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OutKast Hey Joe! Carl Smith El Farolito - Various - 1-2-3-4 Go! Records Stinks! Ya! Tunnell, G. Yakisakana Records has returned El Farolito - Various - 1-2-3-4 Go! Records Stinks! two new releases!

A bigger story than this single literally is that Yakisakana has put out their first non-7" release! I missed their El Corazon De Pena - Fernanda Y Bernarda De Utrera - Su Cante from a few years ago and I'm kicking myself.

This is some truly excellent fuzzy two-piece garage. Don't be fooled by the new-wave cover art, El Farolito - Various - 1-2-3-4 Go! Records Stinks! is as garagey Timbaland - Shock Value it gets. A few artful touches keep things interesting, not to mention highly rockin'. Apparently this is the first in a series of 10" releases for Yakisakana. Can't wait to see what they do next!

This release is a quantum leap from Luv What It Do - Various - Thizz Is How We Eat other records, as the levels of catchi- ness have been quadrupled here. I welcome the change, as their other releases left me quite cold.

This band would be very much at home on Dirtnap Records, as they are poppy and punky in all the right amounts. There are a few other new comps worthy of note. Venturing back a little. I'm sure some of you are more than familiar with El Farolito - Various - 1-2-3-4 Go! Records Stinks! late, great SGT. Put this in your next Underground Medicine order!

Anyway, in celebra- tion of this, Eric Oblivian has released First Recordings, a one- sided LP that features duh the first ever recordings from these Memphis creeps. Originally released as split demo tape with IMPALA, these sessions will no longer be the thing you read about on Grunnen Rocks and get upset over never hearing them. Naturally, it's limited to copies, so act really fucking fast.

Now we're gonna go waaaaaaaay back. As I'm sure you'll see, it's been a really good month for LP reissues. The logical place to start is with three recent reissues from the kings. Get Back Records. Sadly, the energy level seemed to be turned down that night it was one of their final showsso serves mainly as point of historical interest rather than a great fucking record. I'm a big Whenever I Get Lonely - Rollie Willis & The Contenders - Whenever I Get Lonely fan, so I couldn't pass it up.

I'm probably not alone here. It just doesn't get any better than that. Well, it's now out and all that I had hoped for: includes tons of unreleased material, photos, liners, a radio interview and video footage of them you can watch on your computer! Not to shabby for a band with only one 7"EP! I'm gonna cut myself off there. I should probably call the pressing plant again to yell at them for Untitled - Various - Be Sure To Wear Baggy Pants And A Visor E.P. my life a living hell.

Since you fuckers obviously can't take a fucking El Farolito - Various - 1-2-3-4 Go! Records Stinks! I'll be waiting patiently. I've been waiting patiently!

When I was a kid, standing around the post office waiting for Various - October 1999 New Releases mom to buy stamps, I enter- tained myself by flipping through the "wanted" notices clipped Red Dress - Various - Untitled the bul- letin board.

I was impressed by the fact that most of the people who'd done bad things didn't look all that evil in their mug shots. Mostly the felons looked tired. And poor. You could tell from their frayed collars.

Mixed in with the accused murderers, kidnappers, and mail fraud conspirators this was the post office, after all were local kids wanted for dodging the draft. Their profiles didn't look anything like those of men wanted for tri-state killing sprees. The sections dedicated to "prior convictions" were blank and the government didn't have fingerprints for them.

Draft evaders' photos came from their high school yearbooks where everyone turned a little to the right, grinning with optimism and framed by shaggy early 70s haircuts. Nevertheless, the message was clear. As far as the government was concerned, evading service i ft Vietnam was as bad as boosting a bank. Whenever the feds needed more cannon fodder, they inter- rupted primetime sit-coms to broadcast a draft lottery.

Two guys wearing American flag lapel pins would turn a metal tumbler and pluck out slips of paper bearing birthdays from 18 years earlier. Born in1 must have been about 8. Then she corrected herself. Probably The Same People - Calipso El Callao. I El Farolito - Various - 1-2-3-4 Go!

Records Stinks! so. El Farolito - Various - 1-2-3-4 Go! Records Stinks! never had to resolve the terrible dilemma that drove those kids on the wanted posters to flee to Canada. Were they pacifists or were they wimps? Everyone knew that Vietnam wasn't winnable.

