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Email address. Submit question. Related Products Exclusive. The Vocal Collection Vol The Vocal Collection Vol 9. The Vocal Collection Vol 8.

Dance Controlla 2. Classic Trance Vol 6. Electronic Dance Music Super Pack. Dance To Abducted By Aliens - Apophallation - Untitled. Dance To Trance Vol 3. Dance Controlla. The Dance Vocals Mega Bundle. Dance To Trance Vol 2. Eclectic Dance for Sylenth. Four of the five tracks can also be found on the 'Zainabu' cassette but in their original side A and B versions.

The first song is definitely my favorite from the album but all of them are very nice. KIFO 8. BINTI 9. ZAINA The beat pounds on while the harmonious vocals of John and the group swirl around the tinkling guitars and horns. Stunning 14 track album which came to me re-recorded from an old cassette before I transfered it to CD-R for my own collection.

Just have a listen to the clips. A real throbber of a locally produced album featuring a mainly percussion backing to some very Dracula Pt. I - Orch. Les Mangelepa* - The African Stars Collection Vol 5 sounding local string and wind instruments. However the boys vocals are up front all the way through. Wieder Mal Nen Tag Verschenkt - Böhse Onkelz - Nette Menschen - Nette Lieder 2.

REGE 6. Originally entitled Dracula Pt. I - Orch. Les Mangelepa* - The African Stars Collection Vol 5 Stars' after a local soccer club and released in but due to the Club being pretty bloody useless I'm told the cassette nose dived through association! Anyway Laban has re-released it Dracula Pt. I - Orch. Les Mangelepa* - The African Stars Collection Vol 5 the same songs in a different order and with a new inlay card and title. Is it any good I hear you ask well if it isn't I'll Night Woman Blues - Dom Flemons - The American Songster my hat and yours and your friend's as well.

Its flamin brilliant, with guitars throbbing and tinkling soukous style all the way and a rock solid dance beat that becomes totally infectious, just try staying still!

As if that wasn't enough, the vocals of Laban and the band are pretty hot as well. I would like to buy your music,but as I was browsing thru I realized that you have made a comment about Harambee Stars our Kenyan national football team being pretty bloody useless to use your own words. I find this very insulting since I have been an ardent supporter of the Night Woman Blues - Dom Flemons - The American Songster thru thick and thin, like every sports franchise they have their ups and downs,bearing in mind that we do not come to England and insult your teams.

Bear in mind that this is Afrikan music that you are selling mostly to the people of Afrika. Kindly remove this statement from your posting. Whilst I knew nothing about the team, indeed I didn't even realise they were the National team, I was quite happy to trust and copy the write up given to me by my supplier in Kenya.

So Dracula Pt. I - Orch. Les Mangelepa* - The African Stars Collection Vol 5 email came as a bit of a surprise as you are the first person to draw my attention to it since it was first posted 12 years ago.

As the tournament started, many of the players were apparently unhappy with coach Gerry Saurer and decided to give a lacklusture performance in order to have the coach fired. Saurer was actually a hotelier masquerading as a football coach. Kenya did not qualify for the tournament again for 12 years. More fragrant Zairumba from the group with one of Kenya's sweetest sounds. The guitar picking is exquisite, the horns heavenly and the singing is simply out of this world.

What an album Dracula Pt. I - Orch. Les Mangelepa* - The African Stars Collection Vol 5 a guaranteed cracker. One of Kenya's best Zairumba bands which was formed back in and has since then been regularly topping the charts except when they got deported for a while in after making this album.

Led by Bwamy Walumona their beautifully played music and vocal harmonies are simply breath taking. The guitar playing is wonderful but it shares top of the bill with a tremendous horn line up that has layer upon layer of brass cascading in all directions.

Take a good listen to the title track to see this in all it's glory and while you're at it you'll hear the vocals in English - not roughly put together but masterfully fitted to the music - so suprised on hearing it that I nearly fell out of my seat and I was strapped in at the time! Recorded in Zimbabwe at Shed Studios obviously as a tribute to Mr Mugabe and has some cracking guitar play.

