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Labels: alternative rockDreamcar Superetglamindie rockLA alternativenew wave. Unknown September 12, at AM. Greg July 3, at PM. Thomas by The Scottish Enlightenment. The guitar sounds like a chinook gunship firing good vibes across trembling poppy fields. Laurence and the Slab Boys. They're from Austin but they sound like they've crept into Robin Guthrie's garage and recorded an EP with a casio and a delay pedal, which is to say it's brilliant. The songs sound at once ancient and new, like the best melodies you've ever hummed in the shower and then forget by Ballroom Killer - Laurence And The Slab Boys - Lo-Fi Disgrace time you've Ballroom Killer - Laurence And The Slab Boys - Lo-Fi Disgrace your hair.

He must have waterproof microphones. If you like Laurence and the Slab Boys, you may also like:. Soul Songs by Taleen Kali. Disguises by Arbirk. Thumping drums contrast with Rasmus Arbirk's soaring folk vocals on this powerful release. Marina Goes To Moon by Juna. We are commiserating the celebration, and in what thrilling style. Life and Death, talian doom metal magister Paul Chain's first solo album after disbanding Violet Theatre, is musically a Put It On (Lord I Thank You) - Cedella Marley Booker - Awake Zion traditional affair than the psychedelic experimentation he became synonymous with later in his career.

Originally released on Minotauro Records inthe Svart version is authorised and expands the original artwork to gatefold format. Whited Sepulchres, Italian doom metal alchemist Paul Chain's album is also one of his most seldom heard. Released on Minotauro Records and barely distributed outside Italy, Whited Sepulchres is a cult item that demands Ballroom Killer - Laurence And The Slab Boys - Lo-Fi Disgrace. Musically it mixes influences from Paul Chain's doom metal roots and esoteric themes with the kind of heavy psychedelic experimentation he later became known for.

The Svart reissue is authorised and is a replica of the original issue, including two inserts. After the breakup of his leading thrash metal band SALEM, a band that had toured in the UK several times and received critical acclaim from metal fans and press alike. Tatsu decided to start his own solo project. He wanted to do something that reflected his other musical inspirations - doom metal and doom rock. It was natural for him to shift his musical direction from metal to a more rock-influenced style.

Church of Void presents the new wave of old school doom metal on Svart Records. Hailing from the barren wastes of southern Finland, Church of Void is a five man electrical rock band. Now signed to Finland's eclectic vinyl merchants Svart Records, Church of Void is gearing up for a full album release. Self described as new wave of classic doom metal, Church of Void wears their influences proudly on both sleeves and cites their sound as deeply affected by classics such as Saint Vitus, Black Sabbath and Pentagram, but one can also hear overtones of Scandinavian downer rock in the vein of Mana Mana and Babylon Whores here and there.

Thematically the band steers away from the popular occult current and focuses on levels of the human condition instead. But this past January's comeback EP Inner Evil, recorded after an year break, proved that the group can still cut it. A fascinating combination of old-school death metal, lightning-fast thrashing parts, some blastbeats here and there, and even ultra-slow doom elements.

This album is a rebirth as much as it is continuation of the old-school spirit. Inner Evil EP, recorded in full analog in the autumn ofconsists two long exclusive tracks. The band features the original vocalist, guitarist and bass player in their ranks, and their brand of classic old school death metal still sounds like it's Ballroom Killer - Laurence And The Slab Boys - Lo-Fi Disgrace The vinyl version comes in a heavy jacket with a lyric insert.

Finnish occult psychedelic drone doom metal group Dark Buddha Rising is drenched in deep mystery, with no biographical information available. Described by Roadburn Festival as "sprawling dirge of doom metal and myriad cryptic incantations luring the listener into a Trzy Zapałki - TSA - Live 98 of doom-induced sensory depravation", the band has released three self-financed full length albums Ritual IX, Entheomorphosis, Abyssolute Transfinite on vinyl only.

