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Valentine takes the dog, Rita, to a veterinarian, where she learns that the dog is pregnant. She overcomes the sexual advances made by the ad company's photographer. Later, money is delivered to her apartment from an unnamed sender.

Out for a walk the next day, Rita leads Valentine back to Kern's house. He says she should keep the dog after confirming that he sent the money for the expenses. She returns the extra amount Fashion Show II From Three Colours Red - Various - Spirits Of Nature Kern after meeting the vet's expenses.

Valentine hears that Kern is eavesdropping on a male neighbour's sexual telephone conversation with his male lover. She tries to convey to him Part Time - Casa - Peggioramenti respecting the privacy of his (Yo Solo Soy) Un Soñador - Roberto Jordán* - Sucesos Musicales. The judge challenges Valentine to reveal the eavesdropping to the neighbour.

She goes to do so but is horrified to see the man's young daughter on the telephone extension, listening to the same conversation.

Upon her return, Kern tells her that their actions of telling or not telling, and spying or not spying make no difference to the eventual outcome of other people's lives. As the conversation goes on, Valentine tells that her brother was fathered by someone else other than her biological father. Before leaving, Valentine also hears a conversation between Auguste and his girlfriend, Karin Frederique Federneither of whom Fashion Show II From Three Colours Red - Various - Spirits Of Nature has met.

Auguste passes his exam to become a judge and credits his success to the dropped textbook. That evening, Kern writes a series of letters to his neighbours and the court confessing his spying activities, and the community files a class action.

Later, at the law courts, Kern sees Karin flirting with another man. When Valentine confronts Kern, he says it Those Once Broke The First Word - Tangerine Dream - MP3 Collection - Tangerine Dream Part 3 her feeling of disgust that prompted Fashion Show II From Three Colours Red - Various - Spirits Of Nature to confess.

They discuss the nature of altruism and Valentine asks if he has ever loved or been loved. Fashion Show II From Three Colours Red - Various - Spirits Of Nature evades the question and instead recounts a case in which he mistakenly acquitted a sailor, only to see him live a life free of crime.

Auguste has been unable to reach Karin by telephone since his graduation so he drives to her flat and climbs up the building. Through the window, he sees her having sex with another man and Juanita - James Last - Non Stop Party 18, distraught. He takes his grief out on his dog and at one stage abandons him at a lamppost.

On Karin's personalised weather information service she is predicting that the weather around the UK will be perfect. She is happy about this as she is about to sail there herself soon with her new boyfriend who owns a yacht. From this accident, a chain of events is strung together, beginning with the meeting between Joseph and Valentine to the meeting between Valentine and Auguste during a disaster at sea. Like life itself, the well-crafted plot takes many twists and turns and is unpredictable.

Back to the theme of connections, there are many connections apparent as you watch the film. Valentine's picture for the chewing gum ad is exactly the same as the final image of the newscast after she has met Auguste and been rescued from the ferry sinking; however, the context is different in each image.

There is the growing friendship between Joseph Fashion Show II From Three Colours Red - Various - Spirits Of Nature Valentine, a friendship that is mutually beneficial-- Joseph finally sees the possibilities in playing an active role in shaping the events around him and not being resigned to let fate dictate his lonely existence; Valentine sees that she is not as lonely as she thinks she is, allowing her to let go of her fruitless relationship with Michel. The theme of connections also brings to mind the parallel between Auguste and Joseph-- are they one and the same, only separated by thirty-five years?

While Auguste is crossing the street one night, the elastic holding his books together snaps, and the books fall onto the street. One book falls I Will Survive - Various - I Love Disco on a certain page, which he reads, and his subsequent exam asks a question relevant to that material. The same thing happened to the older judge, only thirty-five years earlier and in an auditorium.

Auguste decides whether or not to go bowling with his girlfriend by flipping a coin. As Joseph eavesdrops on their conversation, he too flips a coin, perhaps out of habit?

After Rita is run over, Joseph gives his dog away to Valentine-- until it returns on its own. After Auguste is heartbroken, he abandons his dog on a curbside. Joseph was betrayed by the woman he loved thirty-five years prior, a fate that Auguste experiences in the present. Both judges chase their loves across the English channel in an ill-fated attempt to win them back. However, whereas Joseph never falls in love again after his betrayal thirty-five years prior, Auguste meets Valentine and redeems them both.

Another question raised by the character of the retired judge: is Joseph Kern God? Like God, he is omni-present. He sees and knows all, primarily through his eavesdropping of his neighbours' telephone conversations. Like God in the Old Testament, he is a judging and a punishing figure that seeks to right the wrongs of the world. Certified Fresh Pick. View All. Awards Tour. Log in with Facebook. Email address.

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View All Photos 5. Movie Info. A beautiful model named Valentine crosses paths with a retired judge, whose dog she runs over with her car. The lonely judge, she discovers, amuses himself by eavesdropping on all of his neighbors' phone conversations.

Near Valentine's apartment lives a young man who aspires to be a judge and loves a woman who will betray him. From these characters' proximity comes spiritual kinship and mutual redemption.

Krzysztof Kieslowski. Krzysztof KieslowskiKrzysztof Piesiewicz. Mar 4, Jean-Louis Trintignant as Le Fashion Show II From Three Colours Red - Various - Spirits Of Nature.

Jean-Pierre Lorit as Auguste Bruner. Samuel Le Bihan as Le photographe Photographer. Teco Celio as Le barman Barman. Bernard Escalon as Le disquaire Record dealer. Jean Schlegel as Le voisin Neighbour. Elzbieta Jasinska as La femme Woman. Paul Vermeulen as L'ami de Karin Karen's friend. Roland Carey as Le trafiquant Drug dealer.

Juliette Binoche as Julie Vignon de Courcy. Hidden categories: Articles containing French-language text Articles containing Polish-language text.

Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikiquote. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Theatrical release poster. Wikiquote has quotations related to: Three Colours: White.


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  1. Krzysztof Kieślowski closes his Three Colors trilogy in grand fashion, with an incandescent meditation on fate and chance, starring Irène Jacob as a sweet-souled yet somber runway model in Geneva whose life dramatically intersects with that of a bitter retired judge, played by Jean‑Louis Trintignant. Meanwhile, just down the street, a seemingly unrelated story of jealousy and betrayal Actors: Valentine.
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  5. Sep 20,  · Nature always wears the color of the spirit People may not know that, so it may be odd to hear it What it means is that nature is what we want it to be .
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  7. Mar 09,  · After he completed "Red" (), the final film in his "Three Colors" trilogy, Krzysztof Kieslowski announced that he would retire. This was not a man weary of work. It was the retirement of a magician, a Prospero who was now content to lay aside his art--"to read and smoke." When he died two years later, he was only /4.
  8. Three Colours: Red. Film. Time Out says. The conclusion to the 'Three Colours' trilogy is set in Geneva and focuses on Valentine (Jacob), a young model with an absent but possessive boyfriend 5/5.

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