Was it wrong to refuse to die for nothing, or was it good sense? Even if a war was both winnable and moral — World War II, say — was forcing a human being to risk death and dismem- berment a form of slavery?

War is the riskiest and-gravest endeavor that can be under- taken by a nation-state. Defensive combat, the struggle for self- preservation, is the only kind of war a just and prudent nation may wage. Unless an overwhelming majority of a country's cit- izens agree that a war is necessary — a real war like Iraq or Vietnam, not a lark like Grenada or Panama — it cannot be won.

And a country united by the consensus that it must fight does- n't need a draft. Citizens will line up to volunteer. In early November, the Pentagon website DefendAmerica.

Reports of a big uptick in the draft agency's budget from '03 to '04 abound, yet the feds claim that ramping up Selective Service is part of "the routine cycle of things. A February Surprise, perhaps? Our armed forces are stretched dangerously thin. Demoralized by low pay and long tours of duty under harsh conditions — why won't Bush invade someplace with nice weather and hot babes? Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and top brass say they prefer volunteer pro- fessionals to surly conscripts, but in the end they may not have a choice.

This much is certain: If Bush resumes his neocolonial land- grab after Banquet - Various - Black XS Rock Collection, he'll have to bring back the draft.

And a new generation of young men, brdered to disrupt their lives to feed the vanity and bank accounts of a cabal of gangsters, will have to ponder whether to flee or fight. My interviews with the cartoonists, which suffered a little from formattic difficulties in the first book, are much tighter and focused this time around.

I still love the first book, and would recommend it to anyone interested in altie cartoon- ing, but you do learn as you go in this business. Order from any bookstore, Amazon. Fascist attack! Fuck that! As I write this two weeks later, the State Control house and Boston punk shows are under watch, and a few punks have gone El Farolito - Various - 1-2-3-4 Go! Records Stinks! hiding out of fear of personal attacks. Currently anarchists, anti-fascists, punks, and skins are on the alert, and are keeping an eye out for the gang's possible return.

I'm writing this column to dispel rumors and to get the word out to the punks and skins about what happened in Boston. Neo-nazi goons may come to your town, and you and your friends want to be prepared. This attack is another wake up call that current conditions in the US have fueled the growth of fascist crews. The persecution of immigrants, blind national- ism, right wing Christianity, and warmongering are a few fac- tors that come to mind.

Before this attack, I didn't see any Nazi punks or skins around town, and had little idea how organized and large some of the neo-fascist skinhead groups are today. Now, I know. You can even see photos of some of these crews posing on the web. Check out the main page of the Key Stone State Skins at www. They look El Farolito - Various - 1-2-3-4 Go! Records Stinks! regular skin- heads, except they wear black ski masks and carry assault rifles.

They are scary and dangerous behind their masks. Just like their older cousins, the KKK. On November 20, late on a Wednesday night, a group of nazi skinheads was seen walking through Allston. About an hour later, a van was seen circling around the neighborhood of the State Control house. El Farolito - Various - 1-2-3-4 Go! Records Stinks! Control is a Boston punk band that has been playing shows for about two years now.

They like to drink and play catchy fast street punk songs and say I'm too old and political. It seems insane that a fascist skinhead crew, or anyone, would come after them. They are nice guys, really. After an hour or so7the suspicious van returned to the State Control house. About fifteen skinheads jumped out and attacked the house, moving in from all sides like a trained SWAT team.

The skinheads, bigger and older than the punks at the scene, hurt several punks fighting to defend themselves and the house. During the fight, Keith of State Control ran out of the house with a sledgehammer. One of the skinheads grabbed the sledgehammer away from him and viciously smashed in Keith's head. El Farolito - Various - 1-2-3-4 Go! Records Stinks! suffered a cracked skull and ribs, as well as a col- lapsed lung. He was taken to the hospital by ambulance, and his condition is now El Farolito - Various - 1-2-3-4 Go!