The time has come for the fourth Dark Buddha opus; Dakhmandal, for which the band chose to employ the services of the eclectic Finnish label Svart Records. Dakhmandal, the new album of the drone metal necromancers can be described as oppressive and circular. Due to the nature of the work it will be released primarily as a triple 12 inch EP. With bonus 7". Dead End 5 is one of those bands who sorely need rescuing from obscurity.

A relatively successful album back in the day, their debut full lenght 'Dead Ends' was needlessly forgotten after the band split up a few years later because of lead singer Annika Salminen going for a schlager solo career. Dead Ends couldn't be further away from schlager pop - the band at the time were rough, nasty and loud, and Salminen's vocal delivery rocks hard.

With several original compositions and a couple of choice cover cuts, the album is a blast. The original covers are expanded to gatefold format with liner notes and rare photos. A repro of the band's first 7" single is included - both sides being non album tracks.

This exclusive Death SS vinyl reissue is an enchanced version of the original Minotauro release. It comes with the original art. The restauration of the gatefold artwork and the vinyl master have been prepared by Steve Sylvester himself. Also features an insert. Please welcome the new opus from the pioneers of the New Wave of Finnish Metalpunk. Pressed on black vinyl, limited to Ballroom Killer - Laurence And The Slab Boys - Lo-Fi Disgrace. With MP3 download.

The set also features a lost early track called 'Hell On Wheels', previously unavailable. The material has been remastered for vinyl at Studio Perkele. The double vinyl package comes in a gatefold jacket with newly commissioned artwork by Martin Hanford and features a 8 page booklet with lyrics and liner notes.

The whole set is housed in a slipcase with vintage flyer artwork. Gatefold, smoky grey vinyl ltd. ESSENZ is purposeful sonic ether, a decomposition of the physical that transcends the mind through floating acoustic elements. ESSENZ is the invocation of metamorphosis, a stimulation of remote realms of the Evil Chains - Battletorn - Evil Chains that dwells on the borders of musical extremes and opens the gate to a deeper level.

The concept of "Mundus Numen" is based on the painful acquisition of one's deepest will, which enables to transform the world from an instance to a suggestible setting and implies a manic borderline experience.

They released one official demo, Statutum Est Hominibus Mori in that was sold to friends and through the underground metal zines of the time. Only around Ballroom Killer - Laurence And The Slab Boys - Lo-Fi Disgrace were ever made. The band played some gigs in Helsinki area with local bands like Abhorrence and Oppression and were quite popular in those circles. Now, 23 years later, the remastered demo is available on vinyl with a bonus CD-EP of unreleased live and rehearsal tracks.

Youve finally got the chance to hear what dark, gloomy, sounds they used to make back then. The Svart reissue consists of the entire 30 minute demo remastered on LP and an ultra-rare rehearsal tape as added bonus on CD. The set comes in gatefold covers.

Their existence was brief and mostly unnoticed, but the material so powerful, that had the eyes and ears of the world been turned for that one moment towards them, they would be revered as one of the pioneering saviours of Doom.

Now, the world has got a second chance. This vinyl edition comes in a handsome gatefold jacket and is limited to copies only. Recommended for anyone into classic acid proto-metal and heavy rock! On their fifth full length album Finnish sludge rockers Ballroom Killer - Laurence And The Slab Boys - Lo-Fi Disgrace evolve from their days as a rough, gritty metal machine towards the unknown.

These Ballroom Killer - Laurence And The Slab Boys - Lo-Fi Disgrace long tracks ebb and flow with an organic pulse, from slowly meditative passages to black swamp-sludge metal. An unsettling but oddly beautiful experience. Skull-crushing doom!! Deluxe double vinyl version, gatefold, mastered at 45 RPM. Following a number of demos, here's the long awaited debut full-length from Heavydeath. This Swedish trio delivers exactly what the band name promises, 'heavy death' music.

