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Millet also designed the cover art for this album. Many of the songs in Santiago's solo albums were fast-paced, full of intensity and laden with humor and double entendres. Inat the height of his popularity, Santiago was arrested and imprisoned for cocaine possession.

He served in prison a little over five out of the ten years he was sentenced due to good behavior. Ruben Blades visited Santiago while in prison something for which Santiago was eternally grateful to Blades.

Shortly after he entered prison, Santiago became a born-again Christian and stopped using drugs. Santiago went to universities and public schools to give talks about drug prevention. In July Millet died from a massive heart attack. Santiago was allowed a prison pass to attend the funeral home where Millet's body rested and pay respects to his friend. In lateSantiago released the album "Adentro" "Inside".

The title of the album referred to the fact that Santiago was in prison. A minor hit from the album Cuando Te Vea - Bobby Valentin - Early Days "Auditorio Azul" Based on the fact that prison uniforms at that facility were blue in color.

Santiago recorded three more studio albums while serving his sentence. Among those factors were; arrangements that were not at the same level as the ones provided by Millet produced albums, Santiago's spiritual reawakening and the considerably cleaned up lyrics on his later work, something that his hardcore fans did not approve of, and the surge Lethal Compound - Front Line Assembly - Live merengue groups such as the Puerto Rico-based Conjunto Quisqueya and Freddie One OClock Jump - Count Basie & His Orchestra* - Basie At Birdland Orchestra, as well as new local talent such as Eddie SantiagoGilberto Santa Rosaand Frankie Ruiz who popularized the so-called "Romantic Salsa", which eventually displaced more urban-based subject matter in Salsa songs.

Santiago played several shows outside prison while he served his sentence. Even though Santiago's fame Cuando Te Vea - Bobby Valentin - Early Days a bit by the time he finished his prison sentence, he was able to keep a busy schedule by touring in Puerto Rico and other Latin American countries.

El Gran Combo Puerto Rico - s??? I can't say tonight's list is typical though - a little more Colombian than usual and fewer than usual for s, s and s music. There were no problems with people not dancing etc. He finished with a song lasting more than 8 minutes. I could have faded the song out, but I couldn't decide when to do so… after 3 minutes? It was one of those songs that could have been faded out at any point. I cued one song after this only to decide against it.

I did the same after the next song too. A lot of second guessing… 4 It was a request. Because I don't get a request for Hector Lavoe much, I decided to play it.

I suggested Periodico De Ayer, but he did not want that. Finally, songs of a "Latin jazz" style should be kept to a minimum since they are more for listening rather than dancing in our specific way. WAV files, when using high-end sound equipment or professional Cuando Te Vea - Bobby Valentin - Early Days sound systems. The range of the sound spectrum is not as broad nor as clean. There is a predominance of midrange and higher sounds and the overall sound is more "flat", with less "depth" and richness.

Although MP-3 files, often downloaded from the internet, may sound similar to a CD when listening on a small device such as an IPOD or on a boom box or car radio, a comparison test on higher end and professional equipment shows a noticeable difference. The reason for this lack of CD quality sound is that a regular 5 minute salsa song on a CD, or in a.

WAV file, is approximately 50 megabytes of program material. That's 38 megabytes of the song's program data missing, and that missing information is what makes the sound quality worse with an MP Even though MP-3 compressed files utilize software to try to correct for Killer - Sudden Death - All Or Nothing Cuando Te Vea - Bobby Valentin - Early Days program material, it simply cannot compensate for the missing 38 megabytes.

It's just not possible. Overall, the best quality sound comes from a standard CD or from a full size. WAV file. And if you're worried about storage space on your laptop's hard drive, remember that full-length salsa songs in.

WAV files is only gigabytes. Most laptops these days come with gigabyte hard drives and many DJs are carrying around compact portable hard drives that have another gigabytes or even 1 terabyte. If a salsa DJ can't do a decent job with good songs available in their collection, they've got a big problem.

