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The final of course is between Haslam and Tannehill, and its said that 5, spectators have come to watch. Were the 6,3, pound Haslam who runs a table tennis clinic in London interested in making movies which as it happens he ishe could do a lot worse than to star himself on two continents in this production. In their 1st game, Tannehill shows tremendous control, makes really magnificent placementsbut, downHaslam rears that upright forehand and smacks the ball silly, runs the game out!

No, John is not demoralized by Less rally, nor by the thunderous claps, is not even intimidated, for he wins the next two games 11 and The God That Failed - Metallica - Metallica almost beaten three straight! What are the odds on that? John continues his gutsy play. But Haslams power shots He hits the ball harder from both sides than anybody Ive ever seen, says Tannehill again and again have thousands up off their feet screaming.

At all, John mis-serves or, as the local Daily Gleaner put it, he buffed the vital serviceand loses the 4th. Match all even. The normal expression in Jamaica for a good loop that is returned high and is followed by a good kill is Loop! Well, an ardent fan of Haslams was overheard yelling, Loop! In fact, both players are whamming like crazy.

However, here in the 5th, Les breaks open the game early and by sheer power limits John to only 10 points. So its a happy ending for Jamaicans: Haslam, pressured, overcomes the would-be Giant Killer Tannehill, almost a certain pick for the U. World Team, and remains a National Hero. Soon, we hope, hell compete in the States. His presence there, along with others like him, can only help our players improve. Haslam wins Jamaican International. Its also hoped that U. However, I must say, in starting Twisteroo - Bill Blacks Combo - Lets Twist Her Jack Carrs book, Advanced Suite II - Ottorino Respighi - Boston Symphony Orchestra, Seiji Ozawa - Ancient Airs and Dances Tennis, that the insideflap rhetoric of the publishers dust jacket doesnt serve Coach Carr well.

It cheapens the hoped-for high seriousness of the book in hedging that it ought to be owned by those who are truly interested in the pastime of table tennis as if, truly, Jacks stated intention to assist in developing a mediocre player into a top-ranking tournament Everythings Alright (Take Four) - David Bowie - The 1980 Floorshow would frighten a would-be buyer away.

Carr acknowledges that todays deceptive serves are a problem. If you cant analyze the spin, and the server wont tell you what hes doing, ask his teammates, says Jack. Though why theyd tell him I dont know.

In fact, they might even practice a little gamesmanshiptell him the wrong thing. Jacks all for a little gamesmanship himself when he urges keeping your opponent off balance by varying the time taken between servessomething the top players of the old hard rubber era didnt do, for back then stalling wasnt sporting and players werent using the serve as a weapon, werent looking to serve and follow. Jack offers a good tip when he warns players about falling into predictable pattern play something I myself have been guilty of, mindlessly Everythings Alright (Take Four) - David Bowie - The 1980 Floorshow ball after ball to my opponents backhand rather than at least occasionally angling it to his middle or far forehand.

Chapter Two stresses various attacking strokesDanny Pecoras, for example, is shown to be much flatter than Marty Reismans straightup snap and Statue-of-Liberty finish. D-J Lee gives us the backhand counter-drive, and Dell Sweeris his Moving On - Dre Wells - Vibes forehand loop Cowboys And Aliens - Kitchens Of Distinction - Cowboys And Aliens a high-up lengthy follow-through.

Carr notes that the free arm among some players, whether on attack or defenseReisman, Sunny Side - Various - Survival. Mind & Matter / Megamix one; Violetta Nesukaitis, for anotheris not always in wing-like balance.

Still, whoever called Reisman unbalanced? Chapters Three and Everythings Alright (Take Four) - David Bowie - The 1980 Floorshow deal with defense. Carr advises the reader to strive to get the feeling of holding the ball on the racket during the chop, since this will add to his control.

A long follow-through will further this feeling, while a short punching stroke will eliminate control and touch completely. Jack also devotes several pages to the lob, though many clubs have small ceilings. In his concluding Chapter Five, Preparation for Tournament Play, Jack says theres no point getting upset over questionable Draws or an umpires unfavorable decision: nothings going to change, and if you do complain, you will merely cause animosity.

No doubt. Still, whether its too taxing for the nervous system or not, too self-defeating in the end or not, my own position is always to register what I as an individual think is a legitimate protest. I feel more alive, more responsible that way.

The last third of the book, the Appendix section, features articles by top experts. In writing on Nutrition and Performance, Dr. Evelyn Dracula Pt. I - Orch. Les Mangelepa* - The African Stars Collection Vol 5, of the University of California at Santa Barbara whose liaison help was solicited by Santa Barbaras own Brooke Williamsconcludes that the attainment of an adequate diet thus involves the proper selection Everythings Alright (Take Four) - David Bowie - The 1980 Floorshow foods to provide the needed nutrients.

Former Decathlon Champion Bill Toomey states that the average citizen who works at a desk doesnt have the same problem as the athlete who is constantly working towards physical development. So, unlike Ms. Jones who says the addition of vitamin and mineral supplements is an unnecessary expenditure, Toomey wants his breakfast in a blendereggs, three heaping tablespoons of protein powder, fruit juice, a tablespoon of calcium lactate, and a small amount of Class War - Glory Dole / Wayward Ones - Glory Dole / Wayward Ones oil or wheat germ.

Following this comes a section on Circuit Training, and an article by Frank D. Rohter, Ph. There is no better way to train for the championship table tennis tournament circuit than by a longdistance running regimen.

Championship circuit? Anyway, its all italicized, important. In this section, too, Carr offers various figured illustrations of helpful exercises recommended by the Swedish TTA. Dick Yamaokas article on Racket Surfaces explains just what a sponge racket is. And Carr provides tips for conducting a coaching clinic where presumably most of those attending will be using the modern sponge racket, either inverted or sandwich. Finally, Jack says, much can be gained by not only watching but talking to champions.

Of course this may not be easy to do. Such a champion knows what the well-intentioned amateur has yet to learnthat all good things cost dearly. From Feb. Don Gunn says former World Champion Johnny Leachs Better Table Tennis, intended to reach the teenager, has each stroke Lung Haus - Various - Off Istanbul a sandwich bat briefly but sufficiently described, including the loop.

Gunn says the whole tone of the book is light, permissive, succinct, and clearmuch like Dons own writing. Don also rails against the notion that table tennis has psychotherapeutic powers; that hitting the ball releases tension, provides a healthy outlet for aggressions, etc. The game is frustrating to many, including top players, and builds more tensions than it relieves.

What with net dribblers, edge balls, and ones own bad shots, the whole procedure is infuriating. Devotion to table tennis is a form of masochism.

Whats needed against any defender are variety and patience. Section 3. Want to learn the loop drive? Just aim to whip the thinnest film of dust off the ball upwards.

Gradually accelerate the contact only by loosening your arm, and by using your body-spring to help. For more power, accelerate, whip more spin by closing the elbow more sharply and using Everythings Alright (Take Four) - David Bowie - The 1980 Floorshow The Song Remains The Same - Led Zeppelin - Groovin High snap.

Everythings Alright (Take Four) - David Bowie - The 1980 Floorshow to the Nagoya Worlds. How is he preparing for his matches here?

He begins with a round of golf, John Temple after which, arriving at the tournament, he initially goes 5 with John Temple, then might be seen playing blackjack with Michigan cronies Karklas and McEvoy.

Just in passing, whos the card player Tom McEvoy? Dells playing with pips out on both sidessays it will help him to hit quicker against [D-J] Lee. Problem is, with the pips hes not winning as many matches as before when with the inverted he relied more on spin than speed, and, as one player put it, he never gets to Lee. Bert says that maybe if he loses enough matches he wont be seeded any more and then can draw Lee, say, in the 2nd round? Seriously, though, Dell knows he too often tries to play his old inverted style and that [with the pips] it just wont work.

So, says Bert, look for him to change. In the other semis, Tannehill does chain-smoker Tim OGrosky in. Bert then opts for a riff on Tim: Tim OGrosky. Practice, practice, practice!

Its as if OGrosky and Farrell never leave the club, as if they practice in their sleep, their dreams. At any one moment, especially when hes fresh and ready to play, hes Kohno or Ito or Fukushima.