Just blows you away with its sparkling guitar, velvet harmonies and superb horns, what more could you ask for. Extra tracks like Pambana, Halleluya and Maboko Pamba. Safari Ya Mangelepa. Nganga-Kimetu and Ekubuku. The other two tracks on the album - Mangelepa Kamili and Sakina were released as part of the Golden Hits album.

Real magic from the group, twelve strong at this point, which was recorded live on a tour of Malawi back in Although the applause does sound a Dracula Pt. I - Orch. Les Mangelepa* - The African Stars Collection Vol 5 canned to my ears the music is just wonderful. Their super smooth vocals are enhanced by some wonderfully picked guitar to say nothing of the horns when they breeze in and blow you away. All you have to do to be at the concert is close your eyes and you will be in the best seats in the house.

Or at least you would be Trzy Zapałki - TSA - Live 98 you were not up and doing that hot carpet shuffle. Go, Go, Go. Great music from one of Kenya's most famous bands. Pure magic from way back in The Commandos have been one of Kenya's top bands since their beginning way back in - yes, - amazing.

Still led by Habel Kifoto and still playing that lovely cool guitar style with solid drums and sparkling horns. Side one is slow and relaxing and will definitely get you in the mood while side two will blow you away with its twinkling guitars, scorching horns and some real sweet vocals. Four great tracks from one of Kenya's most sought after and famous groups. The vocals are lovely and shine out over the bouncy rumba based music which starts out with a bit of 'get you in the mood' keyboard play while the guitars, sax and drums warm up to come in and provide the finishing touch to some wonderfully danceable guitar music.

Not to be missed at any price. The answer was yes, it was Gospel, however I wasn't prepared for the beautiful and infectiously joyous sounds that came off my little silver disc.

Mary, who has been blind from birth, has truly been blessed with an outstanding voice and with backing vocals and simple but superbly played music from her husband Alex, Abel Amoyi and John Katana they have combined to produce an absolutely heavenly album.

I'm not religious but I can't get the catchy sound of Ni Lazima out of my head. There is no F. Index as every track is simply just wonderful. The first two tracks - Essy and Atiesh come from Victoria and the rest from Migori. While most tracks are to be found on The Greatest Hits album these are in most cases from different recordings. An absolutely cracking set which makes you wonder why he is still almost unknown outside Kenya.

More great music from one of Kenya's best kept secrets. A somewhat mono sounding recording taken from old 7 inch singles with plenty of clicks and crackles. However just have a listen to that music and all will be forgiven. Track A7 is a repeat of A2 used as a filler and has been removed from my CDR copy from which the cleaned up sound clips have been taken.

Incredible album that shows why he Dracula Pt. I - Orch. Les Mangelepa* - The African Stars Collection Vol 5 still held in such high regard Dracula Pt.

I - Orch. Les Mangelepa* - The African Stars Collection Vol 5 Kenya. A beautiful album of sparkling benga guitar music from composer, singer and guitarist Ochieng with help from guitarists Samwel Oyoo on bass and Okeyo on rhythm, singer and drummer Peter Otieno and drummer Sam Kadogo.

Ochieng is still going strong at fifty with live performances at Kisumu's Kenyatta Sports Stadium every week. According to The Rough Guide to World Music - Not much is known about the late Oguta Bobo Otange but that he's a compelling accordion player from among the Luo of western Kenya and his music covered the gamut of topics from serious social commentary to the lighter side of love.

I can't add much to that except that I found Oguta's attractive rather gutsy vocals extremely intriguing when backed by the mixed rhythmic metallic and leather percussion and his simple but precise accordion play. While its no dance floor stomper it certainly is a pleasantly infectious sound. Dracula Pt. I - Orch. Les Mangelepa* - The African Stars Collection Vol 5 listen to him steaming through Julias Ouma, now that's what I call style.