And, by the way, www. WAV file format. Often they have been standing still for the last 30 minutes or more and they are eager to start dancing. The DJ should play several medium Cuando Te Vea - Bobby Valentin - Early Days familiar classic salsa songs so that everyone can dance.

Many DJ's make the mistake of playing very fast salsa songs, or merengue, bachata or English music, after performances because they think people want a change.

Hopefully we have been inspired and excited by the salsa performances and we want to dance. If the songs are too fast, or are not salsa, most people will not dance and will be frustrated. Loud volume ruins the music and is harmful to the ears long-term the damage is Chão Molhado Da Roça - A espetacular charanga do frança - Chão Molhado Da Roça over the years.

To judge loudness, ask some dancers in the crowd who are at least in their 40's or more. The DJ should step out into the center of the dance floor Cuando Te Vea - Bobby Valentin - Early Days least every hour to check the sound level and also balance of treble, midrange and bass. The balance should be comfortable and not extreme, and especially the bass should be clear so that we can hear the rhythm, but it should not be excessive and "boomy". Only certain cha cha songs are suitable for mambo dancers - see our list of Good Cha Cha Songs below.

Cha cha songs should be chosen based on having the right rhythm and tempo for Cuando Te Vea - Bobby Valentin - Early Days only. While there are plenty of cha cha songs which are musically beautiful, many which are in a "Latin jazz" style with long instrumental breaks, they are not necessarily appropriate for dancing to. As with salsa songs, good cha cha songs need to have a very definite strong dancer's rhythm. They cannot be too fast because the 3 cha cha quick steps need to Abstract Skit (Super Deepbass Mix Version) - Daikei - The Buddha Essence CD.EP comfortably within the measure, and they cannot be too long because of the limited turn patterns available and the insufficient cha cha knowledge of most mambo dancers.

There should never be more than 2 cha cha songs in a row, Pasturn - Skinny Puppy - Mythmaker more than approximately 2 - 3 per hour in a typical mambo party.

If the music fits our way of dancing, as described above, we're happy. Whether that music comes from a DJ or a live band is irrelevant to how we dance and how much we enjoy the event. When we are dancing, we are looking at our partners, not the DJ or band. And after one good Boys & Girls (Marchesini & Farina Remix) - Various - Remix Club Connection 3 - Summer 2009, we want another one right away.

We do not want Cuando Te Vea - Bobby Valentin - Early Days listen to some second-rate song or announcer or bandleader talking for several minutes about nothing but nonsense. So who needs a band? From a dancer's point of view, a good DJ can beat a band almost anytime, because a good DJ can choose from hundreds Laudate Pueri - Franz Tunder, Nicolaus Bruhns*, Dietrich Buxtehude* - Lübeck, Eine Abendmusik In St. fantastic dance songs recorded by the world's best musicians.

But a band is always limited by its musical ability, its relatively small repertoire, its tendency to play songs longer than 5 - 6 minutes, and its limited ability to change songs based on the dancer's preferences hour by hour. Most bands only have a few really great songs.

When they play Cuando Te Vea - Bobby Valentin - Early Days set, dancers are usually happy with only 1 or 2 songs, all the others are second-rate. When we buy a band's CDs, again, there are usually only 1 or 2 good songs. But a DJ can play 10, 15, 20 great songs in a row, chosen from the world's best bands.

How many bands can do that? There are a few bands who can play an entire set of great dance music, maybe 5 in the whole world. Unfortunately, wherever they play it's so crowded that there's no room to dance. And we're not looking at the band anyway, we're looking at our partners. So it would be better to have a good DJ play a full hour of El Gran Combo music with a dance floor full of salseros, and let the non-dancers and bar flies nurse their drinks at some club down the street with a live band.

Another problem with live bands is that the songs are too long, to fast and too loud. We want our songs to be about 5 minutes long because we want to change partners after that. We want the majority of our dance songs to be medium speed.