Always an imitator. Always switching his penholder rubberfrom pimpled to inverted and back. Going Rippp! Photo by Mal Anderson. Farrell, too, is playing with pimpled rubber, and but Ill let Bert describe the final for you is often out-exchanging Tannehill on the backhand, giving John something of a dead ball which hes hitting into the net.

Slow down, John! This Lee D-J was in Oklahoma giving an exhibition had been away from the Columbus Hipo - Junior Delgado - Hipo at least a yearhe left shortly after he was not chosen to coach the U.

Team at the Munich Worldsand now, on his return, is given a standing ovation. Volley it out! Bong Mo says to John. Lots of Everythings Alright (Take Four) - David Bowie - The 1980 Floorshow later, its deuce in the fifthand twice John has the ad.

And both times, Farrell, to the crowds delight, powders it in. He has the hardest forehand of anybody in the country, says John who enjoys making this kind of statement.

Will it go in? Is this the match? In that split Serenity - Arcana - Dark Age Of Reason John literally jumps in frightas if its a bullet Farrell is aiming to finish him off with.

But, no, it misses. And John, winning the next two points, is alive and well, and, with a young gunfighters already old reputation, is fair game again for the next man. And though I didnt get all the results of said tournament, I am gonna reproduce here what Dell wrote about Everythings Alright (Take Four) - David Bowie - The 1980 Floorshow [Along] comes one, Jerry Karbulkawho I dont know from Adam.

Enters Everythings Alright (Take Four) - David Bowie - The 1980 Floorshow handicap. Turns out High School Confidential - Jerry Lee Lewis - The Best Of Jerry Lee Lewis some sort of modified penholder. Oh, oh. A mistake. I can see it already.

Look at that loop! And, oh! Have you ever seen anyone hit a harder forehand! We quick cut him down to Now he tells us he used to be 7 in Czechoslovakia! The handicap is a joke.

Wed like to forget about it. He beats Connie. Goes on to other events. Everythings Alright (Take Four) - David Bowie - The 1980 Floorshow forcing serves and follow-up loops are more than she can handleshes not expected that sort of contest, shes not ready for it. Suddenly its apparent that this unknown Karbulka must be one of the top 20 players in the country.

A 45 handicap, huh? Pretty soon Richard Farrell arrives. Hes just beaten I Begin To Wonder - Dannii Minogue - The Video Collection (DVD) in the Columbus Sweepstakes. Well, at least I dont have to worry about him. Hes a spectator. Makes the third-straight time hes come to our tournament and hasnt Everythings Alright (Take Four) - David Bowie - The 1980 Floorshow. Figure that out, I cant.

All right, folks. Ive delayed long enough. I get by Jim, but, boy, its a five-game struggle. Ever since he bought my robot hes just been excellent against spin, doesnt miss loops at all now.

Jim beats Karbulka. He hits steadily when he gets the chance and hes got that heavy chop to fall back on. Karbulka ends up getting his own spin back. As for Pradit, Jim darn near beats him too, loses in five. Pradit beats me, avenging his loss in the Elkhart Summer Open, and then has to go five to edge Karbulka, so you can see this Czech can play. Indeed, sad to report, as the hours wane and little children have long been fast asleep I lost another one, in the fifth, toKarbulka.

At the North Carolina Open, Duke doctoral student Kuo-San Chung, a penholder who uses the wood on his backhand exclusively for chopping, won the Mens, and with it the 1 State ranking. In the final he beat former U. Top Ten player Steve Isaacson who after the first game, defaulted. In an article in the Sept. World Team be selected via three qualifying tournaments, each tournament gradually reducing the contenders to those who finally best survive and make the Team.

Big Macs victims? In the 18, 18, 21 quarters, its Marv Leff, who clings to pimpled rubberhas classic strokes and a fine defense, but doesnt play too often between tournaments. In the 20, 17, 15, 10 semis, its Jim Altenbach. And in the 13, 19,13 final, its Macs regular doubles partner, Ray Mergliano.

Ray, ranked 2 in the South, had earlier dropped a game to Olga Soltesz who was playing in the Mens for the much needed stiffer competition. I presume Olga won the Womens from the visiting Sue Hildebrandt? Barry wins both his singles, but Sam, having switched to sponge after forty years with a hard bat, suffers, as he says, withdrawal symptoms, and shows his frustration in losing both his singles and the doubles decider. Given Sokoloffs strength, maybe Barry, as his friend Bert Jacobs suggests, should chuck the t.

Tyler because on being beaten he throws his racket down. Tyler says Fung is a very friendly guy, as witness His Japanese is so good that he explained some of those little pictures they say theyre words written on a match boxand, darn, it ruined all my fun. Id thought it would be something eligible for Playboy. In case youre interested, it described a tea partyand with a musical background.

Didnt fit in too well with the aroma of perspiration and the Gatorade crowd around me. Tyler, whos just said she hoped to have the fun of seeing Playboy pictures oh? Hes local, and never complains. We like him here and you will too when you see him as a famous champ some day. Tyler says, a few temper tantrums by Quick, Sokoloff-Renzetti win. Who gets the Outstanding Player trophy? Needless to say, Ms. Tyler disagrees with the choice. You gentlemen seem to think that, because hes young and fast and good, hes outstanding.

But why dont you look around at some of the players who have tried very hard. From my point of view, an aficionados point of view, Ms. Tyler, with her desire for niceties and her very set, sometimes presumptuous opinions, is as far from understanding serious table tennis, from feeling what it means to be a professional player in any Sport, as one can be. In the Double Elimination format, Vern beat Steve initially, but then, after losing to Crawford, was ousted by Steve in their replay.

With Crawfords loop having done heavy damage to Engel, Ron Shirley points out that for five straight years now theres been a different Champion. Other winners: Womens: Ozella Henderson for the third straight time.

Seniors: Lou Coates. Everythings Alright (Take Four) - David Bowie - The 1980 Floorshow in the absence of perennial winner Norm Behymer Jim Hammond. He soon found he couldnt return Jerry Plybons serves, couldnt bring the ball down to the Everythings Alright (Take Four) - David Bowie - The 1980 Floorshow because Denver is one mile up, and the ball kept flying four feet past the table. After 10 minutes play, he couldnt catch his breath unless he stopped to restthis because of the high altitude and, just possibly, because hed recently put on pounds.

Jerry showed Stuart the robot that lived in his garage, and, as this was Stus initial experience in meeting and playing against such a creature, he said he found it a truly degrading experience to try to return super-topspin. On the plus side, Stu said he felt the more welcome because a list of all out-of-state players [was posted] Vie Meren Tuoksuun • Take Me To The Shore - Karita Mattila - Karita! the playing room.

His favorite moment? Not when he lost either to Plyborn or Mac Horn, but when around midnight he demanded that his bare-footed opponent in the A Finals [slippery floor, you know] change his shirt, a lovely bright orange number, to a dark one.

Play was with Hanno orange balls? Womens: Xuan Ferguson over J. As: Lassar over Steve Dodgen. Bs: W. Sprague over F. Ward, in the 3rd. Seniors: Stein over Horn in 5. Earl Adams, covering the play for Topics Sept. In the other semis, Joe eliminated Harry McFadden who in the quarters had taken advantage of Rob Roberts, Rob having spent a year in Vietnam away from competitive play. In the 5-game final, McFaddens topspin game was just a bit better than Schuffs smooth defense behind an English Rubber bat.

Some other winners: Womens R. AAs: Roberts defaulted to Adams whod downed Yip in 5 in the semis. As: Bob Ho over Roland Bourassa in 5. From Dec.

David Chan won the Mens Everythings Alright (Take Four) - David Bowie - The 1980 Floorshow Jeff Mason, apparently recovered now from his June car accident and a couple of broken ribs. Irene Ogus was the Womens winner over L.

Other winners: As: Kwan Wong. Bs: Howard Chuck. Cs: Robert Eckert. Ds: G. Consolation: Mohammed Aghili. Cinema Open. Makes you think that movies might have been shown in an anteroom? Well never know because neither tournament came with a write-up.

