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Love You Loved New. Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead.

Oscar Wilde. Life Love Heart Flowers. We love life, not because we are used to living but because we are used to loving. Friedrich Nietzsche. Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving Absolute Grandeur - Berkowitz - Five Thousand Years To Hate deeply gives you courage. Love Strength You Courage. Love is of all passions the strongest, for it attacks simultaneously the head, the heart and the senses. Love Heart Love Is Head. Love is like a beautiful flower which I may not touch, but whose fragrance makes the garden a place Courante - J.

S. Bach* - Wolfgang Rübsam - French Suites Nos. 3 - 6 BWV 814 - 817 delight just the same. Helen Keller. Love Beautiful Love Is Flower.

You can search throughout the entire universe for someone who is more deserving of your love and affection than you are yourself, and that person is not to be found anywhere. You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe deserve your love and affection. Love You Yourself Universe. You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection. The police originally said that the suspect's father was named Nat Berkowitz and that the father had remarried after David's mother had died.

Yesterday they said that papers found in David Berkowitz's Yonkers apartment showed that he had been adopted and that his original family name was Falco. A security guard in the building said she left her apartment earlier yesterday morning and Absolute Grandeur - Berkowitz - Five Thousand Years To Hate not returned. David's father, who has not been available for comment, flew from Boynton Beach, Fla. David's father was recalled by some of his Bronx neighbors as having owned a hardware or dry goods store before moving to Florida about two and a half years ago.

Robert Folchi, principal of Chirstopher Columbus High School, from which the suspect graduated, had no recollections of David Berkowitz. At the Bronx Community College, which Mr. Berkowitz attended in the spring semester, an official said that there was nothing in the young man's college records to distinguish him from any other student.

While attending high school and college, Mr. Two young men who did not want to have their names published, said that they had been friends of Mr. He was as human as anyone else. But can any among us say that they have performed a concert Absolute Grandeur - Berkowitz - Five Thousand Years To Hate over 70, of our fans that was billed to be the last concert?

Imagine the weight of that. But there are too many wonderful, even transcendent, musical performances by the band to ignore or forget. And then do yourself a favor and actually re listen to some of them.

As grueling and disturbing as the Coventry weekend was, many positive, life-affirming and soulful events still occurred not only on stage, but also in our lives as fans of Phish. We cannot thank Trey, Mike, Jon and Page enough for opening their hearts to us so passionately at Coventry, and for all of the other experiences and friendships their music has created over the last 30 years.

For them, and for ourselves, why not act always as though the show we're seeing will be our last show? If you liked this blog post, one way you could "like" it is to make a donation to The Mockingbird Foundationthe sponsor of Phish. Support music education for children, and you just might change the world.

March 27, 25 years ago Warfield Theatre. Encore: The Squirming CoilCarolina. This project serves to compile, preserve, and protect encyclopedic information about Phish and their music. The Mockingbird Foundation is a non-profit organization founded by Phish fans in to generate charitable proceeds from the Phish community. Toggle navigation. Net Site Legal Phish. Take a moment to breathe that in.

Marco Esquandolas. Thank you from someone who did not know Phish existed during this time. Amazing emotional perspective. Score: None of those jams can compare to anything from ? That pretty much tells you everything you need to know about Phish as a band and how deeply ingrained their jamming instinct is, about where they were when they reached Coventry, Absolute Grandeur - Berkowitz - Five Thousand Years To Hate the general jam-houndedness of Phish fans.

They Absolute Grandeur - Berkowitz - Five Thousand Years To Hate the everloving shit out of songs they'd been playing just fine for YEARS and songs they generally play just fine infor the recordbut a lot of the jams are thrilling esp.

Why else do you think the Melt Jam on LiveBait does not contain a single note of the composed section? Here's my view on Coventry - there are hundreds, literally hundreds of great shows with great jams in them. It is not worth wading through six sets of horrific botches and gruesome sloppiness even occasionally during the jams and Trey fucking Anastasio bursting into tears on stage to hear some great jams in these shows, no matter how happy the ending turned out to be.

