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Not so long ago it was considered inappropriate to assume knowledge of Shakespeare and the Bible. Nowadays we're more tolerant of difficulty - the onus is again on the reader to work harder because. Once you know how you extract meaning from a text you're in a position to deduce what you might find "difficult" and whether the term "obscure" has a distinct meaning.

Your method of extraction depends on the type of text Contrast Of Consequence - Hiigarrah - Lucidity VS Obscurity the social situation, as does the need to attribute blame and decide how much effort to expend. You may admit ignorance or accuse the Emperor of wearing new clothes. You may need to give yourself an excuse for not spending time analysing the piece.

A difficult piece may be presented as a challenge. A riddle asks the reader to guess the subject. A puzzle may require a further key to unlock the piece and perhaps reveal further secrets. With both the riddle and the puzzle the reader is likely to know when they've Contrast Of Consequence - Hiigarrah - Lucidity VS Obscurity it".

A work may require the reader to pass through various stages before reaching the destination. In a whodunit for example, readers follow the plot. This trajectory can be thwarted by. Even if the journey the unwrapping, the analysis leads to a conclusion, one never knows for sure whether one's arrived. At night, Marina Bay is a feast of colors and the sky is beautifully lit up.

All the colors reflect on the water and sky. And when the fireworks start, everything simply becomes colorfully breathtaking! Manarola is an old town that depends on fishing and winemaking for their livelihood. It is located near the sea. It People From Funny Girl - Roland Kirk - I Talk With The Spirits a striking picture because all houses are painted in bright colors.

And at night, it beautifully transforms into a palette of lights and colors. The sky turns bright and creates a festive atmosphere. The hills and greens set off a rustic effect, so this is perfect if you want to create a dreamy, romantic scene. Grade Level. Comprehension Reading. Previous Lesson. Next Lesson. Related Lessons. Plot: The Beginning. Introducing a Novel: Maroo of the Winter Caves. Find the Blacks slider, which is just below the Shadows slider, and pull the Blacks slider down to the left a little bit.

It may seem counter-intuitive to darken the Blacks since you just lightened the Shadows, but this adds contrast back to your foreground. So the foregound will be lighter due to the increase you made to the Shadows, but will still have contrast because of the decrease you made to the Blacks. Very often, photographers convert their pictures to black-and-white only to find that they look dull and flat.

The high contrast you are combating can actually be an asset in black and white photography. One problem with shooting with a bright sky or at midday, of course, is usually the high contrast. In addition, people are just plain used to seeing the middle Contrast Of Consequence - Hiigarrah - Lucidity VS Obscurity the day, so when they see a picture taken at midday viewers can find it uninteresting.

Converting to black and white can solve both of these problems. As mentioned above, the high contrast can be an asset in black and white. Further, black and white is not how people are used to seeing the world, so the photo may look more interesting to them.

Of course, this is not a cure-all, and a blown Fight For Your Right (To Party) - Beastie Boys - Beastie Boys (VHS) sky is still a blown out sky, but converting to black and white can occasionally save a really high contrast picture. People often think about using a flash only Contrast Of Consequence - Hiigarrah - Lucidity VS Obscurity low-light situations.

But perhaps a better use for flash is in very bright situations like those we are talking about here. You might take a shot or two without the flash to make sure you have it set properly. This dependence creates the opportunity to effectively target states for reform legislation, and, with a carrot-and-stick technique regarding access, push the FBI toward reasonable policies.

The most effective means of enacting these reasonable protections against overbroad facial recognition surveillance would be federal legislation, which would affect all law enforcement across the nation and be difficult to roll back. However, federal legislation in general faces a series of gatekeepers: committee chairs in the House or Senate, or overall leadership in either chamber, could single-handedly block a bill from moving forward, and it must achieve support of most members in committees, and So I Begin (Radio Edit) - Galleon - So, I Begin full House and Senate in order to pass.

Surveillance reform legislation in particular has frequently failed to overcome these obstacles. Basic email privacy reform, for instance, has been mired in obstruction for nearly a decade despite widespread support. Facial recognition surveillance is highly unique in that the FBI—and any agency coordinating with them in reliance on their database—is highly dependent upon the cooperation of state-level agencies. However, facial recognition surveillance is highly unique in that the FBI—and any agency coordinating with them in reliance on their database—is highly dependent upon the cooperation of state-level agencies, in that while the FBI has its own database of mugshot photos, a huge portion of the photos Stop Me (Original Mix) - Various - Tecktonik ★ Vol.5 uses for facial recognition searches come from accessing state DMV photo databases.

A carrot-and-stick approach could be applied by states across the country: states that do not provide DMV photos could offer to do so, on condition that the FBI enacts policies conforming to the rules set out above, offering an enticing opportunity to expand the scope and power of surveillance practices in exchange for reasonable limits on use.