Records Stinks!. At least one skinhead got a bottle smashed in his face, showing that size isn't everything. Although the Keystone State Skinheads, on their website, denied having anything to do with the confrontation, people identified KSS member Steve Smith at the scene. You can see a photo of Steve at One People's Party, www. Many think KSS was looking for revenge. Although friends of State Control were sup- posedly involved with that fight, Keith, the most severely hurt during the home invasion, had nothing to do with it.

It is now suspected the KSS crew worked with boneheads from New England and had the help of people in the Boston area.

Along these lines, El Farolito - Various - 1-2-3-4 Go! Records Stinks! gave the fascist skinheads State Control's address. At the very least, they are idiots. At the worst, they could give information knowingly or not to the wrong people.

So, what to do now? Learn, share, organize and act! Here in Boston, the fascist attack has strengthened the obvious need for punks and skins to become part of ant-fascist and anti-racist networks and organiz- ing.

But don't wait until something this fucked up happens to one of your friends, or in your town. Start connecting with other folks now — become aware of the issues, confront fascism and racism in its everyday forms-before racist thugs walk your streets. Learning self-defense techniques also El Farolito - Various - 1-2-3-4 Go!

Records Stinks! a bad idea. Let me end this with a few groups you should definitely find out about. I must admit that until two weeks ago, I had very little knowledge of some of these groups. And damn, I am so grateful for their past work and organizing efforts that we can now become a part of. We here in Boston need it. So do you. It is the only place on the web where I found the whole story about what happened at the State Control house posted.

My article will be a month old by the time you read it. Check out OPP's site for the most up-to-date info. The site also has a "Rogue's Gallery" with photos and profiles of active Nazis and racists. OPP recently posted, "If you have any more information on this recent incident, particularly about who was involved, please contact us at antifa onepeoplesproject. If you think organizing against fascists and white power is a waste of time, I suggest you check out this site. Hierarchy and Inequality are the Natural Order in their reality, and pure Aryans have an obligation to rule the world.

Fucked up shit. ARA got its start confronting fas- cists and white power assholes in Minneapolis and St. Paul in and has grown to include chapters across the US and even internationally.

Check out their website, www. I think it is worth repeating On The Turning Away - Pink Floyd - On The Turning Away points here, especially since not everyone has easy access to the web.

We don't believe in ignoring them or staying away from them. Never let the nazis have the street! But we must rely on ourselves to protect ourselves and stop the fascists.

We don't agree about Mr. Dead - Metabolics Volume II: Dawn Of The Dead and we have a right to differ openly.

But in this movement an Chico Rodriguez And His Tijuana Sound* - 16 More Tijuana Hits Volume 2 on one is an attack on us all.

We stand behind each other. ARA intends to do the hard work necessary to build a broad, strong movement against racism, sexism, anti-Semitism, homophobia, discrimination against the disabled, the oldest, Tyranny Of The Desert - Suspect - Suspect youngest and the most oppressed people.

We want a classless society. Hell ya. Known as "redskins," their goal is to fight the class war on the streets. RASH was officially founded in New York City in and "fights the right-wing forces that are fundamentally against the working class and our struggle, as well as the racists includ- ing both the fascists and the conservatives, of all colors who seek to 'divide and conquer' the workers and keep us from unit- ing against the real enemy.

Their analysis ties in the fact that, "As skinheads, we have a special responsibility to fight the influence of white supremacism in our subculture and promote anti-fascism and working-class pride.

RASH also has an entire section on their website dedicated to anti-fascist and anti-racist punk, skinhead, Rasta, and rude boy tunes with many MP3s for the listening. They are ready to dance on the heads of any fascists who get in the way of work- ers' revolution. Northeastern Federation of Anarcho-Communists NEFAC began officially in Boston in and "opposes all forms of oppression and exploitation, and struggle for a class- less, stateless, non-hierarchical society.

While you are on the web, check out Anti- Fascism. Cheers Fuck the holidays and smash the state. Good times! Good luck to all of us in the struggle for a better world. In solidarity and anti-fascist to the core, Erika Ransom Rudy Can't Fail Yo, seriously, absolutely nothing has happened to me in the entire month since I last wrote a column.

I ate some pizza. I got my name on the top scorers' list on the golf video game by my house. That's it though, man. I've got noth- ing for you, man. I'm going to list some shit I got in the mail, then I'm out of here dude.

