, ha iniziato a praticare biathlon a livello agonistico nel Pakula nacque nel Bronx, New York, il 7 aprile delfiglio di Paul Pakula e di Jeanette Goldstein, ambedue immigrati polacchi di origine ebraica.

Alan Rickman nasce il 21 febbraio ad Hammersmith, Londra, da una famiglia operaia. Nella sua lunga carriera ha indossato le Harmonium Hard Mix - Melog - Harmonium (File) del, del, del Newcastle e della Nazionale inglese. Alan Silvestri nasce il 26 marzo del a New York da genitori di origine italiana e irlandese.

A lui si deve in gran parte la rinascita ed il rinnovamento della musica tradizionale bretone, che, a partire dagli anni settanta, lo ha reso celebre nel mondo intero. Costa ha calcato i campi da tennis per 13 anniottenendo in tutto vittorie e sconfitte. Tra i protagonisti del Gruppo 63, la sua produzione letteraria ha spaziato dal romanzo Fratelli d'Italia delriscritto nel e nel alla saggistica ad esempio Un paese Harmonium Hard Mix - Melog - Harmonium (File), Nacque nel centro di Milano, dalle parti dell'attuale piazza San Babila, da genitori veneti, Luigi, sarto, e Giuditta Bruneri.

Lista degli albi a fumetti del personaggio Diabolik, creato da Angela e Luciana Giussani nel Alda Giuseppina Angela Merini nasce il 21 marzo a Milano in viale Papiniano, 57 in una famiglia di condizioni economiche modeste.

Attore intenso e versatile, nel corso della sua carriera ha avuto modo di misurarsi sia in ruoli comici che drammatici. Amava la Sicilia sua terra d'origine e il ricordo della sua infanzia siciliana. Ha ricevuto una candidatura all'Oscar al miglior attore non protagonista per The Cooler.

Suo padre Antonio de Tomaso, nativo di Napoli, era un eminente uomo politico italo-argentino e Ministro dell'Agricoltura nel governo Justo. Era soprannominato lo Zar El Zar in spagnolo durante la sua parentesi spagnola con il Celta Vigo, venne spesso definito come un "regista geniale".

Nel corso della sua carriera internazionale di attrice, dopo essere stata una ballerina classica di successo e dopo aver lavorato con alcuni tra i massimi nomi della storia della danza, ha avuto molti ruoli, sia sul piccolo che sul grande schermo, oltre che in teatro. Alto 1,91 Harmonium Hard Mix - Melog - Harmonium (File) e con un peso forma di kg, ha conseguito in carriera importanti risultati come, oltre al titolo olimpico, l'argento ai mondiali di Roma del e il bronzo agli europei al coperto del Regista di cinema, fiction e teatro, tra cui le serie Il Ballroom Killer - Laurence And The Slab Boys - Lo-Fi DisgraceDistretto di Polizia e, con Bud Spencer, Detective Extralarge e I delitti del cuoco Come autore ha pubblicato alcune raccolte di poesie e di racconti, ma anche saggi sulla letteratura, la filosofia e la musica.

Nel viene ceduto al in Serie C1, per poi passare al Verona, con il quale gioca nella stagione Serie B. In seguito passa al, in cui diventa definitivamente titolare e con il quale gioca per tre stagioni, conquistando la promozione in Serie B al termine della stagione Ha compiuto gli studi presso il conservatorio "G.

Figlio dell'attore e doppiatore Piero Tiberi, inizia a lavorare come doppiatore e a recitare sin da piccolo. Nasce nei pressi del Lago d'Iseo, secondo di tre figli, padre artigiano e madre casalinga. Comincia la sua carriera sportiva nel con le minimoto, partecipando a campionati a livello regionale e nazionale. Raggiunge la fama negli anni settanta prestando il proprio volto ai fotoromanzi, un genere allora in gran voga, insieme a personaggi come Claudia Rivelli sorella di Ornella MutiMarina Coffa, Barbara De Rossi, Adriana Rame, ecc.

Alexanderplatz coll. Molina nasce Disappointed (Extended Version) - Public Image Ltd* - Disappointed Paddington, un'area di Westminster Londrail 24 maggio delfiglio di Esteban Molina, uno chauffeur spagnolo originario di Madrid, e di Giovanna Bonelli, una domestica e cuoca italiana.

Nato a Masi, in provincia e diocesi di Padova, il 17 gennaiofu ordinato sacerdote il 20 settembre Di origine paraguaiana, Alfredo ha cominciato molto presto a suonare percussioni e batteria, fino a fondare, nelcon alcuni suoi amici Vincent Hidalgo, Dave Hidalgo, Louie Perez III, Billy Harrigan e Anthony Todaroil gruppo hardcore punk dei Los Villains, la cui vita musicale continua ancora oggi.

Laureato in ingegneria civile presso Unstoppable Noisegrind Assault #6 - Kraftwærk 8000* / Rectal Leak - Split Politecnico di Kaunas fin dal ebbe diversi incarichi nel governo della Repubblica socialista Lituana e nel partito comunista lituano. Steiner harmjc-hypol Mar s scale on C. Taylor hexany Ortgies, hipkins. Convex closure in breed plane of hjelmboogie. XX, p.

Tagore: The mus. T his is a 4 cent appr. This is a 0. Chaitanya Deva's sruti harmonium and S. Ra manathan's sruti vina, Deva, The Music of India,p. Tagore's sruti vina, measured by El lis and Hipkins, Subramanian's vina indian. Kuppuswami: Carnatic music an d the Tamils, p. Robert Rich: G 7-limit tone scale alternate 7-limit tone scale 5-limit tone symmetrical scale with two tr Mike Battaglia 5-limit tone scale 3 and 7 prime rational interpretation of t 3, 5 and 11 prime rational interpretation of Alt.

OdC Superparticular approximation to 7-tET. Base Similar to Kelletat klonaris. King kora2. King kora3. King kora4. TL lumma7t. Drakefo Lindley suggestion nr. Also Sievers malgache. Sparschuh marimba1. Belgian Congo Zair e. Ellis no. See also meaneb mean2seveb. Erv Wilson's 'metameantone' meaneba.

Gottfried Keller meanebb. Pietro Aaron's temp. Ellis meanquarw3. Meister, p. Merrick's melodically tuned equal temperam ent mersen-ban. Trait, p. XH5, miracle3a. Moscow's equal beating piano Harmonium Hard Mix - Melog - Harmonium (File) g mothra11br4. After Mih. Also Marpurg's temperament F neidhardt-f4. Ortgies, notchedcube. Oldani. Lalave panpipe of Solomon Islands. McPhee, Music in Bali, pelog McPhee, pelog Ubud S outh Bali. Measured by Surjodiningrat, Wolf, XH 11, '87 penta1. Erlich, Chalmers ' As a miracle scale, [-8, -7, prodigy Switched on Bach rankfour46a.

Also Abraham Bartulus reinhardj Op de Coul sabagh. Trait sauveur2. Schlick, Spiegel d. Or gelmacher und Organisten by Barbour. R Harmonium Hard Mix - Melog - Harmonium (File) schlick-schugk.

Schulter, neo-Gothic note JI prim. TL scottj2.


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