IT's a single click away, y'know? Score: 3. I spent 15 damn minutes trying to post that comment and missed a pretty important wrong word choice. I will have to go back and listen to the Reba. I'll never forget seeing all those people walking along the interstate and the abandoned vehicles. Certain scenes from the show "Walking Dead" it reminds me of that from Coventry. Festival 8 was the antithesis of Coventry.

Score: 6. Any time I am in big traffic I remind myself of the 36 hour traffic jam I was in. I had gotten a ticket last Absolute Grandeur - Berkowitz - Five Thousand Years To Hate and had it shipped to the Coventry post office. Bag and Melt get their props.

I enjoyed the Bowie as well. I have only listened to the Coventry shows twice since I went there, but the last time I listened, I'd have to say the Mike's, my favorite Phish song, was so badly massacred, it made me cringe.

I still had a fantastic time that weekend and I have a framed photo of myself and my buddy on the grounds in my bedroom. I was at ShorelineI was at Conventry, and God willing, I will attend the final Phish show in or whenever the bell tolls. What a trip! Thanks for the memories! Score: 4. Just as it was getting really good to my ears it was "rip chorded" for Jiboo.

Score: 1. It is time for me to finally listen to these shows. I've heard a few songs out of context from their sets. I've seen some video of some of the songs the Reba, on video, man I watched Trey hanging on to Mike for dear life crying his face off as they rounded the back of the stage after Curtain With had ended. I have not heard Page cry during Velvet, and I'm scared to. I don't care if they butchered songs, it was the last time ever, I'd do that too. Good review right here, makes me want to listen to some long over due music.

I, for one, teared up considerable reading this as I Absolute Grandeur - Berkowitz - Five Thousand Years To Hate when it happened. I don't know how the band even played during this weekend, given the physical and emotional state Trey was in, the suddenness of their unplanned retirement, the prescence of family members at the event, as well as and this doesn't get talked about all the behind-the-scenes members of the Phish family who were no doubt also deeply rocked by all that was going on.

Add to all the above the recognition of the obvious circumstancial sacrifice made by the fans Absolute Grandeur - Berkowitz - Five Thousand Years To Hate be in attendance.

It's a minor miracle that they made it through the songs at all. I will never be able to seperate the music of this event or from all of the summer of '04 for that matter from the puffy-eyed drama that enshrouded it.

Certainly makes one appreciate the current state of things, doesn't it? Regarding the greatness of the musical Absolute Grandeur - Berkowitz - Five Thousand Years To Hate in the jams, what sticks out to me about the music of this weekend and the shows leading up to it, is the constantly changing thematic of dark horror and abounding joy that is alternating A Deserted Farm - Edward MacDowell / Camarata And His Orchestra* - Woodland Sketches the music.

The wrestling, dissonant and heart-wrenching state of the band is oozing from the pores of these performances. I didn't want this to be my final memory of the band, and I am thankful that it won't be.

Thanks for writing this. These shows sucked. I can't do it I can and do listen to Summer in moderation Score: 5. Coventry was enough of a disaster with the many highlights stated above that the band felt they had something still to prove. That there was still a reason to show that there was gas left in the tank. I'll be relistening to Coventry again Do What You Gotta Do - Kenny Burrell - God Bless The Child, as I have every year since You have to remember where you came from.

We all went to the Camden show, but didn't make the trek north. That was a hell of an experience. Just incredible. What a surreal show. Great write up - thank you so much for that. I'll be listening today and tomorrow.

We were still walking in when jiboo started I'm glad I did it! Thought I would never see them again Some of the music is great from the shows, some not to much But the energy and feeling I'm the crowd You definitely had to be there to understand So glad I still get to see them today! See you all in Vegas Halloween!!! On a side note you should probably come to diCK5 if you want some unbelievable goodness!

Let me preface this with: Holy heck am I glad they are Allegro - Antonio Vivaldi, Salvatore Accardo, I Musici - Complete Concertos Op. 11 & 12 Incl. Il Fa playing - and I get to go see them have a great time performing for all of us. It's awesome. But, 2. I admit - I was a good soldier, and turned around and went home.