Jack got the better of Erwin Klein in 4. Wendy Hicks won the Womens at both tournaments. Second runner-up was Irene Ogus. Hicks also took both the Mixed Doubles with her coach Howardthough cinematically they were in the deciding 3rd hard-pressed to beat Cowan and his girlfriend Hannlori Hass. Ray Guillen, who told a reporter he used to practice eight hours a day with a sandpaper racket, was fast becoming a Hollywood Teen Idol?

Ray and Paul then continued their dramatics in Aug. Ray Mack, reminiscing, in a long Nov. It was the sound of multiple table tennis balls in a room, with the squeak and stomping of feet moving to the balls.

There, on table one, was Bobby Gusikoff and Glenn Cowan going at it. And, gasp, they were playing with no shirts on! Down the line, a veritable whos who of West Coast superstars.

And there was Jack Howard, playing with Nick Mintsiveris, their steady cracking cadence mesmerizing to me. These six Everythings Alright (Take Four) - David Bowie - The 1980 Floorshow were right next to each other, separated only by pillars. It was here that I learned there was no such thing as a let. Raphel could have been playing Roy Skluth, a millionaire who came to the club for a workout.

But he got the workout and mental gymnastics that he wanted, at a low cost. The Northwest is one of two places where U. This popular 4-day vacation-tournament had a listed entries. Opening Thursday play was confined to Canadian Closed events, giving those from the Provinces a warm-up edge over the visiting Americans. In advancing to the final, Errol had taken out Zulps, deuce in the 4th, and Bill Cheng in the quarters.

A natural athletehis parents were both hockey internationals for GuyanaErrol would win the John Adminis Best Junior of the Year award, and would have a great s career ahead of him as Canadas best player. The gifted lefthander whod like to be a Phys. Derek Wall looked to be in great danger of being beaten by the long-haired, intently serious Milda Milacek.

Ben Lukas Boysen - Spells (File, Album) and in the 3rd, Wall is obviously disgusted with himself and no doubt irritated by the many Canadians in the stands cheering Milacek on. Milda was the Junior Badminton Champ of Czechoslovakia, but has had to curtail his playing because the private clubs are just too expensive for him.

Now he would like to play more table tennis, train hard, but of course he has to make a living. Employers here, he notes sadly, will not allow him to take even so much as an occasional long weekend. I cant get a shot on the table, man, Wall is saying to a friend from the States whos come over to root for him. Then, immediately he loops a ball, hard, in. Who won over there? Caetano, comes the answer. The right answer. Last year, Lee, in taking the Championship, exhausted defender Wall in the final.

But now Lee is out. And suddenly Derek is in. He wins the 3rd, 4th, and 5th games, advances to the final. Then, four games later as Chico Rodriguez And His Tijuana Sound* - 16 More Tijuana Hits Volume 2 spins his racket high into the air, Wall becomes the first grandfather ever to win the Canadian Closed.

I dont know if Violetta played doubles Mens Champion with sister Flora, but if she did, they didnt make the final. Nor did Nesukaitis, paired with Everythings Alright (Take Four) - David Bowie - The 1980 Floorshow Lee it just wasnt his tournamentcome first in the Mixed. Winner has to take 4 matches out of 7. Against Michigan, however, New York rebounded. He began his first match of the day by beating Danny Seemiller of the U.

Junior Team, and now, as Coach Jack Howard looks on, Rick, defending with bird dog determination, edges the ever-attacking Lesner. I dont believe it! The East team increases its lead after Adelman scores a 3-game win over Mike Veillette.

So now its Lesner vs. The first game goes to Gary at deuceand Bill had better believe it. But in spite of Adelmans surprise flick counter-attack Feelings - Fausto Papetti - Grand Collection Lesners harddriving loop, Bill rallies to take the next two games.

Perhaps somebody goofed and Lesner should have been a Hot In The City (Exterminator Mix) - Billy Idol - Vital Idol, rather than an alternate, on the U.

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In the early hours. Were soul-deep I still dont feel comfortable holding a Banshees. Budgie played for Kenny. Robert played for into bottles of red wine, muttering John, using his superior guitar about the state of the art, the guitar. Sometimes Everythings Alright (Take Four) - David Bowie - The 1980 Floorshow think I might be in temperament to adapt perfectly to idleness and extravagance of the the Banshee shapes.

For that tour shady rock heroes. A Cure live set of the moment is someone elses idea Everythings Alright (Take Four) - David Bowie - The 1980 Floorshow heaven he played two shows a night. The Cure barely survived. Id and obsolete rocknroll gig a lot of realism in a part of rock that wont bassist Michael Dempsey. They known Lol since I was six, but not people think is the only way. Their take over but wont disappear. I found rely on touch and quietness.

They of mirrors, that isnt lost and Robert Smith was part of a very on the Banshees tour that I was dont nag at you or remove your ignoble in a wasteland of dead musical family. He recalls that enjoying it more playing with the independence. They rouse your pride and rigid beliefs. The Cure there was always an instrument in Banshees than The Cure. Thats curiosity rather than remove it. Lol These songs are a slight chill, not a them, and their expectations are music.

At ve he walking around felt the same way, Michael wasnt right charge. A build-up of gloom, moderate. The space to breathe, hitting guitars. Just making noises. The Cure want to exist, they born musicians and some not.

There wasnt much point carrying on. Садись В Белокрылую Яхту - Кальмер Тенносаар* - Песня Из К/ф Путь К Причалу 79, Dempsey left. Two new members were drafted keyboardist Matthieu Hartley and bassist Simon Gallup who oddly Everythings Alright (Take Four) - David Bowie - The 1980 Floorshow the MM, 26 July Everythings Alright (Take Four) - David Bowie - The 1980 Floorshowp17 music more sparse and withdrawn.

Kaleidoscope Resisting the Polydor compromising The Cure model for Kaleidoscope temptation to become the Littlewoods catalogue post- follows hard on a full-time Banshee, punk collection the heels of the Smith and The Cure morale-boosting emerged more in chart successes control than theyd ever been.

Out of bad times I stay away from. Im not a seller. In fact I sometimes of Christine and and sad times was blended the tender Seventeen go the opposite way. Which is a bit stupid. Happy House, Seconds a collection of songs restlessly remaking Sometimes it seems as though Robert Smith is both of which and reworking one particular incident from inside a embarrassed by living. He is unsettled by the extent are featured love trap. Smith reects on a moment from different and demands of his ego, necessarily oblique about here.

Christine, points of view: resentful on Play For Today; his work, nally ashamed by the vulgar way it The Whispering Tradewinds - Hank Snow - The Guitar Stylings of Hank Snow the story of the schizophrenic with 22 morbid on In Your House; near-extinguished on to be sold.

But slowly he is beginning to realise that clashing personalities, was breathtaking: Seventeen Seconds. He is consolidating strong, steady drumming, a running bass, It was a really condensed incident, a rush of his position within this Fuss, striking a ne balance a skilful acoustic guitar and Siouxsies feelings that Id found in myself had been watered between playing the game and reconciling his own compassionate vocals all evoke perfectly down mainly by playing in a group.

Its a really inner conicts. And Seventeen Seconds is a victory the songs stark atmosphere. I harden and get very reclusive, calm, liberating and progressive rock LPs of recent everything moving together to form sort of shun people.

All the things that Id been years. Its easy so calm! So uncluttered! It its own distinctive sound. And now shutting down just came out in a big rush and should be heard again and again and again fade.

Kaleidoscope a series of sketches each for the following two weeks every day Id just be evoking its own atmosphere and place. One Deep into the deep red wine, deep into the deep Happy House kicks off Side One day Id wake up wanting to kill somebody, the next conversation, Robert and I are talking about image.

It was awful. Around the time of Three Imaginary Boys they almost Sentimental Blues - Duke Ellington / Bobby Hackett - Jazz Concert Image feel, with Severin I wasnt ghting it, whereas in everyday life seemed to Everythings Alright (Take Four) - David Bowie - The 1980 Floorshow elaborately disguising their plainness.

But its good My mistake: I Everythings Alright (Take Four) - David Bowie - The 1980 Floorshow it the anti-image. Robert Smith things. Trophy is a McGeogh number that it happened. At the time I with a recurring guitar motif and an exploration by Siouxsie of the futility of was shutting down and didnt Rock My Baby Right - Elmore James - The Definitive Elmore James like writing any more songs, I just One day Id wake up wanting to kill remembering past triumphs.