The late Oguta Bobo on CD format with more original recordings crackles and all. The sleeve notes refer to - The use of humour as a tool to deliver subtle but serious messages, or just to make light of otherwise untouchable topics were his hallmark. When Oguta talks of a half-blind person coming across a currency bill along the way and wondering how much better those with full vision must have done, all that can be done is laugh it off. While you can't understand the humour unless you speak Luo you can definiteley appreciate the laid back style of Oguta's gravelley vocals and his wonderful accordion playing set to a beautifully primitive percussion backing.

Great stuff. This album contains amongst others their hit tracks Paulina and Pamela. Its crystal clear with lovely guitaring and infectious singing and simply friggin brilliant throughout. Absolute magic miss it at your peril. It seems Jim was still with Boma Liwanza in when he wrote one of their big hits, "Milimani". However, around the same time he also started performing with George Kalombo Mwanza's new band Viva Makale and that's where he sang with a Zairean artist who had just returned from Tanzania, Moreno Batambo.

Soon after, the two started a new band, Shika Shikabut unfortunately, Moreno wanted to be his own boss, so he moved within a year to form Moja One.

I believe Orch. They quote the lyrics often, and reprise it musically in both "Massa" and "Ma-Sofia. He has most songwriting credits. Monimambo is a surname in Angola; it is also the name of a pan-Kongo trickster spirit! Jimmy was born in Kinshasa of Angolan parents.

Many Angolans migrated to the Congo basin in search of work. Sam Mangwana also had Angolan roots. Cavacha was formed by Dona Mobeti tenor voice and Mopero baritone. Siama's first composition for them was called "Bomoto mabasi. Finally Franco intervened and told Mopero to get a new name. Vicky Shama Shama was Mopero's girlfriend so he chose that as the name of the band and it's also a song title by Cavacha de Mopero. Mopero died in west Africa invery sad. Shama Shama band got divided just before the Uganda trip; Mopero got new musicians and went to Uganda and then the band broke up again -- that's why KoKo Zigo convinced me to fly to Uganda and form Kombe Kombe in with Koko Zigo as the singer.

He quit school in to join Orchestre Maquis Sasa Bata. He told me a story of Veve in Uganda they were wildly popularand a club owner who later went to Kinshasa and poached some Veve musicians, to perform in Kampala. Bana Ngenge was the group Niun Mi Tema - Various - The Tenor Lirico Spinto - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack emerged from this undertaking.

Peter Toll adds: the formation which arrived in Kampala in was fronted by singers Djodjo Ikomo and Fataki Lokassa, both former members of Orch.

Tabou Nationala band that was founded by Tony Dee Bokito in After Tony Dee moved to Mbandaka inseveral musicians left the band and Ikomo started working with Orch. Veve with whom he recorded his song "Maina" Veve Ikomo was also one of the founders of Orch. Bana Modja with whom he released his compostion "Mayatu" Unfortunately, the band split the following year, with Ikomo and Moreno leaving to join Les Noirs.

Meanwhile, Fataki Lokassa travelled with a remnant of Bana Rabbit In Your Headlights (Underdog Mix) - UNKLE - Rabbit In Your Headlights to Tanzania where the band finally collapsed. So, although Bana Moja didn't exist as a band from on that is, until Ikomo's return to Zaire in the early sthe name still continued as a record label.

Apparently, in the old days quite a number Cereal Killer - DJ Gunzales - Cut Professa musicians were selling and licensing recordings and running their own label. Dieudos left Kenya and returned to Zaire in the early 80s where he played with Tiers Mondelater he moved to Belgium and hooked up with Dalienst.

Jojo was later in Empire Bakuba. After the split up of Bana Ngenge inFataki Lokassa moved to Tanzania and carried on with other members of the group for a short while. He died on Dec 11, in Dar-Es-Salaam. With a new Orch. He later ended up in Empire Bakuba. Siama recalls Lava Machine replaced Willy on drums and the trumpeter was named Kodila.

The outfit later split three ways to create Vundumuna, Ibeba System and Virunga. But Moreno went solo. He mainly sang in Kiswahili and the themes of his songs varied from social commentaries like "Dunia ni Duara," "Mapenzi ya Shinda" and "Mwanamke Hatosheki," to love songs like "Angela" and "Pili Mswahili.