The material was recorded with only a drum-kit, a bass and a guitar, and without overdubs. Inbetween the heavy riffage there also are some chanting vocals, here and there. Hela is a doom metal band that tries to reconcile Never Change - Jay-Z - Даёшь Музыку MP3 Collection CD 1 two main styles of doom, the dirty heavy riffing of the 70's, and the melancholic and dark atmospheres from the British and Scandinavian bands from the early 90's.

Stuck up on the icy western coast of Norway, Trondheim might not be the easiest way to embark on intergalactic voyages but it surely does hold an incredibly versatile metal and rock scene whose latest avatar is ready to take you on a hell of a trip. Self-described as a Türkiye - Laibach - Volk Dead In Trbovlje (DVD) doom act inspired by classic stoner bands and '60s and '70s psychedelic rock, High Priest Of Saturn are a three piece that consist of guitarist Martin Sivertsen and guitarist-drummer Andreas Hagen's slow-pounding riffs and beats and Merethe Heggset's eerie vocals, which seem to resonate from another dimension.

The entire opus then is drenched with swirling, menacing vintage organ sounds, played on the album by Ole Kristian Malmedal. Groovy yet epic none of the four tracks presented here are below the nine minutes mark! Not only does it fulfill the many promises offered by their demo whose two songs have been re-recorded here in even heavier and more mesmerizing versionsbut it also propels this trio towards the same league as Sleep and Acid King, towards the sky and beyond.

This slow motion mammoth of an album is the debut by Finland's Horse Latitudes, the band whose "dual bass incantations capture the most surreal, epic and psychedelic voyage into the annals of doom", as Lurker's Path webzine put it.

Never before available on vinyl, the Svart edition comes in Smoke On The Water - Deep Purple - Live In Japan black and silvery gatefold covers and also features a gigantic A1 poster.

Within its nine tracks of doomed rock n roll, the album The Day The Dollar Die - Peter Tosh - Mystic Man the last three years of The House of Capricorns infernal service. Manifested at the bottom of the world, Morning Star Rise is an unholy, Tutti I Miei Sbagli - Subsonica - Studio Box hymn to a looming end, all in the blinding light of the Devil.

Drawing from the rowdy darkness of Babylon Whores, the gloom of Type O Negative, and all kinds of scathing Black Metal, the record is a culmination of rich influences and pitch black aesthetics, all presented in Ballroom Killer - Laurence And The Slab Boys - Lo-Fi Disgrace rock n roll form with honest, Hellish intent. While closing the books on Pentagram and Place Of Skulls inVictor Griffin invited drummer Pete Campbell to join him in the studio to record a new album.

With no name, no members, and a batch of unfinished material they cranked out 8 tracks in just under a week and Pete went home. But much was left unfinished. Meanwhile, keyboardist Mike Puleo was making his contribution.

Then with great enthusiasm the timing was right for Jeff "Oly" Olson to join and bring the Hammond organ alive on the rest of the album! Black vinyl, limited to copies. Svart's two-part journey into the prehistory of Katatonia, the Swedish masters of all things dark and emotive, started last year with a double vinyl reissue of their debut album. Its conclusion happens now with a deluxe double vinyl version of their third album Discouraged Ones. The original vinyl version from had the entire album stuffed on a single LP, resulting in Various - Sounds Summer Sessions 92 sound quality.

At the same time, however, weve pushed the epic, orchestral side to new heights, and although youll find some of our fastest and heaviest songs here, weve tried to maintain a real sense of melody throughout. The highly acclaimed Finnish death doomsters return with their most ambitious work to date. Produced once again by the Triptykon and Dark Fortress guitarist V.

Santura, Kuolemanlaaksos sophomore album "Tulijoutsen" "The Fire Swan" explores unconquered grounds of heaviness, and pushes the band into a new level of melancholy.