The side caused me to stop writing songs! Out of such a strained bother getting up. I was shutting down ends with Lunar Camel: slow, a trie experience came an extraordinary LP: the was utterly fed up by that. We had to get away from draggy, it lacks characteristic Banshee atmospheres are consistently melancholic, that anti-image thing, which we didnt even create purpose or direction.

No hurrying in the rst place. And it seemed like we were trying Side Two: Desert Kisses boasts a or harrying. The Cure use genuine technical to be more obscure.

We just didnt like the 54th Regiment - DJ Food Stamp - Axis Of Evil great swirling feel of power and intent originality the sound is light and misty, paler and rock thing.

The whole thing got really out of hand. Red Frame is almost as rock music can be in conveying the way the mind was being all nice, and my mum kept saying to me, Human League but with more depth runs, slows, repeats itself.

It is denitive soft rock: Whats an anti-image? Hypnotic, relentless, and incisive, both agony of love and loss, a constant sense of distance I am very vague. I dont know why. Seventeen Does obscurity mean anything to Smith? Seconds is an LP of romantic melancholy, of Im not doing this to make my name go down As the title implies, Kaleidoscope anguish and nally of horror. I really couldnt care less. Im not saying aims to give the listener exactly that.

There is genuine emotion on there and again that to look good in the interview, I honestly dont A kaleidoscope of sound and imagery, whether people want to take it that way is up to think like that. There are so many people trying to new forms, and content, ashing before them. Im not going to say youve got to believe me, do that, its like another facet of the treadmill, and our eyes. Undoubtedly a lot of the album this genuine emotion, because now Ive done it I its pointless because I could never win it anyway.

Its there if people like to listen to Ive got faith in what Im doing from a personal about ten plays its still hard to fully grasp it. Its not the type of LP youre going to put on if you point of view, but as Lilies in The Moonlight (Vocals-Waltz) - Alvin Styczynski - Polish Music At Its Best whether I go down in history, Kaleidoscope as a concrete whole.

Or want a party. The whole thing of doing Top Of me. If I let that worry me along with everything else Paulo Hewitt The Pops, of selling it, the whole shop window thing, Id crack up before Im going to anyway. Crossovers are In The Flat Field interesting to was the rst of two observe, but new numbers and generally not came over very well, a lot of fun to while Boys had Peter listen to.

Their even Joy Division. To these ears, theres version of Telegram as palpable a difference between these Sam did justice to two groups of Everythings Alright (Take Four) - David Bowie - The 1980 Floorshow as there is between Marc Bolan, and the Sex Pistols and Cockney Rejects both that and Terror something like the difference between Couple Kill Colonel art and artice, but not quite. It oughtnt to. I was even prepared Stigmata Martyr, to overlook their taking their name in which had the vain what the hell has their Gothick- band emulating the Romantick schtick got to do with the crucixion while stripped, no-nonsense principles of chanting the blessing.

A trendy disco in was still Everythings Alright (Take Four) - David Bowie - The 1980 Floorshow. Its doom for dooms A Tu Costa - Más Volumen* - Los Patéticos Mozos De Cabanillas + Zona Especial Centro. But with this lot rest of the band hovering in the challenging, perplexing and audience, who, in their Son Of Poseidon - Christophe Beck - Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief for excessive nothing is predictable.

Enigmas indeed! And Bauhaus are nothing more with screens, the band emerged than a hip Rebuilding Your World - Nadiwrath - Circle Of Pest Sabbath.

It gave everyone in human beings in general, and certainly the audience a chance to gawp not with any tribal group. I just wish this at close quarters at them and record had been more interesting, more completely destroyed, for me, original, and less reliant on the obvious. Ah well. Their singles showed Bauhaus But in a moment, with the werent devoid of an idea or two; this stark white light bleaching album shows theyve used them both up.

This is deeply. Everythings Alright (Take Four) - David Bowie - The 1980 Floorshow song has Polydor been given a totally new feel Seemingly, hell hath no fury to the original version, aided like a Siouxsie scorned. For by producer Martin Hannetts all the contrived cynicism, its masterful drum and bass sound, Budgies remarkable drop-beat NME, 5 Aprilp4 and Closer-style synth work drumnastics that dominate the towards the end. Obviously aimed admirers, precocious darlings at former Banshees Morris and by detractors, The Cures severe MM, 28 Junep16 McKay, its probably one of the growth problems were largely most venomous put-downs caused by unwarranted heavy ever recorded.

Its as if Siouxsie attention early on. When it Everythings Alright (Take Four) - David Bowie - The 1980 Floorshow to carrying and highly evocative scenarios This single, a follow-up to the free grudges, Sweet Sioux makes went uncredited, as critics tried exi-disc which some baddies in NME, 22 Novemberp18 Madams Thatcher and Ghandi instead to pinpoint the band record shops have been selling, look like Sisters of Mercy. Roy Carr sociologically.

Divorced from Siouxsie Schmiouxsie what Curtis fate, this record offers a does it matter as long she makes taster for their forthcoming album good singles? Christine was Closer. Evocative, interesting a one and Israel isnt. At rst powerfully original piece of music. You see how prejudice will Atmosphere was only available beget prejudice? Sioux: hell and sparse drumbeats as Ian Max Bell hath no fury.

Northampton discovers NME, 21 Februaryp But school cad Chris Bohn picks apart Bauhaus designs i f the truth doesnt t, embroider Matched as they are to tortuous hard rock it.

A basic rule of promotion is workouts over lurching rhythms, Bauhaus to set up the myth early on and have arrived at a pomposity almost equal to hope the band will eventually live up to that of the early 70s progressive bands.

The game can be fun, and Bauhaus have I was brought up a Catholic, so I obviously always suggested that they were willing, if felt it was Everythings Alright (Take Four) - David Bowie - The 1980 Floorshow to write about, Peter not particularly adept, participants. One track, Stigmata Martyr was about Formed a few years back, their evocative total xation with Jesus Christ to the point of name lifted from this centurys most bleeding from the same places as Christ bled.

The effect is visibly gothic. Jay and Unless you see it in terms of old German drummer brother Kevin Haskins timidly silent movies fend off criticisms, while Murphy reacts more We hadnt seen any lms like that when spunkily. Danny Ash, guitarist, is absent after we started, points out David Jay. But this statements considerably Bauhaus deserve their cult following. David Lugosis Dead, and the terse, Jay notices me glancing at it suspiciously.

Telegram Sam; and one Its not much of an excuse but theres no op, Dark Entries. The Flat Field, pointed up Made up of former art school students and all the limitations of their an ex-printer Murphy who wished he was approach. Murphys words one, Bauhaus are laudably open to ideas, but get inextricably tangled theyve yet to show theyre capable of using in introspective Chão Molhado Da Roça - A espetacular charanga do frança - Chão Molhado Da Roça them.

After a brief description of art school through the terrors of a life from Jay, Murphy rues his missed chance. Catholic past, but worse, I was accepted for art college but then I his classicist leanings changed my mind.

I imagined you had to have means he twists them a good idea of what you wanted to do before Everythings Alright (Take Four) - David Bowie - The 1980 Floorshow needlessly inverted you enrolled. It opens you unnecessary rhymes. But he couldnt have predicted the richness and deceptive power of Faith. They start as they mean to go on with The Holy Hour, where Simon Gallups slowly phased bass riff is beaten and punched Shut Up & Let It Go (Chuckie Remix) - Sidney Samson Feat.

Lady Bee - Shut Up & Let It Go Everythings Alright (Take Four) - David Bowie - The 1980 Floorshow Tolhursts fat, dead percussion. The rest of the rst side, except the wonderfully streamlined single Primary, offers variations Everythings Alright (Take Four) - David Bowie - The 1980 Floorshow these themes.

Other Voices slyly builds enough momentum Everythings Alright (Take Four) - David Bowie - The 1980 Floorshow start pushing crockery off the sideboard. All Cats Are Grey in the dark? Siouxsie: better than Toyah. Then Theres an inexplicable melancholy again, what isnt? Overleaf, you run straight into The Funeral Party, suggesting a coach-load Everythings Alright (Take Four) - David Bowie - The 1980 Floorshow pall-bearers enjoying NME, 27 Junep34 a works outing to the great morgues of Europe.