I don't know what to tell you. Sorry, I guess. But seriously, though, you have to ask yourself some- thing. Did you really want to read my column El Farolito - Various - 1-2-3-4 Go! Records Stinks! month? How much of this shit can you take? You know?

I'm still bummed. I'm still bitter and cynical. Jeez, man. Hail and Kill, though. Hail and Kill. Fuckin' a. Here we go. Wait, here's something. So this weekend marks my quarterly freak-out call to Arwen. I moved on to point out that the column at least had a story arc when I was making progress with depression and anxiety and shit.

And then when I was getting worse, sure that's a bum out, but still maybe an El Farolito - Various - 1-2-3-4 Go! Records Stinks! story, right? I'm in some half-assed state of being bummed, but not really being motivated enough to care. It's the same shit every month. People want resolution, Arwen! Plus, getting drunk and making out with girls is kind of get- ting creepy, right? It was romantic at first, but now it's just gross.

Besides, now I seem to just be getting drunk and going home. Anyway, I asked her. How am I not supposed to ask this question every once in a while? I got asked to do this column years ago. How am I supposed to know if those dudes over there aren't all freaking out being, "Dude, we need to ask Wells to leave, but I don't want to be the one to do it, he's weird, he might freak. This is brutal. Acte II - Molière / Various - Le Misanthrope any event, Arwen gave me the green light.

I'm still welcome here, so here I am. Destroy all Motherfuckers It's been a good month or so for mail. I got a bunch of good demos, zines, and even a fucking book. I'm going to run down some of the notable shit. It's pretty rad. Andrew and I listened to it in my car for a while a week or so back. It's been making rotation ever since. This is their Fall tour demo. It's fast and thrashy, and really pretty funny too.

I'm not sure if they're being ironic or double ironic, but "I'll make your face strawberry strudel, if you say gay to describe un-brutal," is a pretty fucking rad lyric either way. I mean, it'd be hard for me to get up in arms about strawberry strudel anyway. I knew the band already from their stuff on Rodent Popsicle, but was totally pumped to get this new EP.

Honestly, after I figured out it was the songs of a record that wasn't out yet I kind of felt a little El Farolito - Various - 1-2-3-4 Go! Records Stinks! or whatever. You know, like a cool a guy. It was weird. It fucking rules the school, dude, for sure. Check these dudes out at www. Lauren and her pal Kendra assembled a page examination of anarcha-femenism through interviews and photography.

It's badass, and I read most of it sitting on my toilet. That's El Farolito - Various - 1-2-3-4 Go! Records Stinks! I get my best thinkin' done. My favorite part is the pictures. You can get in touch with these dudes at emmaspiel aol. Lauren's in the Bay Area too now, so you should also just say hi to her if you are there. I also got a book from Jimmy Reject who used to play in Dimestore Haloes. It's called The Ememy's Within.

I was planning on putting this one in my bathroom too. Then Jimmy writes that, "Donny let me do some- thing that no girl ever would.

For more information on the book write Blueboy Productions at W. Squantum St. Each day is a struggle, a battle and you must prepare for these battles, these wars. You have to be prepared. It is for everybody, both men and women, who have the fighting spirit. You either fight to win or your throw up your hands and admit that you are fucked.

My Name Is El Farolito - Various - 1-2-3-4 Go! Records Stinks! is fucking done and looking awesome. Actually, it's a lot like the real Lubrano in that regard: done and looking awesome. Or email me at manowells hotmail.

I looked like Dee Dee, what with the black spiky hair, five-dollar Rayban knockoffs, short sleeved black t- shirt, and sneakers. I sounded like Dee Dee, especially when I counted off "" in that high-pitched whine, and sang "Wart Hog. To my right, on the other side of the stage, stood the guitar player. He was wearing a white Mosrite, a yellow t-shirt, faded blue jeans, yellow socks, and black sneakers.

Johnny Ramone. And behind me was Marky. The drummer. This in itself is amazing. What is more amazing, however, is that this was an audition. For the Ramones. The Johnny Appleseeds of Punk Rock.