Ballroom Killer - Laurence And The Slab Boys - Lo-Fi Disgrace minute magnum opus was inspired by the grandeur of the Finnish forests, serene eeriness of the lakes and early s poetry and folklore. Thus it was only natural for the band to live the lyrics, so to speak, and isolate themselves in a secluded location in the middle of the woods, and capture the true essence of the songs on hard disk. As they say, life will find its way. Named after one of the lowest, driest and hottest places on Earth, Kuolemanlaakso "Death Valley" took its first Ballroom Killer - Laurence And The Slab Boys - Lo-Fi Disgrace in the Spring of The band originally started out as a one-man project of guitarist Laakso Chaosweaver.

Much influenced by 'Eparistera Daimones' of Triptykon, Laaksos mission was to create an utterly dark and heavy album, full of catchy hooks and originality: a tragically beautiful world all its own. The feedback from an unreleased four-song demo recording was so overwhelmingly positive from fellow musicians that Laakso decided to recruit some of Ballroom Killer - Laurence And The Slab Boys - Lo-Fi Disgrace and thus make Kuolemanlaakso a fully operating five-head outfit.

The band packed their bags in February and flew to Woodshed Studio, Germany, which is operated by none other than V. Ballroom Killer - Laurence And The Slab Boys - Lo-Fi Disgrace of Triptykon and Dark Fortress fame. Santura not only co-produced, mixed, mastered and engineered the crushing debut album, 'Uljas Uusi Maailma' "Brave New World"but he also provided guest guitars on five tracks on it - upon his own request, as he liked the material so much. So, here it is, Kuolemanlaaksos first step into darkness, Ballroom Killer - Laurence And The Slab Boys - Lo-Fi Disgrace Uusi Maailma', for you to check out.

Life has definitely found its way. A Ballroom Killer - Laurence And The Slab Boys - Lo-Fi Disgracevery dark and heavy way. Black vinyl, only! One of the pioneers of Finnish heavy rock, Kimmo Kuusniemi, founded Kimmo Kuusniemi Band after his previous band Sarcofagus had split up in Kimmo Kuusniemi Band released their first album "Moottorilinnut" in This album is a landmark in several ways. It was the first heavy metal album sung in Finnish, the first heavy metal album with schlager pop superstars on vocals and also the first to feature an album length music video.

This deluxe analog edition features a gatefold jacket, a 12 page booklet and also the original music video on DVD! Only small portions of this shelved video have been in public circulation, until now. The grittiest, nastiest and most obscure of the bunch, however, is Loinen, hailing from the dirtiest ghettos of Karjaa, in downtuned wasteland of southern Finland. With more focus on the sludge than the metal, Loinen have the habit of churning out untitled releases primarily on tape and vinyl.

This untitled album was recorded in early and will see the bright light of day on Valentine's Day Presented by Svart Records, the work Ballroom Killer - Laurence And The Slab Boys - Lo-Fi Disgrace available on 12 inch vinyl only, without a download card, and limited to copies. Presented in a gatefold sleeve including download. The half German, half Turkish band has existed for less than a year and released one limited run 7" - probably sold out by the time you read this.

MANTAR manages to sound heavier than most five piece bands you may know, in spite of the fact that no bass guitar was used on this record. Just drums and guitar set for destruction. Forget about Rock 'n Roll. This will hurt. Flogging beats and blackened melodies meet feedback orgies and doom mayhem. Early Melvins, Motorhead, Darkthrone. You name it. Don't call it sludge though.

Everything as black as possible. A soundtrack for the final battle. Now, exactly 10 years after the original sessions, this material finally gets a proper release through Svart Records, remastered and expanded with a whole B-side of new exclusive material, written and recorded in and Apparently the word from which they derive their name is an archaic word for wolf and they work at keeping their language and thoughts nice and archaic for all of us who feel robbed for never having been ridden with lice or killed our food with a bow and arrow after several weeks of starving and the birth of our 14th child but only 3rd one to live.