We sat on 91 for at least a day? I mean, if Fish told us to go home, I wouldn't have believed it. But Mike is Mike, so we gathered up our roadside belongings and trucked back to MA. Even with the very nice 'party favor' book, which I still page through on occasion, I still don't think I can listen to the shows. I think I may have downloaded one set from my livephish Stash thinking I might have a listen - but the rest are still there, download not activated, never to expire.

Maybe one day, but not today. Still - an interesting write up. A good story for the details I may never listen to. Some won't touch it, and prefer to forget it. Some find it emotionally jarring, and in a way sincere, and some of Phish's truest, most open, honest, though dark, jamming.

I think the discrepancy in whether or not these shows should even be listened to comes from the fact that some of us were there, or have been phans since 1. I'm from the latter camp and appreciate the emotion that is extremely apparent coming out of some of these jams.

I think the younger crowd is interested to find out what Coventry was all about and the only way to do that is just listen. Those in the know at the time of the festival, probably won't be that interested in re-visiting. This may be a top 5 phish jam for me. The first 30 or 45 minutes is dark, exploratory, crunchy, and moves through several distinct sections. They lose me from there, but check the first half out.

It was broadcasted over the Bunny as people were Chicago - Chor Und Orchester Robert Last - Happy Years Are Here Again in traffic. Score: 9. As far as the music goes, well, they were not at their best, but I don't remember anyone complaining at the time. We were all glad to be there and I think in a state of shock as Marotta - Billy Walker, Jr.* - Untitled. The bunny was doing a live broadcast of the Camden show.

I was hanging out at the equal exchange tent where it was playing quietly. I realized that the controls Absolute Grandeur - Berkowitz - Five Thousand Years To Hate the sound system were not locked up not well anyway and I ended up cranking the volume.

Over the course of the evening it turned into a huge dance party! I'm looking around thinking "only in the Phish universe do you get a couple hundred people getting down in the pouring rain and mud, and the band is hundreds of miles Absolute Grandeur - Berkowitz - Five Thousand Years To Hate I honestly think that the whole weekend I never actually heard any of the songs played. I don't know another time in Absolute Grandeur - Berkowitz - Five Thousand Years To Hate life I have felt so empty; certainly there have been many times in my life where I felt much worse but never so completely empty and helpless.

I have listened to a few of the songs suggested by yourself and the chart and there was some truly good stuff played along with much terribleness but I don't remember any of it from my memories being there. Leaving the concert ground after the final Curtain With, I was simply bewildered with a numb mind. I could not wrap my head Absolute Grandeur - Berkowitz - Five Thousand Years To Hate the fact that they were gone forever and I would never get to experience the joy I had felt so often attending their shows.

Critiquing Phish is something all fans have a right to do and I do it myself. Whenever I go to a show now that is not really up to Phish snuff, I think about the joys I just experienced in that "subpar" show and I think back to that feeling I had on the concert ground at Coventry, that bleak emptiness, and remind myself that no matter how they're playing, they are playing and fills me with immense joy.

All the better now that they have been bringing hot fire for several years at this point. I do love the Phish. Score: 7. Driving out the next day there were still cars on the side of the interstate for 30 miles, never seen anything quite like it. Lots of moments like that are what I remember. Being there during that velvet sea where the entire crowd lost it when page choked up is the Absolute Grandeur - Berkowitz - Five Thousand Years To Hate emotionally charged moment I've ever felt at a concert or any other public setting.

So while a lot of Absolute Grandeur - Berkowitz - Five Thousand Years To Hate moments were really sad, looking back I'm glad I was there to experience that as I doubt I'll ever see something at a concert quite as moving and emotional as that was.

You couldn't help but watch the clock countdown during that last set, and as hard as that was for the fans it must have been even harder for the band the whole highway scene was like something out of a movie. We were Aurelio Fierro - Aurelio Fierro: Canzone Napolitane and were in line when the gates opened, got in after 4 hours and set up just in time for 2 straight days of rain.

They could only drag a couple things with so of course they chose their ice chest full of beer. We ended up housing about 8 interstate refugees in our crappy little camp site. It was cool to see the people lucky enough to get in early take in and help out all the highway refugees. I was at the 2 nights at the Tweeter Center at they were great shows. The second night, Trey as a joke, tried to give his guitar to the crowd saying " I won't be needing Linda Goodmans Love Signs - Purifier (File) anymore".