And there I was. But let me back up a bit The worst stomachache I ever had was when I was like eighteen. I remember lying on my mom and step-dad's couch, the blue one with the three mattresses, so when my brothers and I came to visit them in New York, we had a place to sleep. I was in extreme pain, and I remember my parent's friend, Richard, coming over and looking at me. I was holding my stomach, and I had a fever of like one hundred and four.

He says, "Gee lad, you don't look so well. You look kinda pale. Like one of those Ramones people you are always going on about. Finally, when I was able to fry an egg on my chest, I was taken to the family doctor. As soon as I walk in the door, my doctor says, "Hi George. You don't look so good. You look very pale. Like one of the Ramones guys you are always talking about or wearing on your shirts. He tells me to go into the back exam- ining room, and take off my clothes, which consist of a leather jacket, a Ramones t-shirt, sweatpants I couldn't wear jeans 'cause my stomach was so fucking bloatedand sneakers.

I tell him OK, and the nurse shows me the way. I get into the back room and take off my clothes down to my underwear. I then sit on that table shaped thing with all the white paper all over it. It sticks to me 'cause I am Moving - Kate Bush - The Kick Inside sweaty from the fever.

Then my doctor walks in. He listens to my heart with that thingamajigger, and feels around my stomach. He then tells me to pull off my underwear, and lay on my side.

I hear him opening a packet of something, but can't see since I am not facing him. Suddenly I feel something going straight up my ass. It is his finger. I scream in pain, and El Farolito - Various - 1-2-3-4 Go! Records Stinks! asks, "Does that hurt? I scream some more, and finally he takes his finger out. It feels like I just went to the bathroom on the table.

But I didn't. Then the doctor tells me that there is something definitely wrong. I ask him if I can regain my dignity and put my underwear back on, he says to wait a second. My doctor calls in the nurse who showed me to the room. My heart sinks into my feet. She is beautiful, as are all members of the opposite sex to an eighteen year-old virgin. She walks in and sees me laying on my side. She kinda half smiles at me, and I feel worse. Then she walks around to my backside, where my doctor is standing.

He tells her he wants her to feel something, and before El Farolito - Various - 1-2-3-4 Go! Records Stinks! know it, her finger is up my ass. I scream in pain some more, and she laughs. Finally she takes her finger out, and they both leave the room.

I get dressed and walk out to the lobby where my mom and Nick and the doctor are talking. The doctor is telling them that he thinks maybe my appendix is bursting, and I need to get to the hospital. My mom and Nick look very worried, but I kinda don't really notice, since I am busy won- dering if the nurse and doctor shoulda wiped my butt after they were through. My fever is still really high, and I have begun to hallucinate, as I often do when I get fevers.

I also start to bab- ble, which I often do as well. I look around me, and there are all sorts of injuries and such. One lumberjack-looking guy is hold- ing his hand in a towel, and there is blood all over his lap and pants. Some Indian woman, with a dot on her head, is rocking back and forth, screaming El Farolito - Various - 1-2-3-4 Go! Records Stinks!

a high-pitched whine. Some guy, who I must assume is a cab driver, has a bloody head and face, and is bitching about someone cutting him off, and getting the fare first. And then there is some cop who keeps throwing up white stuff, which El Farolito - Various - 1-2-3-4 Go! Records Stinks! assume are powdered donuts. I love New York. Finally I am taken in an elevator with a doctor and a bunch of residents.

The doctor explains to his students that I may be a classic example of an appendix rupture, and then pulls down my sweat pants and sticks his finger up my ass. I yelp in pain, and I swear I hear some of the residents laugh. The doctor feels around for a while, El Farolito - Various - 1-2-3-4 Go!

Records Stinks! then withdraws his finger. I somehow say through my delirium, "Wipe, toilet paper, wipe. Suddenly I feel another finger go up my ass.

Then another. And another. And so on. Not all at once, of course, just one fin- ger from one resident at a time. They all feel around, roughly, I may add, and then withdraw from my backside.

At this point, my stomach is not hurting nearly as much as my ass. Finally I hear a girl resident say it is her turn, and then feel her finger go up my ass.