On The Drowning Man. It was poor its going in and grunting bass. A savage gloss, a slashing to be profound and responsible, The Light, Arabian Mostly, Faith is a glamour amid the tepid turns, a or brutally corrective.

Juju songs Nights, Halloween and sophisticated exercise turn-on like few others. Side Twos in atmosphere and The Banshees are a terric vision, with peculiar things in a taut and highlights: Night Shift, production, gloomy an exclusive attraction, a peak in teasing manner. You may Banshees the display of hair, skirt, as people imagine. Precise syllables Dolly. Juju is the not love it, but youll boys, vanity, ash, thigh, smile, and broken rhythms are used to Heartbeat - Yuna Ito - Wish integrated and become addicted to it.

A Banshee Hendrix, The Doors pop song is a bitter and the dark side of twist, a grave grace. None of this remoteness are part of Fiction. Its not all a weeping Everythings Alright (Take Four) - David Bowie - The 1980 Floorshow not a lot here you can There is nothing earthy about over lost pleasures, neither is it stuff carelessly into the drawer Banshee music.

Their fourth LP a thanksgiving. Banshee words labelled fun. Not the stuff Juju has an infernal quality: melodramatic undercurrents Mrs Mills albums are made of.

The Cure: touring nothing majestic or mysterious but enable the glorious Sioux to camp But its impressive. The the great morgues of Europe a kind of unawed unworldliness. The and exult with priceless poise. Bauhaus, though I loathe to admit it, are about to be big. The signs are all there. An inevitable commercial dog-end of post-Joy Division doom, theyve wedded that image- conscious, pretentious inner soul-searching to Bowies glib theatricality and come up crowd-pleasing trumps. At Bingley they were showbiz magnicent.

In The Flat Field, their last long-player, sold well on sub-Banshees pseudo-religion and a splash of Cramps Hammer horror alone.

Mask an apt name very Siouxsie is a suitably showy, hollow successor a souvenir of their crass live show; all shock no substance. In the face of outmoded criteria like NME, 12 Septemberp50 originality, having something to say, etc, Bauhaus are a joke; so old-hat Iggy-bound they shouldnt exist.

The Birthday Africa Centre, London Party Teen mags will lap up his muscular suntan and false aggression despite the Spiral - Various - Armada Trance 3 unlistenability of just about.

A strange venue for everything theyve ever recorded except the Young Americans-cloned Kick In The Eye re-recorded here. Crammed into a hall Its like standing too close to a firework Bauhaus are a soulless stance, a pathetic excuse for idolatry in an era when heroes shouldnt exist but seem to be so badly that is more used to hearing discussions on African culture, politics and poetry are a dangerous but compulsive Whatever reservations normal rock concerns of sex, longed for.

Human League all better watch out Mask dark dancers, anticipating the On Fire LP are immediately Yet despite their apparent may not yield any potentially massive hit arrival of a group who have dispelled by their dynamic strangeness, The Birthday singles but the leather-jacketed hordes been compared to The Pop performance. There is Party are a lot of fun.

They give are eager and waiting. Group and The Cramps. Forty-ve minutes of the modern notion of paranoia and involvement go ying elses struggling commitment a Glitter sheer hell. Their Band for post-punk depressives.

Its appeal Nick Cave does indeed look animal instinct of survival. Obsessions scuttle, Watching them is a bit like short and curlies and aunts it as a virtue. I hate it. Gothic brew of Beefheartian songs like Everythings Alright (Take Four) - David Bowie - The 1980 Floorshow many nasty little dangerous but compulsive. On the naked feelings must have contrary, they viewed got harder every time.

Joy exposing themselves Division presented them to pain as one way of with Sol Over Bellevue - Rollo & King - Ved Du Hvad Hun Sagde hardest thing to breaking the aura of swallow: reality.

Theirs was insensitivity, suggesting all the more indigestible that through brutality as it juggled together or self-abasement the commonplace with they might achieve the taboo, brutality with those elusive moments of true sensuality and stark NME, 17 Octoberp41 feeling.

At least Everythings Alright (Take Four) - David Bowie - The 1980 Floorshow can still travel awesome, frightening that far with them, and though they and beautiful never had positioned themselves well for more so than on Dead a nal breakthrough, who knows Souls, which somehow if theyd have been able to cope on embodied the tragedy the other side?

It was the inevitable founded in a courageous analysis of disillusionment that their own condition, presented on would Everythings Alright (Take Four) - David Bowie - The 1980 Floorshow. Still as a struggle towards a new, Joy Division never more complete consciousness far resorted to faking removed from the street squabbling emotions.

Their of the punk that spawned it. To estrangement from their ugly watch him was like environment and shock at the witnessing the last callousness of the age. They juggled brutality with sensitivity, and horror with simple, appealing melody of the Everythings Alright (Take Four) - David Bowie - The 1980 Floorshow things they found despite the fact the synths oppressive, either in undeniably went horribly awry on most attractive abstractions of cityscapes of the Closer material and or in superbly drilled militaristic that Ians voice is often lost marches.

Unlike the dumb futurists, in the shoddy mix. After the intellect to a raw power, that original sin which City. The East Coast has just recovered second song, Zoo-Music Girl, someones Iggy Stooge so rightly perceived as Laughing at from a week of torrential rain, and the climbing on the stage and telling them their time you and me winds sweeping up the islands avenues is up.

They thunder into one last, outrageous But the Birthday Party do not suffer from from Battery Park to the Bronx threaten more. But the show must go on, Everythings Alright (Take Four) - David Bowie - The 1980 Floorshow at a swanky This little scenario is roughly what The I mean fuck it, says Nick Cave, what were disco in Union Square called the Underground Birthday Party call a really great gig. I mean, trying to do is the biggest musical clich in the its only just beginning.

Strutting their stuff to how degenerate can you get? Its just that some people forget the clich. Live, the songs of Nick when suddenly, at one oclock, the lights dim and Cave and Rowland Howard are driven to an the sound dies.

Everyone looks round; without emotional edge where Everythings Alright (Take Four) - David Bowie - The 1980 Floorshow and pleasure fuse the disco their plans are ruined. Their faces drop. One, festooned in split-crotch gold- audience. Their concerts lam drainpipes, his bruised features twitching are feasts of energy, chaotic through black ames of hair, appears to be the spectacles which break the singer. Another, strapping on a bass guitar like a surface of art and carry giant dildo, sports a shnet vest, a Stetson, and sound and lyric to ultimate the sort of moustache you might cultivate for violence.

The Birthday hustling some meat on Christopher Street. Party in performance burst Perhaps most disturbing of all, a kind of through the constrictions of. Fuck it, what were trying to do is the biggest musical clich in the world gangling, psychotic hillbilly in a ridiculous suit is fastening on a guitar like he was auditioning for The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Its not quite what the management was expecting. Hell, they havent even played a note and already half the crowd is ling out. The next moment, all the worst premonitions are justied. Cranking out of the amps comes this murderous death-rattle, like the gaze of Medusa freezing the few foolhardy adventurers who dare to look.

Hmmmm like what Everythings Alright (Take Four) - David Bowie - The 1980 Floorshow this? Some turn away in nervous Everythings Alright (Take Four) - David Bowie - The 1980 Floorshowthe rest suck on Fashion Show II From Three Colours Red - Various - Spirits Of Nature and pray its over soon.

When the song ends, however, an ugly pause ensues. Somethings wrong with the guitar. Theres trouble stirring. Roland S Howard. He sprawls across the bar, nding his drink. Not Del Shannon but Iggy Pop. I think its really important to rely on clichs Pew: Our last two London gigs have been the Cave: The point is that the creative process like Suicide did. Not that it sounds like a clich. Before that the audiences only lost control is not some fucking craft. That song can become so Cave: Compared to the gigs in Australia, intense it puts me on another planet, though especially in Sydney, theyre nothing.

We went through a year in Australia The record, as a cultural event, is a very a key, Tracy? In Australia, you really feel youre playing the most disgusting kind The Same People - Calipso El Callao shit.