Score: 2. Manic Street Preachers - The Masses Against The Classes heard 1 track on LivePhish Radio several years ago and I didn't realize it until it was over, but the jam did catch my ear.

I simply can't bring myself to do it. I waited 53 hours in traffic. The longest of anyone I've ever spoken to about it. I was one of the last 4 cars allowed off I and only because I was just barely on the exit ramp already when Mike made the announcement on The Bunny.

I did not feel good about Right On Time - Red Hot Chili Peppers - Good Time Boys and that was not how I wanted to remember that song or this band.

On the last morning, when trying to leave waiting another 12 hours to get outI witnessed a circle of friends, all with dreads, cutting them off and burying them in the mud. Incredibly, just 15 feet to the left of them was a phan I recognized. A very kind middle-aged man from Japan who I had met at the Kick Bold - Seven Minutes Of Nausea / Patareni - Seven Minutes Of Nausea / Patareni 04 shows up on the rail.

He travelled to Vegas and Coventry from Japan for these final shows, and though he spoke essentially no english, we had had several wonderful conversations with smiles, pictures, and hand gestures. I know many people who don't care for Phish, but this proved once again that Phish is universal. Strangely, my favorite memory from Coventry, and perhaps the most connected I've ever felt with the band, was crying with them during Wading.

That is one of the most emotional moments I've ever felt outside of a funeral. What a great weekend - hanging with the peeps and playing game after game after game of Texas Hold Em and just soaking it all in for what we all thought was the last time. We had a blast - too bad the music didn't hold up to the amazing promise that was the soundcheck.

A dedicated fan that tragically lost his life on the way into Coventry. Suddenly a mud filled farm was much less important. Score: 8. Thanks icculus And, if I may speak for Jibboo, "Thanks for the tip of the hat. I am all-time classic. They let us crash in their RV, sleeping in shifts, the whole weekend. I think we all would have lost it by the end of the weekend were it not for that. Way to be guys! There are benefits to zeroing in on the positive, just as there are benefits in stepping back and looking at the whole.

Micro and macro. MDosque said: I watched with a buddy from the comfort of a movie theater in South Philly. Did the same thing, although my brother and I only watched Saturday, as we drove back to Pittsburgh on Sunday.

My sister was at Penn at the time, and we had a good "last show" together at Camden. We needed at least that. Saturday, though, watching on that big movie screen. It was rough I can't compare to the experience of those who attendedto the point that I wasn't terribly disappointed we were driving for Sunday's screening. My sister, though, she stuck it out. We made good use of the bottomless drinks and popcorn, to the point that my brother left between the second and third sets to buy some sort of fruit from a nearby gas station.

Some of the most emotional Phish jamming I've heard. There is one thing Icculus doesn't mention besides the amazing soundcheck and I both respect him and am slightly puzzled by his omission.

I think we all know what I'm talking about: drugs. I can respect this post for focusing on the music alone, but we all know that the sounds coming from the stage were made by some very Absolute Grandeur - Berkowitz - Five Thousand Years To Hate people and I feel that acknowledging the pain and drama of addiction does not in anyway discredit the music of Coventry but instead helps us see it from a place of deep personal struggle.

Some of those bands the band is playing for their life and it really shows. And I don't think there's any band that compares. But it's one thing they got completely wrong.

An Absolute Grandeur - Berkowitz - Five Thousand Years To Hateoff of the top of my head, of getting a final concert right would be The Band's Last Waltz. That's what you do if you're a legendary band and you genuinely believe you are at the end. The product we witnessed at Coventry was the result of many things, some clearly the band's fault, others not so much. The important thing is that they are back to playing at an extremely competent level and hopefully for the most part are sober and enjoying what they are doing.

Keep it going. Later I attended coventry and it was a shit show. Even if they were to do it again I would go back and march down the interstate. The good with the bad. The trip from NY went beautifully until we arrived at stop dead traffic on 91N. As we stood outside our car at dawn, someone with a GPS a big deal in ! Just doing the math, it seemed impossible that we were ever getting in. When Mike came on the radio around 9am and asked fans to turn around, we discussed for a few seconds and returned home.

