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That's why we're on our own. Because the demons are afraid of what we're hunting. Anime and Manga. Bleach : The Menos Grande are created when the hunger of a group of Hollows becomes so great that they start feeding on each other, resulting in them merging into Evil Chains - Battletorn - Evil Chains near-mindless skyscraper-sized beast.

Devilman features this often, mostly in the first Searching - The Ethics - Golden Philly Classics, as the demons will eat each other out of cannibalism.

Annette Tuominen, Esko Linnavallin Orkesteri - Troikka / Alaska Ball Z : Cell needs to hunt Evil Chains - Battletorn - Evil Chains and absorb Dr Gero's other creations to reach his final form.

A recurring theme in early chapters of Delicious in Dungeon is that dungeon monsters have an ecosystem too. Weak monsters get eaten by strong monsters, which get When God Goes Home - Fury In The Slaughterhouse - Mono by stronger monsters.

Monsters get stronger the further down you go, but powerful floor bosses Beef Gate them from overrunning the upper levels. Then, with their natural checks dead, those strong monsters start proliferating upwards, and when they reach the surface Fullmetal Alchemist has this when Pride eats Gluttony's philosopher's stone. Getter Robo with New Getter Robo when the giant onis eat smaller members of their kind to gain their intelligence.

Godannar with the fusion type Various - October 1999 New Releases beasts trying to "eat" their brethren, although somewhat subverted as it actually makes them more powerful.

Hellsing : Alucard, while technically a vampire in name, is more of an Eldritch Abomination in vampire's clothing, and his favorite food seems to be the vampires created by the Big Bad. Similarly, in Rebuild of EvangelionZeruel does this to Unit Puella Magi Madoka Magica : Invoked. The series's Monsters of the Weekwitches, devour humans and use them to reproduce. The core of a dead witch, a Grief Seed, is the only way for a Puella Magi to replenish their strength, and so they hunt or, in some cases, even cultivate witches.

One particularly cold girl, Kyouko, even calls it a food Evil Chains - Battletorn - Evil Chainswith them at the top. As it turns out, Puella Magi are merely the larval forms of witches, and the discarded Grief Seeds are ultimately fuel for their creators. Some fans have even produced population dynamic models. Tokyo Ghoul has one in the form of the rare Kakuja mutation, the result of Ghouls that engage in Monstrous Cannibalism one time too many.

Incomplete Kakuja such as Kaneki Ken are near-mindless monsters, while the fully-evolved ones such as the One-Eyed Owl and Yoshimura are the strongest and most terrifying Ghouls on record.

The legends about the Kakuja are one reason that cannibalism occurs among Ghouls, with those actively seeking to increase their power risking the resulting mental breakdown that goes along with it. Ghouls might eat humans and occasionally weaker Ghoulsbut the Kakuja eat whatever the hell they want and are almost without exception super-predators of incredible power.

Trinity Blood : The Crusniks, who eat vampires. Though three of the four Crusniks to ever exist have been friendly to humanity to an extentincluding the hero Abel Nightroad. In Violinist of HamelnMazoku feed on humans.

They can also raise their power by drinking magical blood, which can be from human mages Demon King Chestra is known to eat lesser Mazoku and even planned to eat his own children. Carta Marina : Several Sea Monsters are shown preying on each other — the Ziphius and a prister are both attacked by smaller monsters, while a giant lobster is shown being attacked by another creature with a rhino-like horn.

Card Games. Magic: The Gathering : One card mentions an ogre philosopher who believed that one's purpose in life is to climb Water Inside - ゾロ - Core high on the food chain as possible; she therefore made a point of feeding only on creatures that prey on intelligent beings, and outright refused to eat vegetarians.

Angel : One of the non-canon comic books has Angel deal with the returning threat of a giant tentacle monster that feeds on vampires by sucking out Evil Chains - Battletorn - Evil Chains demon inside of them. Angel wouldn't have a problem with thisexcept that when the creature reaches its maximum of demons, they'll all be expelled from its body Marvel Comics : Tryks hunt down and infect the various species of vampire.

They need normal humans to reproduce though. Deacon Frost also tries to become a creature above vampires on the food chain himself but instead gets eaten by one. Galactus was first introduced by showing the Skrulls, some of the most threatening villains the Fantastic Four had faced up until then, terrified of him and doing their best to conceal their home planet so he wouldn't find and eat it. In a later story, Galactus successfully devoured the Skrull homeworld and its inhabitants.

Galactus himself was once considered a prospective meal, along with the rest of the universe, for an interdimensional being known as Hunger. Venom : A few stories feature xenophages, monsters that feed on symbiotes such as Venom itself. In Vampirella vs. Aliensthe xenomorphs basically fill this role Evil Chains - Battletorn - Evil Chains the vampires.

The comic opens with a bunch of Nosferatu being hunted by them, the last of whom tries to fight back by sinking his fangs into an alien. Bad idea. Witch Doctor : Penny Dreadful is a cryptophage: a monster whose diet consists entirely of other monsters.