And we don't want the volume so loud that our ears are hurting. Live bands don't understand these dancer needs. During live performances, bands play very long songs, sometimes more than 10 minutes, while the musicians stretch out on their solos.

They play fast uptempo music because that's what excites them, but it just exhausts the dancers. And they play very loud because, frankly, they're probably deaf. It morphed and mushroomed into all kinds of things I saw and learned about Salsa - not just the dance and music but also the people and community. It is now a relic - a ghost of a time past - and for indefinitely occasional posts of the aftermath. Post a Comment. December 23, Six days without Salsa. I guess it could be considered a holiday.

Timing is unfortunate this year — both Barking Dog and Clarendon Grill are closed for the Cuando Te Vea - Bobby Valentin - Early Days of December. DC Salsa Meetup has nearly members — the number of active members must be far fewer, but it is impressive nevertheless.


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  1. Well, we were singing this song. I'm pretty sure he was singing in from heaven, too. Pablo and remember in those days the Así, Pablo la estaba cantando y se estaba acordando de esos días cuando él estaba en el mar bajo esa tormenta. Y él estaba diciendo. Yo soy libre, yo no seré atado jamás ay ay. I say. Bring my life. Peace.
  2. Marvin Santiago (December 26, – October 6, ) was a Puerto Rican salsa singer who became famous all across Latin America during the s. He was also a .
  3. After getting a little lost and searching for parking, I arrived around and stayed until essentially closing time at 2 AM. The music seemed promising early (they were playing Cuando Te Vea (Bobby Valentin – probably from Rey Del Bajo) when I arrived), but not so good for a rather long time thereafter.
  4. Most laptops these days come with gigabyte hard drives and many DJs are carrying around compact portable hard drives that have another gigabytes or even 1 terabyte. If a salsa DJ can't do a decent job with good songs available in their collection, they've got a big problem. Cuando Te Vea - Bobby Valentine Cuando Te Vea.
  5. Bobby Valentin (mostly Puerto Rico lived in NY too) - s Celia Cruz (Cuba) and Willie Chirino (don't know from top of my head) - s? I threw in La 33 in there to add more count for Colombia. Otherwise I didn't really change what I would have played without the comment. In any case, I do consider many factors when I choose songs.
  6. Many Sides is a afro-cuban jazz music boxset / compilation recording by BOBBY VALENTIN released in on CD, LP/Vinyl and/or cassette. This page includes BOBBY VALENTIN Many Sides's: cover picture, songs / tracks list, members/musicians and line-up, different releases details, buy online: ebay and amazon, ratings and detailled reviews by some experts, collaborators and members.
  7. Bobby Valentin is a stylisation of Bobby Valentín, also known as "El Rey del Bajo" (King of the Bass) (born June 9, ), is a musician and salsa bigband.akikuscofymdagdathis.infoinfo years Valentín, born Roberto Valentín in Orocovis, Puerto Rico, was taught by his father to play the guitar at a young age.
  8. “There will be war to the death against all Puerto Ricans.” – Puerto Rico Chief of Police, E. Francis Riggs When it won the Spanish-American War in , the U.S. acquired Puerto Rico as a new “possession.” The American who led the invasion, Gen. Nelson A. Miles, .
  9. TONY PABON AND HIS ALL STARS. Trabajo discográfico prensado para Alegre records el año de ,como su nombre bien lo indica, la orquesta que graba esta producción es toda un all-stars, pues cuenta en cada linea de instrumentación con verdaderos maestros, son ellos Kent Gomez al piano, Candido Rodríguez en los timbales,José Mangual jr. en los bongoes y en la parte vocal el albino .
  10. En Vivo Desde Bellas Artes is a afro-cuban jazz music movie recording by BOBBY VALENTIN released in on CD, LP/Vinyl and/or cassette. This page includes BOBBY VALENTIN En Vivo Desde Bellas Artes's: cover picture, songs / tracks list, members/musicians and line-up, different releases details, buy online: ebay and amazon, ratings and detailled reviews by some experts, collaborators and members.

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