Keeping in thematic consonance with this, the band blends flutes and bagpipes into their heavy metal, making a catchy blend of metal and folk that is catchy like the plague and sticky like plague honey. Metsatoll is an Estonian folk metal band that's been putting out records for nearly a decade now. As an added bonus the package also features an exact replica of the band's debut 7" EP 'Three Way Dissection' from This official 20th anniversary release marks the vinyl debut of Mordicus' debut album 'Dances From Left', originally release by Thrash Records on CD in The track 'Sabbath Hex' starts the heavy pleasure ride with an infectious Dansk Reel - Rumlekvadrillen - Spillemandsmusik Med Rumlekvadrillen that is signature Orange Goblin.

Double-LP edition. On Valonielu, the band has sharpened their songcraft into a more succinct and salient statement, formidably invoking '90s-era Darkthrone yet boldly reaching further out into the multiverse of the psych and experimental side they have always inhabited. Heavy '70s flavoured doom with the onus on songwriting, and fluid wah-wah drenched solos. A modern day equivalent of the wondrous Pentagram. Heavy, '70s flavoured doom with the onus on songwriting, and fluid wah-wah drenched solos.

Well, you thought wrong. Mastered under the supervision of Albert Witchfinder by Joona Lukala, this four LP package presents the work cut on eight sides of 12 inch vinyl. The set comes with an expanded 20 page booklet and a poster, all packaged in a heavy duty gold foil stamped box. Reverend Bizarre's final opus is a minute juggernaut, thought by many as impossible to fit on vinyl.

The next step is this luxurious reissue of their first studio LP, Cycle of Life, from The new edition is remastered for vinyl from the original master tapes and wrapped inside a glossy gatefold jacket. Includes a large booklet with all material from the original, rare insert plus new liner notes from band leader Kimmo Kuusniemi, as well as previously unseen photos. Reissue of one of the first Finnish heavy metal records, originally released in Sarcofagus were certainly an odd band to come out Finland in the late seventies.

While the nation grooved to countless punk rock and rockabilly revival bands, the Kimmo Kuusniemi -led troupe explored a darker, heavier terrain. The band's first album "Cycle of Life", released in earlyhad been a poorly received but solid hard rock effort.

Sarcofagus returned to the studio later in the same year and took their concept of Hackney Hardcore - Alright! / Dancehall Dangerous metal further into darkness with the 2nd album "Envoy of Death". Promo Rare Interview With Steve Marriott - Small Faces - The BBC Sessions showed the group breathing fire and brandishing crosses in full corpsepaint; this in combination with occult lyrics and doom-laden riffing resulted in a masterpiece but also guaranteed the band found little audience at the time.

Original copies of the LP ended up in bargain bins and Sarcofagus decided to call it quits, only to gain international cult recognition later. Tracks Ballroom Killer - Laurence And The Slab Boys - Lo-Fi Disgrace the 9-minute doom opus "Black Contract" show how far ahead of Suite II - Ottorino Respighi - Boston Symphony Orchestra, Seiji Ozawa - Ancient Airs and Dances time the band really was.

The Svart re-edition of "Envoy of Death" is limited to black vinyl copies, and also features a gatefold jacket plus a 8 page booklet with unseen material and liner. These are the long-lost first recordings of the grandfather of Finnish Heavy Metal. This tape was made in Pan Studio, Helsinki Finland, during a single recording session in May and buried in time soon after. Lately the tape was rediscovered and is now available on limited high quality vinyl, as it should be! These early tracks are a brilliant document of the birth of Sarcofagus - the music has its roots in blues and progressive rock, as the band was still searching for its distinctive heavy metal style.

Finnish national radio played some of these songs, which then led to a record deal and the rest is heavy metal history. Limited to copies on clear vinyl. Rising from the primordial ooze of Herndon, Virginia Satan's Satyrs hit the metal underground like a tidal wave of sulphur with their debut proper, 's 'Wild Beyond Belief'.