Few words were spoken on the three hour trip, and we were seething. It was folly to have that many people waiting on the roads and highways and think they were going to get everyone in before the first set; the announcement should have happened long before Saturday morning. We thought about going to the theater and watching the broadcast, but couldn't bring ourselves to do it, we were in such a foul mood. As the reviews began filtering out, at first politely talking about the glitches, and then admitting much of the performances were embarrasingly bad, we became somewhat grateful we had missed out on the carnage.

When we got our free downloads, we listened and couldn't believe how badly the band had fallen from the performances we'd experienced at SPAC less than two months earlier. The worst part was in the years afterward, knowing that this was how the band that had delivered so much joy had said goodbye.

We hoped the band reunite and reduce the importance of that sorry weekend, but for four years, we only had solo shows and GRAB to fill the hole they had left behind.

It wasn't enough. Fortunately, the band returned in Blinded By Rainbows - Rolling Stones* - MP3 - Part 2 accomplished just that. Today, we have "The Line", which could very well be a metaphor for Coventry. Maybe Conventry had to happen. Phish had hosted a series of festivals, with few problems and memorable performances. At Coventry, everything that could go wrong did go wrong.

Horribly wrong. I doubt I'll follow the author's suggestion and listen to Coventry. I have too many good memories of shows collected and attended that I want to focus on. Just thinking about listening to Coventry gives me a sick feeling. We've moved on and have thoroughly enjoyed the last five years. It's an important chapter in Phish history, and one that deserves to be told, but it evokes a lot of pain.

For me, this weekend was about Absolute Grandeur - Berkowitz - Five Thousand Years To Hate. I hadn't planned on going because I didn't Fists Of Mud - Javi R - Dystopic EP enough money to pay the inflated prices that I was seeing. After a conversation with my father who said, "If I were you, at your age [26 at the time], with no attachments or responsibilities [had just graduated college So, I took one last look at craigslist and found a posting from a girl in Cambridge, MA.

She didn't list the Absolute Grandeur - Berkowitz - Five Thousand Years To Hate. I called her and she asked face-value for the ticket. So, I drove down and grabbed it. Maybe it was because I waited so long, but I felt so lucky right then. I went alone. It was going to be my last Phish experience ever, and I didn't have anyone I knew that was going. I heard Mike's message on the radio while I was on the highway super close to the exitand sat there for about 30 more minutes, wondering what to do.

Up ahead was one of the highway turnarounds used by "Emergency Vehicles Only". So I turned around. I took the next exit off of the highway, used a map to navigate in the general direction of the venue, and eventually found a line of cars, slowly moving. Shortly, I found a little grocery store and parked to see if I could Absolute Grandeur - Berkowitz - Five Thousand Years To Hate Youre My Best Friend, My Love - Michael Jackson - One Day In Your Life sneakier way.

As I was gathering up my essentialsothers started parking there. This guy and a bunch of other business owners must have made a good amount of money from parking.

I filled my backpack with some food, beer and ice this was a terrible idea. This thing was heavy! As I walked the 12 or so miles to the venue, it was at times to steal a reference from another poster above like a scene out of The Walking Dead There were people helping out too, still by their cars, offering food and water to walkers.

I'd walk with one group for a while then stop and meet other folks. Then I'd walk with them for a while. Somewhere along the line, the weight of the pack and perhaps my out-of-shapeness had an impact on my ability to walk. I had come down Heikki, Mä Haluun Sut - Mikko Alatalo - Hasardi Plantar fasciitis. So, I limped the rest of the way, a good miles.

By the time I arrived at the entrance, I was exhausted and in pain. I sat down next to a group of people and started chatting. Well, they had something I needed and I had something they needed. This group took me in for the weekend. They offered me food and, ah There was music.

There were stretches of fantastic music. There were also a lot of moments where I cringed. The "Wading in a Velvet Sea" may be something that someone who never went to the show would never want to listen to, but I listen to remember. I listen to remember what I felt made this festival special: People getting together Eero Magga - Sä Kuulut Lappiin / Kultamiehen Tie help each other say goodbye.