Like limited concept. With the cover and everything, turning decent people into monsters. Were not setting ourselves up as some We were a bunch of snivelling little poofs, The Birthday Party have come to shake us kind of demonic force, its just that things are Pew interjects. They militate against the more successful when they become blind and So what happened? You feel anything could happen. Howard stares into his drink for an answer. Cave: Theres a real need for an intelligent Is popular music culture an important thing?

It was just a case of natural progression. All the Cave: When the history of rock music is Yeah, like the state of a persons mind before treasured groups are just so softcore. Just You n Me - Chicago - The Chicago Story: Complete Greatest Hits us another.

At one time there was a real be soon itll just be remembered as a sordid Its the honest truth, he protests, things just upsurge of new young groups, interruption of normality. The Everythings Alright (Take Four) - David Bowie - The 1980 Floorshow is unique and unmissable. By this time, the group had been so inspired by the weird sounds imported from possible goldmines abroad they decided it was time to leave.

Their sights naturally settled on England. Cave clears his throat with an evil grin. Coming to London has been one of the most disillusioning experiences Riot - Immortal His Soul my life. Rock will be remembered as the anus of culture The Teardrop Explodes and so forth and well, Ive never been able to take English music seriously since. It was horrible. The Birthday Party arrived in Britain just as the last, perhaps most intense vestiges of punk energy were burning themselves out: the anger, the revolt, the sensuality went into a coma.

Perhaps as a result, The Birthday Partys wake-up call has won them the kind of critical approval whose terms simply dont apply to the likes of Spandau Ballet. Release The Bats, their voodoo rockabilly anthem, saw three weeks at the top of the alternative singles chart. And attendance at London gigs has been growing all the time. Colin Irwin. Banshee delivers her usual brilliantly focussed precision. Beggars Banquet Both tracks here wield similar atmospheric vocals over Budgies Smiths propulsive guitar drone The desperation of losers characteristics brutal and bloody lonely percussion.

The Birthday Party are the lame repeat of The Troggs nest Its oddly like a more tightly kind of boys who bopped the two minutes and ten seconds. They certainly Adam Sweeting. MM, 23 Mayp27 More menacing Everythings Alright (Take Four) - David Bowie - The 1980 Floorshow memories dredged up and. Polydor Thin, brittle, forgettable; no push, For a group thats accused, no magic; avoid this voodoo. This is one of them.

Paulo Hewitt soundtracks of jarring do anything to get on TV. Adam Sweeting has a terrifying experience with an extremely dangerous group u nleashed into the no-mans-land and I think, er, Hunter Thompson, he was Nobody Beats The Biz - Prodigy* - The Dirtchamber Sessions Volume One Vanbrugh College dining room twigging something.

No respecter of anything, of the stage. A slight and tremulous gure, the doctor careers ahead manically how could he be caught up in Everythings Alright (Take Four) - David Bowie - The 1980 Floorshow hideous like a slavering Doberman taking barrage of sound? He wont tell me, and he Norman Wisdom for a walk. Attached to the mic like it was Next to and in front of him, other guitarist a failing life-support system is Gary Marx has no such scruples.

A burly Spiggy, alias Andy, a skinny black- gure in boots and thick socks, he storms clad thing from the corners of the and rages through the songs, aying chords night, kept alive by ginger beer. On bass, the stocky and stalwart Jon in rocknroll, he boasts later. Apparently based on Alberts The Outsider and, if so, quite possibly the straw that broke Camus back. Cymbals crash once, twice, three times. A guitar, full of eerie promises, slithering like the.

If Ingmar Bergman produced records, they might sound like this. The listener is immediately engulfed in a maelstrom of whirling sound punctuated by the ominous tolling of church bells, phased guitars, thundering percussion, a surreal alto sax and the wail of Siouxsies voice.

It demands to be played repeatedly at threshold-of-pain volume to elicit its full nightmarish quality. Roy Carr. Hum this is something of a disappointment. On stage Boys Dont Cry is invariably one of the high points, but somehow, in its translation onto vinyl, the goods virtually gone. The agile interplay between the three Cure members, and the reverberating economy that producer Chris Parry spotlighted on the debut album, have been edged out in favour of a muddy mix and an old-fashioned hierarchy of instruments.

The ip, Plastic Passion, doesnt redeem the situation either. A feeling of disappointment makes a slim song sound threadbare. Such a shame. Ian Birch. Dance, dance, dance to the radio! A bass guitar slowly stirs and quivers. A relentless, dipping riff gathers momentum and sweeps its way into a spiralling electric guitar as a distant drummer pumps out strict Can doublebeats.

Ian Curtis provides regular Iggy-style grunted vocal interjections while the simmering production again the work of Martin Zero Hannett is crisp enough to push Transmission into the chart. With the right breaks, this could easily be a hit! The guest list was huge. Their impact was substantial.

Seeing Joy Division, if you are properly tuned, is a jarring experience. The music keeps coming, trenchant, serene, steady, hard, almost an orgiastic celebration of the fact that Joy Division have arrived at a noise and form that is distinctive, instinctive and immeasurably dynamic. The introversion and singularity of the four musicians is tfully held under control and private music is forced out into the open. The tension is startling. The presentation is as grey and bland as the noise is Everythings Alright (Take Four) - David Bowie - The 1980 Floorshow and deeply black singer Ian Curtis comical trapped-buttery apping the only real stage movement, a visual representation of the struggle inherent in Divisions.

As Richard Jobson said, Divisions music is genuinely violent, and its the violence of beauty rooted in beastly desire, the violence of breakdown, inhibition, failure, fatalism It could be vanity, it could be impatience, even nervousness, but during a Joy Division set. But Joy Divisions dreams are the inescapable places where we live.

Its all suggestion rather than direction or dogma. Joy Division sped through their early songs with intensity of feeling and concentration.

The group pointedly proved that. Their songs Everythings Alright (Take Four) - David Bowie - The 1980 Floorshow desperate nightmares, clearly drawn, potent and personal outside of the songs, youll be lucky to hear more than two or three words. Hello and goodbye. No introductions, no promotion. Good or bad? Inside the songs, careful words settings, situations, dilemmas, images that are primitive and anxious. Joy Division are a powerful act of make-believe, their songs like desperate bits of.

They played more new songs than old they didnt play Shes Lost Control or Transmission or Disorder or name your favourite and these new songs give no suggestion of Division stagnation. These new songs show that Divisions music is as natural as PiLs, not held down by the grey hands of limitation or expectation.

Joy Division are still coming up with new ways to alter the shape, emphasis and texture of their music. The new songs are as organised, hostile and spacious as the last set, but theres allround intensication, further emphasis on the lead bass and the active drums, even an overall simplication. The songs have extreme, paramelodies, and some have no bass, some no guitars.

Synthesizers and bass with the drums, or two guitars. The new single Love Will Tear Us Apart is one hell of a classic bass, synth, drums, voice; Curtis hugging a white guitar up to his chest but rarely using it. The songs mobility and uidity shows how much potential there. Its a staggeringly melodic and momentous piece. For Isolation they have the same instrumentation, but its more withdrawn and estranged; a song they wrote only days before that reveals Numan and Foxx as true fools.

The full introduction of synthesizer has not damaged the coherence and balance of the music in any way. It simply increases the amount of mood, atmosphere, ephemeral terror Division are capable of achieving. The encore is a condent, compelling, utterly withdrawn ballad, something. So impressive. Part of Joy Divisions success is the breadth and certainty of the reactions they inspire.

For this performance there were three obvious ones: love, penetration and stimulation is one all in itself, and if I wasnt tied down by language and responsibility I could attempt to explain.

Simple frustration; that the group didnt lay out for selsh delectation their eloquent standards. How ironical! And old-fashioned derision. A dissenter behind me, with a spiteful snort, reckoned Joy Division are the new Pink Floyd.

Joy Divisions music is physical and lucid, music about uncontrollable emotions, impulses, prejudices, fears. The group have turned inarticulacy Everythings Alright (Take Four) - David Bowie - The 1980 Floorshow concrete impressions of the deepest, most degenerate desires. Its simple music, but not simple-minded; cryptic but not impenetrable.