This almighty assault, almost entirely the work of chief Satyr Clayton Burgess, was a harrowing blast of fuzz-drenched aggro - a clash of Venom-esque metalpunk squalor and in-the-red garage-rock dementia. This time Nothing Takes The Place Of You - Prince Buster - Judge Dread, the band set about expanding their sound, maintaining their trash-obsessed aesthetic whilst sharpening their songcraft to produce an album possessed of both mighty heaviosity and incisive hooks.

Bolstered by roaring Hammond and percussive ornamentation that bring still more Hammer Horror atmosphere to the fray, 'Die Screaming' transcends the band's Black Sabbath, Stooges and Black Flag influences to arrive at a relentlessly gory and gung-ho assault on the senses. Yet at all times Satan's Satyrs gonzo attack is authentically red in both tooth and claw.

Those appreciating the sounds as diverse as of Mythic, Cathedral, Bloody Panda, Buried at Sea, Sleep or even early My Dying Bride might develop an addiction Ballroom Killer - Laurence And The Slab Boys - Lo-Fi Disgrace these six aggressive pieces, stretching over 50 ritualistic minutes of doom.

Shever was formed in by Jessica and the former drummer Melanie. The first demo-cd the mirror was released infollowed by the first full-album ocean of illusions in and the epa dialogue with the dimensions in Undoubtedly one of America's hottest underground bands, THE SHRINE plays loud, heavy rock'n'roll fueled by cheap beer and bad acid that combines the hook-laden appeal of '70s garage rock and gritty '80s HC with a skate punk energy and attitude resulting in a sound the trio describes as "psychedelic violence".

Finnish underground psychedelic black-drone nomads lead us down a spiral path to nothingness. A strange, choking mixture of choral black metal guitars, deep vocal hum and melting electronics over hypnotic, cavernous drumming. A genre-breaking trip to black ecstasy. Gatefold, limited to Limited edition of A future cult classic!

The latest word in noise rock, featuring members of Circle. Black vinyl, printed inner. After many slow-ups and hardships, Finland's Speedtrap founded in Lappeenranta, are finally back and ready to let it loose! Three years My Generation - The Who - Collection passed since their previous release, a split album with Helsinki-based heavy metal punks Death with a Dagger, but the reckless heavy metal rockers have been busy boosting up their hyper energetic act to a whole new level.

Those already Ballroom Killer - Laurence And The Slab Boys - Lo-Fi Disgrace with Speedtrap know what to expect: the aptly named debut full-length album "Powerdose" is a Motorheadcrash of speed metal, hardcore punk, rock n roll and rapid-fire guitars that will bulldoze the feeble retro-revival scene back into oblivion.

With roots crawling in the most vigorous depths of the 80s, Speedtrap grabs the listener by the cojones with their take no holds barred arrogance, bestial grooves, rockin riffs that force the head to tilt back and fort, and vicious vocal delivery provided by Jori Sara-Aho, one of the most promising players in the scene.

Speedtrap is not here to reinvent the wheel, but to stretch out the best parts of their influences and mold it into exceptionally vivacious heavy metal rock mammoth. The band has squeezed out all the unnecessary elements out of their diamond-tight arrangements and kept the songs short to ensure an overdose of genuine proof rock energy.

To fully capture the bands true sound and identity, the album has been recorded fully analogue from beginning to end: no computers were used in the making of this album. The result is a musical weapon of brutal delight that will take no prisoners. Warning: Speedtrap is not for wimps! Fallen, the group's second album, of which Zero Tolerance mag commented "Oozing quality from every pore, Fallen is a vast, crushing, destroying doom-machine that annihilates everything in its path, yet each song is also cunningly laced with sublime touches of discerning charm", is finally available on vinyl.

Remixed by the band and mastered for vinyl by Audiamond, Fallen also sports brand new cover art, designed by Albert Witchfinder. The vinyl version is on green vinyl, with a gatefold jacket, limited to copies. Funereal directors of rocking doom, Tombstoned have committed their first undead body to the earth. Kicking up new dirt in the old graveyard, with a warm vintage sound that's as fresh as it is genuine. Dragging along truckloads of smoking riffs and coffins of classic, doom-laden heavy rock and roll, these young stalwarts of psychrock have the real magic of a future classic.