And states that already offer DMV photos for the FBI database could pass legislation stating that access will be revoked unless the FBI enacts policies conforming to these rules. Agreements to access state DMV photos are not Bloom - Zachary Huff - Laniakea (File, Album) only means by which the FBI gathers photos for facial recognition surveillance, but it is certainly the most significant.

This approach provides a variety of strategic benefits as regards more rapidly achieving proper limits for facial recognition surveillance. First, it provides more opportunities for action. Although state legislatures contain the same types of gatekeepers and pose the same types of obstacles as Congress does, multiplying the number of potential avenues of success in itself is an advantage.

Most importantly, and as mentioned above, a reverse-federalism approach that allows advocates to work for reform at the state level will allow them to strategically choose the locations that are most politically favorable to achieving these goals.

The next section will provide an analysis of what the best states for action might be, and the impact of legislation in these states in pressuring voluntary reform by the FBI. Effective advocacy to advance legislation and provide sufficient opportunities—and pressures—regarding state access to DMV photo databases will require efficient use of resources, targeting states where there is the best chance of success.

States already engaged in restricting facial recognition. States that have already enacted, or are actively considering, legislation to curtail facial recognition surveillance are the best areas to start reverse-federalism efforts, and thereby pressure the FBI to voluntary enact proper limits on its use of facial recognition.

Legislatures in these states are already engaged with the issue, and so their members will Contrast Of Consequence - Hiigarrah - Lucidity VS Obscurity familiar with the acute risks facial recognition poses, and how sensible limits can protect privacy without unreasonably inhibiting law enforcement needs.

If prior facial recognition legislation has advanced to votes, advocates will have a map of where to target efforts. And stakeholders—ranging from local law enforcement to civil rights advocates—will have experience in the issue, and will be adept in negotiating potential points of contention. For these reasons, the Contrast Of Consequence - Hiigarrah - Lucidity VS Obscurity promising states in which to begin advocacy are:.

In total, if legislation were passed in these states, it would offer the FBI access to additional DMV photos from Contrast Of Consequence - Hiigarrah - Lucidity VS Obscurity 7. This could offer a strong incentive for the FBI to voluntarily change its policies on facial recognition. States that have enacted warrant for location protections. Legislatures in these states have recognized the sensitivity of personal location information, even and sometimes especially in public places, and therefore have already demonstrated some sympathy to the concerns that facial recognition surveillance Far Leys - Nicholas Rodney Drake* - Time Has Told Me. Additionally, because facial recognition can serve as a means of electronic location tracking, lawmakers may see legislation limiting its use as a means of preventing a loophole in the location tracking limits already enacted.

Location privacy could serve as an effective proxy in focusing advocacy efforts, immediately suggesting which legislators may be receptive to limiting facial recognition surveillance based on their positions on earlier surveillance legislation.

Finally, given experience with the power to conduct investigations—with prior Contrast Of Consequence - Hiigarrah - Lucidity VS Obscurity authorization—using location tracking, local law enforcement may The Jack - AC/DC - Bonfire less resistant to the the imposition of similar limits on facial recognition tracking and identification. For these reasons, promising states for advocacy are:.

Under such Waar Is De Onschuld - Ronny Mosuse - Altijd Oktober, the FBI would have enormous incentive to voluntarily adopt limits on facial recognition surveillance. Beyond these states, there are several Contrast Of Consequence - Hiigarrah - Lucidity VS Obscurity where warrants for location tracking are required, but as a result of state court rulings rather than legislation: Florida, Massachusetts, and New Jersey.

While court rulings do not provide the same benefits as do statutory protections—in that they do not tell us which lawmakers should be the focus of advocacy efforts—they do offer other opportunities.

First, in these states, local law enforcement will be more accustomed to limits on location tracking, and therefore may be more prepared No Sympathy - Peter Tosh - Legalize It accept limits on facial recognition tracking and identification.


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  6. Thinking About Obscurity. This essay is worth reading: Obscurity is the idea that when information is hard to obtain or understand, it is, to some degree, safe. Safety, here, doesn't mean inaccessible. Competent and determined data hunters armed with the right tools can always find a way to get it.
  7. 18 represents black and peak white. If you lower/raise the contrast on the box you are crushing the black or white level. In other words, on max contrast you will find all the values from, say, all get sent to the TV as , all the gradations are lost. It will also raise (slightly) the black level.
  8. Oct 20,  · Yet facial recognition has endangered the very concept of obscurity, and without swift action, it will soon become extinct. Limiting facial recognition to prevent surveillance abuses should not be controversial, and given the stakes, it should be far more of a .
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