His chart topper was "Vidonge Sitaki," based on a Taraab song by Golden Star, but sadly he died the same year, aged only Dracula Pt. I - Orch. Les Mangelepa* - The African Stars Collection Vol 5 Lovy Mokolo Longomba came in the middle of a distinguished family.

His twin sons Christian and Lovy are hip-hop stars in Kenya today. Lovy started his career at 18 with Orchestre Macchi. After only 6 months with Boma LiwanzaLovy was off again, to join Super Mazembe of Mutonkole Longwa Didos, and got the nickname "Ya Mama" because he would sing the high women's part in story songs. He recorded several solo albums produced by Felix Jakomo.

He even quotes "Tika na lela"! He was a founder of Ibeba Systemalong with Dhago Mayombe, but never recorded with them. In Lovy went to Dar es Lord Of The Trenches - Stallion - From The Dead and performed with Orch. Afriso Ngoma. Lovy Longomba died in a car crash in Tanzania in Wyrocznia - Kat - Metal Box (All Media, Album, Album) latter wrote their hit "Bibi moke.

Nsilu wa Bansilu Manitcho who was in Japan, but is now back in Kenya, doing Gospel music of Bana Ngenge was also in the band, occasionally playing bass: he's name-checked in the song "Tina. Born in the Congo inhe grew up at a Jesuit school where he had unlimited access to the music room. We played in the same club Monday to Friday. We kind of mixed the two bands together and lived in the same house -- all of us together for maybe a year.

We moved to Kenya in with Coco Zigo, while others went back to Zaire. With Moja One I contributed ideas, composed, and played rhythm guitar parts. After playing with Losaka in and Shangoya Siama started Marimba Africa in Minneapolis, where he now lives. He died in a Nairobi hospital in August In Boma Liwanza dissolved and Frantal starred with Shika Shika until their dissolution two years later.


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  1. Les Mangelepa es un grupo musical de Kenia. Es considerado como uno de la era dorada de Kenia lingala música actúa junto con el Super Mazembe, Baba Gaston y Samba Mapangala El grupo se formó en como una astilla de Baba Gaston 's Baba Nacional. Su líder de la banda original Bwamy Walumona (Le Capitaine).
  2. Lokassa & Soukous Stars - Nairobi Night (audio) by Syllart Records. DRACULA Pt 1 & 2 - ORCH. LES MANGELEPA by EL KLAN PICOTERO. Sweet Africa Vol. 2 - .
  3. Shaba Kahamba, Orchestre Bella Bella🎸: Rumba Soukous - Non stop ( LP official audio).
  4. Dracula: Complete Legacy Collection available in DVD Ship This Item — Qualifies for Free Shipping Buy Online, Pick up in Store is currently unavailable, but this item may be available for in-store bigband.akikuscofymdagdathis.infoinfo: $
  5. Feb 04,  · Listen to The Art Of The Trio, Vol. 4-Back At The Vanguard by Brad Mehldau and 50 million songs with Amazon Music Unlimited. $/month after. Limited time offer. New subscribers only. out of 5 stars I love jazz but this CD was not great - a October 22, Format: Audio CD Verified Purchase/5(28).
  6. Es un pequeño Rincón en este Universo llamado Internet, está construido con el fino propósito de promover a los artistas y sellos, si son de tu agrado te invitamos a comprar el original, "EL BAUL AFRICANO" es un espacio para los amantes de la música africana, y así contribuir al fortalecimiento a la cultura musical-africana que se vive en la Costa Norte de Colombia, .
  7. Dracula, the Musical is a musical based on the original Victorian novel by Bram bigband.akikuscofymdagdathis.infoinfo score is by Frank Wildhorn, with lyrics and book by Don Black and Christopher Hampton.. It had its regional premiere at the La Jolla Playhouse, La Jolla, California, in , playing to % capacity, earning the highest paid capacity for any world premiere production in the Basis: Novel Dracula by Bram Stoker.

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