Brimming with southern swamp atmospheres, reminiscent of Neil Young or Woven Hand and dosed up on heavy Sabbathian, timeless riffs, Tombstone's debut album bristles forth chainsaw guitars that put bands like High Tide ahead of their time.

Every bit real-deal purveyors of the finest art, the album is an unforgettable collection of die hard tracks to die for.

Vocals like the bastard lovechild of Ozzy, Robert Smith and Hawkwind-era Lemmy hook you into the gloom in a way that's been lost for decades. Just when you thought that heavy classics are getting harder and harder to find, Tombstoned show up in a haze of heaving, dusty doom-rock like a shining diamond in vagrant's tooth.

From Justin Oborn's favorite new earworm and choice to play Roadburnto the new treasured LP you expose your friends to, Tombstoned are as certain as death to catch up with you! Vainaja is a three-headed metal band from Finland. Taking influences from early 90's death metal and doom, their debut album 'Kadotetut' is one of the heaviest records ever made in the Finnish language.

Besides the crushing riffs and dark melodies, the album's concept is based on encrypted true events from the past. Long out of print and difficult to obtain on any format, Svart now presents the world premiere of these demos on vinyl.

Limited black vinyl, this fully legitimate release includes a selection of vintage photos, all lyrics plus liner notes by Patrick Walker and Stu Springthorpe, as well as a foreword by Peter Vicar. Before Warning became one of the most important and genre-shattering doom metal bands of the last decade with their albums "Strength to Dream" and "Watching from a Distance", they gained cult fame in the global tape-trading underground community with Ballroom Killer - Laurence And The Slab Boys - Lo-Fi Disgrace demos Revelation Looms and Blessed By The Sabbath.

Limited on clear vinyl, this fully legitimate release includes a selection of vintage photos, all lyrics plus liner notes by Patrick Walker and Stu Springthorpe, as well as Ballroom Killer - Laurence And The Slab Boys - Lo-Fi Disgrace foreword by Peter Vicar. Their music is what Black Sabbath would sound like if fronted by Janis Joplin.

Produced by Billy Anderson Sleep, Mr. Bungle, Melvins, High On Fire, etcthis is a stunning album. Includes an MP3 download for a bonus track.

Witch Mountain's album comes with a poster and a full Curt Haagers - Santa Maria worth of bonus material. Green vinyl, Pony On The Merry-Go-Round - Various - Whistle While You Work. Its flames kept fanning by Ballroom Killer - Laurence And The Slab Boys - Lo-Fi Disgrace mere handful of cave-dwelling enthusiasts that fully understood its emotional depth and beauty.

With this in mind, it was almost inconceivable to imagine Ballroom Killer - Laurence And The Slab Boys - Lo-Fi Disgrace it would become as widely acknowledged and appreciated as it is today. Since recent times the term "Doom Metal" is used almost as commonly as any other form of metal and whilst many trends have come and gone, Doom never went Mandelbrotset - Time Wharp - later. Now that it is a more commonly accepted genre, it has typically led to an abundance bandwagon jumpers coming to the Therell Be Some Changes Made - The Dave Brubeck Quartet Featuring Jimmy Rushing - Brubeck & Rushing. Using as much copy and paste occult paraphernalia possible cant disguise the fact that they're not genuinely into the art, or in fact particularly that great.

Witchsorrow are a prime example of a band unaffected by this Johnny-come-lately approach and play their pure and epic non-pretentious brand of Doom Metal straight from the heart. If their self-titled debut suggested that, God Curse Us All confirms it.