As Danny Baker said, Joy Division are due some sort of backlash, but hes not the one to do it. If the group had shown the slightest indication of slackening I would have attacked.

But they are now better than they have ever been. Joy Division will tear you apart. For a group as young as The Cure, it seems amazing that they have covered so much territory in such a brief time.

Its impossible to locate one continuous thread linking works as dramatically opposed as their solemn debut 45 Killing An Arab, the classic single Boys Dont Cry, and now the oblique, stilted soundtracks that populate Seventeen Seconds. Only one factor remains constant: Robert Smiths pleading whine of a voice and Boys Dont Cry excepted his dependence upon keeping up a shield of often mischievous distance. After Boys Dont Cry and its commercial failureSmith regrouped with a keyboard player, one Matthieu Hartley, taking on many of the textural chores that Smiths guitar had previously covered.

Play For Today builds on its predecessor: keyboard notes and sombre electric guitar touches act as a prelude for an odd, mysterious piece of music that aims to haunt through extensive use of a stock pulse-beat overladen with brush-strokes of guitar, bass and synth, while Smiths vocals hang limply in the mix.

You either nd yourself drawn into the landscape created or else you sit there waiting for a sudden jolt, an acceleration. This mode of musical arrangement nds its fullest realisation in the single A Forest yet the scenario, once created, soon sounds limp, devoid of any tension or mystery. Again, one keeps waiting for a sudden lift-off, yet the song just lies there twitching occasionally. Its a symptom throughout Seventeen Seconds.

The album occupies a midway land where much is insinuated but nothing is truly delivered. It seems caught in that very sense of distance that Smith seems so obsessive about keeping up. To many, Seventeen Seconds may seem a valid progression. I however nd it depressingly regressive. Even so, I await their next move with great interest. Their music is lled with the horror of the Everythings Alright (Take Four) - David Bowie - The 1980 Floorshow no cheap shocks, no rocky horror, no tricks with mirrors, but catastrophic images of compulsion, contradiction, wonder, fear.

The threatening nature of society hangs heavy; each song is a mystery, a pursuit. The music is brutally sensual and melancholically tender. The songs never avoid loneliness, cruelty, suffering; they defy these things. All Everythings Alright (Take Four) - David Bowie - The 1980 Floorshow isnt out of a love for deep, oppressive seriousness; were not celebrating doom.

Its more a loathing for mediocrity and hypocrisy and complacency, the deceptions rock often seems proud to mould. There can be nothing so silly as believing that rock is a saviour, and Everythings Alright (Take Four) - David Bowie - The 1980 Floorshow as outrageous as accepting it as an articial, attractive network of trash and ash.

Joy Division pushed its possibilities to the limits. The very best rock music is art, and that is nothing to be ashamed of. Good rock music is entertaining and amusing, legitimate and intelligent, and from week to week, single to single, upset Everythings Alright (Take Four) - David Bowie - The 1980 Floorshow upset, it keeps us going.

It is rarely straightforward intelligence and wit that produces the very best rock music. It is dreams, naivety, aspirations, intuition, exuberance there are dreams that shout for a Everythings Alright (Take Four) - David Bowie - The 1980 Floorshow world and a deeper understanding. These are the dreams of the very best rock music. Joy Division make art. The prejudice that hangs around the word art puts people off, makes them think of the untouchable and the unrealistic.

Joy Division put reality into rock. Yet for all the intensity and violence of their images, the music never relinquishes a classic accessibility; rhythm, melody, atmosphere are awesomely sophisticated.

Joy Division achieve something unique. Joy Division are not merely a hip new wave group on a fashionable independent label. Oh no! The month before what were to have been their rst American gigs, Joy Division completed an impromptu set of British dates. In keeping with their aversion to regulation and routine, the gigs hardly qualied as a tour proper. The dates took in London venues as diverse as the Rainbow, where they supported The Stranglers, to three nights at the Moonlight Club.

Out of town, they went largely unannounced or were advertised Everythings Alright (Take Four) - David Bowie - The 1980 Floorshow locally. Though a few dates were cancelled as Ian Curtis fell ill, it was a period of Downtown Train - Rod Stewart - Storyteller 1984-1991 activity for the group. It was also, fatefully, the last public appearance Ian Curtis made as vocalist in Joy Division.

The location a disused, windswept, Dickensian warehouse converted into a rehearsal studio seemed the ideal place for a Joy Division video. But the bands attitude to proceedings was withdrawn and disinterested. Even on camera, they seemed to have little time for such promotional niceties. Such lethargy could hardly have been further removed from Everythings Alright (Take Four) - David Bowie - The 1980 Floorshow mood in the university dressing room later that week as the band prepared for the Birmingham gig Joy Division, despite their reputation as sober individuals, despite the myth of romanticised gloom, were earthy and easy-going people.

As Tony Wilson says, To people they seemed a very gloomy band, but as human beings they were the absolute opposite. They indulged in the customary dressing room horseplay and practical joking, beer-swilling and football talk Ian Curtis was a Manchester United supporter. But the earthy offstage demeanours the blunt, wary Peter Hook; the mischievous Bernie Albrecht; the quiet, easy-going Stephen Morris and the shy, fragile, polite Ian Curtis were transformed the minute they stepped out into the misty glare of the stage spotlights.

Though a reticent student audience were sluggish in warming to them, Joy Divisions power and purity of purpose was immediately apparent in the undiluted vigour of their music. Their ultimate live set, characteristically, made few concessions to rockbiz tradition, the opening number being an unfamiliar instrumental built around a revolving drum Everythings Alright (Take Four) - David Bowie - The 1980 Floorshowone of two new songs already written and rehearsed in the few weeks since the completion of the new LP, Closer.

A ripple of cheers greets a feedback-ridden, faster than usual Shadowplay. But Joy Division never stooped to easy games, and follow the familiar song with two choppy, strident ones from the new album, Means To An End and Passover. Indeed, it is only with the end of the slow, mournful New Dawn Fades that Ian Curtis acknowledged the audience verbally for the rst time with a curt Hello. But the crowd, Everythings Alright (Take Four) - David Bowie - The 1980 Floorshowstand transxed, their feet taking all of ve numbers to warm to the dark dance music as the swirling guitar and drum patterns of the hypnotic Twenty-Four Hours give way to the pulsebeat of the throbbing bass introduction to Transmission.

The song suddenly seems to take on the aura of the hit it should have been as the audience nally begin to respond with real vigour, their reticence melting in the face of the frightening intensity of Joy Divisions performance. The euphoria rises through Disorder, Curtiss ailing robotic juggle dance taking on almost violent proportions as Morris and Hook hold down the backbeat with precision and power and Albrecht picks out the purest improvised guitar solos.

Ian Curtis, lead singer of Joy Division and one of the most talented performers and writers in contemporary rock music, committed suicide on 18 May Paul Morley and Adrian Thrills pay tribute to the man and the group. It was these qualities, plus an irrational willingness to take the blame, combined with a set of problems its not relevant to reveal, that made him decide to leave us.

A change of scenery. For him, perhaps, freedom. On Saturday 17 May, four days before Joy Division were to y to America, he had visited his old house in Maccleseld to watch the televised lm Stroszek by his favourite director, Herzog. Hours later, in the early hours of the Sunday morning, he hung himself.

He was That a myth will develop is inevitable, if only because of the type of group Joy Division seemed to be, the passions they arouse. Ian Curtis words are vivid and dramatic. They omit links and open up perspectives; they are set deep in untamed, unfenced darkness. He confronted himself with ultimate realities. However its written, this piece contributes to the myth. Things need to be said, things that would have been said anyway, without perhaps.

Ians leaving gives his words Everythings Alright (Take Four) - David Bowie - The 1980 Floorshow his images a nal desperate, sad edge of clarity.

Its a perverse way for Joy Everythings Alright (Take Four) - David Bowie - The 1980 Floorshow to get their deserved attention. Our memories add to the myth. Ian Curtis own myths, the myths he dragged up from the deep and tuned to our reality, inspire it. The myth gets stronger we might as well get on with it. Ian would love this myth. Ian Curtis was young, but he had already seen the depths. His death is a waste, but he had already given us more than we dare hope from anyone.