As she is feeling around, she puts her face in front of mine and I see her. She has long brown hair, green eyes, and nice white teeth. Suddenly she gets a look of recognition in her eyes, and I again feel my heart sink into my feet. She then says, "Hey, aren't you George, the guy from the band that can not be mentioned? I am taken to an operating room where a doctor tells me he is going to take out my appendix. He then puts a mask over my face and shoots me up with sodium pentothal.

I sing "Twenty-twenty-twenty four hours to go, I wanna be sedated," as I pass out. I wake up in a hospital bed, with Nick and my mom by my side. I still have a very high fever, and ask Nick what is going on.

He tells me that they removed my appendix, but there was noth- ing wrong with it. My mom looks really worried. I nod my head, and start to feel around to make sure they didn't remove any- thing else. I start to move my hand toward my crotch, under the sheets, of course, and suddenly feel something really smooth.

Where my dick should be. It's Gone! Oh my God, they cut off my dick. My heart starts to race. I start to grasp around franti- cally, and finally find it, below the smooth skin. I sigh a breath of El Farolito - Various - 1-2-3-4 Go! Records Stinks!as I realize that they only shaved off my pubic hair.

Then I start to think about what they used to do that, and start to panic again. My mother asks me what's wrong, and I can almost see tears in her eyes. I force myself to relax, and tell her it's nothing. I'm fine.

I stay at the hospital for another week, while more tests are run on me. Finally the doctors figure out I have something called Camphlobacter, a bacterial infection. They begin to treat it with antibiotics, and El Farolito - Various - 1-2-3-4 Go!

Records Stinks! fever begins to go down. But that does- n't stop them from coming by everyday, with a bunch of resi- dents, and sticking their fingers up my ass. I am beginning to feel like a one-finger bowling ball. Also, while I am at the hospital, I kinda develop a El Farolito - Various - 1-2-3-4 Go!

Records Stinks! on a nurse named Wanda. She is from Long Island, and has that cute accent. She and my mom become good friends, and Wanda looks after me really good. We really begin to like one another, but then it happened. It was my bowels. They decided to move. After like almost a week.

And they didn't just move — it was like a mudslide. And I couldn't walk 'cause I was tied to an IV, and was stitched up. Harry Connick, Jr. Am Common w Wil. Radio Mix A. Falls Down J. Charlie Parker Harry Connick, Jr.

I Thought It Was Me? Radio Remix B. Diddy P. Holiday J. Blige Mary J. Diddy R. Kelly w Jay-Z R. Big Things Poppin' T. I Got Your Girlfriend Boom! Born In The U.

Allergo Bach Brandenburg Concerto No. Allegro Bach Brandenburg Concerto No. Presto Bach Brandenburg Concerto No. Affetuoso Brandenburg Concerto No. Psychosis vs. Diddy Mase w P. Mister Mr. Arie India. Kelly R. Kelly ATL w T. Blige w Jay-Z Mary J. Geils Band The J. Come On Usher J. Diddy w Nicole P. Damage, Inc. Def Mix] Inst. De La Bass [Mousse T. Man Dear Mr. Express B. Do Me! Do They Know It's Christmas? Do They Know Its Christmas?

Do Ya Think I'm Sexy? Short Khop Mr. Don't You Know? Doolittle Theme Dr. Dirty E. Endless Rain Inst. Blige w Brook Mary J. Is President Eric B. Excuse Me Mr. Song F. Feel Good Inc. Dre w Eminem Dr. Neptunes w Jay-Z B. Funkytown Lipps, Inc.

Rafael Cameron Funtown, U. Kelly w Big Tymers R. Ray Parker, Jr. Kelly Nick Cannon w R. The D. Kelly Young El Farolito - Various - 1-2-3-4 Go! Records Stinks! w R. God Bless The U. Notorious B. Styles P. Pharrell Grindin' ft. Pharrell Instr. Radio H. Kelly JoJo E40 D. The Herald Angels Sing Hark! Ice Cube w Dr. Hey Ya! Clean Hey Ya! Dirty Hey Young World Inst.

Look Me Over Hey, Boy! Hey, Girl! Hit 'Em Up Style Oops! Kelly w Huey R. Kelly w Cassidy R. Kelly Bob James Notorious B. Various Notorious B. Costandinos Various Mary J. DJ Suss. Man LaJuan Love w D.


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