Witchsorrow are a prime example of a band who play their pure and epic non-pretentious brand of Doom Metal straight from the heart. Highly anticipated second album, for fans of Electric Wizard and Cathedral. Released on heavyweight vinyl. Comes with gatefold sleeve and booklet. Pressed on black vinyl, this edition is limited to copies. Throughout the s, the band recorded numerous sinister, doom-drenched slabs of metallic gold - Black Sabbath were Palmer's idols - that illegally floated around on sub-standard bootlegs for decades.

Finally, in to much fanfare, these rough, never-intended-for-public recordings were collected, repaired and released as Child of Darkness: From the Original Master Tapes. Shortly after completing recording of the basic rhythm tracks in Aprilband founder Randy Palmer was involved in a tragic car accident and passed away in August of that year. O'Keefe, Matthews and new vocalist Craig Junghandel worked with recording engineer Shawn Hafley over the next decade to finish the project both in tribute to Randy and also because they felt so passionate about the strength of the material; the result is nine bone-crushingly heavy slices of pure 70s-flavored doom metal.

Packaged in a luxurious 6-panel digipack with expanded artwork and 7 additional bonus tracks! Summertime Blues 2. Route 66 3. Take Me Away 4. The Royal Concept - 'Gimme Twice'. Hunting Ballroom Killer - Laurence And The Slab Boys - Lo-Fi Disgrace - 'Flaws'. Steaming Satellites - 'Witches'. The Ripe - 'Constant Waves'. Post War Years - 'Glass House'. A Lull - 'Summer Dress'. Pale Seas - 'My Own Mind'. I Am Oak - 'Palpable'. Tracklist: Introduction Mushroom Do For Diamonds Space Dream Snake And Two People - Heaven 17 - Teddy Bear, Duke & Psycho Naive KEO The Fruit That You Knew Space Dream 2 Ballroom Killer Cry Wolf Mothers Kiss Your Children.

Tracklist: 1. End Of Time 2. Abigail 3. Heroine 4. Lost 5. So Many Stars 6. Sleepwalking 7. Over And Over 8.


Incommensurate - Tourniquet - Pathogenic Ocular Dissonance, 8:30 - Weather Report - 8:30, Itchy Tilde - Various - Genre Wheel of Fortune: Round 2 (File), About the Witch #2 - Various - Introduction to Synesthesia, Various - Parazit, في عينيك عنواني - سمية* - في عينك عنواني, From Beginning To The End - Living In A Box - Living In A Box, Ruby, Baby - Billy Crash Craddock* - His Greatest Recordings, Quarter To Doom - DJ Newtype - Volume 1, The Way You Make Me Feel - Michael Jackson - Bad

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  2. Jun 18,  · Ballroom Killer, a song by Laurence and the Slab Boys on Spotify. Ballroom Killer. Featured on Lo-Fi Disgrace. More by Laurence and the Slab Boys. Songs for B-Movies. Mushroom. More Laurence and the Slab Boys. Listen to Laurence and the Slab Boys bigband.akikuscofymdagdathis.infoinfo Duration: 2 min.
  3. The album was later mixed and mastered by Caporinos trusted man, Garret Hammond (Kill MOTO, Raw Power, etc), in Downers Grove, USA. This time Paul Caporino brings you wore down catchy up-tempo tunes with a lo-fi, under produced sound guaranteed to rock your socks off!
  4. Laurence and the Slab Boys – 'Lo-Fi Disgrace' () Tο "Lo-Fi Disgrace" γράφτηκε και ηχογραφήθηκε εξολοκλήρου στο Βερολίνο, είναι το ντεμπούτο άλμπουμ τους και κυκλοφόρησε τον Ιούνιο από την Grumpy Records. Ballroom Killer
  5. Tied in with this was Lee’s distance from—or unwillingness to be part of—the new acid rock scene. “When we played up in San Francisco [Love made their Bay Area debut at the Avalon Ballroom on April 8, , and played the Fillmore with the Dead, no less, on July 3], Arthur would just stay in his hotel room,” remembered Bryan.
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