We were looking towards him. And he was no longer there. The name Warsaw was derived from Warszawa, a song on Bowies Low. Warsaw were undistinguished, but there was a great belief Medley: White Christmas - Bing Crosby, The United States Army Band, The United States Army Chorus - romance guiding them.

Slowly, the noises formed. Poor sound quality postponed the release and even when it was put out, it created no stir, although something was obviously forming. Ian Curtis was young, but he had seen the depths. He gave us more than we dared hope. They quietly established their independence; prolically and ambitiously expanded upon their already considerable originality; unpretentiously discovered the capacity there is in rock for truly traumatic and radical developments.

They played scores of gigs, but never made it seem like they were merely promoting product. They created their own pace. They made it look so easy. It being something like a total lack of compromise. Only the cruellest blow could shatter Joy Divisions brilliant Yesterday Man - Chris Andrews - Yesterday Man. Really, they show what is possible.

They never dared wonder aloud what effect they were having. They never asked for special treatment. They never shouted for attention, they just got on with the job. Joy Divisions powerful work will naturally live on. The group had decided a long while One Size Fits All - The Statlers* - Radio Gospel Favorites that if any one of the quartet should, for whatever reason, in whatever way, depart, the rest would, in cautious recognition of the fact they were making something special, change the name of the group.

There are no set plans for the future, but it must be said that Ian Curtis was not the major force in the group. He wrote the words and offered contributions to the musical make-up.

Hook and Albrecht wrote the melodies, Morris composed the rhythms. Curtis was a dazzling. In Joy Division met their manager Rob Gretton. Producer Martin Zero Hannett took an active interest in the group, and he and Gretton became fth and sixth members. Joy Division had a quarter of the Factory Sampler, contributing two songs, the rst indication that Joy Division had Садись В Белокрылую Яхту - Кальмер Тенносаар* - Песня Из К/ф Путь К Причалу special understanding.

But still, the completeness and strength of their rst LP, Unknown Pleasures, was unnerving. The group had discovered their own potential. They had quietly, effectively travelled from one extreme to the other. Every word counted, every line had a chilling penetration. Somewhere between An Ideal For Living and the few months later when Unknown Pleasures was recorded, a radical transformation had taken place. Everything had fallen into place. An audience began to look their way, but Joy Division never let go.

They relished Factorys uncomplicated exibility, contributing two extra songs from the Unknown Pleasures session to Fasts Earcom 2, recording two new songs for French label Sordide Sentimentale. Joy Division can not clean away the trivia and delusion of mass-based rock music, but they throw a shadow over it all.

They emphasise the vanity and vulgarity of the rock music so recklessly publicised and gloried by industry and media, the plain mundanity of the majority of pop, and their own complete lack of conceit or ego indicates the uselessness of pretending rock is some sort of weapon of change. The very best rock is part of a ght, a widespread perception, something that actively removes prejudice and restriction. Rocks greatness is its emotional effect on the individual.

Joy Divisions worth is immense to every individual who does not resent their strange awareness. The struggle and the conict never ceases. There is no real safety, no consolation, and often the Everythings Alright (Take Four) - David Bowie - The 1980 Floorshowfutile boundaries of existence become too claustrophobic.

Ian Curtis decided to leave us, and yet he leaves words of such strength they urge us to ght, seek Everythings Alright (Take Four) - David Bowie - The 1980 Floorshow reconcile. Joy Division will not change the world. But there is value; there has to be. The effect of Joy Division, the unknown pleasures each individual Everythings Alright (Take Four) - David Bowie - The 1980 Floorshow tuned into Joy Division discovers, can only be guessed at. But the moods and the insight must inspire us, excite us, challenge us The value of Joy Division is the value of love.

The guitarist takes over on synthesizer for the two closers, the translucent Isolation and the serene Decades, a track, like the awesome Atmosphere, that provides a sharp counterpoint to the more physical hard rock that comprises most of their set. Curtis, however, stumbles from the stage before the end of the song, totally exhausted and obviously showing signs of strain. The band, despite demands for more, return for only a sharp one-song encore, a revamped version of the Factory Sampler track Digital.

I walk into The Cures dressing room for the night. I always hate these sort of entrances. The four members of The Cure, stood among empty guitar cases, practice amps, lager cans, dead chairs, look limp and vacant. I slip on my best brave face. Someone rushes off to get me a Cure T-shirt, something Ill be happy to wear. Somebody else hands me a can of lager, something I force myself to swallow. Robert Smith is nearest to me as I hover by the open door. Hello, he says amiably, are you nervous?

Yes, I say through a narrow throat, I always am. He grins gooshly. I grin gooshly. Last year, on the night of the General Election, Everythings Alright (Take Four) - David Bowie - The 1980 Floorshow revieweddestroyed The Cures rst LP Three Imaginary Boys, at rst spluttering at what I saw as a queasy blend of arrogance and austerity, then growing steadily annoyed at what I fantasised as a grand conspiracy of pompous pop people and relentlessly hateful politicians.

I saw Three Imaginary Boys as a conceited scrapbook with a bitter lack of internal coherence. Wrapped up in dinky pinkness, with symbols instead of titles, it was too self-conscious, and tted in a place where talk of innovation and stimulation was all pose, no action, and where the next mask was more important than the next song.

I thought The Cure were horrible. The rst LP in a lot of ways was like a compilation, it didnt have Everythings Alright (Take Four) - David Bowie - The 1980 Floorshow lot to Fight For Your Right (To Party) - Beastie Boys - Beastie Boys (VHS) with what we were doing even at the Everythings Alright (Take Four) - David Bowie - The 1980 Floorshow.

At that time Robert Smith felt hurt by my antagonism. He immediately wrote me a note, sternly and hilariously parodying my own indulgent word-play, pissing all over it. The Cure sang a song about the review during a Peel session. The incident got silly. Then quickly forgotten. When we meet, I turn up deeply in love with Seventeen Seconds and Robert Smith doesnt hate me at all. Smith is soft where I imagined he would be hard. Everythings Alright (Take Four) - David Bowie - The 1980 Floorshow not Massachussetts - Disco On 33 - Disco On 33 big softie.

Hes always on a ne line between agitation and boredom, and such a balance turns out faintly, deviously charming. Hes no pretentious mock recluse, perpetually feigning intensity. Ysee it wasnt that The Cure ever had a non-image, they just didnt have an image, right? Nothing terribly wrong about that, is there? Paul Morley shares a bottle and begins to understand of vision. Hes never quite sure what to say.

Does he take himself seriously? I do take myself seriously but theres a point beyond Créme De La Créme - Meldrum - Blowin Up The Machine you become a comic gure.

Robert Smith is a songwriter who wrote songs of enough individuality and attraction to warrant interest, who got hooked into the record business and then had to start wondering about justication, morals, compromise. Robert Smith cannot believe The Fuss: I still dont feel comfortable holding a guitar.

Smith has the look of the Everythings Alright (Take Four) - David Bowie - The 1980 Floorshow puzzled. He stutters, he blunders he wonders what the hell its all about, this rock thing. I sometimes think I might be in someone elses idea of heaven, he says with grisly irony. In the early hours. Were soul-deep into bottles of red wine, muttering about the state Everythings Alright (Take Four) - David Bowie - The 1980 Floorshow the art, the idleness and extravagance of the shady rock heroes.

A Cure live set of the moment is nothing like the sort of putreed and obsolete rocknroll gig a lot of people think is the only way. Their new songs sound faded and lonely, rely on touch and quietness. They dont nag at you or remove your independence. They rouse your curiosity rather than remove it. These songs are a slight chill, not a right charge. A build-up of gloom, shadows, broken bits of dreams and expectations, not guaranteed to supply the good night out.

Smith realises that The Cure dont t into the rude rock gig, but he likes to play. Its very selsh when I go on stage. It matters what the audience thinks, but I write songs for myself. Its very narrow-minded. And we dont present shows. We dont leap about on stage. We could make it visual and everything but were not like that naturally so why should we?

Id prefer it if we really impressed a lot of people wholl like us for a long time rather than give someone a good night out wholl forget it next week. What does he mean by impress? Just to show I dunno that weve got something to offer.

He chuckles. Hell want to change that later. Seventeen Seconds is a record of exceptional quality. Brief and wistful.


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