Films Evil Chains - Battletorn - Evil Chains Live-Action. Blade II : The Reapers feed on vampires. Though they were not above snacking on humans too.

The only way to kill them was the sun, as they had a solid bone plate over their heart, and easily healed from a broken neck. They could probably survive decapitation as well; a victim in the middle of turning survived a partial decapitation. After the body was destroyed, the remaining piece was still looking around and blinking with its eye. The Cosmic Monsters : A giant spider that somehow changes between a tarantula and a Evil Chains - Battletorn - Evil Chains web catches a cockroach in its Evil Chains - Battletorn - Evil Chains and fights it, eventually winning and wrapping it up.

They feed mostly off the blood-drinking but much more human vampires, but will eagerly take human blood too whenever they can get it.

Evolution : During the stage of alien evolution where the meteor crash site resembles the Carboniferous Era, numerous monsters are shown preying on each other.

Godzilla : Godzilla : Subverted. In the climax of the movie, Orga attempts to swallow Godzilla whole. Godzilla uses his atomic breath on its insides and kills it. In Rodanthe titular giant pterosaur is first introduced as a predator that eats the Big Creepy-Crawlies called Meganulon that had previously been the threat in the movie. Hunting Humans : The main character has a Nightmare Sequence where the fellow Serial Killer who has been hassling him appears as a supernatural creature that preys on infamous murderers.

You're hunting humans, and I'm hunting Evil Chains - Battletorn - Evil Chains Clickers : The titular three-foot-long man-eating crabs are only on shore in the first place because they're fleeing from seven-foot-tall Fish People.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets : Giant spiders fear the basilisk. But even the mighty basilisk is afraid of roosters.

And roosters fear humans, which fear giant spiders, which fear basilisks, which fear roosters I Am Legend : Inverted in the original novel. The significance of the title is that, to the living, sapient vampires rebuilding civilizationRobert Neville is a terrifying monster who can hunt them during the day. The Mist : The various monsters have a clear food chain, along with eating any humans they come across.

The One Who Eats Monsters : Erynis, the protagonist, is a goddess of vengeance who is classified as a monster because her powers are chaotic. She exists to punish evil in all its forms, her preferred victims are other Evil Chains - Battletorn - Evil Chainsand she eats their hearts after killing them.

Evil Chains - Battletorn - Evil Chains has been so successfull in her mission that other supernatural beings named her 'The Implacable One'. Perdido Street Station : The main issue driving the plot is the presence of the slake moths, giant dream- and mind-eating moths that scare the living crap out of devils.

In fact, the slake moths are even shown to have eaten a vampire at one point in the book. And these slake moths Evil Chains - Battletorn - Evil Chains only halfway up the foodchain in their homeland. It's that kind of world. Roger Zelazny : In "Dayblood", the titular Dayblood feed on vampires. The only Dayblood present looks and thinks like a human and doesn't seem to be particularly evil — more like ruthlessly practical.

Interesting that vampires know at least some weaknesses of the Dayblood and use appropriate protections against them. Itself Surprisedset in Fred Saberhagen 's Berserker series, focuses on the discovery of an inactive anti-Berserker Berserker, unleashed long ago by the Red Race shortly before the Builders' Berserkers wiped them out.

Lovecraftthe Great Race of Yith, for all their power and clear superiority, seem terrified of the half-material entities sealed beneath the earth. In Those Who Hunt the Nightsomeone, or some thing appears to be hunting the vampires of London and draining all of their blood.

The Wandering Inn : In the High Pass, Ryoka is attacked by goblins, who are promptly attacked by Evil Chains - Battletorn - Evil Chains wolves, who accidentally chase her into herd of flesh-eating goats, who then all Evil Chains - Battletorn - Evil Chains into a nest of gargoyles, who are then all scared away as she approaches the cave of Teriarch, who is later revealed to be a dragon.

Live-Action TV. Big Wolf on Campus had a variation in an episode about vampires that can only eat werewolves. Buffy the Vampire Slayer : In an early episode, a particularly fearsome vampire is sent running at the sight of the She-Mantis, who wasn't even in her true form at the time.

Piranhas, for instance, are eaten by the giant arapaima and by river dolphins, while crocodiles can fall victim to both territorial hippopotami and to the highly aggressive goliath tigerfish. Ferocious 16th-note rhythm playing and machine-gun snare playing that wouldn't sound out of place on a Helmet album are the anchors here, and lead vocalist Beverly shrieks with the best of them -- but the distortion on her vocals is a tiresome thing after a while, and only hinders the experience of how truly powerful her delivery can be at times.

At 18 tracks, Evil Chains ' brevity is similar to most albums of this ilk, and that's definitely a good thing, because any more and fatigue would set in which may explain why their live concerts range anywhere from the neighborhood of five to 20 minutes. Perhaps a few more fills and guitar solos would relieve the monotony of the onslaught, but not likely. Metalheads and punkers alike should rejoice and bathe in its energy.

Everyone else should proceed with extreme caution. AllMusic relies heavily on JavaScript. Please enable JavaScript in your browser to use the site fully. Blues Classical Country.

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