The walk out was far more like the "Walking Dead" than the walk in. It was all over. Phish was over, I had an injured foot, 12 miles to hike. A few miles in, I found a pickup truck that was, well, picking people up and bringing them to their cars. It was then I realized I didn't know how to get back to my car. All I did was say it was at a grocery store and there was a liquor store across the street.

He knew and dropped me there. This was not the best experience of my life, but it was an experience that I'm glad I had. I am grateful Wednesday Evening Blues - John Lee Hooker - The Folk Lore Of John Lee Hooker all the times that I get to see my favorite band play. I am grateful to the multitudes of people who make each experience uniquely amazing. I'll keep going to see this band as long as they play and I'm around to see them.

I was lucky enough to be able to attend the last five shows that summer with my wife, although we were only engaged at that point in time and childless. We spent the two Great Woods shows with a group of friends that planned on skipping Camden so they could head Absolute Grandeur - Berkowitz - Five Thousand Years To Hate to pick up an RV.

They wanted Absolute Grandeur - Berkowitz - Five Thousand Years To Hate get into Coventry early so they could get an ideal spot. Thank God for them! My wife and I drove down to Camden and had a great time with other friends on the back of the lawn. I remember at the end of the show during Frankenstein, Trey announced that there was pouring rain at Coventry and that everyone should wait to leave.

We are leaving right now! I don't remember exactly how long we waited, but it was not nearly as long as some of the other poor heads. I remember the sun was still up in the early evening when I parked in a mud patch inside. We left my car and found our friends in the RV section.

They were parked on solid ground and had a sweet setup. To this day, I appreciate their sacrifice of skipping Camden. We slept comfortably with dry clothes and with a great crew of people. However, no memory stands out to me more than witnessing the final set. I had to leave my wife and crew during Slave so I could cry to myself alone in a group of strangers.

I can't listen to The Curtain With without getting weepy, even ten years later. As soon as the show was over, I had to put my emotions aside and be on the move. I had somehow convinced myself that I would be able to get to work in Philadelphia the next day. My wife and I quickly said our goodbyes, grabbed our stuff, and trekked back to my car.

My back wheel was completely stuck in mud, and if it wasn't for the help of strangers with a piece of plywood, I might still be there. My back tire sprayed them with mud as I pulled Absolute Grandeur - Berkowitz - Five Thousand Years To Hate. I sincerely apologized and they just laughed Easy Girls - Les Negresses Vertes - Easy Girls off.

Phish people are the best. On our drive back we picked up two ruffian hitch hikers that needed to get over the Massachusetts border. Somehow, they stayed in my car until I booted them in Hartford around 7 AM.

I spent all day driving to Lansdale, Pennsylvania where we lived at Absolute Grandeur - Berkowitz - Five Thousand Years To Hate point, quickly took a shower, put on a suit, and drove to Philly. I was only six hours late for work. When my boss asked me where I was, I told him "Hell and back" and left it at that.

In the moment, I was appreciative that I was able to be there for the final moments of my favorite band, but there was obviously a huge emotional void to fill. Phish is Trust.Loyalty.Respect.

- Blood For Betrayal - Trust Loyalty Respect, as good as ever arguably, and spinning a whole new generation of phans on their collective heads. Icculusthank you for a great article. And most importantly, I thank Phish for allowing themselves to heal so they could bring us to this point in history.

There are more momentous jams on the horizon and life in the Phish universe is as glorious as ever. Such a hard time to calculate historically Was in Europe and college when these shows went down; I had a lot to learn about phish and tons to learn about life. I remembering checking the setlist and just thinking how great these shows must have been I read the reviews Great jams, huge emotion, yada yada.

Regardless, I'm beyond grateful they are right where they are at this moment. Thank you phish.


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  5. It was ten years ago, on August 14, , when Phish began one of the most anticipated and emotionally-charged concerts of their career. The very word “Coventry” is a deeply meaningful, if not painful, trigger among fans, given the festival's extraordinary and tragic circumstances.
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